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YOURSINGLE-SOURCESUPPLIER FOR ALL YOUR JANITORIAL, FOODSERVICE, PAPER AND SAFETY PRODUCT NEEDS Catalog 2015 Call 770-569-3589 Southeast Janitorial Supplies, Inc Lawrenceville - Covington - Alpharetta - Gainesville


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INTRODUCING OUR 2015 CATALOG WELCOME! CARE, SOAPS & DISPENSE SYMBOL LEGEND Because there is no universally accepted standard to designate products as environmentally preferable, we have adopted the Enviro-conscious symbol to highlight products identifed by their manufacturer as having one or more of the following attributes: reduced VOCs, compostable, biodegradable, recyclable, contains recycled content, or other environmental attributes that make the product† less harmful to the environment or humans, when compared to its traditional counterparts. Many of the products marked with the Enviro-conscious logo have been endorsed by third-party certifying organizations, such as Green Seal, the Carpet & Rug Institute, EcoLogo and the Biodegradable Products Institute; where applicable, third-party certifcations are noted in the product descriptions. Please note that we do not independently verify the environmental attributes, but instead rely on the respective manufacturer and/or third-party certifying organization. A “green dot” ● at the end of a stock number indicates the product is Enviro-conscious. † These environmental attributes refer to the products themselves and not the processes for manufacturing and transporting the products. 213 FEMININE CARE & HYGIENE, HAND SANITIZERS, PERSONAL Inside, you'll fnd exactly what you need—from innovative items to reliable supplies, in an easy-to-shop format. Check out the helpful features that make getting around this catalog simple. E SKINCARE&PERSONALHYGIEN DESIGNED WITH YOU IN MIND RS BUYING GUIDES These informative pages help you select the right product for your specifc needs. Throughout the catalog, you will see the "Buying Guide" icon and a page number to help get you to the relevant buyer's guide. SqueegeeS Product Type Benefit Feature MOPS BOWL BRUSHES, BROOMS Each product category begins with a lead-in page, making it simple for you to know when you're in the right section. These pages are color-coded to signify the beginning of each category. 105 & ACCESSORIES, DUSTERS, CATEGORY LEAD-IN PAGES & MOPS & EQUIPMENT trucks Product Type Benefit Feature Floor Squeegees Clears floors of water and much more (page 354). Use to clear away large volumes of mud, snow, slush, and other debris. Squeegee frames are made with galvanized steel to withstand the heavier workload. Nylon inserts (page 354) adapt squeegees for use with Acme-threa ded handles. Available as standard or brush/squeegee combination (page 354). Ideal for hospitals, bathrooms, kitchens, dairies, swimming pools and other areas where cleanliness is key. Durable polypropyle ne construction resists acids. Wash and wipe away at the same time! Water Wands (page 353) combine with aluminum handles (page 353) to wash thoroughly and reach difficult spots. Use to clean grout, uneven surfaces, tiling, and more. After the washing is done, the squeegee’s rubber blades whisk away standing water, leaving the surface finger dry. Adapters are available (page 357) to create Acme-compatible sockets on the wands, allowing for the use of tapered or threaded handles. Manufacturers may submit their products for evaluation by Green Seal™. Those that comply with the requirements are authorized to use the Green Seal™ Certifcation Mark on their products. Green Seal™ is dedicated to safeguard the environment and promotes environmentally responsible products and services. The CRI (Carpet and Rug Institute) Seal of Approval program identifies effective carpet cleaning solutions and equipment that clean carpet right the first time and protect a facility’s carpet investment. Not all products clean well enough to earn the Seal of Approval distinction, so look for the blue and green CRI Seal of Approval as proof that you are purchasing or using a quality product. The CRI Seal of Approval logo is a trademark of the Carpet & Rug Institute. Products that are new to the catalog. Sanitary Squeegees trucks for a variety and versatile g waste Use these durable le rrying tasks includin of bulky, load-ca l transport and laundry. Availab XXX.) collection, materia(Find these on pages XXX, ies. in four capacit ty. The design izes maneuverabili to This truck maxim these trucks make it easy ls name: g bulky materia matches the ts. Ideal for handlin dump conten heavyweight. are medium to and loads that help protect overall profile Wheels and the need for the lid Consider your XXX.) XXX, surroundings. XXX, these on pages option. (Find shapes and sizes loads of varying truck. Depending Accommodate pacity platform at aboard a high-ca want to look moving, you’ll e, hardon what you’re loading multipl e when you’re more wellsupport—mor when loads are less items, offer work-height to-balance platform trucks XXX, XXX.) balanced. Some pages on these surfaces. (Find ks Cube Truc Water Wands Tilt Trucks GeneralDuty Squeegees Platform Trucks Perfect for washing and wiping glass. Allows for easy handling and gentler use on fragile surfaces. Use the sponge for scrubbing, flip the squeegee over, then use the rubber blade for wiping water away. For use on vehicle windows, mirrors and smooth surfaces that need cleaning and instant water removal (page 356). with ease and ingly heavy load truck. Buy a Carry a surpris hand e two-wheeled agility with a this role, or combin dedicated to switches model that’s tible truck that ks functionality with a conver ration to a fourHand Truc eeled configu from a two-wh on page XXX.) . (Find these wheeled platform e one truck in multipl rations to use ble Change configu s combine remova Some version option. applications. platform truck to a more open shelving with tives that adjust support alterna Others provide (Find these transporting. the loads you’re XXX.) on pages XXX, Window Squeegees Wipe away water with a longer reach. The soft, thin rubber blade clears water from any smooth, flat surface and works perfectly on windows. Handle allows squeegee to be attached extension wands to reach higher areas (pages 356–357). 352 Convertible Trucks A THRU B SKU PAGE SKU PAGE SKU PAGE SKU ACME UNITED PAGE SKU AMR EBMFOG2 ACE 12408 PAGE 74 ANS 11600-8 317 AMR EDAIK17 ACE 15000 280 AVALON PAPERS 74 ANS 11600-9 317 AMR EFI16 BIG 5784-2000-4012 ACE 25001 280 AVA 513LG 74 ANS 11624-10 38 314 AMR EIR5 315 BIG 5784-2000-4012 ACE 40001 280 AVA 613LG 75 ANS 11624-9 39 317 AMR EWHIK16 315 BIG 5853-2000-2240 ACE 40001 280 75 AVERY ANS 11627-10 84 317 AMR P00530-32 BIG 5853-2000-4012 ACE 50000 280 330 AVY 11-026 ANS 11627-8 38 314 AMR P00530-6 BIG 5853-2000-4012 ACE 60002 339 280 330 ANS 11627-9 314 39 BAG AMR R110-4 BIG 5853-2000-4012 ACE 90010 280 65 ANS 11800-10 317 84 BAG GK1-500 ● AMR R121-4 ACE 90015 280 BARKEEPER'S FRIEND 462 51 ANS 11800-7 317 BAG GK10-500 AMR R1220-4 ● ACE 90016 280 BKF 11401 462 23 ANS 11800-8 317 BAG GK12-500 ● AMR R1223-4 66 ACE 90103 280 BKF 11512 462 23 ANS 11800-9 317 BAG GK16-500 ● AMR R124-4 66 ACE 90136 280 BKF 11514 462 51 ANS 317 11801-10 BAG AMR R135-12 GK2-500 ● 66 ACE 90137 280 BKF 11624 462 47 ANS 11801-8 317 BAG GK20-500 ● AMR R135-4 67 ACE 90316 280 BKF 11629 462 47 ANS 11801-9 317 BAG GK20S-500 ● AMR R1804-4 67 280 WESTCOTT BKF 11641 462 9 ANS 12-210 BAG GK25S-500 ● AMR R272-4 67 277 ACE 41418 BKF 11665 462 ON 23 FT PAPERC ANS 16347-10 BAG GK4-500 ● 341 AMR R327-4 67 BAGCRA 462 279 BKF 11727 462 40 AJM PACKAGING CORP. ANS 224-10 BAG GK5-500 ● 67 (Cont.) R327-4 RAMR BKF 12724 462 44 AJM CP6OAWH Bakery Tissue & HAMME ANS 22515-9 460 277 ● BAG GK6-500 ● ARM 37 AMR R800-4 67 430 277 462 AJM CP9AJCWWH14 ●Softeners ) (Cont.) BAUSCH & LOMB ANS 28359-10 BAG GK8-500 ● Foil Food6Wrap/Bags AMR R811-4 462 279 Fabric 430 7 AMREP (MISTY 222 462 AJM CP9GOEWH 13 BLO 8574GM ANS 34715L ● BAG GW10-500 ● AMR R812-5 Pan Liners 299 460 271 Floor Cleaners 430 462 34 AJM PP6GREWH Electrical Cleaner 9 6 BLO 8576 ANS 34715M ● BAG GW12-500 ● AMR R823-4 430 301 Food Wrap/Bags 462 Paper 14 AJM PP9GRAWH 461 271 BLO 8595 ANS 34715S Laundry Detergents Floor Cleaner ● 222 BAG GW16-500 ● 222 AMR R827-4 350 430 301 271 462 AJM PP9GREWH ● 14 Sheets SPILL Removers Check ANS 34725L Red Stain BOLT LIQUID BAG Strippers AMR GW2-500 TS, Laundry R876-4 430 Floor ● 222 222 271 ABSORBEN 170 462 9 ANS 34725M & Polish EMERGEN-C BLT 8100 BAG GW20-500 ● TISSUE BUYING Soap Scum Remover AMR R876-5 18, 20 BAGS & 9 CAN LINERS Furniture Cleaners 462 84 222 222 271 ACCLAIM BATHROOM 222 ANS 34725S ALA EC001 BLT 832 BAG GW20S-500 ● AMR R915-4 271 318 TOWELS 462 84 138 Glass/Mirror Cleaners Toilet Bowl Cleaner ANS 34725XL GUIDE ALA EC002 222 48 463 271 BLT 840 BAG GW4-500 ● 12 ACCLAIM PAPER AMR R920-12 318 Polish 462 84 20 BOXES SEALER ANS 34775L ALA EC003222 BLT 860 BAG GW6-500 ● Graffti Remover AMR R925-12 Wood Furniture BAKERY 222271 20 ACCOLADE FLOOR 318 462 84 17 ANS ALA EF007 34775M BLT 861 PRODUCTS BAG GW8-500 ● AMR R930-12 PAPER Gum Remover 271 318 BAKERY 466 462 84 ACCUWIPE, WIPERS 17 ANS 34775S ALA EF008 222 BLT 862 BAG GX10-500 ● AMR R993-12 ARMOR ALL 71 271 318 463 84 Hand Soap 21 SODA ANS 34775XL BAKING ALA EF190 222 297 CARE BLT 863 BAG GX12-500 ● AMR RL726-48 271 Protectant318 PHYSICIANS 463 84 73 321, 323 ANS 37145-10 ALA EF191 222 Industrial Cleaners BLT 864 BAG GX16 ● BALACLAVA 222 ANCHOR 278 318 463 84 ES BRAND 222 First Aid Kits/Reflls ANS 37175-10 ALA EV279 323 RECEPTACL BAG GX2-500 ● BLT 865 Insect Repellents 222 ASH/TRASH AMR TS16 278 318 444 222 BANDAGES 463 84 ALA EV280 ANS 37185-7 75 BAG GX2060 ● Pain Relievers BUNN ANR 1000 318 278 NAPKIN Lubricants, Auto 463 71 BANDS, ALA EV281 222 ASHTRAY FILL ANS 37185-8 283 BAG GX2560S ● Dispenser BNN REMOVERS ANR BXB 318 278 1005 Deodorizer TAPE 463 Metered ALA EV282 222 ASIDUFOAM BATHROOM 458 ANS 37185-9 283 ADHESIVE & 252 222 BAG GX4-500 ● 'S FRIEND ANR 1050 318 KEEPER BOBRICK 463 MATS 67 BAR 66,278 ALA EV283 222 ANS 390-7 283 BAG GX5-500 ● Oven & Grill Cleaners CLEANERS ADHESIVE FLOOR 222 ANR 1060 318 278 BOB 2112 463 ANS 4412-10 Cleanser 283 AMERICAN LOCK 144 BAG GX6-500 ● Red Grease ANR 1070 351 BOB 221 ● 153 ADHESIVE SPRAY 222 463 143, 286 ANS 47-400L 283 AMK A1106REDKD ASPIRE 161 BAG GX8-500 ● 222 ANR 1090 280 BOB 262 338 Spill Cleanup 463 222 BAR 349 BAG LQPINT-500 ADVIL TABLETS ANS 47400-10 283 SOAP 348,280 179 & Polish AMREP ANR 1110 ● Baseboard Stripper BOB 270 222 BARRIERS, 463 SAFETY ANS Stainless Steel Cleaners AMR 1045434 222 47400-9 283 155 222 BAG LQQUART-500 ● ANR 1200 280 BOB 2888 463 AIR Dust Mop 96 Treatment ANS 222 283 STRIPPER 83, 89, 90, D58530-10 158 Toilet Bowl Cleaners AMR 997 ANR 2000 BASEBOAR 277 222 BAG SK1/64040 ● BOB 40 463 82 ANS 69210L Fresheners & Dispensers 144 BAG SK1652 ● Floor Strippers AMR A07803 222 284 ANR 2100 91, 92, 94, 102 273 BOB 4112 463 BATH MATS 74 Cleaner ANS 69210M & Polish 284 R 144 BAG SK1657 ● AMR A101-20 ANR 2300 Furniture 273 270, 271 ANCHO 69 284 BOB 5262 284-287, 290 463 70 Dryers ANS 69210XL & Polish 179 AMR A110-20 OM Cleaner 273341 BAG SK1675 ● ANR BOB 5270 3440-B-CL Gloves Movers, Floor & Carpet 91 222 BATHRO 463 Stainless 65 Steel ANS 69318L 155 AMR A121-20 BUN COFFEE FILTERS 222 303 Baby Station 273 ANR 3440-U-CL BOB 5288 Changing 51 Safety Apparel Sanitizers ANS 251 69318M 167, BCF 100B 303 158 AMR A124-20 161, 163-165, 273 ANR 4000L BOB 710 91, 92, 94 AT EASE 51WIPES Tissue ANS 69318S S 458 284 Bathroom Mat 331 AMR A133-20 351 169-172 273 ANR 4000M BAGCRAFT PAPERCON BOB 7128 115V AIR WICK AIR FRESHENER 47 ANS 69318XL MILLS 284 331 AMR A134-20 PAPER Sorbent 273 ANR 4000XL 312 ATLAS BOB 822 128, 142 BGC 010006 47 165, 171284 ANS 76-101-9 454 144 AMR A135-20 282 100BGC 010008 ANR 4100L Hair Wash Tissue BOB B770 & 76610-9 42 AJAX Visors 47 Bathroom ANS 198284 Body 454 331 AMR A141-20 282 ANR 4178-C BGC 030010 ● BOB B778 & Deodorizers 69 Towels All-Purpose Cleaners Blocks ANS 66 80100-10 303 Bowl 454 331 Paper 27, 100 222 SOFT AMR A142-20 281 18-20, ANR 4800L BGC 057012 69 BOX 164 ANSCleaners 80100-9 284 452 Bleach Powder 54 ANGEL Tissue AMR A146-20 Tissue Bowl 281 ANR 4800XL Toilet BGC 057014 18-20, 27 69 BOX PZCORB14 ANS 8352-10 Bathroom 284 195 452 222 AMR A169-20 455 Dish Detergents 278 ANR 4900L 222 BGC 057015 Cleaners 40 VISUAL BOX PZCORB16 156, 157 ANS 92-600-L CARTS 284 452 AMR A169-20 Facial Tissue 455 222 AUDIO 276 ANR 6020L 222 BGC 057700 ● Hygiene Care Disinfectants 44 49 BOX PZCORB18 ANS 92-600-M Feminine 183 286 453 AMR A170-20 FINISHES 455 Cleaner FLOOR 276 ANR 6020M BGC 057800 Toilet Tissue 44 222 BOX PZCORE10 ANS Glass/Multi-Surface Dryers 286 452 AMR A173-20 222 AURORA Hand92-600-S 7, 34, 35 115 455 276 ANR 6020S BGC 300100 ● 15 FAUCET BOX PZCORE12 ANS Dispensers 92-675-L & Detergents 286 AUTO 102 452 BROOMS AMR A178-20 Laundry Sanitizers 455 6, 49 ANGLED 274121, 128, ANR 6020XL Hand BGC 300422 70 FLUSH ANS 116, SYSTEMS 92-675-M Dispensers Cleaner BRIGHT AIR 286 452 AMR A183-12 AUTO 222 274 ANR 6030L BGC 300533 Multi-Surface/Floor Soap & 66 70 Hand ANS 135, 92-675-XL BRI 900013 286 DRYERS 452 AMR A209-12-SB 291, 292 C HAND 131, 132, ANSELL 274 133, BGC ANR 6030M 93 AUTOMATI 82 Scouring Creme Gloves BRI 900021 286 JANITIZED (APC FILTRATION) 139, 141, 142 300809 452 AMR A211-12-LP ANR 6030S BGC 300841 Chemical-Resistant 93 136, 286 82 BRI 900022 286 APC JAN-CXBP-2 452 AMR A221-20 OBILE ANR BGC 300897 ● 6030XL 93 254 214-219, 73 APC JAN-CXLT-2 23 Knit Gloves AMR A223-20 AJM 439 BRI 900090 286 280, 282 AUTOM 452 ANR 6700 93 254 226-228, Mops & Accessories Cleaners 23 BIG D INDUSTRIES 241 APC 282 Latex Gloves AMR A238-20-LP JAN-IVF155 Paper Plates 221-224, 222 90Brake ANR 6705 BERRY PLASTICS CORP. 254 BGD 1358 ● 222 282 73 APC JAN-KACV30-2 BRY 700022P 97 Nitrile Gloves AMR A238-20-SA ANR 90002XL 281 90 Brushes 254 230-234 BGD 150 326 292 ALEVE TABLETS APC JAN-NFBACK-2 222 AMR 330 341 STANLEY BOSTITCH 16, ANRCleaner 90003XL 254 PVC Gloves AMR A239-20-SB BGD 281 90 Electrical 1500 ● 292 73 APC JAN-NFCPTW-2 A239-20-SR ALKALINE BATTERIES 97 222 BST 10-499 ANR 90004XL Plunger, Toilet & Drain 25460, 61, 63, 64 BGD TS 1618 ● Vinyl Gloves AMR A242-20-MA 287, 289 90 Grease 345 59, 292 73 APC JAN-NFCPTW16-2 97 ANR 90004XL ALL LAUNDRY DETERGEN 254 BIGELOW 90 BGD Sponges/Pads 166 239 292 APC Lubricants JAN-NSSM14-2 73 Work Gloves AMR A250-20 330 ANR 9000L & Holders 254 BTC 15577 23 BGD 202 292 APC JAN-PTMV-2 AMR A315-20 Toilet Bowl Brushes 459 20, 27 92 CARPET Protectants ANR 9000L ALL-PURPOSE 7, 8, 39-42, 44, 46, 96 ANSWER MULTI-USE 254 18, 19, BTC 16578 BGD 341 222 70 292 APC JAN-PTQV-2 AMR A329-16 459 92 Toilet Bowl Cleaners ANR 9000M 254 73 Cleaners BGD 173 358 ● BOARDWALK 292 APC JAN-WISEN-3 & Dispensers 23, 39-41, 209 CLEANER AMR A365-20 PAPERS 97 ANR 9000M 254 74 73 AVALON Toilet Seat Covers 500 ● BWK 0100 165, 167, Disinfectants 292 321APC JAN-WIVER-3 AMR 164, BGD A368-16 97 161, 163, 59-61, 63, 64 446 KILLERS ANR Paper Rolls 9000XL 254 70 Exam Table es BGD 505 ● Tissue BWK 0101 ANT & ROACH AMR A390-20 292 169-172 ATLAS Toilet Scouring Pads/Spong 97 PAPER MILLS 446 ANR AB-BPO100 73 23, 46, 204-208 BGD 608 BWK 0107 AMR A730-20 328 APM 115GREEN ● 94 166, 446 ANR AB-BPO500 CTERIAL 160,660 Wipers 73 AVERY BGD 166 BWK 0108 328 222 39-42, 46, 53 95 ANTIBA AMR A734-20 APM 125GREEN 99 446 ANR AB-GDN-5 ● Dispensers 166 Toilet Tissue 73 169 Cleaners BGD 168, 661 BWK 0109 AMR 245 All-Purpose Tags A786-20-AS Key APM 235GREEN ● 101 19, 20, 39-41 446 ALLERGEN REDUCERS ANR UVH700 90 166 BWK 10-20DOMELID ● BRIGHT102 AMR Cleaners 303 A786-20-CG STAR APM 248GREEN Bathroom 414 ANR UXH700 90 20, 39-41 Flushing System 166 BWK 10-20TABLID ● BGT 10500 AMR 303 A786-20-CI Toilet/Urinal APM 250GREEN Cleaners ALUMINUM 414 336 ● 459-461 175, 180,-183, 90 Bowl/Urinal ANSELL BWK 10SQHOTCUP AMR A786-20-CL 118, 121, 136 Dispensers 166 BIG 3 PACKAGING & APM 275GREEN Towels 414 199 ● 90 Foil 190, ANS 11-801L 456 166 187, 189, BWK 119 Handwash AMR A786-20-MA 222 & 280 185, BIG 5551-2000-2240 APM 276GREEN ● Lids 237 90 ANS 11500-10 CHANGING TABLES 51 166 341 BWK 120 Food Containers & BABY 100-102 457 AMR A806-20 BIG 5551-2000-4012 Towelettes APM 280 278GREEN 46, 113 237 9 & Lids ANS 51 11500-8 166 BWK 121 LINERS Urinal Blocks & Deodorizers 222 280GREEN Steam Table Pans BIG 5611-2000-2240 20, 103 APM 280 442 237 Wipes AMR A808-20 ● 9 ANS 11500-9 38 166 BWK 122 AMR A810-20 222 Cleaners BIG 5611-2000-4012 WIPES APM 280 Urinal 98 BABY Trays & Lids 237 222 585GREEN ● 13 ANS 11501-10 38 192 FLOOR MATS BWK 124 AMR UEA811-20 BIG 5611-2000-4012 APM 700GREEN 280 ANTIFATIG 237 SUPPORT BELT ●Screens 13 Urinal ANS BACK 39 11501-11 263 2 BWK 125 AMR EBBK128 BIG 5617-2000-3200 345 280 ARMOR ALL 237 74 L AMERICAN LOCK 340 ANS 6 11501-8 VACUUM CLEANERS BWK 12HOTCUP CROBIA AMR BACKPACK EBBK14 BIG 5735-2000-3400 280 ANTIMI 222 ANS ARM 10228 414 BATTERIES 74 Padlocks 6 11501-9 BWK 136 AMR EBBK32 Stations 73 BIG 5744-2000-2240 280 ARM 10326 Baby Changing 237 74132 ANS 11600-10 39 128, 131, BWK 137 BAG(S) 73 222 ) BIG 5744-2000-4012 BAUSCH & LOMB ARM 311 237 10710 Supplies 280 Dispensers, Soap 38 222 AMREP (MISTY 351 BWK 138 73 BIG 5744-2000-4012 Caddies, Cleaning 222 237 Tissue Lens Cleaners 39 BWK 16HOTCUP Guide Dispensers, Toilet Absorbent 222 222 222 414 Can Liners Buying 468, 469 INDEX PAGES Stock Number Pages 472-484 Quickly locate any product listed in the catalog by SKU number. Products are listed alpha-numerically. Alphabetical Pages 485-496 An instant way for you to locate any product in the catalog by page number. A THRU B Products made with 10% or more total recycled content. A Products that require assembly. B Adhesive Spray Deodorizers Air Fresheners & All-Purpose Cleaners Baseboard Stripper Bathroom Cleaners Board Cleaner Brake Parts Cleaners ector Carpet Cleaner/Prot Carpet Stain Remover ct Cleaners Circuit Board/Conta Defoamer Degreaser Deodorizers Disinfectants Drain Opener Dust Mop Treatments High Chair 221 222 Food Storage Mop Handles 222 222 Foodservice Mop Heads 222 132, 139 Freezer 118, 121, 128, 131, Soap 222 222 Ice 222 ANTISEPTIC SOAP 409 Mop Head Laundry 222 APPAREL, KITCHEN Paper 294-297 222 APPAREL, SAFETY Pizza 409, 297 222 APRONS Produce 222 R Sanitary Napkin Disposal HAMME 52 222 ARM & Silverware All-Purpose Cleaner 52, 466 222 Trash Can Liners Baking Soda 19 222 Utility, Poly Bathroom Cleaners 95 222 Carpet/Fabric Vacuum Cleaner Deodorizers, 95 222 ster Deodorizers, Trash/Dump 222 TABLETS BAYER ASPIRIN E 460, 469 CLEAN GLASSWAR 222 BEER CLEANER CLEANER 469 BEHOLD FURNITURE 222 CLEANER BELTS, VACUUM 470, 471 222 BEVERAGE(S) Coffee 469 Coffee Filters 222 Stirrers Coffee 469 Cooler 222 Cups, Lids & Dispensers 222 Glasses 260, 261 222 222 261 222 222 222 222 420-427 402-404 485 2 The catalog represents products available nationally, but may not be available at time of order. And since individual items are subject to availability from our supliers, we reserve the right to limited guaranties. Please contact your sales or service representative for availability. We reserve the right to correct printing errors. Products on the front cover may be for illustration only. Company ad product names appearing in this catalog are trademarks of their respective owners. © USSCO 2015. Printed in the USA. ALPHABETICAL 472 ♦ INDEX Products that cannot ship via UPS.


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SHOP EASILY WITH OUR USER-FRIENDLY FEATURES EASY NAVIGATION AND HELPFUL CROSS-REFERENCES Hand & Body Lotion & Body SHampoo • Liquid SoapS • Hair Soap Dispensers A. LYSOL No-Touch Hand your hands and nser automatically senses ® ™ FIND IT FAST AND EASY Multiple levels of product categories and subcategories, plus color-coded headings, make it simple to fnd the products you need with just a quick glance.. ™ dispe Lysol® No-Touch hand soap of soap every time. When used as directed, the nt dispenses just the right amou it is dispensed and is enriched with moisturizing as soap kills 99.9% of bacteria case. batteries. 4 dispensers per “AA” es Includ ients. ingred Case Description XXX.XX No. White XXX.XX REC 85298 Stainless Look REC 85299 ™ Soap Refills B. LYSOL® No-Touch Hand ed with when used as directed. Enrich A l and physician Kills 99.9% of bacteria on hands for office breakrooms, denta moisturizing ingredients. Ideal anywhere freestanding touch-free dispensing s and practices, banks, law office case. per is desired. 8.5-oz. refill. 6 refills Case Description XXX.XX No. tive Skin Sensi X XXX.X NEW REC 00338 Citrus XXX.XX REC 00379 NEW Aloe Vera XXX.XX REC 00786 h Splas ber Soothing Cucum REC 00062 Wiper/Scraper MatS 142 & you need? Call Can't fnd what PICTURES IN COLOR Easily identify the products you need with colorful, true-to-life images. Cross references guide you to companion products. Prices are subjec t to change. 249 Matting sanitaire carpet extractors Sanitaire has the perfect machine for cleaning up small spills or entire rooms. These machines make carpet cleaning and maintenance a breeze. see pages 265-268. Black/Brown D Black/Gray COMPLEMENT YOUR PURCHASES Prices are subject to change. 3 NAVIGATIONAL GUIDE ast polypropylene carpet dries ptic Lotion Soap (D) and Spa Thick Pink Antise quickly and resists. crush Product conta GOJO with total attaches to wall ins 20% ing. For use recovered mater separately) Easily (sold p bottle ialsand 20% (E) in flat-to material. Backi post-c Sham ng: & Hair 20%poo recycl 31⁄2 h. onsumer ed conte x 7d xence nt. Total c. 4wconfid plasti Taupe . thickness 3with warra (incl.) nty. ⁄8 -in. screw Overa Charcs ll oal. XXX.XX Each No. GOJ 1275 Size Shpg. Wt. n Soap CRO SSR035 CHA ● Each Lotio ic sept Anti 34 x Pink 58 k O Thic 12-lbs. GOJ xylenol D. CRO SSR046 ChloroX CHA  ● action. Contains 0.3% XXX.X 45 x 68 es germ-killing 17-lbs iner. . CRO SS310 mical and provid p gallon Econo CHA ● XXX.X X conta ant fragrance. Flat-to 34 x 119 use. Pleas 21-lbs . (PCMX). For general restroom XXX.XX E B. case.them less harmful to the per ECO D -PLU C Identifes products with attributes that make S™iners 4 conta Wip er/S XXX.XX craper Floor Mats Case Get safer, cleaner floors thank s to a mat design GOJ 1845 environment or humans. debris. Durable, ssively scrap es away crush-resistant reinforced fiber that aggre Shampoo & patter n Hair and raised retain water and dirt, Bath Body rubber edgin O Spa elimin g and fitness E. GOJ atingand clubs run-off. Non-skid in health use for backin Ideal floor. Product contains 92% g soap. holds body mat and to the hair ed recovered mater total 4 containers per Luxurious, enrich iner. conta gallon ial p and material. Backi 92% Flat-to post-c nce. fragra onsum lnt. ng: 20% ant recycl edherba rs. Pleas conte cente Surface: 100% recycled conte er nt. No. case. XXX.XX Color Case Size Weight (lbs.) CRO ECR35 CHA Each  ● 9155 Charcoal GOJ 35 x 59 13 CRO ECR35 MBL ● XXX.X X Midnight Blue 35 x 59 13 CRO ECR46 CHA ● XXX.XX Charcoal 45 x 70 19 CRO ECR46 MBL ● XXX.XX Midnight Blue 45 x 70 19 CRO ECR310 CHA ● XXX.XX Charcoal 35 x 118 24 Midnight Blue CRO ECR310 MBL ● poo XXX.XX Sham Midni Hair ght & Blue Body 35 x 118 24 llergenic . Dial® F shiny. XXX.X looking soft and X Hypoa F entire body and keeps hair C. ECO-STEClean ses the has been specially la P™ Wip formu nt fragra er Floo fresh, r Mats ioners. The is biodegradable. skin and hair condt Plush mats prevent with slip/fa of the entire body. Product ied Non-Toxic. ll hazar sing ds and cleant iveprotec for effect floors lated . Mat Certif dust and retains 20% formu surfac edays. graspAP in 30 s fine dable more degra 98.6% ureic than life.stand ard to aquat olefin wiper oxic moist te. Gallon bottle. 4 contains 98% total Non-t Institu mats. cts Produ Produ ble recov ct grada ered Biode mater the post-c by 98% ialle and ostab comp Surface: 100% recycl Certif edied content. Backing: Vinyl with onsumer material. s per case. natural organic resin blend Case Contributes to LEED bottle XXX.XX Certif . ication. Charcoal.  ● NEW No. DIA 03986 Size Weig ht (lbs.) id Soap Liqu ic CRO ET35 CHA ● Each rgen Alle ® Hypo cs 3 Basi gentle on the 9 is a mild liquid soap that is CRO ET46 CHA ● G. Dial x 5 XXX.X X and feel, Dial 4 xnic 6 Dial Basics soap 14.4 CRO ET310 CHA ● Hypoallerge lotion look fragrance and rich XXX.X X . Hypoallergenic. 3 its x 10 rosemary and mint 18 skin. With on value asisXXX.X emph an with X ct produ um s soap is a premi D. Oxford™ Wip Basic Meets Green Seal er Mats Natural Origin ingredients. Dermatologist tested. 95% protective limits on Efficient and high-perform effective performance and on ance based Aile loop-p carpe ard GS-41 Hdeser Stand t provides biodegradable within ly look your entrance the Readile rich, ty. upsca toxici tal nmen ves. Uniqu enviro ehuma nicand graph G pattern combined with VOCs and Derived/Natural Derived vinyl backing. Dense loop-p Plant heavy -duty biodegradation. ileafter ving surfac achie e allow s 10% excellent absor 14 days idopropyl betaine, glycerin, resistance. Quality polyp e, cocam bency and crush laureth sulfat m ropyle soldiu , ne water fibers allow ients— carpet to Ingred nium-10, soldium chloride dry te, than a nylon rental mat. uarter three polyq times faster yl cocoa glycer Usegluco in indoo PEG-7 side, r heavy Extra Dry Skin -traffi glycol distearate. c areas and Certif . acid Contr d ng: decyl icatio ibutes citric n. Backi de, la. Infuse to H. Dial® 7-Day Lotion forsoothes skin with a nongreasy chlori LEED formu ium Vinyl with dimon natura pyl PC l idopro organ ic cocam resin Case blend lotion g . to keep your Qty./Case Helps No. This intensely moisturizin Color nutrients found in healthy skin. pump Size Size . XXX.XX No. 21-oz Weig with vitamins, minerals and ier and more beautiful all day long. ht (lbs.) 12 CRO OXH35 BBL ● . Pump Bottle Each 16-oz health X g Black feelin XXX.X /Brow  ● and g n 06044 lookin 3x5 DIA skin 4 13.4 Pour Bottle XXX.X CRO OXH35 GBL ● Gallon X Black /Gray  ● 06047 3x5 DIA bottle. 6 bottles per case. 13.4 CRO OXH4 XXX.X 6 BBLX Case  ● XXX.XX Black/Brown 4 x 6 20.9 CRO OXH4 6 GBL ● XXX.XX DIA 99766CT Black/Gray 4x6 legend. 20.9 p. 2 sym bol XXX.X X let us help. See A. Super-Soaker™ Indoor Wiper/Scraper Mats Features rubber-reinforced square-block pattern for heavy B rubbe r edging retains dirt r c areas. Raised ense-traffi and Top ure Gall soon it’s Disp not tracke d into your home and Bath Body or office. C. GOJO® Flat-moist Colorf ENVIRO-CONSCIOUS SYMBOL Charcoal A B Charcoal C


p. 5

Cleaning, Disinfection & Odor Control Solutions for Your Facility Cleaning, Disinfection & Odor Control Solutions for Your Facility Leading the way in disinfection and environmentally friendly solutions. © 2014 RB. All Rights Reserved.


p. 6



p. 7

FLOOR CLEANERS A. Neutral Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Clean, deodorize and disinfect in one step. Hospital-grade disinfectant eliminates most common forms of bacteria. Water-Soluble Liquid Packet™ makes it easy—just submerge pak in water, shake, wait two minutes and you’re ready to go. Each pak yields 2 gallons. Disinfects nonporous surfaces, such as floors, walls, metal surfaces, stainless steel, glazed porcelain, glazed ceramic tile, plastic surfaces, bathrooms and shower stalls. Marine scent. 50 paks per tub. 4 tubs per case. BIG 5617203200CT Case A B B. Neutral Floor Cleaner Concentrated cleaner is specially formulated to be used as part of a daily, highgloss floor-maintenance program for high-gloss floors. Mild, pH-neutral solution thoroughly cleans and deodorizes without dulling or hazing finish. Each pak yields 2.5 gallons. Lavender scent. 100 paks per tub. 4 tubs per case. BIG 5735203400CT Case C. AJAX® Expert™ Neutral Multi-Surface/Floor Cleaner Easy-to-use concentrated cleaner for hard surfaces. Patented formula with microemulsion technology penetrates deep into surfaces to capture grease and soils—reduces slipperiness of floors. Neutral pH means product is safe for both surfaces and users. Leaves no alkaline residue; contains no harmful acids or caustics. Gallon bottle makes 64 gallons of RTU solution. 4 bottles per case. CPC 04944CT Case C D D. Neutra Clean Floor Cleaner All-purpose cold water detergent with 100% biodegradable surfactants. Attacks most types of dirt and grime on any type of floor and leaves a protective film for added beauty and luster. NSF/USDA Classification A1. Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. AMR R800-4 Case E. TroubleShooter™ Cleaner E F Heavy-duty cleaner removes soil, grease and finish buildup. Thick foam clings to vertical surfaces. Upside-down spray feature for hard-to-reach places: baseboards, floor edges, corners, stairways and ceramic tile. Contains no ozone-depleting chemicals. 21-oz. aerosol can. 12 cans per case. MCO 14001 Case F . Easy Paks® Neutralizer Conditioner/Odor Counteractant Concentrated powdered compound quickly dissolves in water to produce a cleaning dilution that can be varied to meet your needs. Neutralizes alkaline residue after floor stripping and cleaning. Helps eliminate dulling, discoloring and hazing for a longer lasting, brighter finish. Conditions floors for better sealing. Also, works as a odor neutralizer on restroom floors and showers. 2 x 90 x 0.5oz. 90 packets per tub. 2 tubs per case. DVO 90685 Case ® G H G. Easy Paks Heavy-Duty Cleaner/Degreaser Concentrated powdered compound quickly dissolves in water to produce a cleaning dilution that can be varied to meet your needs. Non-corrosive cleaner/ degreaser that delivers superior decreasing of hard surfaces. It is designed for cleaning all kitchen surfaes, including floors, counters, working surfaces & walls. Heavy-duty formula is ideal for industrial applicationss. Pack size 2 x 36 x 1.5oz. 36 packets per tub. 2 tubs per case. DVO 90682 Case 15-LG-AN H. Easy Paks® Neutral Cleaner Loosens and removes soil while protecting high-gloss finishes. Leaves no dulling film, even without rinsing. For surfaces ranging from terrazzo, marble, slate and vinyl to asphalt, ceramic and quarry tiles. 0.5-oz. premeasured packet dissolves in water. 90 packets per tub. 2 tubs per case. DVO 90653 Case 6 Can't fnd what you need? Call & let us help. See p. 2 symbol legend.


p. 8

FLOOR CLEANERS A. Professional EASY-OFF® Neutral Floor Cleaner Provides effective, low-foaming, rinse-free cleaning without stripping or reacting with the floor surface. Contains no alkalis, phosphates or ammonia. This item will not reduce floor conductive properties. This economical concentrated formula makes up to 64 gallons (1:64) and has a neutral pH. Can be used as 1:64, 1:128 or 1:256 for Heavy, Medium or Light duty applications and can be used in auto-scrubbers. Use on floors, walls, glazed porcelain, plastic surfaces (such as polypropylene and polystyrene, etc.) and other hard, nonporous surfaces. DfE certified. Unscented. 1-gal. bottle. 2 bottles per case. REC 89770 NEW Case A B B. Pine-Sol® Squirt and Mop Multi-Surface Floor Cleaner Provide perfectly pleasant floors with a multi-surface floor cleaner that works to clean and deodorize. Cuts through tough grease and grime for a thorough clean. No bucket necessary—simply squirt and mop. Safe for use on wood. Leaves behind a pleasant, refreshing scent. 32-oz. bottle. 6 bottles per case. No. Scent Case Pine CLO 97348 NEW CLO 97349 NEW Lemon C. Pine-Sol® Wet Floor Wipes Pick the powerful clean of Pine-Sol® with a floor-cleaning wipe that picks up tough dirt and grime. These wipes deodorize as they clean leaving behind a refreshing, pleasant scent. Convenient clean wipes fit Swiffer® Sweeper heads. There’s no need for a bucket or rinsing, making household cleaning easy—just attach the wipe, mop the floor and you’re done. Use them on tile, linoleum and finished wood for a clean you can really see, feel and smell. Resealable packaging keeps wipes fresh until they are needed. White. 8 x 10 size. 12 wipes per pack. 6 packs per case. No. Scent Case CLO 97353 NEW Pine CLO 97354 NEW Lemon C D. Orange GLO™ 4-in-1 Hardwood Floor Monthly Polish Clean, polish and protect your floors in one easy step. Concentrated, no-rinse formula. 32-oz. bottle. 6 bottles per case. CDC 5703710533CT ™ D E Case E. Orange GLO Hardwood and Laminate Floor Everyday Cleaner Spray Specially formulated for outstanding, streak-free cleaning. Unlike oils or soaps, it cleans away dirt and tough stains without dulling wood’s finish. Also great for cleaning wood furniture, cabinets and paneling. 32-oz. trigger spray bottle. 12 bottles per case. CDC 5703711514CT Case F F . AJAX® Low Foam All-Purpose Detergent Superior performance in hard water. Use anywhere from the laundry to the janitor’s mop bucket to clean soils and grease. Eliminates odors. Can be used for foodservice cleaning. NSF/USDA Classification B1. 36-lb. case. 15-LG-AN PBC 49682 Case G. All® Multi-Purpose Powder Detergent Lifts out tough dirt and oil stains, while its high-efficiency formula is suitable for use in both front-load and top-load machines! Can also be used on floors and other hard surfaces. Specifically designed for the institutional environment. Includes measuring scoop. 76 loads per unit. 19-lb. box. 1 box per case. DVO 5729888 Case Prices are subject to change. 7 CHEMICALS G


p. 9

FLOOR CLEANERS A. Institutional Formula Tide® Floor and All-Purpose Cleaners Heavy-duty floor and all-purpose cleaner is an economical and versatile powdered cleaner. High levels of surfactant and builders combine to cut through grease and attack tracked-in dirt. Cleans floors, walls, pots and pans. Can be used with chlorine bleach and contains no phosphates. UL Classified for slip resistance only 43R9. No. Size Qty./Unit Unit PGC 02370 1.5-oz. Packet 100/Case PGC 02363 18-lb. Box 1/Each PGC 02364 36-lb. Box 1/Each A B. Spic And Span® All-Purpose Cleaner The “big-job cleaner” is a versatile, powdered hard-surface cleaner formulated with ingredients that help soften water and remove tracked-in dirt. High builder formula. Low to medium sudsing with no phosphates. Use diluted (1 cup per 4 gal.) for non-waxed floors, walls, tubs and tile. Use concentrated (2 cups per 4 gal.) and add ammonia for stripping wax and other tough jobs. 27-oz. box. 12 boxes per case. PGC 31973 ® Case C. Spic And Span Floor Cleaner with Bleach Cuts tough, greasy soil. Use the power of chlorine bleach with a heavy-duty, powdered floor and multi-surface cleaner. Cleans and deodorizes floors, walls, restrooms, tables and countertops, mop heads and rags. Phosphate-free. UL Listed for slip resistance only 43R9. 2.2-oz. packets. 45 packets per case. B C PGC 02010 Case ® D. Spic And Span Liquid Floor Cleaner Cuts tough grease on quarry tile and is a versatile multipurpose cleaner for floors, walls, tables, food-contact surfaces and restrooms. Dual-surfactant system emulsifies greasy soils and suspends them for easy removal. High builder level helps remove grimy tracked-in dirt and delivers excellent cleaning in hard water. Noncorrosive, mildly alkaline formula balances tough cleaning power with employee safety. Concentrated liquid uses 3 fl. oz. per 4-gal. bucket for quarry tile floors. Can be used with chlorine bleach. Classified by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. for slip resistance only 43R9. Gallon bottle. 3 bottles per case. PGC 02001 Case E. Spic And Span® Liquid Floor Cleaner Packets Concentrated formula in a convenient 3-oz. packet. UL Classified for slip resistance. 45 packets per case. PGC 02011 Case ® D E F . Mr. Clean Finished Floor Cleaner Excellent cleaning and shine preservation for a wide range of finished floors, including ceramic and vinyl tile, terrazzo and varnished hardwood. Can be used as a versatile all-purpose cleaner for walls, tables, countertops, restrooms and other surfaces. Contains ingredients to cause rapid collapse of its suds, making it an excellent choice for use in automatic floor-scrubbing machines. Contains an optimized blend of nonionic and anionic surfactants designed to help maximize soil removal. UL Listed for slip resistance only 43R9. Contains no phosphates. 1:128 (1-oz./gal.) concentrate helps minimize packaging and shipping. Not classified as corrosive to skin or eyes. Does not cause allergic reactions to the skin when used as directed. Not formulated with: alkylphenol ethoxylates, butyl cellosolve, dibutyl phthalate or heavy metals. Training on the proper use of product is available. Gallon bottle. 3 bottles per case. PGC 02621 Case G. Dawn Heavy-Duty Floor Cleaner Get floors as bright as a new dawn. Use the tried and true power of Dawn® to cut through grease and grime on floors, too! Low-sudsing formula ensures simple and easy rinse-free performance. Neutral Scent. 1-gal. bottle. 3 bottles per case. 15-LG-AN F G PGC 08789 Case 8 Can't fnd what you need? Call & let us help. See p. 2 symbol legend.


p. 10

FLOOR CLEANERS A. Clorox® Professional™ Floor Cleaner & Degreaser Concentrate Lifts grease out of porous quarry tile and grout. Concentrate delivers 32 gallons of effective cleaning product. With a light and pleasant scent, it can be used around customers. From Clorox Commercial Solutions®, the concentrate is perfect for use in offices, commercial kitchens, restaurants, lobbies, high-traffic restrooms and other business facilities. No rinsing required. 4 bottles per case. CLO 30892CT Case A B C B. Broad Spectrum Disinfectant Floor Cleaner Cleans and sanitizes; leaves a pleasant, fresh fragrance. Disinfects floors and other hard, nonporous surfaces without harming finish. Effectively eliminates bacteria, fungi and viruses, including HIV-1, MRSA and staph. Gallon bottle. Dilutes 4 oz. per gallon. 4 bottles per case. ZPP R02124 Case C. Z-Tread Neutral Floor Cleaner Highly effective and economical; dilutes up to 1⁄2 -oz. per gallon. Low-foam, pH-neutral formula makes it safe for use on sensitive floor surfaces. Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. ZPP R03424 Case D. Z-Tread Heavy-Duty Stripper Low-foaming stripper that uses chemical action to quickly remove multiple layers of floor finish with minimal manual labor. Simply rinse or mop away residue. No phosphates or ammonia; free-rinsing. Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. ZPP R03124 Case D E F E. Floor Science® Stripper Strips floors in minimal time, provides uniform wetting, super penetration and total emulsification action. For tough jobs on burnished or spray-buffed finishes. Extra heavy-duty, non-ammonia stripper penetrates fast to remove finish and dissolve tough buildup. Low-foaming, pleasant scent. Universal applications— can be used on resilient and non-resilient floors (do not use on wood, cork or painted surfaces). Gallon bottle (3.78 liters). 4 bottles per case. ♦DVO 5116002 Case G F . Superscope™ II Non-Ammoniated Stripper Low-odor, non-ammoniated formula is ideal for use in areas where ammonia odor is a problem, such as hospitals, restaurants and nursing homes. Powerful stripper removes all types of floor finishes and most sealers. For vinyl, vinyl composition, asphalt, rubber, brick, terrazzo, quarry tile and concrete. Recommended dilution: normal (1:8), extreme buildup (1:4). 5-gal. cube. FRK F209025 Each ™ G. OFFense Stripper High-performance. Patented, fast-acting, no-rinse stripper. Specially formulated to quickly penetrate and dissolve hard-to-remove floor finish buildup. Low-odor, low-foaming. For vinyl, vinyl composition, vinyl asbestos, asphalt, marble, terrazzo, concrete and magnesite floors. Recommended dilution: normal (1:4). No. Size Qty./Unit Unit FRK F218026 5-gal. Pail 1/Each FRK F218022 Gallon Bottle 4/Case 15-LG-AN H I H. Once Over™ Stripper Excellent value no-rinse stripper. Penetrates through and suspends normal floor finish buildup for rinse-free removal. Safe on most resilient and nonresilient floors, including mineral surfaces, vinyl, vinyl composition, asphalt, rubber, terrazzo, brick and quarry tile. Recommended dilution: normal (1:4), extreme buildup (1:1). 5-gal. pail. FRK F200026 Each I. Franklin Cleaning Technology® Daily Concrete Cleaner Keep concrete floors going strong with a lithium silicate-fortified cleaner. Product continues the polished concrete hardening process. Concentrated for a high-coverage rate on polished concrete. Keeps polished concrete floors clean and durable.1-gal. bottle. 4 bottles per case. FRK F281022 NEW Case Prices are subject to change. 9 CHEMICALS


p. 11

FLOOR CLEANERS A. X-Wax Stripper Nonflammable, foaming wax stripper with an inverted valve. Cleans and strips areas where a floor machine cannot reach. Ideal for baseboards, metal doors and frames. 96% VOC Free. NSF Approved. NSF Listed A4 and C1. 20-oz. can— 18-oz. net wt. 12 cans per case. AMR A806-20 Case ® B. Misty ASPIRE Baseboard Stripper ® A B C Low-odor and powerful high-foaming stripping action quickly emulsifies layers of unsightly wax and buildup in just one application. Heavy-duty, clinging foam formula is ideal for vertical surfaces such as baseboards and kick plates, as well as hard-to-reach areas behind fixtures and under desks and tables. Leaves surfaces ready for new wax. 96% VOC Free. NSF Approved. NSF Listed A4 and C1. 20-oz. can—16-oz. net wt. 12 cans per case. AMR A808-20 Case ® C. Optimax Neutral Cleaner High-performance, neutral pH floor cleaner is gentle on floors but tough on messes. Advanced surfactant technology breaks up the most stubborn grease, dirt and oil deposits. Versatile formula can be used with mop and bucket or through automatic scrubbing machines. Lemon scent. Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. AMR R1804-4 Case ® D. Optimax Easy Care Floor Finish Intermediate maintenance formula for moderate- to heavy-traffic areas. Ideal for use on resilient tile, linoleum and terrazzo floors. Optically brightened for maximum gloss. Acrylic thermoplastic polymers create a durable, long-lasting finish that is easy to maintain. No. Size Qty./Unit Unit AMR R876-4 Gallon Bottle 4/Case ♦AMR R876-5 5-gal. Pail 1/Each D E. Compare™ General-Purpose Cleaners Triple-action, heavy-duty neutral cleaner. General-purpose, mop-on floor or automatic scrubber cleaner. Low-foaming, rinse-free. For use on all floor surfaces not harmed by water. Fresh herbal fragrance. Recommended dilution: normal (1:64). No. Size Qty./Unit Unit FRK F216022 Gallon Bottle 4/Case ♦FRK F216026 5-gal. Pail 1/Each F . FreshBreeze™ Ultra-Concentrated Neutral pH Cleaner Economical, concentrated neutral cleaner effectively cleans without dulling the finish. For use with mop and bucket or autoscrubber. Low-foaming, rinsefree. For use on all floor surfaces not harmed by water. Clean citrus fragrance. Recommended dilution: normal (1:128). NSF/USDA Classification C1. Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. FRK F378822 Case E G. T.E.T. #2 Neutral Floor Cleaner ® Low-foaming cleaner cleans effectively without dulling finish. Ultra-concentrated for portion-controlled dilution. Saves money, time and labor, while ensuring consistent, no-waste results. Citrus fragrance. Lightweight, compact packaging transports easily. Quart bottle yields 32 4-gal. buckets (1:512) or 32 8-gal. automatic scrubber tanks (1:1024). 32-oz. bottle. 3 bottles per case. FRK F375418 Case 15-LG-AN F G 10 Can't fnd what you need? Call & let us help. See p. 2 symbol legend.


p. 12

FLOOR CLEANERS • FLOOR FINISHES A. Z-Tread Burnish Restorer Easy, economical, labor-saving gloss restorer for effective touch-ups in between stripping and refinishing. Cleans and prepares floors for burnishing in one simple step with instant results; keeps wet look on floors without the need for refinishing. Residue-free; no rinsing required. Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. ZPP R03824 Case B. Z-Tread Spray Buff Solution Economical solution in convenient-to-use bottle. Eliminates the need for frequent floor stripping and refinishing by quickly repairing deep heel marks, scratches and scuff marks and restoring gloss. Great for spot burnishing and daily maintenance on high-gloss finishes. Quart bottle. 12 bottles per case. ZPP R04201 Case A B C. Floor Science® Cleaner Cleans deeply, gently without rinsing. Leaves no film. Low foaming—use with mop and bucket or automatic scrubber. Concentrated for economical cleaning. Use daily or for periodic deep cleaning. Can be used with conventional, highspeed or ultra high-speed maintenance programs. Cleans in minimal time. Four 1-gal./3.78-liter containers. 4 bottles per case. DVO 5228080 Case C D D. Floor Science® Spray Buff Cleans and restores the high-gloss “wet look” of Floor Science® Finish (E) (sold separately). Premium performance—cleans, shines and removes heel marks, scratches and ingrained dirt. Leaves a brilliant shine without buildup or discoloration. Effective with low-speed or high-speed floor machines. Works in minimal time. Meets VOC Requirements in California. Four 1-gal./3.78-liter containers. 4 bottles per case. DVO 96896* Case * WARNING: This product contains a chemical known to the State of California to cause cancer. For more information, visit E E. Floor Science® Premium Universal Sealer/Finish Synthetic polymer floor sealer/finish produces a “wet look” high gloss. Repairs easily in minimal time and resists scuffs and scratches. For conventional, highspeed and ultra high-speed floor machines. Universal applications—can be used on vinyl, vinyl composition, vinyl asbestos, asphalt tile and rubber, as well as terrazzo, marble, slate, unglazed ceramic and quarry tile, brick and granite. Dries fast, no sealer required. For resilient and non-resilient floors. No. Size Qty./Unit Case DVO 98391 1-gal./3.78-liter Bottle 4/Case DVO 98390 5-gal./18.9-liter Bag-In-Box 1/Each F G F . Professional MOP & GLO® TRIPLE ACTION Floor Shine Cleaner Convenient and quick one-step process cleans away dirt, leaves a beautiful shine and provides long-lasting floor protection. Ideal for tile, vinyl and wood; formulated to clean dirt and provide long-lasting shine. Use on regular, no-wax and wood floors. 64-oz. bottle. 6 bottles per case. REC 74297 Case H. Green Option™ Floor Sealer/Finish 15-LG-AN G. Side Out Gym Floor Finish An acrylic wood floor finish that provides a highly durable coating with extremely high gloss in gymnasiums, sports floors and other wood-surface floors. Easy to apply. Dries quick. Repels scratching, scuffing and rubber burn marks. Recommended for use on sealed wood floors. 5-gal. pail. FRK F193026 Each Ideal for low-maintenance, conventional-maintenance or ultra high-speed systems. Durable and repairable finish provides a “wet look” gloss that stands up to repeated cleanings and burnishings. Quality polymers ensure the beauty and lengthen the life of flooring. No phosphates, caustics, silicates, butyls, added frangrance, nonyl-phenol ethoxylates, chelating agents, low VOCs, recyclable packaging. Green Seal™ Certified. Recommended for all types of flooring except unsealed wood. 5-gal. cubitainer. FRK F330325 ● Each Prices are subject to change. 11 CHEMICALS H


p. 13

FLOOR FINISHES • Quality polymers ensure the beauty and lengthen the life of flooring. A. MegaStar™ Maximum Brilliance Floor Finish All-acrylic, metal crosslinked floor finish specially formulated for use in ultra high-speed maintenance programs where appearance is critical. Unsurpassed film toughness and burnish response. Withstands the demands of the most grueling traffic conditions. Provides deep “wet look” gloss and has excellent repairability characteristics. Recommended for all types of flooring except unsealed wood. 5-gal. pail. A FRK F330125 B Case ® B. Nova X Extraordinary UHS Star-Shine For daily or frequent burnishing in all maintenance systems. Dries to a clear film with the highest initial gloss, highest burnished gloss. Spray buffable. Extraordinary resistance to soil, scuffs and black heel marks. Recommended for all types of flooring except unsealed wood. No. Size Qty./Unit Unit FRK F465226 5-gal. Pail 1/Pail FRK F465222 Gallon Bottle 4/Case C. Aurora™ Floor Finish Provides outstanding initial gloss and is urethane fortified for increased resistance to scratching and scuffing. An excellent choice for high-speed and UHS maintenance programs. 5-gal. pail. C D FRK F137026 Each ® D. Interstate 50 Variable UHS Floor Finish Economical, burnishable/spray buffable finish for high-speed and ultra high-speed maintenance programs. Repairs easily. Excellent for retail- and school-type floor programs. Recommended for all types of flooring except unsealed wood. No. Size Qty./Case Case FRK F195025 5-gal. Cube 1 FRK F195022 Gallon Bottle 4 E. DE-Fense® Non-Buff Floor Finish Popular finish for economical, low-speed maintenance systems. Clear, durable acrylized film. Good initial gloss with excellent scuff and black heel mark resistance. Spray buffable. Recommended for all types of flooring except unsealed wood. No. Size Qty./Unit Unit FRK F135025 5-gal. Cube 1/Each FRK F135022 Gallon Bottle 4/Case E F . Quasar® Diamond Glass Floor Finish High solids, low-maintenance finish is specially designed for high-traffic areas. Dries to a clear film, builds gloss rapidly and reduces application labor. Burnishable. Recommended for all types of flooring except unsealed wood. No. Size Qty./Unit Unit FRK F136025 5-gal. Cube 1/Each FRK F136022 Gallon Bottle 4/Case G. Accolade™ Hard Floor Sealer/Finish F Versatile urethane-fortified sealer/finish is ideal for use on high-visibility, non-resilient flooring. Applies easily and dries to an excellent, durable gloss. Burnishable. Provides the protection of a quality sealer and the gloss of a floor finish. For use on all types of flooring except unsealed wood. 5-gal. pail. FRK F139026 ® Each H. Franklin Cleaning Technology Stone Floor Sealer Highly-effective, water-based stone floor sealer. Fluoropolymer impregnating sealer. Formulated to help protect your stone and grout surfaces from water and oilborne stains. Provides an invisible barrier resistant to stains, while allowing the surface to properly breathe. Protects stone and grout. Cures for foot traffic in as little as two hours. Full cure in 24 hours. 1-gal. bottle. 4 bottles per case. FRK F291022 NEW Case 15-LG-AN G H 12 Can't fnd what you need? Call & let us help. See p. 2 symbol legend.


p. 14

FLOOR FINISHES • DUST MOP TREATMENT A. Z-Tread Utility Floor Finish 20% Economical, durable formulation for high-traffic areas in a versatile, 20% solids, high-gloss floor finish. Stands up to wear and works equally well with low maintenance, spray buffing or weekly ultra high-speed burnishing. Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. ZPP R04324 Case B. Z-Tread UHS Floor Finish 20% A high-gloss, easy-application and rapid re-coat floor finish with 20% solids that delivers a wet look with weekly ultra high-speed burnishing. Goes on fast and dries quickly, giving a consistently brilliant shine. Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. ZPP R03624 Case A C. Z-Tread Floor Sealer Outstanding sealer for bare floors. Excellent leveling action, fast-drying. Keeps stains from being absorbed into floor surface. Provides excellent, clear-gloss basecoat for any floor finish. Easily applied with a rayon mop; leaves no streaks or mop trails. For concrete, terrazzo and resilient floors. Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. ZPP R04024 Case D. ASPIRE® Dust Mop Treatment Advanced formula locks up dust, cleans and polishes, but does not leave surface slippery. Lightly spray onto mops, cloths, push brooms and more. Silicone- and wax-free formula prevents buildup. Designed for use on wood, tile, linoleum, vinyl, granite, stone, concrete and gymnasium floors. NSF Listed A4 and C1. 20-oz. can—16-oz. net wt. 12 cans per case. AMR A811-20 Case B C E. Crystal Clear Dust Mop Treatment Allows your dust mop to become a dust magnet until the mop is cleaned. Designed for wood, asphalt, linoleum, vinyl, resilient tile floors, rubber and gymnasium floors. Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. AMR R811-4 Case F . Dust Mop Treatment Removes dust from any surface. Lightly spray onto mops, cloths, even soft bristle push brooms; they become dust magnets until you shake the dust out. 20-oz. can—18-oz. net wt. 12 cans per case. AMR A810-20 Case G. Dust Mop Treatment Use on dust mop to replace sweeping compounds and eliminate the dust created when using push brooms. Use whenever dusting asphalt tile, linoleum, vinyl, asbestos, rubber tile, marble, ceramic, concrete, quarry tile, magnesite, cork and wood floors. 20-oz. can—18-oz. net wt. 12 cans per case. BWK 352-A Case D E F G Prices are subject to change. 13 CHEMICALS 15-LG-AN


p. 15

CARPET CARE A. Professional RESOLVE® Carpet Extraction Cleaner One product, one dilution for three cleaning uses: Carpet Extraction Cleaner, Traffic Lane Cleaner and Pretreatment Spray. Suitable for a scheduled maintenance plan for surface and deep, down-to-the-backing cleaning. The economical, concentrated formula makes up to 64 gallons (1:64). Use on wool, nylon, synthetic and stain-resistant carpets. Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. REC 97161 Case A B B. Lemongrass Carpet Extraction Solution Concentrate Environmentally preferred, low-foaming action concentrate designed to work best in hot water extraction and bonnet cleaning. Easily removes soil, leaves no residue and helps protect carpet from further staining. Safe for stain-resistant, treated carpets; leaves a light lemongrass fragrance. Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. ZPP R00624 Case C. Answer™ Multi-Use Carpet Cleaner C D Use as a spotter, prespray, spin clean or extraction cleaner. Provides safe and carefree maintenance of all commercial carpet types. Biodegradable, lowfoaming, neutral pH. Recommended dilution: spotter (1:32), prespray (1:64), bonnet (1:128), extraction (1:128). Fresh apple fragrance. Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. FRK F380422 Case D. Super Carpet & Upholstery Shampoo Highly concentrated; designed for rotary and dry foam machine applications. Works quickly to remove soil; dries fast. Simplifies carpet cleaning and maintenance. For use on all natural and synthetic colorfast fabrics. Recommended dilution: normal (1:50). Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. FRK F538022 Case E. Water Extraction Carpet Cleaner E F High pH; formulated for hot water extraction systems to clean carpets loaded with tough soils. Simplifies carpet cleaning and maintenance. For use in schools, restaurants and industrial offices. Recommended dilution: normal (1:128). Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. FRK F534022 Case F . Misty® Redi-Steam Carpet Cleaner A concentrated, low-foaming shampoo for carpets, rugs and upholstery. For use with cold or hot water extraction machines or steam cleaning units. Cleans water-soluble soils and oil-based matter such as grease, oils and lipstick. Contains third-generation odor counteractants. Dilutes up to 1:256. Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. AMR R823-4 Case G H G. Misty® EDF-3 Defoamer Water-based silicone formula works to suppress foam. For use in all types of hot or cold aqueous systems, including steam cleaners, commercial extractors, automatic scrubbers, wet pick-up vacuums and ornamental fountains. Concentrated formula; dilution varies. Gallon bottle. 4 bottles per case. AMR R827-4 Case 15-LG-AN H. LIQUID ALIVE® Enzyme Digestant Stain remover, digestant and deodorizer. Formula utilizes enzyme technology. Highly recommended as a carpet pre-spot treatment before shampooing. Dissolves grease, dirt, protein and other organic stains such as blood, cosmetics, urine, fecal matter, Kool-Aid®, ink, wine, iodine and vomit. Cleans carpet, upholstery, textiles, vinyl, leather and synthetics. No acute oral, acute dermal or acute inhalation toxicity. Neutral pH formulations, no heavy metals, no chlorine bleach and minimal VOCs. 20-oz. aerosol can. 12 cans per case. DYM 33420 ● Case 14 Can't fnd what you need? Call & let us help. See p. 2 symbol legend.



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