Book 7: Sox Needs Help (Sample)


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Cracking the ABC Code Learn to Read Series

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p. 1

By Dr Lillian Fawcett & Julie Myers Sox Needs Help Learn to Read Book 7


p. 2

Pam and Ben are not home. They are out. They are at the lake with Sox and Tim. Sox is a funny little cat and Tim is a big dog. 1


p. 3

“This is my dog,” said Ben. “He likes to eat bones.” See page 7 “Look at us!” said Pam. “It is fun to swim in is my cat,” said Pam. “She is a this“Sox lake.” very happy cat and I feed her fish.” 2


p. 4

Ben has a rope on Tim. He wants Tim to come with him. The rope will not choke Tim, but the rope will make him come with Ben. 3


p. 5

Sox jumps up here and over there. She wants to get the bee. She is a very funny cat. 4



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