Book 14: The Card Shop (Sample)


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Cracking the ABC Code Learn to Read Series

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By Dr Lillian Fawcett & Julie Myers The Card Shop Learn to Read Book 14


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“I want some cash!” said Ben. “If I had some cash, I could get a little car. We could take the car to the park by the lake.” “Would you let me drive the car too?” asked Pam. “I might,” said Ben. “How well can you drive?” “I don't know,” said Pam, “but at first I could just drive slowly.” 54:80 1


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“If you help me get some cash, I just might let you drive,” said Ben. “How can we get some cash?” “I know,” said Pam. “We could make some cards and sell them.” “Yes,” said Ben. “We could open up a card shop and we could sell our cards in the shop.” “Let's write everything we want to do on some paper,” said Pam. “You should write,” said Ben, “because you can write very well.” card shop 2


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Pam went to her mummy's desk and pulled out a pen and some paper to write on. “I am ready,” she told Ben. “Tell me what to write.” “First, we should make a list of the cards we can make,” said Ben. “Yes,” said Pam. “Let's write the list of cards now. What shall we write first?” 3


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Ben thinks of their trip to the farm. The farmer let them feed his chicks and they had chips and a chop for lunch. Pam and Ben's pets Tim and Sox went to the farm too. Ben’s dog Tim was very bad at the farm. He got a chick and would not give it back to the farmer. When it was time to go, Tim would not get in the car. He was such a bad dog! “We can make some farm cards,” Ben tells Pam. “Yes,” smiles Pam. “We can make cards with chicks on them.” “And we can have a card with the farmer on it,” Ben tells her. “We could have cards with ducks and sheep and pigs,” Pam tells Ben. . “They are all on the farm.” Pam starts to write on the paper. She writes chicks, farmer, sheep, ducks and pigs. “We have made a good start on our list,” smiles Pam. “Can you think of other things that live on a farm?” 4



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