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sculpt a little mouse in clay cold porcelain materials white clay for mouse and pink clay vinyl glue and brush sculpting tools toothpick ended ball stylus or crochet hooks cutter and all tool that are congenial for you take the clay you need and make a little cylinder with fingers make a narrowing approximately 1/3 of the length the head of your mouse give it a pointed shape with the toothpick draw a line under the head and soften it with fingers the head will be more delineated:


p. 2

the body mold it better and pose as you wish now pinch clay where will be the legs pose the head as you wish:


p. 3

nose and mouth with cutter draw a little v nose and under it make the mouth with stylo a last draw two little lines to the sides of mouth the mouse smiles make holes for eyes with stylo or a crochet hook pull up this holes in that way you form the arch of the eyebrowns and mouse became more expressive a last make a little line on the side near nose:


p. 4

with cutter draw many lines on body to simulate fur you can insert eyes you need two balls of clay not too big put a bit of glue in the eye socket and insert eyes:


p. 5

now take the pink clay to make ears legs and tail start with ears take two little balls of clay a little bit bigger of eyes and press them with fingers then make two line until the middle pinch to make ears a little concave


p. 6

and glue the ears now legs make four little balls of clay press with fingers and mold to give them a drop shape with cutter create the three fingers first the two on sides and then the central fingers:


p. 7

glue the legs now make the tail


p. 8

and glue your little mouse is finished!



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