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Some of Dr. Keane's favorite dystopian novels. Check them out.

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Lowry, Lois. THE GIVER Jonas was an eleven. He believed that his community was one of total happiness and perfection. During the Ceremony of Twelve, Jonas is assigned his role in the community. He is to become the new Receiver of Memory. This position is considered to be one of honor, but in actuality it is by far the most difficult job of all. As the Elder, the Giver, begins to train Jonas by transferring memories to him, Jonas begins to experience things sunshine, pain, and love. He comes to know about war and death, and as the Receiver, Jonas holds all the memories of this small society to protect its members. Little does Jonas know that these memories will reveal the ugly truth about his futuristic society, the truth about his father, and the truth about “Release.” Follow along with Jonas as he struggles with the weight of hypocrisy and searches for a place called “Elsewhere.”


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Collins, Suzanne. THE HUNGER GAMES The United States is no more than a distant memory. Drought, famine and war have put an end to the once great country. And now the people of Panem are divided into 12 districts. Each year, two teens are chosen from each district to play the Hunger Games. This is televised and everyone is required to watch. This year, 16 year old Katniss is one of the representatives from her district to play. To compete. To try to survive.


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Armstrong, Jennifer. THE KINDLING It is now the year 2007. It's been five years since the disaster. People got very sick and died. All the grown ups died. Seven children have survived in the small town in Florida. They don't remember much from the Before Time. They don't even remember their names. They now are known by their role in the group. The three teenagers take charge of the group. Teacher is in charge of The Book. All knowledge is kept in The Book. She adds to The Book as she learns new things. Mommy takes care of the little ones. She feeds them as best she can and tries to keep them to search the town for food Family. The rest of the was like in the Before children. The town is running canned beets is becoming other towns in search of visitor changes their whole Angerman joins the group, he the President. He will know tell them if they have to have to worry about the FireFirst Daddies. clean. Hunter is the oldest boy and his job is and other provisions needed by The children are too young to remember what life Time. Things are getting worse for the out of food for them. Living on applesauce and unbearable. Hunter decides he must go to food. But, before he can leave, an unexpected outlook on life. When a teenager named decides they should go to Washington to find what is going on. He will help them. He will worry about the illness coming again. If they Us that wiped out all the First Mommies and


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Layborne, Emmy. MONUMENT 14 It starts out like any other day in the small town of Monument, Colorado. The bus picks up Alex and takes off for middle school just like yesterday and the day before. Then another bus picks up Dean and sets off for the high school. Just like before. But then it happens. The sky opens up and hail rains down. Not just any hail. This is punching through the roof of the bus and people are getting hurt. Cars are spinning out of control. The bus driver heads into the parking lot of the local superstore. The bus driver goes right through the front door. Several of the kids don't make it. But there are now 14 kids sheltered in the big-box storm trying to figure out what is going on. The driver makes sure the kids are safe and then sets off to find help. This is just the beginning. The kids learn that there has been volcanoes and a megatsunami and it is not safe to go out. Then it gets worse. The nearby NORAD facility has leaked a deadly chemical. So 14 children huddle down in the store waiting for help to arrive. But that help may not be coming.


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Wescott, Shelbi. VIRULENT Lucy King is not having a great day. Her family is about to go on a vacation of a lifetime and yet her teachers are giving her grief for missing school. They are probably just jealous. But things are not what they seem. Little could anyone know what is really going on. On the day of their trip, Lucy and her brother Ethan sneak out and are left behind. And now the world is going crazy. People are dropping dead all over. And Lucy is stuck in lockdown at school. That doesn't stop the virus and teachers and students begin to die quickly. By the end of the day, most of the world's population has died. Lucy is among the few that are still alive. They must find a way out of the school and try to figure out what is happening. As days pass, things become more desperate and when the kids finally get out of the school, they come face to face with the enormity of the situation. Who is behind this? And how will it end?


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Charbonneau, Joelle. THE TESTING Sixteen year old Malencia Vale is looking forward to what lies ahead. She is hoping to be chosen for the Testing but no Five Lakes Colony student has been chosen in many years. The Testing is the only way to get into the University and work to revitalize the post-war world. He own father was chosen for years ago but he doesn't remember much about what it was like. It seems that those who go through the Testing are given something to suppress their memories of what goes on. Against the odds, there are several students from Five Lakes that are chosen and Cia is one of them. Cia's father is not happy and he shares his vague memories with her in the hope that it will keep her safe. You see, the Testing is not anything like you will do to get into college. In addition to rigorous pencil and paper test, the children will have to survive the grueling physical tests. How many will survive?


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Stahler, David. TRUESIGHT "Blindness is purity. Blindness is unity. Blindness is freedom." All his life, Jacob had been taught to believe this. And the community of Harmony was founded on these basic principles. As Jacob gives his school report, we learn that "the Foundation was created in 2102 by Francis and Jean Aldrick from the city of Toronto in a nation knows as Canada. ... Both Francis and Jean had been born blind. They wanted their children to be a part of their way of life, so they decided that their children would share this trait, creating the first generation of children intentionally born with what some considered a disability. The publicity generated by the event persuaded several other couples in Canada and the United States to do the same." From those beginnings, a new society was formed. And now, the isolated colony of Harmony lives by the laws of the community. Or do they? When something amazing happens to Jacob, he begins to "see" his utopia in a brand new light.



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