Book 10: Saved by Tim (Sample)


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Cracking the ABC Code Learn to Read Series

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By Dr Lillian Fawcett & Julie Myers Saved by Tim Learn to Read Book 10


p. 2

“Where is my new fishing line?” Ben asked his sister, Pam. “I can't find it. I put it by the red and yellow box, but it is not there now.” “I need to find my fishing line because I want to go fishing by the river. It is good to go fishing in summer, but I can't fish if I don't have a fishing line.” 1


p. 3

“I saw your fishing line next to that red and yellow box,” said Pam, “but I can't see it now. Did you put it inside the box after you ate dinner?” “No,” said Ben. “It was by the box when I went to bed. Where can it be?” c B 2


p. 4

Next Ben asked his dad if he had seen his new fishing line. “Yes,” said Dad. “I saw it after you ate your dinner. It was by that big red and yellow box, but then the next time I looked, it was not there. Have another look in your bedroom. Perhaps you put it under your bed.” 3


p. 5

“I did not put it under my bed,” said Ben, but he went to have a look. He looked under his bed and over by his new desk. He looked everywhere in his bedroom because he wanted to find his new fishing line. He looked in everything and under everything, but he could not find his fishing line. 4



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