Book 15: Never Trust a Goat (Sample)


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Cracking the ABC Code Learn to Read Series

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By Dr Lillian Fawcett & Julie Myers Never Trust a Goat Learn to Read Book 15


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“Your room is a mess,” Ben's mother tells him. “It's Saturday and you don't have to go to school today, so you can spend the day putting your mess away.” Ben is not happy. He does NOT want to spend the day putting his things away. He wants to go to the baseball game. Ben is good at baseball. He can hit the ball very well and he has made lots of home runs. s y aW neve S an i lome S ht iw • • 1


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“I want to go to the baseball game. I always go to baseball on Saturday,” Ben yells at his mother. “My coach will be upset if I don't go to the game. Why do I have to stop home? I can put the things another day.” “It's bad to yell,” Mum tells him. “Please do not yell at me. Please go to your room now. You can go to the baseball game when your room is NOT a mess.” Ben is very angry. He stomps off to his bedroom. He opens the door and slams it shut. He knows that he should not act like this, but he can't help it. He is so upset that he will miss his baseball game. What will his coach think if he doesn't come to the game? Ben looks at his room. It is a very big mess. There is paper everywhere and bits of rubbish that should be in the bin. There are small cars under his desk and a big tip truck under his bed. There are two boots on his desk and a black cap hanging from the clock on the wall. There are balls everywhere – small balls and big balls, blue balls and red balls and white and black balls. And there is some toast on the mat by the door. It is a VERY big mess! “Perhaps if I am fast, I could pick up everything and then I could go to the baseball game,” Ben thinks. “No, it is just all too hard! I don't want to pick things up” he moans. “I just want to go to the baseball game.” 2


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Ben sits down on his bed. He does not start to pick up his mess and put things away. He picks up his new yellow baseball. He tosses it from one hand to the other hand and back again. He looks at the clock on the wall. It is almost eight o'clock. His baseball game starts at eight o'clock every Saturday. He would never get to the game on time now. Why did his mother make him go to his room? He liked his messy room! 3 • • 3


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Ben put his baseball on the mat by the bedroom door and jumped back onto his bed. Perhaps he would just go to sleep. If he couldn't go to his baseball game, he wasn't going to pick up anything! BANG! BANG! Sparks came flying out of his baseball. Ben looked at the ball. What was happening? Suddenly the ball started to float up. Ben kept looking. This was very funny. Why was his ball floating? Balls don't float! BANG! BANG! More sparks came flying out of the ball. There were little sparks and big sparks. Some sparks were red and some were yellow. Ben got as far away from the ball as he could. He didn't want to get hurt. As Ben looked at the ball, it got bigger and bigger. Now the ball wasn't floating any more. It was sitting back on the mat. The ball was so big that it could only just fit into Ben's bedroom. There was another very big BANG and then everything went very still. Ben kept looking at the ball. What would happen now? If the ball got any bigger, it would not fit in the room. 4



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