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The Spark 2015 Smithville Christian

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The Spark On the Cover -Building for Tomorrow 5-7 -We All Belong Here! 33-35 -Stressed Out? You Need Balance 47-48 -“Math Teacher of the Ages” 8-9 -Taking a Bite out of Apple 11-13


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Table of contents: What’s up?:      Page #’s Page #’s W 5-7 8-9 10 11-13 14-16 Advice:   A Building for tomorrow Math Teacher of the Ages’’ Not Trying Hard Enough Leads Breakup Taking a Bite out of Apple A Barrie Good Time Stressed Out? You 47-48 Need Balance Encouragement Page 49 Opinion:   Steam Machine: Is it Full of Hot Air? Movie Reviews O 51 52-54 Activities:     Surviving the Deep Freeze The Good Old Hockey Game Pumping up the School Year Clash of Clans A 18-19 20 21-22 23–26 Clubs:   C  The Club that Never 55-56 Quits The Geek Group-The Heart of The Tech 57-58 World Make a Joyful Noise 59-60 Upcoming events: U    Vive la France! South Africa Love is Murder 27-28 29-30 31-32 Sports:          S 61-62 63-64 65-66 67-68 69-70 71 72 73-74 75 Feature:    We all Belong Here Creative Writing Life as a ‘‘Minor Niner” F 33-35 36-38 39-40 Devotional:    Unity in Diversity Miracle Boy Caught Sleeping In D 41-42 43-44 45-46 Press Start to Play OFSAA Champion Overhead Kick We’re All in This Together Road to Bounce City High Hoops Higher Hops Step after Step Smack Down SCH Girls Soccer In New Jersey Comic:  Comics C 76-78 A


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Page 4 Meet The People Behind The Scenes Editor in Chief Copy Design Chief Layout Artists Gemma Ricker Emma VandenBurg Tayte McHugh Tyler VanderWier Savannah VanHerwynen Stefan de Vogel Quin Regnerus Sophia Bradbury Kristin Mellema Sydney Shirton Endee Udezue Elaina Maloney Daniel Wang Thomas Deklerk Jessica Scholman Sarah Rahm Alex Boekestyn Ethan Vanderlee Corey Oudman Joseph Mergl Keri Ludwig Graphics Editor Proofreaders Sports Editor Photo Editor Photographers Cartoonist Ad Manager Polls and Puzzles Student Work Compiler Teacher Mr. Vanderlinde


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Page 4 One Bold Body “For just as each of us has one body with many members, and these members do not all have the same function, so in Christ we, though many, form one body, and each member belongs to all the others. We have different gifts, according to the grace given to each of us. If your gift is prophesying, then prophesy in accordance with your faith; if it is serving, then serve; if it is teaching, then teach; if it is to encourage, then give encouragement; if it is giving, then give generously; if it is to lead, do it diligently; if it is to show mercy, do it cheerfully.” Romans 12:4-8 (NIV) Starting at Smithville Christian High in the middle of first semester this year, I was able to personally witness this bible verse in action. Coming into a new school in grade eleven can be nerveracking --especially when you’re shy in new situations. I was terrified; but on my first day, the teachers and students were very welcoming. People introduced themselves and offered to show me to my classes. Getting involved in choir and praise team helped me meet more people who shared similar interests. I quickly noticed how well each person in the school used their different gifts to be a part of one body in Christ. There are excellent academics, well organized sports teams and intramurals, an active student council and a variety of clubs that are open to all students. I am impressed by how every activity is dedicated to God and by how staff, students and parents use their gifts to make this school a place where the body of Christ is seen daily. Our grade eleven English class also had to put our gifts together as a team to make ‘The Spark’ happen. From photographers to proofreaders, everyone took on a role to bring this publication together. We are very proud of our work and my hope is that this magazine highlights the many parts of our school body. Don’t miss the report on what it’s like to be an international student, or the articles that highlight the achievements of our sports teams. I hope that the pages of this magazine show how we really do work together as one bold body. Happy reading! Gemma Ricker, Editor


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Page 5 “What if we don’t reach the goal of 1.4 million dollars?” That is a question that is no longer applicable because we have exceeded our fundraising goal, which only means one thing: major renovations have begun at our school and we are super excited about it! I’m sure current students and visitors have noticed that some hallways are blocked off, the noise of saws, jackhammers and drills is getting louder, and the dust is beginning to build up. T o some, this may sound like an annoyance and/or an inconvenience, but to staff, students, canvassers, members of the campaign cabinet, and supporters of Smithville “Our schOOl lOOks like a prisOn!” Christian, it is a beautiful, long awaited sound. In order for these renovations to begin, there were sever al months of planning and a year of meetings that took place. They were attended by a large group of hard-working, enthusiastic leaders of the community of Smith- ville Christian. We at Smithville Christian High are truly blessed to have leaders, who have passion and confidence about what the future holds for our school. We, of course, also had to raise a bunch of money: 1.4 million to be exact, and we ended up with an overwhelming 1.5 million. This large sum of money was split in three ways: renovations, which accounted for $950,000, the Bursary Fund, $325,000, and the Campaign costs, $125,000. After we raised the needed amount of money, all we were waiting for was the building permit.


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Page 6 Once we had that precious permit in our hands, the renovations, administered by Brouwer Construction, were underway and are expected to be completed sometime in August. Some may ask why do we need to spend so much money on the front of the school? We will still be a quality school without it, right? First of all, yes, of course we will still be a good school without it, “i think it is nice tO knOw that we will finally have a school with an outward appearance that matches the inside.” -Keri Ludwig but every establishment needs periodic improvements. S ec o n d , there is also going to be extensive renovations done on the inside of our school, so the outside will not be the only thing receiving a makeover; therefore, not all of the money will be used towards the exterior portion. One of the big goals of these renovations is to make the front of the school look more presentable. As staff and students, we know better than anyone that it is not uncommon for our school to be complimented for its hospitable character, and the way that visitors feel welcomed when they first walk through our doors; but we would also be the first to admit that it doesn’t have the most attractive


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Page 7 outward appearance. This new “facelift” that the school is receiving is only going to help the exterior part be equally attractive as the inner part, the heart of our school. We as a body are confident that God has big plans for our school, and it is exciting to watch things, such as substantial renovations, take place. Praise God for generous donors, diligent partners in prayer, and hardworking construction crews that help us achieve our goal: to bring more and more families through our doors to learn about Christ and grow in their faith! Sy d ne y Sh ir to n


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Page 8 Math Teacher of the Ages The teacher that could be named the most excitable math teacher of all time, Mrs. Greenham, is hard not to like. With her willingness to help and her enthusiasm for math, she makes the perfect math teacher. At Smithville Christian High, we have the saying of ‘Belong. Believe. Succeed.’ Mrs. Greenham works hard at each part of this saying. She makes sure that everyone belongs in her class by making her classroom a caring environment for all. Those who feel like they could never succeed in math are changed by her advice and assistance. Succeeding is where Mrs. Greenham really takes off. Students are challenged by her teaching and with her never ending supply of help, she makes it incredibly difficult to fall through the cracks. What are a few things that make Mrs. G an incredible teacher? The first thing that comes to mind for many of her students would obviously be the multitude of chocolate that she gives out. When she was questioned about the day; I take it pretty seriously,” said Greenham. Eight to eleven hours a day is not what a normal teacher wor ks. She teaches with a passion. Education is also one of her keys to success. Mrs. Greenham has always enjoyed school and was quite involved throughout her grade school and high school years, where she received A’s and B’s. The subject of math always brought her A’s. She mentioned that she never really had to work hard in the High School years to get good grades. She said, “When I went into university, I realized the only person amount of money she spends on chocolate for her students, Greenham disclosed this amount by saying, “Enough so I can treat the students on special days.” She obviously wants to keep the amount a mystery. Jake Zantingh adds, “her sOund effects are superb!” With all the assignments, quizzes and tests, there must be a large amount of marking for her to complete. “I work eight to eleven hours on a normal school


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Page 9 I was hurting by not trying was myself.” Her attitude to working hard obviously changed going into university as she pushed herself into getting a 4.0 average through her Master’s Courses at Dordt College. A 4.0 average in Canada would be the equivalent of 88-92%. This kind of average is incredibly challenging to achieve in post-secondary education. Before attending Dordt College for her Master’s Courses, Greenham attended Trinity Christian College for her four year Bachelor program and Redeemer/ Calvin College for some extra courses. While attending Trinity, she took part in student council, basketball and the newspaper. Greenham took her education very seriously and is now assisting the present students with their education. Homework Club is a time after school, hosted by Mrs. Greenham, that is dedicated to Th working on om as homework. All De s t u d e n t s kl a r e er welk come; she is there to assist the students and it takes place Tuesdays and Thursdays. Why did Mrs. Greenham create it? “When I visited different private schools, they all had a dedicated time after school for the students to work on their homework. Almost all of the students took part. I said, ‘Why not us?’” replied Mrs. Greenham when asked this question. Mrs. Greenham not only enjoys math. She spends a large amount of time in the spring, summer and fall working on her multiple gardens. Befor e she created Homework Club, she was a member of the St. Catharines Horticulture Society. Mrs. Greenham is in the middle of an online gardening design course. She also enjoys reading and playing the organ or piano. Mrs. Greenham makes it very hard to not enjoy her classes. She’s “when i went intO university, I realized the only person I was hurting by not trying was myself.” - Mrs. Greenham in the running for the best math teacher ever at Smithville Christian High. Through the gifts that God has given her in teaching, she creates a spark in the minds of her math students. What’s not to love?


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Page 10 Not Trying Hard Enough Leads to Breakup the media brains of the group, explains, “throughout the course of the semester, we developed a close bond; we discovered that we were not only try-hards, but a try hard triad.” The rest of the triad consists of Mr. Stuart Bender, the brains and planning, and Mr. Scott Antonides, the epic factor of the group. These three men tried to create a more epic working environment for the students of Smithville Christian. The group created a one hit wonder video that was aimed to motivate students to “Smash those Exams!” Jordan Vanherwynen, a grade nine boy who may or may not be the next Cristiano Ronaldo of Smithville Christian High, claims, “they inspired me to do my hom wor k!” Their goal of motivating students to try harder seemed to be achieved.” The question is, if their success rate was so high, why did they ever break up? This triad lasted the short time of 2 months. A few reasons come to mind. Kyle Thiessen may have a solid point, “they just tried too hard.” Perhaps the real reason is because of jealousy from a middle aged male teacher, who will not be named. For such a short period of time, this epic Three men, perhaps on the verge of their mid -life crisis, create possibly the most epic organized group of three male teachers to roam the halls of Smithville Christian. How and why did this randomly selected group of teachers take shape? Vanderlinde, “hOw cOuld this happen?!?” -Stefan DeVogel Th om as group of kids at heart motivated many. ‘Tis a shame to see them break apart. De kl er k


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Page 12 TAKING A BITE OUT OF APPLE Have you ever dreamt of owning your very own laptop throughout high school? Well, in the fall of 2016, this dream may become reality. Smithville Christian plans to connect each student with their very own laptop! The plan is to slowly phase in these laptops over a four year period, beginning with the grade nine class of 2016. SCH wants to become a 1:1 school, with every student having his or her own electronic device for learning. The procedure will be a lease to own basis, with the cost most likely being added alongside tuition. However, after the student has completed high school, the laptop will be theirs to keep. In a recent interview Mr. Ted Harris said that the school will have a structure for the best available costs and support program for both students and parents. The plan is to also get teachers their very own laptop. The laptop itself will be a Mac, around thirteen inches. The advantage to Macs is that they have long battery life, durability, consistency and they will even last a few more years after the student has graduated from high school. This will allow both students and teachers to use common programming so that tech support and maintenance will become much easier. The laptops will be covered under their homeowner’s insurance; that way it may be able to cover some cost if it is damaged. The computer will have control software so only approved software may be installed. It will also have internet filtering 24/7 that will be controlled by the school, but selectable by the parents. Teachers wanted to have more computers around the school accessible by students, and when we introduced the laptop cart it opened up a whole new experience for both students and teachers. Teachers became more comfortable around the idea of a stu-


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Page 13 dent have their own laptop, even for in class work. Smithville Christian respects the views of parents, and claims they would need to communicate with them first in order to set the plan in motion. They would want to know the reaction of parents and see what they would think first. Smithville Christian really supports this idea and would like to see it take place in 2016. They believe that laptops would be a great asset to both students and teachers and would allow the learning atmosphere to continue its growth. What do you think? Qu in Re gn er u s


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Page 14 A Barrie Good Time! Barrie, Ontario. N obody would have thought that the Smithville Choir could make such a difference in this northern city. Their previous choir tour, in 2014, took place in Halifax, so many choir members weren’t expecting this year’s trip to beat their previous experience across the country. However, they thought wrong. The original plan was to head to the school they were going to be having joint concerts with first, but being on a sponses from the seniors were wonderful; people clapped during the songs, and some even sang along. Afterwards, they were shipped to Unity and the rest of the choir joined in, filling the room with beautiful harmony. This woman teared up even more and hugged one of the choir members. “When I was a little girl, I was in a choir, and the director told me to sing without sound because I wasn’t good enough,” she told a few of the students surrounding her. This moment was just the beginning to many more heartwarming experiences. The tour included many more performances at retirement/nursing homes, and at one of them, the students made their way to a floor that was home to elderly men and women who needed extra care. When they finished their performance, one of the women clapped. The choir later tight schedule, they were sent straight to their first gig, at the Tollendale Village retirement home. Tired and hungry, yet excited to have arrived, they sang their hearts out even though they had little preparation beforehand. The re- Christian School, to practice and have lunch. There wasn’t much time before they were again sent to a nursing home. At this nursing home, there was a woman that was too late to see the performance. While the choir members were waiting in the lobby to leave, one of the caretakers wheeled in a petite elderly woman, who had tears in her eyes. Her caretaker explained that she missed the performance, and was hoping that the students could sing something for her anyway. At once, a few choristers began to sing,



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