Book 12: The Lost Boy (Sample)


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Cracking the ABC Code Learn to Read Series

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By Dr Lillian Fawcett & Julie Myers The Lost Boy Learn to Read Book 12


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“It's time for school,” called Dad. “Please wake up Pam and Ben! You need to get ready for school now otherwise, you will be late.” Ben jumped out of bed. He really wanted to get to school on time because he was going to a baseball game. He was very good at baseball because he was fast at running and he could hit the ball very well. Pam did not jump out of bed. She did not want to go to school because she did not like playing baseball. She was a slow runner and she could never hit the ball. 1


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“Are you ready yet?” yelled Dad. “It is seven o'clock. If you do not come soon, you will be late for school.” “Come on Pam and Ben. Come and get your food. Now, please brush your teeth and put your lunch box in your backpack.” Soon Pam is ready. She has packed her lunch in her old yellow and blue backpack and she is standing in the hall. Pam‛s Room 2


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Ben is not ready to go. He can't find his lunch box. He has looked under his bed, over by the red and yellow box, and all around his home. Who has his lunch box? Where can it be? “Have you seen my lunch box?” he asked Mum. “I put it on top of my backpack so I would be ready to go to school, but now I can't find it. Do you know where I can find my lunch box so I can go to school?” 3


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“Look!” said Mum. “Tim has your lunch box.” “Come here now!” yelled Ben. “Give me back my lunch box. I need to go to school now!” But, Tim did not give Ben his lunch box. He ran off down the hall and then outside with the lunch box. Ben ran after him. He ran fast after Tim. He chased him around and around calling him to stop and give back the lunch box, but Tim would not stop. He liked this game very much! Then Tim came to a white brick wall. He looked at the wall, but he did not stop. He just jumped over the wall in one go. Now Ben was very mad. He yelled and yelled at Tim to come back and give him his lunch box. Ben was not happy. Tim stopped and looked at Ben. He saw that Ben was not happy so he stopped and came back. He jumped back over the wall and put the lunch box next to Ben's feet. 4



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