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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 258 | May 8th 2015 Sydney Writers Festival and sustainability Stormy Weather Our Just Desserts? WIN! Audi Festival of German Films Cake Bake and Sweets Show TIX: INNER BEST: A Wild Pokemon Appears the Inner W Distribute est! d in Leichh ardt, Annan Petersham d ale, , Stanmore , Newtown Balmain, D , rummoyn e, Haberfiel Rozelle, Fiv d, e Dock, Co ncord, & Summer Hill is taking o ve r Take it or Lieb it The German Film Festival takes flight


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Celebrating 15 years in Business! Saturday 23rd May 10am - 2pm Sample new products & flavours at our 20 demo tables around the store Plus a $ 500 cash to be won! Balloons & Face Painting For the Kids Lucky Draw Simply make any purchase of $20 or more on the day for your chance to win. See your service attendant for more details Norton Plaza Leichhardt Westfield Bondi Junction For more Food Fair info please visit our website:


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SH OP LOVE LOC A L Something Special For Win WIN THE ULTIMATE PAMPER PACKAGE THIS MOTHER’S DAY VALUED AT $500* ENTER AT NORTONPLAZA.COM.AU ENTRIES OPEN 27 APRIL 2015 Out Gift Ideas? Of s Mother’ Day Happy Mother’ s Day Inspire her to discover new + exciting ways to Nourish with our CLEAN AND SIMPLE EATING COOKBOOK. Happy ONLY $29.99 GET YOUR MOTHER’S DAY GIFT CARD ONLINE OR IN-CENTRE Sleepwear for a lazy Mother’s Day phone 9518 3355 • • follow us on facebook *TERMS AND CONDITIONS APPLY. VISIT NORTONPLAZA.COM.AU FOR DETAILS. Authorised under NSW LTPS-15-02667 GPT Property Management Pty Limited trading as part of The GPT Group


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Renewed feelings – Balmain Bourgeoisie – Don’t DMA Leichhardt’s Renew Project is likely to be extended for another year with the successful uptake of four new properties in Leichhardt late last year. So far the project has “popped up” in seven vacant storefronts in Leichhardt, with another two to open later this year. Leichhardt Council is installing a part-time Renew director and is expecting to extend the project to Balmain. l l Original 60’s hairdressing salon Marie Louise, on Enmore Rd, has been bought by the group that runs the acclaimed Porteno Restaurant in Surry Hills. The salon will transform into a Turkish-inspired restaurant with the senior chef at Porteno, Ibrahim Kasif, at the helm. It’s been a while since that pretty pink door has been open! WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Latte Leftie refuses to apologise for a series of strongly worded statements sent out on his official Ciao Twitter address. Dear LL – As one of your devoted Twitter followers I usually find your tweets about the injustices of the patriarchal, planet-raping, capitalist gulag that is modern-day Australia eminently reasonable but I wonder if you went a little too far with your social media broadcasts late last Saturday night. Do you really believe, for example, that, “Simpson had an unnatural relationship with his donkey,” or that, “Life on the Burma Railway was about as gruelling as a Contiki tour,” and, “Weary Dunlop was a posturing do-gooder who shamelessly collaborated with the Japs”? Is it truly your opinion that, “Don Bradman was the Lance Armstrong of international cricket,” and, “Steve Irwin got what he had coming from the native fauna he so relentlessly harassed,” and, “Those schoolgirls who went to Hanging Rock knew what they were getting into and deserved to die,” and that, “Peter Cosgrove is a psychopathic war criminal who has a necklace made from the finger bones of Viet Cong freedom fighters he executed in ‘Nam he likes to secretly wear under his vice-regal garb?” And isn’t it a little simplistic to assert, “Anglo-Australians are a pack of booze-addled, reality TV-bedazzled, morbidly obese bogans whose sense of entitlement is only matched by their buggeryou-I’m-all-right-Jack venality.” Finally, will you truly be cracking open a Tsingtao when, “Xi Jinping orders to People’s Liberation Army to invade the Great Southern Mineral Kingdom and mete out some richly deserved punishment for Australia’s imperialist lackey role in helping put down the Boxer Rebellion”? Malcolm, Point Piper LL replies: If it falls to me to play the role of Australia’s Noam Chomsky and alert the Twittersphere to a few inconvenient truths that no fair-minded observer could dispute then so be it; I retract nothing! ADVERTISING Sonya Madden Residents of Balmain earn more than other Inner Westies according to ATO stats. Balmainites have an average taxable income of $109,000, almost double the national average. St Peters residents earn the least: $55,973. l l You haven’t really made it to the top until Noel Gallagher gives you a whopping hiding – which he graciously gave up and coming Newtown ‘lad’ band, DMA’s, when they made the mistake of listing Oasis as one of their influences. Gallagher and DMA’s will both appear at the Governors Ball in New York where Gallagher said he would, “Watch them from the side of the stage and boo.” DMA’s will also be at the Groovin the Moo festivals. JOURNALIST Max Kobras FOOD Melissa Leong LOCAL history What’ve we got goin’ on here then? This photograph, dating back to 1922, depicts the Balmain Police Force outside of their station. The law enforcement of New South Wales is said to have started with the formation of the Night Watch by Governor Arthur Phillip in 1789. In 1862, all watch teams were combined under the Police Regulation Act 1862 to form the NSW Police Force and then in 1987 the Police Force (which had carriage of operations) and the Police Department (which had carriage of policy and administration) were combined into a single government organisation. Today, the NSW Police Force employs approximately 20,000 people. n Image courtesy of Leichhardt Council. ART DIRECTOR Paden Hunter EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney Contributors: Winsor Dobbin, Nigel Bowen, Kassia Aksenov, Millie Cotes, Lianna Taranto Ciao loves you. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is free. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696. 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cover: A scene from Dominik Graf’s Beloved Sisters (2014), screening in this month’s Audi Festival of German Films. Image courtesy of Frederik Batier and Bavaria Filmverleih und Produktion. The thick blue line n Email your dilemma to C!ao’s voice In •Turkish ice cream in Enmore • German actor Florian Stetter; what a babe! • Cli-Fi (or Climate Fiction) the new genre for the environmentally aware • Lee Lin Chin coming to Leichhardt! • Spending a night at Yasmar detention centre to raise money • The number of Inner West bands playing Groovin the Moo this month Out • Two once-in-a-decade storms in a week • Irony. What happened to just saying what you mean? • Putting on icy garments in the morning • Federation houses being ruined around Five Dock and Drummoyne •Bier café ads that are more bra than beer • Super-saturated composts Presented by Oliver Shead and Peter Hanke Oliver is the co-author of Georginia,Holocaust Survivor Stories, a Number 1 International Best Seller on Amazon. Peter is a full time writer who studied at New South Wales Writers’ Centre. Peter regularly speaks at writing seminars and provides writing tuition. In this workshop you will learn: • Narrative voice and point of view • Techniques for building suspense • How to turn your writing passion into a successful book As always, our workshops provide time for you to practice the techniques you learn and share your work in a supportive group. When: Saturday 16th May 3:30 -6 PM Where: 79 Renwick St, Leichhardt Book now: email Mary or phone 0403 222 034 Cost : $12/$10 conc Refreshments provided. The Artist Group Writers Workshop Writing and Publishing Your Work for Success The successful Writers Group monthly workshops continue this month with more on writing techniques and practical application. Leichhardt Mission supports the arts and art activities in the community. 4


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LILYFIELD SPECIALS AVAILABLE UNTIL TUESDAY 12TH MAY 2015 $ Australian Easy Carve Lamb Leg eg 14 $ 99 99 kg ea 2 Pre Packed Truss Tomatoes 500g $5.98 per kg $ 500g PACK Mother’s Day /2 1 PRICE $ Cadbury Roses 225g $1.88 per 100g 4 24 ea Pantene Shampoo or Conditioner 350mL Varieties $1.13 per 100mL $ Mother’s Mother M Mot s Da D Day ay ay $ 3 for 94 ea Mother’s Day 25 ea $ 45 ea 2$ 45 Mother’s Day Sunday 10th May Mother’s Day Chocolate & Raspberry Mud Cake 500g $1.40 per 100g $ 6 99 ea Baileys Irish Cream 700mL Varieties Mumm Cordon Rouge NV Champagne 750mL Taylors Jaraman or Jansz Non Vintage 750mL Varieties ON 100S OF EV ERY DAY PRODUCTS IGA Price Matches the major a s hain t ch ket l supermarke al na ion tio ati na We’ve now reduced prices on 100s of everyday products to match the major national supermarket chains. Instore now. Participating stores only. Prices matched weekly to Woolworths or Coles everyday shelf price, excludes specials. Terms and conditions apply. To find out more, visit YOUR LOCAL IGA CAN BE FOUND AT: LILYFIELD IGA PLUS LIQUOR 402 CATHERINE STREET (CORNER OF CITY WEST LINK & CATHERINE STREET) LILYFIELD, NSW 2040 PHONE: 02 9560 7082 TRADING HOURS: 7AM – 9PM 7 DAYS A WEEK Street parking available on Lonsdale St P Underground carpark We reserve the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities. Commercial quantities not supplied. See instore for details. We reserve the right to correct printing errors. TRADE NOT SUPPLIED IGANS9392_060515


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Kassia Aksenov a Helping HAND You can do more than emote over the quake On April 25th 2015 one of the most severe natural disasters in recent history hit Nepal and India. The earthquake, as well as leaving devastation in cities, resulted in an avalanche on Mount Everest leaving more than 4,600 people dead and more 9,000 injured. Ciao has researched a variety of different ways people can support the recovery process no matter what their means. RANT More storms to come? Extreme rainfall, gale force winds and flooding - and it seems we can expect more. But it’s our own fault. Australia, NSW and even Sydney’s Inner West turn up as the worst offenders in accelerating climate change. You Caring Sydney organisation You Caring is focussed solely on helping Nepal recover from the earthquake as quickly as possible. Monsoon season is set to begin over the winter months meaning that food, shelter and medical aid is needed urgently before the death tolls rise as a result of these adverse conditions. You Caring aims to raise $250,000 and has paired with Medecins Sans Frontieres. All funds will go towards aiding medical activities on the ground. n To donate go to: Make the world a better place n To donate or buy tickets visit: Free Courier Service for Donated Clothes by Airlines The climate is changing because excess greenhouse gases emitted by burning fossil fuels are trapping more heat in the Earth’s atmosphere and oceans. Since 1998 our climate has been absorbing four Hiroshima atomic bombs’ worth of heat every second. Ninety per cent of this heat is being absorbed by the oceans. Warmer water means increased evaporation feeding more moisture into the atmosphere. As a result, last week’s intense east coast low produced much higher rainfall than usual. As global temperatures rise, scientists predict that storms of this type are most likely to increase in intensity, and become more erratic, less predictable. How can we prevent this? Coal is the biggest contributor to global warming. With huge coal deposits, especially in NSW and Queensland, Australia is the world’s largest exporter of coal and our per capita emissions of greenhouse gases are the highest in the world. NSW tops all the Australian states. International bodies all agree that most of the world’s coal must stay in the ground if we are to avoid catastrophic climate change. We cannot go on mining and burning coal and have a safe climate. It’s simply not possible. By their strong support for coal, the NSW and federal governments are failing in their most basic responsibility – to protect their citizens. Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle is calling on the NSW government to phase out coal mining and power rapidly, and to develop jobs in a strong renewable energy industry. It calls on the Federal government to take ambitious emissions reduction goals to the critical international climate talks in Paris later this year. But what can we do individually? Rooftop solar PV arrays reduce our overall dependence on coal; a single household installing solar can save 100 tonnes of greenhouse gas emissions over the 25 year life-span of a typical solar array. But Sydney’s Inner West has the lowest take-up of rooftop solar in the country: only four per cent of households, compared with over 15 per cent for Australia as a whole. Surely more local households could switch to solar. One way the state government could help would be to make it easier for tenants and unit owners to install, use and share solar energy. n Words by Dominic Case, a member of Climate Word Vision World Vision is primarily focused on providing clean water, food, shelter and basic goods to the victims of the tragedy. World Vision has laid out what various donations can provide for victims: $25 could help provide hygiene kits for 19 people; $65 could provide eight people with essentials like blankets; mosquito nets and sleeping mats; $100 could help provide shelter assistance and household emergency kits to 54 people; $300 could give 2000 children access to child-friendly spaces; $500 could provide 13 households with essentials such as blankets and sleeping mats. n To donate visit: To donate something other than money, clothing donations have been organised by the Australian-Nepali community all across Australia. Home collection can be organised or otherwise a donation drop location is suit 8 Level 13, 329 Pitt St, Sydney NSW. Please make sure clothing is in good condition before donating. n For more information about clothing donations call Gitendra Nepali Grocery on 0432 380 840 to speak with a representative. Rotaract Australia Rotaract Australia have teamed up with ShelterBox, a company that provides readymade boxed packages to provide relief for Nepalese victims. Each ShelterBox includes: waterproof ground mats, thermal fleece blankets, family tent, plastic box, cooking equipment, solar light, life straw, mosquito nets, children’s activity pack, tool kit and water containers. Each $10,000 raised will provide 10 families with accommodation and means of survival. n To donate towards these packages go to shelterbox-nepal/ Nepalese Australia Association (NAA) NAA are putting on the Commonwealth Bank Nepalese Children’s Talent Night. It will be held on Saturday May 23rd at the Orion Function Centre in Campsie. Proceeds will go to the Nepal disaster. There are four different ticket types; charity tickets at $100, adult $30, children are $10 and children under seven are free. On the night performances will be given by children between the ages of 3-18 and will include song performance, dance, acting, comedy, sport and poetry. Eternal Creation Two staff members of this Sydney/Dharamsala online fashion store have had their house destroyed in the quake. n You can donate to Ram and Suzilla Kumar at: www. If you have a passion for baking, cake decorating, or just love cakes, breads and other delicious temptations, then you'll love the Cake Bake and Sweets Show. It's the ultimate foodie experience – a three-day live event devoted to the world of baking and the art of cake decorating and absolutely filled with delectable samples. This truly unique event is packed with celebrity demos, classes and workshops where you can learn from the very best, as well as there being a literal smorgasbord of stalls selling great treats and supplies, so you can recreate these masterpieces at home. Even if you are not exactly an avid cook, this is still a great opportunity to pick up a couple of extra skills in the kitchen while having a great time out with friends or family. You can pick up a great range of new equipment to turn your home into the perfect little cakeshop! Thanks to the organisers we have FREE tickets to give away to this delicious event. To go into the running, email with your details and tell us what you love most about baked goods. Cake Bake and Sweets Show WIN FREE TICKETS Change Balmain-Rozelle What’s on n Compiled by Max Kobras. Email Thurs 14th May Monday 11th May FREE Community are en ev ts listings Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle is a group of Sydney Inner West residents, independent of all political parties. Visit their website at: countless others. But who inspired him? This show goes into the real, stunning women who did so, as well as exploring those he created, such as his “dear, departed Lenore”, in such gripping, emotional detail. Where: The Vanguard, $23.80 Wednesday 13th May email info@ Attn: Max The Crocodile Hotel Aboriginal playwright and novelist, Julie Janson, will be speaking about her most recent novel at Berkelouw Books in Paddington. The Crocodile Hotel follows the story of a young teacher living in the Inner West in the 70's who decides to move to the NT to teach in a remote Aboriginal community. The book is semiautobiographical, and explores some of the experiences Janson has had in her own life as a passionate teacher, artist and writer. The talk will begin at 6.30pm, tickets costs $10. Bookings can be made at 6 novel Bearing Witness: The Life of Charles Bean explores this perfectly. Come to the Concord Library for an author talk Charles Bean, famed Australian World that remains more relevant than ever War One correspondent and historian, has been depicted magnificently by fellow as we continue to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Gallipoli landing. Australian reporter Peter Rees. Rees Where: Concord Library, 7pm is said to have gotten inside the head of this man like no one before and his The Life of Charles Bean Heritage Festival Wednesday 13th May Edgar's Girls Bean there, done that Allow The Poe Burlesque Theatre to take you on a salacious journey into the mind of one of the greatest writers of all times. From his gloriously dark mysteries of the macabre to his invention of detective fiction, Edgar Allan Poe has inspired As part of the anniversary of World War One, Leichhardt Library invites the public to bring along all their private treasures, whether they are postcards, medals of service or diaries, to be added to the digital archive. In the attitude of lest we forget, it is considered an important ideal to preserve all these artefacts for posterity so that all generations to come will be able to understand and remember this unparalleled sacrifice. Where: Leichhardt Library 10am-4pm Poe's pretty muses See page 8 for more what's on...


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GEOMETRICUT HAIR DESIGNING SALON Shop 7/1-15 Wilson Street, Newtown Tel: 8041 8482 Email: LED BY FORMER INTERNATIONAL STYLIST & EDUCATOR FOR VIDAL SASSOON ACADEMY. AT GHS WE CATER TO ALL CLIENTS BY OFFERING HIGHLY SKILLED DESIGNERS AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. TRADING HOURS Monday: Closed Tuesday: 10am - 7pm Wednesday: 10am - 7pm Thursday: 10am - 8pm Friday: 10am - 8pm Saturday: 10am - 6pm Sunday: Closed


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n Local Gigs Friday 15th May n Local screens The Ivory Drips Sydney three-piece, with a desert rock sound moving into relatively prog-rock territory. What separates them from most bands like this is an emphasis on beat. All their tunes have this rolling feel with constant, consistent beats. Could use a bit more speed at times, but pretty cool. n The Record Crate, FREE D PLUS - Win DV ness pi ap H e tiv Rela & The Captive CIAO's PICKSs!of n Your screens Ryan Reynolds in "a shiveringly tense abduction thriller" The Captive Upgrade to iHuman v5.7 Ex Machina Psychedelic, man! Friday 22nd May Lurch & Chief Slow and dark psychedelic guitar with some very Warpaintesque vocals and a general wall of sound. This would be awesome to muzz out to, just swaying in a dark room while you get blasted in the face and feel the vibrations course through your body. n Newtown Social Club, $15 Friday 22nd May Wow, how long did Alicia Vikander have to spend in make-up? With a body resembling a sleek translucent iPhone, she looks sensational in Alex Garland’s very clever cerebral sci-fi thriller. Her name is Ava and she looks even better in the last few scenes… I won’t spoil the ending, though it won’t come as a surprise to anyone familiar with Issac Asimov’s Laws of Robotics or other works exploring AI. Though the tense sparring between the two alpha males in her life, inventor (Oscar Issac) and guest programmer (Domhnall Gleeson) does reveal something new – that exploitation is at the very heart of the algorithms that now dictate everything we ever do. But do we care? Just wait for the queues outside Apple Stores when Ava is released! MA15+ from May 7. mostly between Maria (Juliette Binoche) a 40-something star actor and her younger, selfassured personal assistant Val. That's Kristen Stewart in fetching black specs – moving so far beyond Bella that you’ll quickly forget she was ever in love with a vampire. And lots of knowing, insider references to both stars’ real lives and careers, especially when bratty next-big-thing and talk-show terrorist Jo-Ann Ellis (Chloë Grace Moretz) turns up – deliciously cast in a remake in the same role that catapulted Maria to fame twenty years earlier. It scores a ludicrous MA15+ rating due to one brief skinny dip in a freezing lake. That’s a bracing, delightful scene – much like all of this cheeky, very adult movie. From May 7. Canadian auteur Atom Egoyan (The Sweet Hereafter) has shown us before that he likes to make us squirm with discomfort. Back in bleak wintery Ontario, he’s at it again here with this cold and terrifying tale of every parent’s nightmare – child abduction by paedophiles. Ryan Reynolds plays Mathew, a doting dad who leaves his sleeping nine-year-old daughter Cassandra alone in his truck while he ducks into a roadside diner. When he returns, she is gone. Struggling under the weight of guilt and loss as well as suspicion from the police that he’s involved in her disappearance, his marriage breaks down and his world falls apart. But Egoyan isn’t content to just leave it there, he sticks the knife in and twists it by mixing up the chronology and merging past and present. Unlike Mathew, who never gives up hope of finding his lost daughter, we’ve seen what Cassandra, years later, is up to… MA15+ Available on Blu-Ray, DVD and digital May 13.★ Thanks to Icon Home Entertainment we have WIN DVDs! five DVDs to give away. Details below. Nickelback Guys, have you heard? Nickelback is coming to Australia! If you're lucky, Chad Kroeger might even let you look at his graph! n Allphones Arena, $99.90 Clouds of Sils Maria There’s a lot going on in Olivier Assayas’ luscious, richly textured new drama set in the rarefied Swiss Alps – almost too much to take in. But what, exactly? The last brutal scene may give you a clue – or at least a debate long into the night. There’s plenty of brittle and skittish dialogue beforehand, Messed up in the mountains Lexie loves to cook (and eat) The giant neighbourhood garage sale held in individual households will be returning to Leichhardt and Annandale this Saturday, bigger and greener than ever! As the saying goes, one man's trash is another man’s treasure and that is what this event is all about. It's a simple way to stay eco-friendly, selling your unloved clothes and possessions on to other locals, rather than just letting them collect dust in your cupboard or rot in some landfill, and making a few extra dollars while doing so. To register your house for a garage sale, simply visit the council website’s SecondHand Saturday page (link below), download the poster and stick it to your mailbox! If you’re more of a buyer than a seller, well then you’re also in luck. By participating in this program, you save yourself money and save the planet’s resources, and you’re very likely to find an awesome vintage jacket or pair of sunnies. Just think of it like an op shop, except there are dozens around the area! Even if you don’t find anything you like, you can have nice walk while meeting some of your neighbours. Events/SecondHand-Saturday Friday 15th May SecondHand Saturday Relative Happiness Flame-haired Aussie actress Melissa Bergland stars as Lexie – the plus-sized hero of this kookily amusing low-key romantic dramady set in pretty Nova Scotia. She’s a great cook and perky good fun too but several sizes too big to get a date for her sister’s (a megababe, natch) upcoming wedding. Enter Adrian (Jonathan Sousa), a roving travel photographer who arrives at her B&B and seems interested in more than just her home-baked pies. He’s incredibly hunky too and (top this) cycles to his photography gigs! No one that perfect could up to any good, and sure 'nuff… This genre demands melodrama so cowriter/director Deanne Foley cooks up plenty of it – tasty titbits like sibling rivalry, infidelity, betrayal and death before the inevitable relatively happy pay-off. M Available on DVD from May 13. ★ Thanks to Anchor Bay Entertainment we have 5 DVDs to give away. Details below n For more information, visit n Reviews – Russell Edwards You never know what you'll find! Fri 15th-Sun 31st May Whitelion Bail Out With nearly 15,000 young people going through the Australian justice system every year, youth detention is a real issue. The Whitelion Bail Out held at the Yasmar Facility gives you a chance to spend a night as an 'inmate'. Stripped of possessions, fingerprinted and surrounded by guards, each inmate must raise $1000 in to make bail the next morning. A unique experience and for a good cause, so be brave. The Freedom Ride In 1965 a group of Sydney University students rode across the state, to raise awareness of racism against Indigenous people. Celebrating the 50th anniversary of this inspirational venture, the play, taps into the revolutionary spirit of the 1960s and while asking the question, “Does the reality lived by Aboriginal people today correspond with the rights won here?” The play will be running at St Luke's Church in Enmore with tickets starting at $15. Saturday 16th May of Georginia, Holocaust Survivor Stories, and Peter Hanke, a full-time writer and regular speaker at writing seminars, this workshop will give you the time and tools to practice the techniques you learn. This month's session will have a focus on narrative voice and suspense building. 79 Renwick Street, 3:30-6pm. Bookings: or ph: 0403 222 034 Saturday 23rd May Food Fair Writing and Publishing Workshop Go to gaol for disadvantaged youths 8 Interested in writing, but don't know where to start? If so, this monthly writing workshop is a great choice. Presented by Oliver Shead, co-author To celebrate their 15th year in business and to thank all their loyal customers for their support throughout, Norton St Grocer is having a free food fair. With twenty stalls featuring new products and flavours for you to taste, as well as balloons and face painting for the kids. For more food fair details, please visit Heading into the Deep West WIN DVDs! We've got two Canadian movies to giveaway this issue – a coincidence – they couldn't be more dissimilar! To be in the running to win one of 5 DVDs of the tense thriller The Captive or the sweet romance Relative Happiness just email your name and address to Available from May 13 telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. You can enter both, but give us a preference.


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German Film Festival 2015 n CIAO’s PICK n Your screens The Dark Valley From Caligari to Hitler Based on Siegfried Kracauer’s 1947 book, this documentary explores the cinema of the Weimar Republic (1918-1933). Going to a German Film Festival to see a documentary about German film may sound too meta for most, but this film entertains spectacularly in its own right. For fans of this era of cinema, this doco will be a loving tribute that showcases some amazing films. For those unaware of this cinema (such as myself, barring some scenes from Lang’s Metropolis), I honestly think this film will be even more enjoyable. I was blown away by the massive deviation in style from ‘20s Hollywood; bombastic and energetic and patently German rather than the austerity of the Yanks. And the special effects are just incredible. Just wait until you realise that Inception’s jaw-dropping street bending scene is taken from a German film from the turn of the century. Dark Valley, darker times Willkommen in das Kino The Audi Festival of German Film returns for its 14th year this month and everyone across the nation is invited to come to the cinema for a showcase of dozens of critically acclaimed features, short films and documentaries that will have cinephiles salivating! From a high-stakes cyber thriller to a father’s quest in the aftermath of the Armenian Genocide, this year’s German Film Festival will certainly have something for all tastes. Opening the festival is the historical romance-drama Beloved Sisters, directed by Dominik Graf, which tells the (relatively) true story of the poet and playwright Friedrich Schiller and the love triangle he developed with two sisters. The role of Schiller is adeptly played by Florian Stetter, managing to bring a real sense of honesty to the unusual relationship portrayed in this film. Stetter, who appears in two other films shown at the festival (Stations of the Cross and Nanga Parbat), is one of the festival guests this year, appearing at Palace Norton Street May 13th and 17th and Chauvel Cinema on May 16th for Q&A sessions. Other guests making the trip to Australia for the festival include music producer, Thomas Köner, one of Germany’s foremost screenwriters, Sascha Arango, and renowned journalist and film critic Peter Claus, all of whom will be participating in Q&A sessions. A Western tale of revenge that brings back the fear associated with quiet, desolate towns. One day a stranger rides into town, hidden and unknown high up in the Austrian Alps, claiming to be nothing more than a photographer. After a couple of suspicious deaths though, it is clear that this man, known only as Greider, has something to hide. But then again, this village has an even darker secret... The Dark Valley is a truly great film that, while very reminiscent of other films, still feels wholly original. The cinematography is gorgeous and is accompanied by an absolutely perfect score. Apart from a strange, anachronistic song that plays during the pivotal shoot-out, the soundtrack is really phenomenal and builds the tension of the film wonderfully. With a cast clearly committed to the style and theme of the film, I have no complaints. Who Am I?-No System is Safe Other highlights of the festival include The Cut, which will be followed by a panel discussion with Armenian and Turkish representatives on the 21st of May at Chauvel. The Cut is the latest film from Turkish-German director Fatih Akin, who is best known for his tough dramas HeadOn and The Edge of Heaven. This film follows the story of Nazaret Manoogian, an Armenian blacksmith who, years after the genocide, discovers that his two daughters may still be alive. Fixated on finding them, Nazaret begins an odyssey that takes him double Win one of 10 from Mesopotamia to the prairies North Audi e th to es ss pa Dakota, meeting the best and worst that rman Ge of Festival humanity has to offer along the way. Often Films horrific, this film will tug your heart-strings at you like few others at the Audi Festival of German Films. The Audi Festival of German Films will be showing at Palace Norton Street and Chauvel Cinemas from Wednesday 13th May to Thursday 28th May. For more info, tickets and session times visit FREE TICKETS An interesting look into finding identity in the information age with all the bells and whistles of a thriller. Who Am I? is the latest film by Baran bo Odar, best known for The Silence (2010). This film follows a fictional hacktivist group called CLAY (Clowns Laughing @ You), clearly inspired by the group Anonymous, even wearing very similar masks to hide their identity. While this is a fascinating topic, the film eventually slips away from the social justice aspect to become a more straightforward thriller. There are plenty of thrills and the plot will certainly keep you hooked, but don’t go in expecting any big message. To be in the running to win a double in-season pass to the Audi German Film Festival email us at info@ciaomagazine. telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. Include your name and address in your email. n Reviews Max Kobras Simply schön


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n Your say n Sustainability n Local news What is the most important thing to do to stop climate change? “A lot of recycling I guess. Putting funds into any environmental project we can.” Chona, Leichhardt “Stop the countries in Asia emitting so much. Australia is only a small country, the bigger countries have to do more.” Kieran, Leichhardt “I'm going to be honest, I don't really have a clue!” Anthony, Leichhardt To force politicians to take climate change seriously. If politicians start taking advice from the scientists then something might happen. Warren, Leichhardt “I think switching to renewables.” Giordana, Leichhardt “Any solution needs to be made for an Australian context. We seem to just be picking up things that are good in other places on a kind of ad hoc basis. For example, Australia is looking into wind energy but we haven't had enough of a take up of solar energy. We are a sunny country. Policies will be popular if politicians can put that 'Australian' tag on them.” Maria, Leichhardt One word at a time Words speak louder than actions when it comes to 'cli-fi', the hottest literary genre to take to the shelves. Climate fiction moves away from science fiction. Its stories are more gradual (spanning generations) and their heroes are more genuine. Take James Bradley’s latest release Clade, which was recently launched at Newtown’s Better Read than Dead, and now receiving international acclaim – Clade tells the story of Adam (a scientist in the Antarctic) and his wife Ellie (a Sydney artist) their IVF-born child Summer, beekeeping, tidal waves, extinction and refugees. Bradley answered a few questions about his (modest) quest to change the world one word at a time. What is exactly is 'geological fiction’? It’s a term I adopted to talk about books that attempt to talk about deep time by engaging with time scales outside the human. Although there are definitely literary books that try and grapple with these questions most of the books that do it are science fiction, partly because sci-fi has developed a series of tools to talk about immensity and time. I’ve always loved books that wrestle with these sorts of ideas because it seems to me that trying to think about time scales outside the human allows us to see our place in the scheme of things quite differently, and because once we start asking ourselves about the deep future, and what the world might look like 1000 or 10,000 or a 100,000 years from now it becomes possible to see how much of what we think of as natural and inevitable about the social and economic organisation of our world is really contingent and transitory.  Can literature like Clade really change people's perceptions about the environment? Does there need to be a big budget Clade movie made to get the point across? I’m always uncomfortable about the idea that Forced amalgamations meeting Leichhardt Council has been proactive in challenging the State Government’s position on amalgamating Inner West councils, holding a community meeting last week. Leichhardt’s shared report on the amalgamation suggests that rates will go up for residents within the proposed amalgamated council area (encompassing Leichhardt, City of Canada Bay, Ashfield, Burwood, Marrickville and Strathfield councils) despite the incentive being offered to Sydney councils who do merge (up to $22.5 million). Mayor Rochelle Porteous says Leichhardt Council is financially sound according to the State Government's own mode of assessment. “In fact the State Government could learn a lot from what many local Sydney councils are getting right,” Cr Porteous said. Species deceases? it’s the job of literature to drive social change because it misunderstands both the way writers work and the way novels work. But having said that I do think one of the things art does is help us understand the world we live in and to imagine alternatives. That’s not going to change the world singlehandedly but I also think it’s an important part of a much larger process. As Ursula Le Guin said recently, "Any human power can be resisted and changed by human beings. Resistance and change often begin in art. Very often in our art, the art of words." What steps do you take to reduce your footprint? Do these small measures really make a difference? I do what I can - walking when I can, riding when I can, using public transport and green energy. And while I think those personal choices matter, what really matters is driving social, political and economic change at a national and international level. We need to start asking whose interests are being represented by those in power. Because at the end of the day our political leaders are privileging the interests of their corporate backers over the interests of us, our kids and the planet. James Bradley is speaking at Imagined Futures on 23rd May as part of the Sydney Writers Festival. For bookings go to n Words by Cindy Mullen Breakfast and ball games The best breakfast club Marrickville Souths Fitness and Breakfast Club program won the Excellence in Community Service Award at the NSW Local Government Awards last week. The program aims to motivate disadvantaged children to go to school. Running at 6.30am on Tuedays and Thursdays, members of the club are picked up from home for NRL training and breakfast and then dropped off at school. The training is led by members of the under 20's Rabbitohs squad. A post-pilot evaluation found that 100 per cent of its 26-member team were more motivated to go to school and the majority of the team identify as Aboriginal. n Register at: 10


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in the kitchen Lamb and preserved lemon meatballs Method  with Olivia Mackay, n www.scoffandquaff. These delicious little morsels of lamb are perfect for when you crave the rich flavours of a lamb tagine but don’t have the time to slow cook your meat. They are straightforward to prepare and can be frozen to provide an easy future dinner. I like to serve them on top of lightly toasted souvlaki bread, accompanied by a dollop of yoghurt, chopped ripe tomato, fresh flat-leaf parsley, fried eggplant and a squeeze of fresh lemon. They are also saucy enough to be served with plain rice or cous cous. 1. Put the garlic, parsley and the rind of the preserved lemon in a food processor and process until finely chopped. 2. Add the lamb, spices, pepper and breadcrumbs and blitz a few times to combine. 3. With wet hands, shape the lamb mixture into walnut-sized balls and refrigerate until required. Wine with Winsor n Thomas 2013 Two of a Kind Shiraz Intriguing blend Hunter Valley vigneron Andrew Thomas specialises in two grape varieties; semillon and shiraz, and is a trailblazer with both. This is a shiraz with a difference, a blend of 58 per cent Hunter fruit with 42 per cent from McLaren Vale in South Australia, giving it a real luminosity. The grapes are fermented separately before being blended with the Hunter fruit providing earthiness and spice and the McLaren Vale fruit the ripe, bright, plummy characters. A beguiling mix and extremely drinkable. $24. Organic goodness Angove 2014 Organic Chardonnay Taste a whole new ball game Ingredients l l l l l l l 4. Gently warm the olive oil in a frying pan large enough to hold the meatballs in a single layer. Sauté the onions until softened and translucent. 5. Add the ginger, chilli and inside of the preserved lemon and cook for a few minutes. 6. When fragrant, pour the passata and stock into the pan and bring to a gentle simmer. 7. Add the meatballs in a single layer and turn to ensure each one is coated in sauce. Cover and cook for 10-15 minutes, then remove lid, stir gently and allow to simmer for another 10-15 minutes or until sauce has reduced slightly. 500g lamb mince 3 tbsp fresh breadcrumbs 1 preserved lemon freshly ground pepper 1 clove garlic 1 tbsp ground cinnamon 1 tbsp ground cumin l l 1 brown onion, finely chopped Olive oil l 1 inch piece of fresh ginger, peeled and grated l l l 1 finely chopped mild red chilli 1 cup tomato passata ½ lamb or beef stock Organically grown fruit is all the rage right now, but the wines can sometimes be expensive. Not so with this excellent-value certified-organic chardonnay from the Angove family, who have been making wine for five generations. The label is vague about exactly where the fruit is sourced from (probably the Riverland) but it’s what is in the bottle that counts. This is a very modern chardonnay, lean but with plenty of varietal flavour (think stone fruit and a touch of citrus), with a crisp, acid finish. Good drinking at a great price. $16. Classy import At the markets Ebbio 2012 Langhe Nebbiolo n Fruit: All edible flowers are in short supply after the recent storms and hail. Likewise, avocados are very pricey at the moment. It is probably best to shop around for good prices until stocks can recover and green garlic. Cauliflower is still pricey but it is going down. Red and yellow capsicum are still dear also, but green is a good option. Mushrooms are currently scarce but should be back very soon. n Vegetables: It is a good time for garlic with the arrival of smoked xx xgreen Go There are an increasing number of Italian imported wines making their mark in Australia because of their sheer drinkability. This is one of them; an extremely easy-to-drink nebbiolo from the Langhe region that is fragrant, soft and medium-bodied with black cherry notes and bright, juicy acid. Made by the Fontanafredda company for immediate enjoyment, this would be superb paired with a veal cutlet or a pasta dish with ragu. $28. AT Home with Arpad Sölter Director of the Goethe Institut in Australia, Arpad Sölter has been key in bringing the German Film Festival to the Inner West. Sölter demystifies Germanic food culture beyond sauerkraut, frankfurts and endless steins of beer. What part of Germany do you identify with? Cologne. We take pride in having five seasons, one of them being Carnival. We dress up, sing and dance, and kiss friendly looking strangers on the street. Nine months later, everybody is very happy indeed. The ‘fifth season of the year’, as Carnival is called, begins on November 11th at 11:11 a.m. But the real “crazy days” do not start before the Weiberfastnacht (Shrove Thursday), the Thursday before Rosenmontag (Carnival Monday). Carnival is celebrated with parties on the streets, in public squares and in pubs and closing times for pubs and bars are suspended during the festival. Hurray! What kind of cuisine can we expect there? Halver Hahn, a rye roll with Dutch cheese, butter and mustard. Himmel un Ääd (Heaven and earth), a mixture of apple pieces (heaven) and mashed potatoes (earth). Rheinischer Soorbrode, which sometimes uses horsemeat but is usually a beef dish with a special sauce of raisins, dumpling and red cabbage. Did JFK really say he was a jam doughnut? He really did. “Ich bin ein Berliner” basically has two meanings, ‘I am from Berlin’ is one but ‘Berliner’ also refers to a jam-filled treat. What food would you happily queue up for? In Canada I once stopped at a gas station offering “Moose testicle soup” and saw some Canadian loggers patiently standing in line for it. I thought, ‘Hey, when in Rome, do as the Romans do!’ 12 MELISSA Leong Season’s practice Where do you go looking for inspiration when it comes to what to cook for dinner? Is it your favourite food magazine, a website, or the old idiot box? If the onslaught of reality television is anything to go by, the large retailers would have you glued to your favourite amateur hour food show and buying the ingredients to replicate them during ad breaks. Upon interviewing chefs, cooks, bakers, local heroes and food producers from around Australia over the past few months for a slightly epic cookbook I’m working on, invariably when I ask the same question, the response is very different from my perhaps generalising assumption above. While it may be deadly trendy to be influenced by the seasons and cook from availability, it really is a principle many of these people live by. Perhaps if we are so food culture obsessed, we should be taking a leaf from their lettuce. Personally, my favourite kind of cooking is dishes that are simple, seasonal and tasty. They’re recipes rooted in the grounds of practicality. Being a hater of waste, and excessively expensive ingredients, can lead to rather pleasing results if you spend a little time working on building your culinary skill set (and a cupboard of really good condiments). With a few tricks and a bit of knowledge, a chicken can yield not only a delicious roast - but a cleanly picked carcass can also provide plenty of lunch meat for salads and sandwiches the next day. Bones can transform into a tastier stock than you’ll ever get from a packet or cube. Also, non-prime cuts, like skirt steak or brisket, and plentiful produce in season (silverbeet, eggplant and lemons are plentiful right now) are often cheaper than their glamorous or rarer cousins. Learning how to take advantage of this is almost always more satisfying than spending big bucks on pulling off recipes you’ll never make again. So this week, challenge yourself to be inventive with what’s left in your fridge, or on the specials shelf at your local market or butcher. You might find the inspiration you need is already in your kitchen. Are there any films you are particularly looking forward to at the German Film Festival this year? We’re bringing out 50 films this year, so it’s hard to pick favourites! Some gems are Beloved Sisters and Stations of the Cross (both featuring festival guest Florian Stetter), Fatih Akin’s latest film The Cut, as well as two comedies, The Whole Shebang by Dorris Dörrie and Suck me Shakespeer by Bora Dagtekin. What is your favourite food to snack on while watching a movie? ‘Haribo macht Kinder froh!’ Haribo gummi bears make all children happy. Also chocolate. Just gimme the chocolate - and no one gets hurt. Herr Sölter explains Kartoffelauflauf Directions Preheat oven to 375 C. Boil leeks over moderately high heat in a heavy bottomed, covered saucepan with the water, salt, and half of the butter until liquid has almost evaporated. Turn to low heat and stew gently for 20-30 minutes until leeks are very tender. Cook onions slowly in rest of butter for 5 minutes, until tender but not browned. Drop potatoes in boiling salted water and cook for 6-8 minutes or until barely done. Drain thoroughly. Butter the baking dish. Layer half the potatoes, onions and leeks then repeat. Combine eggs, whipping cream, salt and pepper. Whip mixture. Pour over potatoes, onions and leeks in dish. Spread cheese over top. Bake for 30-40 minutes in upper third of oven until top is nicely browned. n You can catch the Audi Festival of Gratin of Potatoes, Onions and Leeks Ingredients: 1 lb sliced white of leek (about 3 cups) 1 cup water 1 tsp salt 3 cups chopped potatoes 2/3 cup minced onions 6tb butter (3 for leeks/3 for onions) 3-4 cup baking dish such as an 8-inch Pyrex pie plate 3 eggs beaten 1 cups whipping cream 1/8 tsp pepper 1 cup grated Swiss cheese German Films from 13 – 31 May, Chauvel Cinema and Palace Norton, www.


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Weekly specials, delicious produce, excellent value MarketPlace Leichhardt, Cnr Marion and Flood St Leichhardt. Located next to Aldi Tel: 9572 6886 French Breton brie Proscuitto Serrano $26.99/kg $29.99/kg $2.99/kg Brocoli Delicious apples $1.99/kg Mandarins 99cents/kg Japanese pumpkin 69cents/kg Sicilian green olives $12.99/kg Del Verde assorted pasta 250gms, 2 Soccer ball ham $7.99/kg Zarotti Tuna 200g for $5 3 for $6 Cashiers and Deli operators wanted Enquire within, ask for Maria *Specials until Wednesday 13th of May


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n SPINAL HEALTH WEEK FITNESS Chiropractic and School KidS With the new school year well underway, and your kids firmly in a routine, you can now focus on spine health and keeping them healthy day-to-day. Managing the size and weight of a child’s bag is vital. Heavy school bags are one of the common reasons school children are prone to strained-backs. An over-stuffed, incorrectly packed or worn backpack may add unnecessary stress on the child’s spine and can lead to back pain and possible damage. Research shows that a child’s backpack should weigh less than 10% of their body weight. Once your child removes their backpack and enters the classroom, they’ll spend more than eight hours sitting, often incorrectly. Poor postural habits lend to poor spine health with side effects including, back and neck pain, stiffness, and reduced concentration. Poor posture or ‘slouching’ can also lead to fatigue and a decline in a child’s confidence. Chiropractors can assess your child’s spine and nervous system, working with you and your child to plan the best way forward.’ What is equally important for your child is having the correct footwear. Children spend more than 30 hours a week in their school shoes and in the first 11 years of a child’s life, their feet will grow 12 shoe sizes, right up until they’re 18. Poorly fitted shoes can lead to problems such as ingrown toenails, corns and bunions, that travel right into adulthood and often require surgery. Chiropractic care offers a head to toe solution. It is safe, gentle and effective without the use of drugs or surgery. Working with your child on growth-related changes focusing on primary prevention strategies, can contribute to optimum health throughout the lifetime. n Dr. We’ve got your back Spinal Health Week runs from the 25th-31st of May, aiming to help people, “Get their happy back.” Spinal Health Week runs from the 25th- 31st of May, aiming to help people, “Get their happy back.” Our increasingly sedentary lifestyle means the experience of back pain is increasing in the community, as poor posture puts extra pressure on the spine. This week, why not pay extra attention to your posture and work habits. Just taking short breaks away from your desk can help prevent disruptive headaches and spending 15 minutes readjusting your workspace to be more ergonomic will set you up for life. This week, local chiropractors will be offering information on postural fitness as well as lifestyle changes you can make to support your spinal health. Some wonderful resources to tap into include the Chiropractors’ Association of Australia ‘Sit Right’ Widget, which you can use to prompt yourself to take breaks at work. Their Just Walking App also includes prompts and ideas for exercises you can do to strengthen your spine. The best way to look after your back is to exercise. Strengthening exercises such as swimming, yoga and pilots strengthen muscles around the back. Some basic stretches you can do at home include: 1. Lie on your back and bend your knee into your chest then stretch out your leg so your toe points towards the sky, hold for a few minutes then try the other leg 2. While still lying on your back, put your arms out on either side, pull your knees to your chest and turn your knees to the floor while keeping your spine straight against the ground. Hold for few minutes each side. 3. Cat stretch. Get down on all fours and arch your back towards the sky and then concavely toward the ground. Inhale and exhale with each movement. Injury prevention is the best way to avoid serious back pain. Always bend knees when lifting and never lift anything you can’t manage. Anything up to 45kg can be considered heavy lifting and should be done carefully. Sports injuries can also be avoided by wearing the right protection gear. It is important to seek the advice of a qualified medical practitioner about your specific needs. If you experience frequent headaches, neck or back pain, be proactive about your condition and visit a chiropractor. They can assess your spinal health and provide care and lifestyle advice. Each week approximately 215,000 Australians visit a chiropractor – so you certainly won’t be the only one getting serious about their back! John Infante BChirSc, MChiro (Macq) In Good Hands Chiropractic p:02 8095 0393 a: 78 Enmore Rd Newtown NSW 2042 STANMORE CHIROPRACTIC Dr Annabel Idle has been the owner of Stanmore Chiropractic since 2008 and has been working in the Inner West as a Chiropractor for over 10 years. Annabel explains the methods she uses to maintain and revive her clients’ spinal health. What practices in day-to-day life can keep your spine healthy? There is no quick fix for good health. Knowing how to look after yourself and practicing good behavior every day is the only way. This is not about a list of activities that you cannot do, but if you are truly healthy with strong spinal muscles then you can do the things you know you should not do – like carrying all the shopping bags from the car into the house in a single trip. What are the most common back issues you see amongst your clients? Most people make the initial appointment and discuss their concerns of either low back pain, neck pain or headaches: all of which can usually be resolved reasonably effortlessly. With time spent on both treatment and education I have found my patients get faster results and minimal recurrences. What my clients realise is that my philosophy is to get people healthy and moving again so that they can enjoy all aspects of life: sports with friends, or weekends with the children or grandchildren. I have known a lot of my clients for many years, and most come in just to keep themselves fit and well to participate in life. What generally causes pain in the neck and back? Most issues are fundamentally caused by either poor skeletal posture where the joints in the spine and pelvis may not be moving freely or weak muscle tone. Our job as clinicians is to find out the fundamental cause of someone’s symptoms and assist with finding a way in which they can overcome these. I look at their lifestyle – children or long workdays and negotiate a realistic treatment plan we can both work with to get the desired results. 12 What are healthy practices to have at work? Obviously, a good seated posture is essential with multiple breaks throughout the day. But if you don’t move your body and spine while at work then you will need to participate in regular exercise at least three times a week outside of work hours. n You can book an appointment with Dr Annabel Idle by calling: 9560 0116. Visit Stanmore Chiropractic’s website for more information: While Annabel assists many of her clients with low back pain, neck pain, headaches and migraines she also specialises in pregnancy care, children and teenager’s postural correction, and peripheral joint problems – knees, ankles wrist and shoulders.


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Active and aware Chiropractor Dr Carlo Rinaudo has been helping people in the Inner West for over 15 years and opened Live Active Clinic in Annandale two years ago. Dr Rinaudo offers his expertise on diagnosis and treatment of the spine and related conditions. How is a chiropractor different to other health professionals, say your doctor or physiotherapist? Each profession has their place in today’s health care. Chiropractors are trained to diagnose and treat many common spinal and joint conditions with safe and effective treatment without the use of drugs and medication. Chiropractors receive five years of university training and are registered health professional, with access to health funds and Medicare rebates. We adopt a ‘holistic and inclusive’ approach to health care, focusing on the reason why they have their problems, rather than simply trying to cover the symptoms. What is the importance of spinal health week? Spinal health week places a spotlight on the spine and hopefully encourages people to get their spine checked and adopt a healthy lifestyle to look after it. Unfortunately, since the spine is generally out of sight (unlike our teeth, skin and hair), it’s too often neglected until something goes wrong. What most people don’t realise is that their spine and nerves are responsible for every function in the body, so almost any pain or problem in the body may have a spinal component. Chiropractors at Live Active are experienced in assessing spine function and helping with related problems. What signs should you look for to know if your spine is healthy? Early warning signs that warrant further investigation include stiffness, aches and pains, difficultly moving, headaches and weakness. If you have experienced any of the above, even on occasion, it could be a sign that your spine is not functioning well. It’s always recommended that you should take an active step to minimize the chance of damage and injury by having your spine checked by a Chiropractor. What are the biggest factors that contribute to keeping your spine healthy? Keep moving with regular exercise that includes stretching, strengthening and cardiovascular based activities, reduce poor posture whilst sleeping and at work, and get your spine checked by a Chiropractor to keep it balanced and aligned. More than ever people in Australia are spending the majority of their day sitting down. What adjustments can we make to our work-space to make it better for us? Modern office workplaces with computers and chairs are often linked to poor spinal health. Ideally you can minimize this by: 1. Having your workstation assessed for proper ergonomics, including chair, computer monitor and keyboard placement 2. Get up every hour for a short walk or stretch 3. Walk to and from work, as well as having a walking lunch Lots of people talk about the negative impacts of running and jogging - are they that bad? What exercises are best for your spine? Running and jogging can be OK, provided your spine and joints are healthy. Essentially, your body needs to be balanced, symmetrical, flexible and you must have good control over your movement. If any of these are less than ideal, you increase the risk of injuring yourself whilst performing intense activities like running. For most people we recommend a mix of exercises including Pilates, yoga, swimming, dancing, walking and light gym activities. Have you had any particular client stories that have stayed in your memory? Over 15 years of practice, I have been very fortunate in looking after and helping many people, from the very young to the young at heart. My most memorable patients are those I have helped avoid surgery, as well as those suffering from concussions. Seeing a young person suffer a sporting concussion and have their life severely affected is difficult. They suffer from poor concentration, brain fog, broken sleep, anxiety and depression, poor balance and dizziness. Restoring the spine and brain function in these patients is very rewarding. Dr Carlo Rinaudo Live Active Clinic is a multi-disciplined centre providing evidence-based and effective treatment for people suffering from spinal and sports injuries, as well as balance and dizziness conditions. Find out more information at: or book an appointment on: 8073 3337.



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