Book 13: The Funny Tree (Sample)


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Cracking the ABC Code Learn to Read Series

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By Dr Lillian Fawcett & Julie Myers The Funny Tree Learn to Read Book 13


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“It's Sunday,” yelled Pam, “and we don't have to go to school.” “What would you like to do?” asked Ben. “I don't know,” said Pam. “It is such a funny day. It is sunny, but it is very windy at the same time.” “I know,” said Ben. “Let's walk down to the lake. We could fly my kite. It would be a good day for flying my kite. It would go very fast because it is so windy.” “I would like to go to the lake,” said Pam, “but I don't want to fly your kite.” 1


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“We should take our pets with us,” said Ben. “It would be good for them to have a walk.” “That's good thinking,” said Pam. “Mummy and Daddy are not here because they are at the shops. Let's write a note to tell them that we are going to the lake. If we don't write a note, they will not know where we are and they might look for us everywhere.” Pam pulls out some paper from her mum's desk. She knows how to write very well, so she writes a note to tell her mummy and daddy that they are going to the lake. 2


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Ben gets the pets ready to go on the walk. Then he finds his kite. Next, he pulls on his new boots and gets his blue hat. “I'm ready to go!” he tells Pam. Pam is not ready. First, she had to write the note and then she couldn't find her boots or her hat. B c B c 3


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“Come on Pam!” yelled Ben. “Get ready quickly! You are so slow. We should go now. If you don't get ready now the day will be all over.” Just then, Pam saw one yellow boot and then the other yellow boot. She pulled them on very fast. Then she saw her red hat. “I might be slow,” said Pam, “but I'm ready now. I was only slow because I had to write the note to Mummy and Daddy and because I couldn't find my boots.” Pam got her cat, Sox. Sox was only small, so Pam could carry her. Ben got his dog, Tim. Tim was a big dog and he did not want to go outside. The day was too windy for him. Ben had to pull Tim to make him go outside. “If you get him a bone, he might come with us,” said Pam. Ben went and got a bone. Tim liked bones, so when he saw Ben with the bone, he went outside with him very fast. 4



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