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Program Guide for PFS Roxy Summer Programs.

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S U M M E R P R OG R A M S J U N E / J U L Y 2 0 15 CO V E R I M AG E : Haemoo See something you’ll never forget /philafilmsociety @phillyfilmsoc phillyfilmsociety


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Philadelphia Film Society is a 501 (c)(3) member supported not-for-profit arts organization with a mission to utilize film’s unique capacity to engage a broad audience, while further providing access to powerful films from around the world in order to increase education and understanding. We achieve this mission by annually producing a top-tier film festival featuring the best of American and International cinema, operating the PFS Roxy and Prince Theaters, which jointly provide daily access to art house theater programming, ABOUT US curated film series and special engagement experiences that heighten the awareness of film as an important form of artistic expression and an instrument of cultural change. Additionally, our venues expand as a resource for local nonprofits, furthering the organization’s commitment to create and sustain a robust arts and cultural community in Philadelphia. For more information about the Philadelphia Film Society, please contact us at 267-239-2941 or visit HOW TO BUY TICKETS ONLINE: PHONE: (267) 639-9508 IN PERSON: PFS Roxy Theater All screenings take place at the PFS Roxy Theater, 2023 Sansom St. (except where noted). Metered street parking in Center City is FREE on Wednesday’s after 5PM, except for rushhour zones, which are free after 6:30pm. Visit for more parking details. ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS, RETURNS, OR EXCHANGES. TICKETS VOID AND BECOME RUSH TICKETS 10 MINUTES AFTER SCHEDULED SCREENING TIME. RUSH TICKETS: Even when advanced tickets for a screening are no longer available, there is still a chance for admission through the Rush Line. A limited number of Rush tickets are released shortly before show time or when ticket holders do not show up (see above). Rush tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Cash only, full price. TICKET PRICING $10 General Admission $9 Senior/Student $8 PFS Member Note: You Can’t Sit With Us (PG. 16) screenings are a part of BYO Wine Night at the Roxy. Bring a bottle and pay a corkage fee per person. $8 General Admission $7 Senior/Student $6 PFS Member Free Admission EVENINGS (5PM AND LATER) SATURDAY MORNING SPECIALS & SENSORY FRIENDLY SUNDAYS $10 General Admission $9 Senior/Student $8 PFS Member $1 Child (12 and under) MATINEE (BEFORE 5PM) FILMADELPHIA PASSPORT TO WORLD CINEMA/ IN FOCUS/FILM LAB/BILL PLYMPTON $25 General Admission (per series) $20 PFS Member (per series) **Pass grants admission to all James Ponsoldt films except END OF THE TOUR. See PG. 17. $1 of every ticket sold goes toward further restoration of the historic Roxy Theater. Ticket prices above are only for the programs listed and do not reflect pricing for regular firstrun Roxy programming. SERIES PASSES: ROY ANDERSSON, JAMES PONSOLDT**, HENRY FOOL $12 General Admission $11 Senior/Student $10 PFS Member Group rates are available for weekday matinees (Summer on Screen Matinees and Cornerstones of French Cinema). Email or call 267-639-9508 to secure a group rate. MATINEE GROUP RATES 3


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JUNE MON, JUNE 1 TUES, JUNE 2 WEDS, JUNE 3 THURS, JUNE 4 SAT, JUNE 6 SUN, JUNE 7 MON, JUNE 8 TUES, JUNE 9 WEDS, JUNE 10 THURS, JUNE 11 FRI, JUNE 12 SAT, JUNE 13 SUN, JUNE 14 MON, JUNE 15 TUES, JUNE 16 WEDS, JUNE 17 THURS, JUNE 18 SAT, JUNE 20 The Seven Year Itch | 2:00PM The Seven Year Itch | 2:00PM The Seven Year Itch | 12:00PM Henry Fool | 2:00PM The Iron Giant | 11:00AM The Iron Giant | 11:00AM The Seven Year Itch | 2:00PM The Wolfpack | 7:30PM Mean Girls | 7:30PM Weekend | 7:30PM Fay Grim | 4:45PM Ned Rifle | 7:15PM You, the Living | 4:15PM Summer with Monika | 2:00PM Summer with Monika | 2:00PM The Summer of Sangaile | 7:30PM The Treatment | 11:59PM The Treatment | 11:59PM Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation | 2:00PM Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation | 2:00PM Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation | 12:00PM The Act of Killing | 12:00PM Summer with Monika | 2:00PM Young Frankenstein | 7:30PM The Look of Silence | 3:30PM Mr. Hobbs Takes a Vacation | 2:00PM Cut Snake | 7:30PM Superbad | 7:30PM The Adventures of Priscilla | 7:30PM SUN, JUNE 21 MON, JUNE 22 TUES, JUNE 23 WEDS, JUNE 24 THURS, JUNE 25 FRI, JUNE 26 SAT, JUNE 27 SUN, JUNE 28 MON, JUNE 29 TUES, JUNE 30 Songs from the Second Floor | 2:00PM Summertime | 2:00PM June Showcase | 7:30PM Summertime | 2:00PM Summertime | 2:00PM Tangerine | 7:30PM Blowout | 11:59PM Paper Planes | 11:00AM Paper Planes | 11:00AM M. Hulot’s Holiday | 2:00PM M. Hulot’s Holiday | 12:00PM Haemoo | 7:30PM Blowout | 11:59PM 4 Check for a full schedule of new films and curated programs


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JULY WEDS, JULY 1 THURS, JULY 2 MON, JULY 6 TUES, JULY 7 WEDS, JULY 8 THURS, JULY 9 FRI, JULY 10 SAT, JULY 11 SUN, JULY 12 MON, JULY 13 TUES, JULY 14 WEDS, JULY 15 THURS, JULY 16 SAT, JULY 18 MON, JULY 20 TUES, JULY 21 WEDS, JULY 22 THURS, JULY 23 FRI, JULY 24 SAT, JULY 25 SUN, JULY 26 MON, JULY 27 TUES, JULY 28 WEDS, JULY 29 THURS, JULY 30 SAT, AUG 1 Summer On Screen, PG. 6 Queer Cinema Now, PG. 7 Passport to World Cinema, PG. 8 In Focus: Docs by Women, PG. 8 Oppenheimer, PG. 9 Filmadelphia, PG. 10 Jules and Jim | 2:00PM Jules and Jim | 2:00PM Jules and Jim | 12:00PM Film Lab, PG. 10 The Graveyard Shift, PG. 11 Conerstones of French Cinema, PG. 12 New French Films, PG. 13 Saturday Morning, PG. 14 Henry Fool Trilogy, PG. 15 Conversations with Ruth, PG. 15 BYO: You Can’t Sit With Us, PG. 16 James Ponsoldt, PG. 17 Roy Andersson’s Living Trilogy, PG. 18 Evening with Bill Plympton, PG. 18 *The End of the Tour plays at the Prince Theater M. Hulot’s Holiday | 2:00PM M. Hulot’s Holiday | 2:00PM The Umbrellas of Cherbourg | 2:00PM The Umbrellas of Cherbourg | 12:00PM The Umbrellas of Cherbourg | 2:00PM The Umbrellas of Cherbourg | 2:00PM Bring it On | 7:30PM Party Girl | 7:30PM Off the Black | 7:30PM Donnie Darko | 7:30PM Reality | 7:30PM Arachnophobia | 11:59PM E.T. the Extra-terrestrial | 11:00AM E.T. the Extra-terrestrial | 11:00AM Breathless | 2:00PM Breathless | 12:00PM Breathless | 2:00PM Breathless | 2:00PM Breathless | 12:00PM Arachnophobia | 11:59PM Smashed | 7:30PM (Dis)honesty - The Truth About Lies | 7:30PM Clueless | 7:30PM Grand Central | 7:30PM Hiroshima Mon Amour | 2:00PM The Spectacular Now | 7:30PM Hiroshima Mon Amour | 12:00PM Hiroshima Mon Amour | 2:00PM Hiroshima Mon Amour | 2:00PM The Magic Bracelet | 7:30PM The End of the Tour* | 7:30PM May Allah Bless France! | 7:30PM Inside | 11:59PM Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins | 11:00AM Hocus Pocus Alfie Atkins | 11:00AM Jules and Jim | 2:00PM Samba | 7:30PM The Craft | 7:30PM Cheatin’ | 7:30PM Inside | 11:59PM 5


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SUMMER ON SCREEN MATINEES A trip through beloved summer vacation classics from the ‘50s and ‘60s. M R . H O B B S TA K E S A VAC AT I O N H E N R Y KO S T E R | 1 9 6 2 | U S A | 1 1 6 M I N | E N G L I S H JUNE 1, JUNE 3, JUNE 4 - 2:00PM | JUNE 6 - 12:00PM Roger Hobbs (Jimmy Stewart) wants a quiet, relaxing holiday with his wife Peggy (Maureen O’Hara) but she insists on bringing the whole family — sons-in-law, grandchildren and even the cook! A string of disasters unfolds, but, as each fire is put out, the group grows together in what ends up a memorable family trip. SUMMER WITH MONIKA INGMAR BERGMAN | 1953 | SWEDEN | 96 MIN | SWEDISH J U N E 8 , J U N E 1 0 , J U N E 1 1 - 2: 0 0 P M In what Godard called “the most original film by the most original of filmmakers,” Ingmar Bergman nods, briefly, to the sensual, summertime haze of young love as teens Harry and Monika run away from their small town, dead end jobs and families to be together on an isolated island for the season until harsh realities set in. Presented in 35mm. T H E S E V E N Y E A R I TC H BILLY WILDER | 1955 | USA | 105 MIN | ENGLISH JUNE 15, JUNE 17, JUNE 18 - 2:00PM | JUNE 20 - 12:00PM After his wife and son leave to summer in Maine, New York publishing exec Richard Sherman (Tom Ewell) finds himself caught in a heat wave induced mid-life crisis and imagines his infidelity through a series of hilarious fantasies inspired by his new blonde bombshell neighbor (Marilyn Monroe). SUMMERTIME DAVID LEAN | 1955 | UK, USA | 100 MIN | ENGLISH, ITALIAN J U N E 2 2 , J U N E 2 4 , J U N E 2 5 - 2: 0 0 P M In this hopelessly romantic, bittersweet love story, Jane (Katherine Hepburn), a middle-aged secretary from Ohio, finally takes her dream trip to Venice. When she meets local shop owner Renato (Rossano Brazzi) in the stunning Piazza San Marco, a relationship blossoms during a season that will inevitably come to an end. Presented in 35mm. M . H U L OT ’ S H O L I DAY JACQU ES TAT I | 1953 | FR ANCE | 83 M IN | FRENCH J U N E 2 9 , J U L Y 1 , J U L Y 2 - 2: 0 0 P M In French auteur Jacques Tati’s playful summer seaside tale, a good-natured tourist inadvertently triggers a series of misunderstandings that lead to total havoc at quaint resort. Packed to the brim with meticulous art direction and hilarious gags, this little French charmer is prime for rediscovery. Presented in 35mm. 6


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QUEER CINEMA NOW CUT SNAKE Celebrating LGBT Pride Month through a mix of outstanding contemporary and iconic queer film. TONY AYRES | 2014 | AUSTRALIA | 94 MIN | ENGLISH J U N E 2 - 7: 3 0 P M Post-Screening Discussion with LGBT activist Chris Bartlett An ex-con’s plans to rehabilitate his life and marry a woman he met on the outside are thwarted when his cellmate tracks him down in the hopes of sucking him back into a life of crime and revealing his true sexual impulses. This high-octane thriller set in Melbourne in the mid-70s examines the homophobia of the period. T H E A DV E N T U R E S O F P R I S C I L L A , QUEEN OF THE DESERT STEPHAN ELLIOTT | 1994 | AUSTRALIA, UK | 104 MIN | ENGLISH J U N E 4 - 7:3 0 P M Hosted by Philly’s hardest working queen, Brittany Lynn Two drag queens (Hugo Weaving, Guy Pearce) and a transsexual (Terence Stamp) travel across the outback, performing cabaret while making fans, facing bigots and working through life’s complications in this crowd pleaser that received raves from the NY Times and Rolling Stone. Presented in 35mm. THE SUMMER OF SANGAILE ALANTÉ KAVAÏTÉ | 2015 | FRANCE | 88 MIN | LITHUANIAN J U N E 1 1 - 7:3 0 P M A hit at the opening night of this year’s Sundance Film Festival, this lush, Lithuanian, lesbian coming-of-age tale tells the story of Sangaile, a shy 17-year-old with a fear of heights and fascination with planes. When she meets the beautiful, enigmatic Auste, the two help each other grow into their passions. WEEKEND ANDREW HAIGH | 2011 | UK | 97 MIN | ENGLISH J U N E 1 8 - 7:3 0 P M This tender, refreshing and brutally raw love affair of a film chronicles two gay men as a one-night-stand grows into an intimately romantic and honest micro-relationship. Addressing universal themes like curiosity and finding one’s place in the world, this touching gem was called “perfectly realized” by the New York Times. Presented in 35mm. TA N G E R I N E SEAN BAKER | 2015 | USA | 88 MIN | ENGLISH J U N E 2 5 - 7:3 0 P M Director Sean Baker’s uproarious Sundance hit, shot entirely on an iPhone 5 and hailed by many critics as their favorite of the festival, sees a pair of loud-mouthed, transgender, prostitute best friends on a journey to track the pimp that broke one of their hearts. 7


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PASSPORT TO WORLD CINEMA A handpicked selection of the year’s strongest cinema from around the globe. H A E M OO SHIM SUNG-BO | 2014 | SOUTH KOREA | 111 MIN | KOREAN JUNE 30 - 7:30PM First time director Sung-bo Shim and producer Bong Joon-ho tell the incredibly gripping true story of a fishing boat crew that unwittingly finds themselves the subject of violence when they are forced to smuggle illegal immigrants from China to Korea. Post screening discussion with Dr. Joseph Bierman (Rowan University). SAMBA O L I V I E R N A K A C H E , E R I C TO L E D A N O | 2 0 1 4 | FRANCE | 118 MIN | FRENCH | JULY 28 - 7:30PM Followed by a post-screening discussion with Dr. Gregory Wolmart (Drexel University). The directors of The Intouchables return with this tear-jerking story of a good-hearted Senegalese immigrant trying to make ends meet and his unusual relationship with the officer assigned to helping him out of an unwarranted detention sentence. A monthly series of compelling contemporary documentaries anchored by talented female directors. IN FOCUS: DOCS BY WOMEN T H E W O L F PAC K CRYSTAL MOSELLE | 2015 | USA | 80 MIN | ENGLISH J U N E 1 6 - 7: 3 0 P M Winner of the Grand Prize for Best Documentary at Sundance, this probing film tells the shocking story of six brothers whose father kept them shut away in a Manhattan apartment for years. When one of them escapes, their world is changed forever. Followed by a Q&A with director Crystal Moselle (DIS)HONESTY — THE TRUTH ABOUT LIES YA EL M EL A M ED E | 2015 | USA | 90 M IN | ENG LISH J U L Y 1 4 - 7: 3 0 P M Followed by a Q&A with director Yael Melamede Anchored by a series of interviews, experiments and lectures with Duke University professor Dan Ariely, this intriguing documentary digs deep into the human instincts behind lying. Variety calls director Yael Melamede’s debut an “entertaining mix of anecdotal evidence, academic research and current affairs.” 8


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OPPENHEIMER ON INDONESIAN GENOCIDE Heralded as two of the best documentaries ever made, Joshua Oppenheimer’s unique look into the horrific history of the Indonesian genocide is presented here – uncut and followed by a Q&A with Oppenheimer himself. T H E AC T O F K I L L I N G (DIRECTOR’S CUT) JOSHUA OPPENHEIMER | 2012 | DENMARK | 159 MIN INDONESIAN, ENGLISH | J U N E 7 - 1 2 : 0 0 P M In his groundbreaking, Academy Award nominated documentary, Oppenheimer forces former Indonesian death squad leaders to confront their crimes by filming reenactments in a cinematic style of their choosing. The result is a chilling exploration of cruelty via classic Hollywood tropes. T H E L OO K O F S I L E N C E JOSHUA OPPENHEIMER | 2014 | DENMARK | 103 MIN INDONESIAN | J U N E 7 - 3 : 3 0 P M Heralded by Executive Producers Errol Morris and Werner Herzog as “one of the greatest and most powerful documentaries ever made,” Oppenheimer’s follow up to The Act of Killing takes another look at the Indonesian genocide, this time from the perspective of a survivor as he confronts the squad leader who killed his brother.


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A venue for local filmmakers of all ages, levels and backgrounds to showcase recent work and engage with audiences. Supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. FILMADELPHIA J U N E S H O WC A S E IT WAS A QUIET RIDE JUNE 23 - 7:30PM GUMBALL KRIS AND KURTIS THEORIN | 6 MIN GRANT SCHMIDT | 17 MIN N I G H T S L I K E T H I S KEVIN NGUYEN | 11 MIN Followed by a Q&A with short film directors THERE ALL ALONG KYLE THOMPSON | 9 MIN T H E M AG I C B R AC E L E T JON POLL | 2013 | USA | 19 MIN | ENGLISH JUNE 21 - 7:30PM Followed by a Q&A with Stacy Goldberg Diablo Cody, James Van Der Beek and others came together to grant 15-year-old Cheltenham resident Rina Goldberg’s last wish: to create her own film. When Ashley inherits a totem bracelet, she embarks on a journey of discovery and healing. Preceded by Love Life, Dream Big, Be Positive, the behind-thescenes documentary about the film’s production. A monthly exploration of science through cinema, pairing films with relevant specialists for unique and engaging discussions. FILM LAB YO U N G F R A N K E N S T E I N MEL BROOKS | 1974 | USA | 106 MIN | ENGLISH, GERMAN JUNE 9 - 7:30PM Determined not to repeat the past, neurosurgeon Dr. Frankenstein (Gene Wilder) inherits his infamous grandfather’s castle and, in a a sharply ironic twist, finds himself attempting a brain transfer to reanimate a gigantic corpse (Peter Boyle) in Mel Brooks’ cult classic. see Film Lab notes DO N N I E DA R KO R I C H A R D K EL L Y | 2001 | USA | 113 M IN | ENG LISH JULY 7 - 7:30PM see Film Lab notes In his mind-bending cult classic, director Richard Kelly showcases his unique cinematic voice and examines themes of parallel realities in this often comedic mystery centered around a troubled teen who is pressured into committing a series of bizarre crimes after he begins to have visions that he can’t explain. Presented in 35mm. 10


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Horror, action, suspense and the downright weird, these films will keep you awake during the graveyard shift. THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT T H E T R E AT M E N T HANS HERBOTS | 2014 | BELGIUM | 125 MIN | DUTCH JUNE 12, JUNE 13 - 11:59PM Echoing tones of nuevo-European thrillers like The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo, this Belgian mystery tells the story of a hot-headed cop who finds himself caught in a web of deceit when a nine-year-old boy goes missing. He uncovers a secret so dark that it makes similar stories feel like warm and fuzzy child’s play. B L OW O U T BRIAN DE PALMA | 1981 | USA | 107 MIN | ENGLISH JUNE 26, JUNE 27 - 11:59PM When a b-movie soundman accidentally records audio of a murder, he is forced to set out on a race against time to find the killer. This Brian De Palma chiller, set in Philadelphia and starring John Travolta, Nancy Allen and a spine-tingling John Lithgow, is an Independence Day classic. Presented in 35mm. A R AC H N O P H O B I A FRANK MARSHALL | 1990 | USA | 103 MIN | ENGLISH, SPANISH | J U L Y 1 0 , J U L Y 1 1 - 1 1 : 5 9 P M Starring Jeff Daniels and John Goodman, this horror-comedy sees a relocated city doctor, his family and their new town confronted by a growing gang of bloodthirsty Venezuelan spiders. Giving us the creeps for 25 years, we’re bringing this panic-inducing, super fun creature film back to the big screen. Presented in 35mm. INSIDE ALEXANDRE BUSTILLO, ALEXANDRE BUSTILLO, JULIEN MAURY | 2007 | FRANCE | 82 MIN FRENCH | JULY 24, JULY 25 - 11:59PM An essential in the pregnancy horror canon, alongside films like Rosemary’s Baby, this wildly popular, edge-of-your-seat gore-fest from directors Alexandre Bustillo and Julien Maury sees a mother-to-be fending off a dangerous home invader with terrifying intentions. FILM LAB NOTES YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN — The screening is followed by a discussion with Lance Wahlert, PhD, on current medical research and bioethics philosophy surrounding transplantation and reanimation. Dr. Wahlert is an Asst. Professor of Medical Ethics & Health Policy and Program Director of the Master of Bioethics at UPENN. Twice the recipient of the Dean’s Award for Distinguished Teaching, Dr. Wahlert’s courses include Bioethics and Sexuality, Clinical Ethics Mediation, Medicine in Film, and Digital Media Bioethics among others. DONNIE DARKO — The screening is followed by a discussion with Jeff Blomquist, MS on current developments in our understanding of the permeability of time, time travel and time paradoxes. Jeff is co-author of A User’s Guide to the Universe: Surviving the Perils of Black Holes, Time Paradoxes and Quantum Uncertainty with Dr. Dave Goldberg, which focuses on the realistic possibilities of maneuvering the temporal dimension, and how some more famous films take on time travel. Jeff has a Masters degree in Physics with a focus on astronomy and astrophysics from Drexel University and has taught astronomy at Widener University since 2010. 11


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CONERSTONES OF FRENCH CINEMA Timeless and terrific, these four masterpieces remind us how France in the early 60s shaped what world cinema is today. THE UMBRELLAS OF CHERBOURG JACQUES DEMY | 1964 | FRANCE | 91 MIN | FRENCH JULY 6, JULY 8, JULY 9 - 2:00PM In Jacques Demy’s lovely and timeless musical, a young, pregnant boutique worker is forced to marry an older man when she is separated from her one true love (and the father of her baby) by the Algerian War. Populated with beautiful Technicolor, The Umbrellas of Cherbourg is simply unforgettable. B R E AT H L E S S JEAN-LUC GODARD | 1960 | FRANCE | 90 MIN | FRENCH JULY 13, JULY 15, JULY 16 - 2:00PM | JULY 18 - 12:00PM Defining French New Wave cinema with its lyrical, light form, Godard’s first feature film revolves around Michel, a petty thief who, on the run after stealing a car and shooting a police officer, hides out in his American girlfriend Patricia’s Paris apartment until she learns of the crime. Presented in 35mm. HIROSHIMA MON AMOUR ALAIN RESNAIS | 1959 | FRANCE, JAPAN | 90 MIN | FRENCH, JAPANESE, ENGLISH | JULY 20, JULY 22, JULY 23 - 2:00PM Set in Hiroshima after WWII, Renais’ distinguished contribution to launching the movement presents a conversation told largely through narration and flashbacks between She, a French actress and He, a Japanese architect, who weave their musings over loves and other life experiences together with meditations on the atomic bomb. JULES AND JIM FRANÇOIS TRUFFAUT | 1962 | FRANCE | 105 MIN | FRENCH JULY 27, JULY 29, JULY 30 - 2:00PM | AUGUST 1 - 12:00PM Friends Jules and Jim, a shy German and a carefree Frenchman, both fall for Catherine, a young, mercurial woman who brings to life the mesmerizing smile of a statue they encountered on a visit to a Greek island. The three form a complicated love triangle, convoluted further by the first World War. 12


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A collection of the best new funny, daring and sexy films from the unique birthplace of cinema. NEW FRENCH FILMS PA R T Y G I R L M A R I E A M AC H O U K E L I , M A R I E A M AC H O U K E L I , C L A I R E B U R G E R A N D S A M U E L T H E I S | 20 1 4 F R A N C E | 9 6 M I N | F R E N C H | J U L Y 2 - 7 :3 0 P M Winner of the Best First Feature at last year’s Cannes Film Festival, this honest and lively French drama tells the story of a witty, elderly nightclub hostess whose newly found love for retired life forces her to wrestle her lifelong instincts and reinvent herself as a married woman. REALITY QUENTIN DUPIEUX | 2014 | FRANCE, BELGIUM, USA | 95 MIN | ENGLISH | JULY 9 - 7:30PM Quentin Dupieux, the genius behind recent absurdist comedies Rubber and Wrong, returns with a smart, self-reflexive film about an aspiring director who is to be given money for his first feature film, provided he can uncover a groan of pain worthy of an Oscar in the next 48 hours. GRAND CENTRAL R E B E CC A Z L OTO W S K I | 2 0 13 | F R A N C E , AU S T R I A 9 2 M I N | F R E N C H | J U L Y 16 - 7 :3 0 P M An unskilled nuclear plant worker, facing the horrors of everyday contamination, begins a steamy affair with his boss’ fiancée in this sexy, sweeping love story set in the picturesque lower valley of Rhone and starring Léa Seydoux (Blue is the Warmest Color) and Tahar Rahim (A Prophet). M AY A L L A H B L E S S F R A N C E ! ABD AL MALIK | 2014 | FRANCE | 95 MIN | FRENCH JULY 23 - 7:30PM Celebrated French rapper, writer, spoken word poet and philosopher Abd Al Malik makes his directorial debut with this moving and unique adaptation of his own autobiography. In the suburbs of Paris, a teenage Malik turns to school, music and Islam to steer himself off of an expected path of drug deals and violence. FUN FACT: Are you a film lover with an infant? Grab your stroller and join us for BABIES ON BOARD screenings every Wednesday! New parents and caretakers are invited to bring their children to the theater to catch a new release. Volume is lowered and fussing, giggling and sleeping are no problem! Films screen at matinee times and ticket prices — and the little ones are always free! Visit and look for italicized film times for designated screenings. 13


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SATURDAY MORNING SPECIALS & SENSORY FRIENDLY SUNDAYS Two weekend screening series of children’s classics and contemporary familyfriendly films perfect for the young and young at heart. Presented by the R.K. Mellon Family Foundation. Thoughtfully designed to include first time film-goers and children with sensitivities to the traditional theater environment, all Sunday morning screenings below offer a sensory friendly environment: a relaxed, accepting atmosphere with the lights turned up, the volume lowered and expectations to remain silent and seated removed. Parent to Child Therapy and Associates brightens the experience with a warm-up activity that helps children engage with the film and with the other attendees. During the screening, Parent to Child maintains a Sensory Friendly nook in the lobby for those who might need a break from the theater. This program is also designed to welcome and embrace children with cognitive or behavioral disabilities, so that all children can have the opportunity to make memories at the movies. THE IRON GIANT BRAD BIRD | 1999 | USA | 86 MIN | ENGLISH JUNE 13, JUNE 14 - 11:00AM Based on “Iron Man,” a story by British poet laureate Ted Hughes, the film tells the story of a large metal robot who falls from the sky and sends a small town in Maine into panic. The government arrives to destroy the machine and it’s up to Hogarth, a boy from the town, to prove the Iron Giant isn’t the enemy. Presented in 35mm. PA P E R P L A N E S ROBERT CONNOLLY | 2014 | AUSTRALIA | 96 MIN | ENGLISH JUNE 27, JUNE 28 - 11:00AM 11-year-old Dylan finds a passion for competitive paper plane making that earns him first place in a school contest and takes him all the way to the World Paper Plane Championships in Tokyo.Confronted with new friends, foes, experiences and challenges, Dylan learns that winning isn’t everything. E . T. T H E E X T R A - T E R R E S T R I A L STEVEN SPIELBERG | 1982 | USA | 115 MIN | ENGLISH JULY 11, JULY 12 - 11:00AM Accidentally left on earth during his ship’s hasty departure, a small alien finds himself afraid, alone and three million light years from home. Discovered by 10-year-old Elliot, the little visitor and his new friend attempt to find their place in the world (and universe!) in Spielberg’s timeless family classic. H OC U S P OC U S A L F I E AT K I N S TORILL KOVE | 2013 | NORWAY | 75 MIN | ENGLISH, NORWEGIAN | JULY 25, JULY 26 - 11:00AM Called a “must-see” by Time Out NY during the 2015 New York International Children’s Film Festival, this adorable story for the youngest crowd features 7-year-old Alfie (and his imaginary friend) who, despite worries from his dad, enlists the help of a magician to make the boy’s dream of owning his very own dog come true. 14


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Eighteen years in the making, Hal Hartley’s seriocomic spans an epic and hilarious tale of love and deceit that defined two decades of American independent cinema. THE HENRY FOOL TRILOGY H E N R Y F OO L HAL HARTLEY | 1997 | USA | 137 MIN | ENGLISH JUNE 20 - 2:00PM In the series’ opener and Best Screenplay winner at Cannes, aspiring novelist Henry Fool (Thomas Jay Ryan), who carries a mysterious collection of,notebooks, befriends garbageman Simon Grim (James Urbaniak) and encourages him to pursue poetry. When Simon finds success, the two split, until Henry’s previous life catches up with him. Presented in 35mm. FAY G R I M HAL HARTLEY | 2006 | USA | 118 MIN | ENGLISH JUNE 20 - 4:45PM Ten years after the events of the first film, Henry’s ex-wife, Fay Grim, is persuaded by a CIA agent (Jeff Goldblum) to track down Henry’s notebooks in the interest of US security, as they contain secrets embedded in his poetry. Parker Posey shines as the titular character in this sharp, comedic sequel. Presented in 35mm. NED RIFLE HAL HARTLEY | 2014 | USA | 85 MIN | ENGLISH JUNE 20 - 7:15PM The trilogy’s final installment sees Ned Rifle, Henry’s long lost son, in search of his estranged father. As the story begins to unfold and the world of Henry’s looks bigger than ever before, Ned’s ultimate motives become clear. The original cast is joined by Liam Aiken and Aubrey Plaza for this brilliant finale. Conversations with Ruth Perlmutter From June 30 through July 7, join us for a conversation series around four French Film classics running each Tuesday afternoon from noon to 3pm, hosted by Ruth Perlmutter, PhD. Ruth has been involved in the Philadelphia film community for over thirty years. A former professor at University of the Arts, Temple University, and Tyler School of Art, Ruth sits on the Advisory Board for the Philadelphia Film Society, the Advisory Board for the Bryn Mawr Film Institute, and is Artistic Director Emeritus for the Philadelphia Jewish Film Festival. SCHEDULE: June 30th - M. Hulot’s Holiday - 12:00 PM July 7th - The Umbrellas of Cherbourg - 12:00 PM July 14th - Breathless - 12:00 PM July 21st - Hiroshima, Mon Amour - 12:00 PM PER SCREENING: $11 General Admission $10 Senior/Student $9 PFS Member FULL CONVERSATION SERIES: $35 General Admission (savings of $9) $30 Senior/Student (savings of $10) $25 PFS Member (savings of $11) 15



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