Book 20: Sent in the Mail (Sample)


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Cracking the ABC Code Learn to Read Series

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By Dr Lillian Fawcett & Julie Myers Sent in the Mail TH IS WA YU P Learn to Read Book 20


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It was Saturday morning. Ben and Pam didn't have to go to school because it was the weekend. Their father was cleaning and their mother was at work. Pam and Ben were helping their father. Pam was cleaning the car and Ben was out in the garden pulling out weeds. It was a warm spring day and lots of weeds had started popping up. As they worked, it started to get darker. “That's very strange! Why is it getting dark?” Ben asked himself. “It's the afternoon, not night time. It shouldn't be getting dark now.” 1


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Then it started to rain. At first the raindrops were just small, but then they got bigger and bigger. Ben ran to stand next to a large brick wall to stay dry. “Perhaps it will only rain for a little while,” Ben said to himself, “and then I can finish weeding the garden.” However, it didn't stop raining. The drops got bigger and bigger. A strong wind came up. It twirled everything around and around. Ben made himself as flat as he could next to the wall. The wind got stronger and stronger and then….. BANG! The brick wall fell over, right on top of Ben. Just then, Pam came looking for Ben. “Help me! Help me!” called Ben. “I'm trapped under the brick wall.” Pam could only just hear him. “Dad! Dad! Come quickly!” she yelled. Dad came running outside. “Look!” said Pam pointing to the wall. “The strong wind made the brick wall fall over. Ben was standing next to the wall because he wanted to stay dry. Then the strong wind came up and it made the wall fall over. Ben is trapped under the wall.” “Ben! Ben! Are you hurt?” called Dad. “I'm fine,” said Ben. They could hardly hear him at all. “I'm not hurt, but can you take the wall off me? I can't move.” 2


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Ben's father and his sister both lifted the bricks off Ben one by one. They worked together, but it still took them a long time because it was a really large wall. At last, they got Ben out from under the wall. “Oh! No!” wailed Ben's father. “Ben is flat!” “Flat as a pancake, just like in the book Flat Stanley,” said his sister, Pam. “It's very strange. I have never seen a flat boy before! How are you feeling?” asked his father. “I feel fine. I was only under the wall for a little while,” said Ben. “I just feel cold and wet. Can we please go inside now? I just want to get warm and dry.” Just then Ben's mother came home from work. “Oh! No!” she wailed when she saw Ben. “What happened? You are so flat. It is the strangest thing I've ever seen. How are you feeling?” “A large brick wall fell on me,” said Ben, “but I'm fine! However, I do feel very hungry. Could I please have something to eat?” “Let's all sit at the table and have something to eat together,” said mother. “First, you need to get warm and dry. If you stay wet you might get a cold. After we have had something to eat, I’ll take you to see Dr Brown.” 3


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It didn't take long to get to Dr Brown's. “Now, my boy,” said Dr Brown, “what have you done to yourself?” “A large wall fell on me and made me flat,” said Ben. “That's very strange.” said Dr Brown. “It’s just like the book Flat Stanley. When did this happen?” “This morning,” said Ben. “I was outside the house weeding the garden when a strong wind came up and pushed the wall over.” Dr Brown checked Ben all over. He took out a tape and found out his size. Ben was about one foot wide, four feet tall and one inch thick. “How do you feel?” he asked. “Can you move your arms and legs?” “Yes,” said Ben and he showed him how he could move his arms and legs. “Right!” said Dr Brown. “Does it hurt very much?” “I felt sort of strange when my sister Pam and my father first took the wall off me,” said Ben, “but I feel fine now.” “Well, this is a very strange case,” said Dr Brown to Ben's mother. “Sometimes, we don't know what to do. We will just have to keep watching him. Perhaps he will be back to his right size in the morning.” 4



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