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PRODUCT GUIDE warning lights worklamps reversing alarms camera systems COMMERCIAL 2013


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Introduction ECCO Group, Europe ECCO Group, USA ECCO Group, Australia Vision Alert has designed and manufactured innovative lighting solutions since 1994, providing customers with enhanced visibility and increased More recently the ECCO Group has safety worldwide. expanded with the purchase of Preco As part of the ECCO Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of reversing alarms and lighting products and sister company to Hazard Systems, the Australian market leader in lighting products for the emergency services, Vision Alert can draw on years of specialist expertise in the industry. Safety Products, a leading US manufacturer of vehicle safety products and Delta Design, the European market leader in xenon technology and industrial warning safety. Vision Alert operates from a purposebuilt, 3,000m2 state-of-the-art facility in Leeds servicing our customers in a wide variety of markets including OEMs, construction, agriculture, recovery, utilities and the emergency services. Guide to Symbols used throughout this catalogue Fittings = 1 Bolt Other Symbols A = 2 Bolt = Amps = LED module = Mirror or = Flashes per minute = RotoLED module = Stud Connector plus ground = Stud Connector = 3 Bolt = Dimensions = LED module = 3 Bolt European fitting = Height = Xenon module = Lead Wire = 3 Bolt US fitting = Approvals = Rotator module = ECE R65 approved = 4 Bolt fitting W dB(A) = Watts = Halo™ round module 1 = Meets US SAE Class 1 output = Meets US SAE Class 2 output = Meets US SAE Class 3 output = The relevant ElectroMagnetic Compatiiblity approvals have been granted for these products. May include “e” ECE R10 or CE national equivalents. = Ingress protection. xx denotes protection level. = Magnetic = Decibels = Worklamp 2 = DIN Pole 16 = Flash Patterns = Safety Director 3 = DIN Flexi 1 = Standard light output <1,000 Lumens = High performance light output 1,000 - 2,000 Lumens = Ultra performance light output 2,000+ Lumens = Stop, Tail Lights EMC = 1 Bolt Flexi = Product supplied without bulb. Please order 12V or 24V bulb as required. 2 = Stop, Tail, Indicator Lights 3 = LED Stop, Tail, Indicator Lights IPxx 2


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Contents Directional LEDs 3611/3612 Series 3700/3730/3736 Series VigiLEDs Surface Mount LEDs Stick-A-LEDs Hide-A-LEDs Safety Director Bars 5 - 12 5 6 7 8-9 10 11 12 Worklamps 64 - 72 LED Worklamps 65 - 67 HID Worklamps 67 - 68 Halogen Worklamps 68 - 71 LED Compartment Lighting 72 Beacons 13 - 25 Compact Beacons 15 400 Series Beacons 16 500 Series Beacons 17 Heavy Duty Beacons 18 - 19 Heavy Duty LED R65 Beacons 20 Special Purpose Beacons 21 - 23 Beacon Spare Parts 24 - 25 Reversing Safety Systems Reversing Alarms Alarm Application Matrix CCTV Reversing Safety Blind Spot Mirrors Blind Spot Mirror Arms Reversing Sensors 73 - 92 74 - 82 83 84 - 90 91 91 92 Minibars Blaze I, Blaze II and Blaze Value LED Minibars Pulsar Minibars Reflex Minibars 26 - 28 Sirens, Speakers & Message Display Sirens and Speakers LED Message Master 93 - 94 93 94 27 28 28 Lightbars 29 - 63 Create your own Lightbar 5 Series 15 Series LED 60 Series 65 Series 70 Series 30 - 31 32 - 36 37 - 40 41 - 51 52 - 53 54 - 63 Accessories 95 - 99 PSUs and Flasher Units 95 Switches and Switch Packs 96 Plugs, Sockets, Accessories 97 - 98 Fixing Kits 99 3


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Guide to LED technology LED products from Vision Alert represent the cutting edge of warning light technology. LEDs are durable solid-state devices that are highly resistant to extreme environments, shock and vibration. This coupled with Vision Alert’s robust housing designs provide fit-and-forget warning solutions with maintenance- free longevity of many years. Major LED advantages Safety: LEDs have extremely fast on/off times, reaching their peak brightness instantaneously which makes them perfect for attention getting warning applications. Efficiency: LEDs are highly energy efficient, requiring much lower current draw... up to 90% less than a conventional lamp. Not only does this reduce strain on the electrical system extending the life of the battery and alternator, in many applications it saves fuel and engine wear as vehicles no longer have to idle to keep warning lights running and the battery charged. Longevity:Typically LEDs are rated to last for more than 50,000 hours of “on time” so lamps will operate for many years before needing a replacement. Savings on operating costs can be extreme when vehicle down time, replacement parts and labour costs are factored in. Fuel savings often present the greatest savings as the need to idle a work vehicle too operate warning lights is eliminated. Size and Features: Even the most powerful LEDs are extremely small, typically no bigger than a match head. In turn the housings for LED products can be much smaller than conventional lighting fixtures. Many LED warning lights also offer advanced features like intensity adjustment, multiple flash patterns and the ability to synchronise products with each other to create unique warning systems. Types of LEDS Types of LEDS There are 3 main types of high intensity LEDs. Each emits a different Radiation Pattern using a Primary Optic placed over the LED. Lambertian Named as their light output obeys Lambert’s cosine law, a Lambertian LED has peripheral intensity directly proportional to the cosine of the angle from which it is viewed. In lay terms the LED produces a very bright focused beam, typically within 20º. This is the most common type used in warning lights. Batwing The Batwing pattern emits light typically within 45º and contains a low level of forward light output and a significant level of sideways light output. It is so named as the pattern resembles a bats wing when viewed on a polar plot. This is considered the optimal pattern for room lighting. Side-Emitting The Primary Optic attached to a Side Emitting LED has an hour glass shape which directs the majority of light from the LED out the side. This type is typically used in flashlights where a reflector is used around the LED to focus the light beam as desired. Top 5 LED myths LEDs last forever! LEDs fade slowly over time rather than suddenly fail completely, a process known as Lumen Depreciation. While they don’t last forever, well designed LED products can have operating lives of 50,000 hours, that’s nearly 6 years of constant on time. LEDs aren’t as bright as other light sources! The accepted method of comparing lumen (lm) output of conventional lamps and LEDs is misleading as it fails to account for wasted light and the design of the housing. A better measure is delivered light, the amount that is actually projected by a product, this is measured in lux (lx). In this comparison, good quality LED products typically perform significantly better while consuming far less energy. 3-watt LEDs are brighter than 1-watt LEDs! People are used to determining light output based on watts due to the ratings on incandescent bulbs, more watts = more light. This is not true of LEDs. Bulbs are inefficient and the only way their output can be increased is to increase power input (wattage). LEDs are highly efficient and different housings and materials can vastly affect the amount of delivered light regardless of wattage. LEDs don’t generate heat! LEDs produce no Infrared energy so the beam of light they produce is cool. However the LED itself generates lots of waste heat converting electricity into light. Waste heat must be efficiently removed from an LED product to maximize performance and avoid damage to the LEDs. Heat removal is accomplished via carefully engineered heat sinks that draw heat away from the LED and dissipate it into the surrounding air. LED products cost too much! Initial cost for LED products may be higher for some lighting solutions but this does not account for total cost of ownership. Long, maintenance free service lives and low power consumption mean that the total cost of buying and operating an LED product is typically much less than conventional lighting. 4


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Directional LEDs With the new additions to the range and the incorporation of Delta Design products, Vision Alert boasts the largest range of Directional LED lamps on the market today. Whether the need is for large or compact, standard output, high output ECE R65 approved, flush mount or bracket mount, the range covers every need. Featuring 15 different product groups and countless colour and performance options, there’s never been a range quite like this. Included in the range are compact 3510, 3730 and Stick-A-LED products. There is the original Hide-A-LED range, the world’s first discreet headlamp mounted warning lamps. Alongside are the flush mount 3931/32 lamps, high output SecuriLEDs, 3700 and new 3811 lamps, the unique Rearguard LED (along with the xenon option), the all-new 3600 series of interior mount front dash and rear window deck mounted lamps and finally the original VigiLED and the new ECCO designed lamp, the VigiLED II. 1.452 [37] 3510 Surface Mount 3.668 [93] 0.462 [12] Max Volts Current Colour 3510A 12V 12V 12V 12V 0.75A 0.75A 0.75A 0.75A Amber Blue Red White 3510B 1 1.452 [37] 1.082 [27] 3.298 [84] 3.668 [93] 0.462 [12] 0.402 [10] 3510R 3510C 16 1.082 [27] 3.96 [100] .57 [14.5] 3.298 [84] 0.402 [10] Flash patterns EMC 3.96 [100] .57 [14.5] Compact slimline solution. 3611 Single Head Grille/Deck/Dash & Window Mount LEDs 3611A 3611B 3611R 3611C 25 Max Volts Current Colour 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 0.55A 0.55A 0.55A 0.55A Amber Blue Red White Flash patterns EMC Other colours available. 3612 Double Head Grille/Deck/Dash & Window Mount LEDs 3612AA 3612BB 3612RR 3612CC 25 Max Volts Current Colour 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 1.0A 1.0A 1.0A 1.0A Amber Blue Red White Flash patterns EMC Other colour combinations available. 5


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Directional LEDs 3700 Series LED 100.363 100.364 100.366 100.367 Max Volts Current Colour SILVER HOUSING HOUSING: SLIVER 12V 12V 24V 24V 0.4A 0.4A 0.2A 0.2A Amber Blue Amber Blue BLACK HOUSING: 3715A 3715B 3725A 3725B 12V 12V 24V 24V 0.4A 0.4A 0.2A 0.2A Amber Blue Amber Blue Heavy duty, hard-wearing proven performance • Die cast aluminium housing • LEDs rated at 100,000 hours operation • Other colours available • Can be synchronised • Operating temps range: -30°C to 50°C • 4 wide angled LED optics 9 Flash patterns EMC 3730 Series LED 100.460 100.461 100.462 Max Volts Current Colour 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 0.2A 0.2A 0.2A Amber Blue Red Heavy duty compact design As 3700 but with following differences: • 3 wide angled LED optics • 14 flash patterns including 3 integral alternating flash modes • Other colours available • Aluminium housing 14 Flash patterns EMC 3736 Series LED 3736A 3736B 3736R Max Volts Current Colour 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 0.2A 0.2A 0.2A Amber Blue Red Cost-effective solution • Other colours available • ABS housing 11 Flash patterns EMC Fixing Kits for 3730 and 3736 100.470 100.473 100.472 Universal Window Deck 6


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Directional LEDs Securi LED Surface Bracket Max Mount Mount Current Colour 497032 497034 497033* 497031* * Non ECE R65 497042 497044 497043* 497041* 1.5A 1.5A 1.5A 1.5A Amber Blue Red White Perfect where a large light footprint and high output is needed IP67, EMC 3811 Series LED 3811A 2 Max Volts Current Colour 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 0.26A 0.26A 0.26A 0.26A Amber Blue Red White 3811B 3811R 3811C Super-bright, long range directional warning • 20 individual high intensity LEDs • Thirteen flash patterns • Clear polycarbonate housing 7 Flash patterns IP67, EMC VigiLED 497022 497024 497023 497021 Max Volts Current Colour 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 0.12A 0.12A 0.12A 0.12A Amber Blue Red White The original and favourite large square light footprint • Triple flash • Synchronise and alternating synchronise • Flush or pendant mount IP69K, EMC VigiLED II ED0001A 2 Max Volts Current Colour 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 0.7A 0.7A 0.7A 0.7A Amber Blue Red White ED0001B ED0001R ED0001C Amber and blue versions have ECE R65 compatible output The VigiLED brought up to date with 4 high power LEDs • Four high-intensity LEDs • Synchronise and alternating synchronise • Flush or pendant mount 24 Flash patterns IP67, EMC 7


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Directional LEDs 3900 Series designed for applications requiring flush mounting at only 9mm deep Max Volts Current Colour 3930A 4.2 [107] 3.0 [76] 3930 Surface Mount LED 12V 0.8A Amber 15 Flash patterns Black bezel : A3930BZB Chrome bezel : A3930BZC 0.3 [9] 3910 Surface Mount LED 3910A 15 Flash patterns Max Volts Current Colour 12V 0.8A Amber 3912 Surface Mount LED 3912A 15 Flash patterns Max Volts Current Colour 12V 0.8A Amber 3911 Surface Mount LED 3911A 15 Flash patterns Max Volts Current Colour 12V 0.8A Amber • Extremely thin design • Optional chrome or black bezel (3930 only) • 15 flash patterns • Other colours available 3931 Series Surface Mount LED 3931A 3931C 16 Flash patterns Max Volts Current Colour 12V 12V 0.5A 0.5A Amber White 8


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Directional LEDs 3932 Series Surface Mount LED 3932A 3932C 16 Flash patterns Max Volts Current Colour 12V 12V 0.5A 0.5A Amber White Black bezel : A3932BZB Chrome bezel : A3932BZC • Compact high intensity LED warning signal • Synchronisation capable • Optional chrome or black bezel LP LED 2 Bolt 30000260 30000460 30000360 30000160 30000560 LP 5W Xenon 30115270 30115470 30115370 30115170 30115570 A 0.1A 60FPM IP67, EMC A 0.5A 75FPM IP67, EMC • Synchronisable • 12-48V • ABS base and polycarbonate lens Rearguard LED 3 Bolt 497001 Rearguard Xenon 426002 426004 426003 426001 A 0.145A 75FPM EMC A 0.38A 75FPM EMC Popular design for intense rear warning, vertical mount • 12/24V • Up to 8 units can be sychronised • ABS base and polycarbonate lens 9


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Directional LEDs A superb high-intensity design that provides a slim profile, different shape options and easy self-adhesive mounting Stick-a-LED Oval, 3 LED, Quad Flash ED0002A 1.0 26 Max Volts Current Colour Lumens 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 0.45A 0.45A 0.45A 0.45A Amber Blue Red White 120 45 120 180 ED0002B ED0002R ED0002C 0.4 2.4 60 11 IP66, EMC Stick-a-LED Triangle, 3 LED, Quad Flash ED0003A 1.7 44 Max Volts Current Colour Lumens 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 0.45A 0.45A 0.45A 0.45A Amber Blue Red White 120 45 120 180 ED0003B ED0003R ED0003C 1.9 49 0.4 11 IP66, EMC Stick-a-LED Rectangle, 6 LED, Quad Flash ED0004A 1.6 41 Max Volts Current Colour Lumens 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 12/24V 0.9A 0.9A 0.9A 0.9A Amber Blue Red White 240 90 240 360 ED0004B ED0004R ED0004C 2.1 54 0.4 11 IP66, EMC • Utilises latest LEDs • Uses self-adhesive pads to mount • Panel mounted only requires 7mm diameter clearance hole for wires • Quad flash 10


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Hide-A-LED Directional LEDs HAL 9010 9010A 9010C 16 Flash patterns Max Volts Current Colour 12V 12/24V 0.35A 0.5A Amber White EMC Other colours available. Collar mount with directional warning signal HAL 9011 38mm 25mm Max Volts Current Colour 9011A 9011C 16 27mm 12V 12/24V 0.35A 0.5A Amber White Flash patterns EMC Other colours available. Collar mount with 4 LEDs HAL 9031 28mm Max Volts Current Colour 9031A 9031C 34mm 12V 12/24V 0.35A 0.5A Amber White 22mm 16 Flash patterns EMC Other colours available. 25mm pop in. No fasteners needed HAL 9013 38mm Max Volts Current Colour 9013A 25mm 12V 12/24V 1.25A 1.25A Amber White 9013C 81mm 49mm 27mm 16 Flash patterns EMC Other colours available. Highest light output 6 LEDs HAL 9014 58 46 22 25 Max Volts Current Colour 9014A 9014C 16 12/24V 12/24V 0.7A 0.7A Amber White 38 33 Other colours available. Includes collar for surface mounting • Head/rear light applications • Collar or pop-in 25mm hole mount • Synchronisation capable • In-line waterproof driver module Flash patterns IP67, EMC 16 11


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Safety Director Bars LED 3410 Safety Director 3410A 18 Max Cable Volts Current Length 12V 3.0A 4.5m 1 149 90 1222 IP67, EMC 90 149 48 Additional cable lengths 15ft cable : 3410-15 35ft cable : 3410-35 55ft cable : 3410-55 18 63 • Extruded aluminum housing with polycarbonate lens • Eight reflective modules with six LEDs • Temperature Range: -30°C to +50°C • Auxiliary output to add secondary warning light units or worklamps via the control pad Halogen Safety Director 100.202 1 Max Cable Volts Current Length 12V 18A 1.2m • 8 User selectable flash patterns to warn oncoming traffic of potential hazards • Hi/Lo Intensity switch • Temperature range: -30°C to + 50°C Safety Director Flash Patterns LEFT ARROW (L) HAL LEFT ARROW SOLID (LS) HAL RIGHT ARROW (R) HAL RIGHT ARROW SOLID (RS) HAL CENTRE OUT (C) HAL LED CENTRE OUT SOLID (CS) HAL LED LEFT (L) LED LEFT SOLID (L) LED RIGHT (R) LED RIGHT SOLID (RS) LED ALTERNATING QUAD FLASH (AQF) LED WIG WAG (WW) HAL LED ALTERNATING SINGLE FLASH (ASF) HAL LED KEY HAL LED Pattern available for Halogen Safety Directors Pattern available for LED Safety Directors 12


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Beacons Vision Alert offers a beacon for all applications, including a comprehensive range of on and off highway models, medium and heavy duty, agricultural and industrial. Comprising more than 25 different beacon models and endless variations of colour and mounting, the latest range includes traditional halogen, reliable xenon strobe and the latest developments in LED technology to bring you solutions for every conceivable application. ROTATING BEACONS Trusted by our customers over the past 20 years, the Vision Alert 400 and 500 series rotating beacons feature super quiet, long life bearing assemblies, coupled to Free-form optics to increase light by around 20% and are ECE R65 approved where applicable. LED BEACONS As LEDs become more cost-effective and with improved performance, LED beacons are becoming more and more the sought after technology for warning lights. New additions include the ECE R65 400 series LED beacon designed to complement the R65 xenon range. Of importance to our overseas customers Vision Alert now has SAE Class 1, Class 2 and Class 3 LED beacons, superior in performance and comparable in price to the traditional xenon equivalents. XENON STROBE BEACONS With a longer life than rotators, strobes offer exceptional performance in demanding environments. Now available in outputs ranging from low power 2W beacons for minimum disruption in low light confined spaces, through to US SAE Class 1 and ECE R65 high output versions. Whether it’s style, performance, size or price there is a xenon strobe beacon for every application. Rotator Module The more powerful and larger square beam created by free-form optics 13


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Beacons Inside every Vision Alert beacon you will find a wealth of technology backed up by relentless testing to the demanding ECCO Group standards. Compact beacons feature: • Xenon power outputs from 2W to 15W available • Mid range LED available as an alternative to xenon • 5 mounting options 400 and 500 series xenon/LED beacons feature: • • • • Standard double flash or high output LED Replaceable long life xenon tube or long life LED 7 mounting options ECE R65 400 and 500 series rotating beacons feature: • • • • 55W or 70W halogen bulb option Ultra quiet rotator bearing and drive belt assembly 7 mounting options ECE R65 Heavy duty xenon beacons feature: • • • • High profile lens for maximum visibility Long-life flash tube assembly Up to 5 mounting options ECE R65 Heavy duty LED beacons feature: • • • • • • SAE light output approved options Reliable ultra-long life Secure 3 bolt mounting for rugged operations Adaptor available for European 3 bolt mounting Strong die-cast metal base options available as well as ABS Magnetic option Special purpose beacons feature: • Incandescent bulb or new state-of-the-art LED in static flash beacons compliant with airport regulations CAP 168 • • • • 14 Compact and robust designs that have set industry standards around the world Voltage ranges up to 100V for electric vehicle use, depending on the beacon LED and xenon options for high voltage applications Up to 5 mounting options depending on the beacon


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Compact Beacons Alpha (2W) Xenon 148mm Beta (6W) Xenon 12/24V 468012 Delta (15W) Xenon 12/24V 470002 Value LED (1.5W) 12/24V 100.495 12/24V 420012 3 Bolt 120mm A 0.145A EMC A 0.6A EMC A 1.5A EMC A Max 0.3A EMC 148mm 12/24V 420022 12/24V 468082 12/24V 470012 12/24V 100.494 1 Bolt 120mm A 0.145A EMC A 0.6A EMC A 1.5A EMC A Max 0.3A EMC 148mm 12/24V 420002 12/24V 468002 12/24V 470032 DIN Pole Mount 120mm A 0.145A EMC A 0.6A EMC A 1.5A EMC 148mm 12/24V 420042 12/24V 468022 12/24V 470017 12/24V 100.496 Mag Mount 120mm A 0.145A EMC A 0.6A EMC A 1.5A EMC A Max 0.3A EMC All the above beacons are single flash except the LEDs which are Quad flash. Durastrobe A 5W Xenon amber beacon with flexible pole mount base, suitable for construction plant, contracting and agricultural vehicles. Gamma A 6W Xenon amber beacon with flexible single bolt base, suitable for fleet, road maintenance, agriculture, construction plant, utilities, large vehicles and refuse trucks. Durastrobe 12/24V 466002 Gamma 12/24V 468092 A 0.356A EMC A 0. 34A EMC • Dual voltage 12/24V • Vibration protected circuit and impact resistant lens • Very low power consumption • Long life and maintenance free • High voltage transient and polarity reversal protection • Operating temperature: -20°C to +55°C For Spare Parts please see pages 24/25 15



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