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Jornal Pacifista - Edição nº 10 | 2 STAFF CHIEF-DIRECTOR Denise Ruman BUSINESSWOMAN LE Denise Ruman PHOTOGRAPHY Shuttertock, internet (Google) GRAPHIC DESIGN ANNOUNCEMENTS AND LAYOUT Rogério Yasuo Saito +55 (11) 30210524 | 996370774 WRITING Denise Ruman, Ana Cecília de Souza Campos Rodrigues, Bobby Sheih, Francesco Paolo Scarciolla del Gavatino di Torre Spagnola, Jeff Alves, Joseph Gimonge Goryo, Mazi Ajaegbu, Paritosh Barua Leemon, Presiden Dunia Djuyoto Suntani, Prince Haroon Khan, Luiz Roberto Mattos, Marcel C. de Siqueira, Marcelo Del Debbio, Marlene Pizoni Teixeira, Mohd. Abdul Saeed Khan alias Saeed Khan Falahi, Global Peace and Human Rights Advocate, Ortiz Belo, PH Alves, Ronaldo Faria (in memoriam), Saeed Khan Falahi, Shahid Imran, Shahid Rajput, Shamim Ahmed, Suely Firmino Firmino, Zakaria El Hamel, Zelinda Orlandi Hypolito TO ANNOUNCE Phone +55 (11) 3021-5130 E-mail Site RESPONSIBMay 2015 be, to you, a year of Planning and goals A year of conquered victories through hard energetic investments May it be an achievement year of the highest aspirations I understand that sowing of a new story in your lives starts from your actions And finishes in reactions And may these reactions be positive, based on your own attitudes to: Growing in terms of relationship, being it familiar, friendship, etc and professionally through a good planning aiming high intents. Good luck to you all Denise Ruman WARRIORS FOR PEACE AFTER I MYSELF HAVE BECOME AMBASSADOR OF PEACE, NOMINATED BY ONE OF MY SPIRITUAL BROTHERS, PRINCE HAROON KHAN, I WILL GO ON, THIS TIME, WITH THIS GREAT PEACE SCHOOL, WHICH IS JORNAL PACIFISTA / PACIFIST JOURNAL, TO WORK FOR A FAIRER HUMANITY AND MORE AWARE OF EXISTING AND THE REASON OF THIS EXISTENCE…FROM THAT POINT, WHAT TO DO WITH THIS REALITY?! WORKING FOR A FAIRER, EQUALITARIAN AND HAPPY WORLD, FOR A MORE HUMAN AND HEALTHIER HUMANITY, SEARCHING FOR GENERATING RESOURCES TO HUMANITY SPIRITUAL GROWTH, AND SO, WORLD PEACE. LET US ALL, WHO ARE FAITHFUL AND FEARLESS BROTHERS, UNITE, GATHERING OUR EFFORTS AND OUR ARRANGEMENTS TO A BETTER AND HAPPIER WORLD! FROM THIS JORNAL PACIFISTA / PACIFIST JOURNAL EDITION, I, DENISE RUMAN, THIS JOURNAL CHIEF-DIRECTOR, GIVE SEQUENCE TO THIS ENTREPRENEURSHIP, WITH PARTNERSHIP AND COALITION WITH ENTITIES WHICH FIGHT FOR BETTER HEALTH, EDUCATION, HOUSING, LEISURE, CULTURE, SCIENCE, AMONG OTHER BETTER CONDITIONS, AND OBVIOUSLY, FOR WORLD PEACE AND UNION, FOR A BETTER LIFE TO ALL THE HUMANITY. WE THANK, IN ADVANCE, CONTRIBUTIONS COMING FROM ALL HUMANITY SIDES AND WHETHER POSSIBLE, DONATIONS, SO, GATHERING FUNDS, WE CAN INCREASE EVERY ONE´S OWN HEALTH AND EDUCATION CONDITIONS STRONG HUG DENISE RUMAN FIGHT AND WIN IS JOURNAL PACIFIST´S PHRASE FOR 2015 PERSIST AND FACE even before obstacles Never stopping... Insist, And win and win and win HEALTH, LIGHT, PEACE AND UNION It is what PACIFIST JOURNAL STAFF wishes you all for 2015 Strong hug Denise Ruman Chief-Director PACIFIST JOURNAL AND HER HIGHEST AND NOBLEST EMPLOYEES, PARTNERS, COLLABORATORS, ASSOCIATES, WRITERS AND PEACE LOVERS STAFF!


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Jornal Pacifista - Edição nº 10 | 3 WARRIORS FOR PEACE IN DIFFERENT HUMAN TIMES IS ANY SIMILARITY MERE COINCIDENCE? PRINCE, WORKS WITH US, IN COALITION AND PARTNERSHIP FOR A MOST PACIFIC AND HAPPIER HUMANITY – YEAR 2015 TRIBUTE Mahatma Gandhi RINGO STAR, ONCE SANG FOR HIS PEACE IDEAL – 1970´s THE PACIFIST JOURNAL MAKE A HOMMAGE, IN ITS 10ª. EDITION, TO THE APOSTLE OF WORLD NON-VIOLENCE : MAHATMA GANDHI PACIFIST JOURNAL WORKING TO, WITH THE MEMORIES OF PAST FIGHTERS, BUT THAT HAS GREAT DONES THEREFORE, KEEP THEMSELVELS ALIVE FOR EVER IN OUR MEMORIES, A MORE PEACEFUL AND PACIFIST HUMANITY. of Non-Violence by the United Nations General Assembly on 15th June, 2007. Mahatma Gandhi is known as Father of the Nation. In the text books of children, in the books of elders, in schools. colleges, in speeches of our leaders Mahatma Gandhi is honored as Father of the Nation. But it is an alarming fact that like other official honors, Mahatma Gandhi has not been declared Father of the Nation so far officially. So I urge the Government of India on behalf of all the people who who believe in Non-violence, Mutual Love, Harmony & Global Peace that Mahatma Gandhi must be declared the “Father of the Nation” officially without delay.This is a matter of great shame & ignorence that Mahatma Gandhi has not been declared the Father Of the Nation officially so far. Are the generations of India falsely reading Mahatma Gandhi as the Father of the Nation in their text books ? Is this not a matter of shame and regret!!! The great soul Mahatma Gandhi and his unforgettable sacrifices must be respected by the government BOTH WITH SIMILAR PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS DO PEACE WARRIORS HAVE THE SAME CHARACTERISTICS, OR SIMILAR ONES? PSYCHICALLY WE CAN SAY THEY DO PSYCHOLOGICALLY, WE CAN SAY THEY WORK FOR A BETTER WORLD EVERYONE IN FULL COMMUNION LET US MAKE A MORE BEAUTIFUL WORLD LET US MAKE MORE FOR THE WORLD LET US GIVE MORE TO THE WORLD LET US MEKE A WORLD OF PEACE FOR PEACE BEING WHATEVER THE WAY IT BE WHAT COUNTS AND VALUES IS INTENTION OF LETTING AN INHERITANCE FOR PEACE AND ACHIEVING THIS DESIRED WORLD: PEACE, LOVE, UNION! & PEACE 2015 – PRINCE HARON (PACIFIST JOURNAL) PEACE 1960 Ringo Star – Beatles Mahatma Gandhi was a great leader of India. His ethics and his principles on non-violence have become an inspiration of light for the world. His tradition are still appreciated and commonly used for solving conflicts & finding nonviolent result to troubles. The birth day of Mahatma Gandhi (2nd October) has also been affirmed as the International Day


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Jornal Pacifista - Edição nº 10 | 4 of India by declaring him the father of the nation officially in a formal way. An ordinance can be issued by government of India or an amendment in constitution can make it possible to declare Mahatma Gandhi as the father of the nation. History has it Father of the Nation is an honorific title given to a man considered the driving force behind the establishment of a nation. As per Wikipedia, it was Subhas Chandra Bose who used the term for Mahatma Gandhi, in a radio address from Singapore in 1944. Later, it was recognised by the Indian government. When Gandhi was assassinated, India’s first prime minister Jawaharlal Nehru, in a radio address to the nation, had announced that the Father of the Nation “is no more.” With best regards, Mohd. Abdul Saeed Khan alias Saeed Khan Falahi Gllobal Peace & Human Rights Activist LETTER SEND BY POPE FRANCISCO TO THE CIRCLE OF PEACE AMBASSADORS, THANKFUL AND CONGRATULATING THE WORK OF THE AMBASSADROS THAT BELONG TO THE CIRCLE OF PEACE AMBASSADORS, FOR THE WORLD’S PEACE. Wednesday, 22 october 2014 POPE FRANCISCO HONORS AND CONGRATULATE ALL PERSONS BELONGING TO THE CIRCLE OF PEACE AMBASSADORS BY THESE WORK FOR THE WORLD PEACE AND HUMANITY FOR A MORE PEACEFUL AND HELD. CIRCLE OF AMBASSADORS OF THE WORLD PEACE


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Jornal Pacifista - Edição nº 10 | 5 POLITICS PACIFIST JOURNAL GOES ON FIGHTING, UNITED WITH THE ORGANISMS WHICH FIGHT FOR WORLD PEACE AND A BETTER HUMANITY, FOR HUMAN RIGHTS. IT IS ASSOCIATED WITH GREAT ORGANIZATIONS WHICH FIGHT FOR WORLD’S PEACE AND FOR HUMAN RIGHTS, WHICH ARE: WPC – WPG - WORLD PEACE COMMITTEE / WORLD PEACE GONG (From Indonesia) – Presiden Djuyoto Dunia Suntani and General Secretary Francesco Paolo Scarciolla Del Gavatino Di Torre Spagnola. WSPF - WORLD STUDENT PEACE FEDERATION (From Pakistan) – Prince Haroon Khan YFP - YOUTH FOR PEACE (From Morocco) - Zakaria El Hamel HUMAN RIGHTS SUMMIT – UN If you are neutral in situations of injustice, you have chosen the side of the oppressor FOUNDER OF WORLD’S PEACE COMMITTEE AND WORLD’S PEACE GONG The World Peace Committee Building A New Civilization of Peace and Humanity... One Planet, One Language, One Family with a Heart. “We are One Family of Earth” Journal Pacifist IN SUPPORT OF HUMANITY OBAMA APOIANDO EM PARCERIA, O “WORLD PEACE SUMMIT – WORLD PEACE COMMITTEE” CHIEF-DIRECTOR DENISE RUMAN


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Jornal Pacifista - Edição nº 10 | 6 WORK FOR PEACE AND UNION THROUGH OUR UNION PARTNER PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER OF “THE WORLD PEACE COMMITTEE (WPC)” PRESIDEN, DJUYOTO SUNTANI PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER OF “THE WORLD PEACE COMMITTEE (WPC)” The World Peace Committee (WPC) Presiden Djuyoto Suntani - Founder and President of “World Peace Committe” The “World Peace Committe” promoted in September 2014 the World Summit Conference of peace from 202 countries The topic of the World Summit Conference of peace from 202 countries: “Construction of a new civilization. A land with Heart “” We are a family on Earth “ The Summit of 2014 World Peace with participation of 202 countries, 21 to 25 September 2014 in Bali Park, the beautiful Bali Island of Peace and Headquarters of the World Peace Gong, Indonesia. The purpose of organizing the “Summit of Peace 202 Countries” is to bring and create “New Civilization”, peaceful, fraternal, prosperous and happy for all inhabitants of the earth, as “An Earth Family.”


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Jornal Pacifista - Edição nº 10 | 7 PRESIDEN DJUYOTO SUNTANI The World Peace Committee (WPC) the art and culture of indigenous peoples in Indonesia too, the gong has a special meaning as Unifying, as a symbol or a sign ‘that can attract the attention of collectors and collecting audiences’, in this case we have transformed into a major product of The World Peace Committee as the WorldPeace Gong” , “and will be useful as a symbol of peace in the eyes of international brotherhood and used as a means for unifying mankind throughout the world”, as explained thoroughly by Soemarno who now serves as The World Peace Commander, leaving his old position since 2002 as Deputy Equin of The World Peace Committee. Duplicate GPD has been permanently installed in a place of honor by the Chinese government and the United Nations in Yantai - Shandong (Chna), also attached by the Government of India in New Delhi, in Geneva (Switzerland), Hilsinki (Finland), Maputo (Mozambique), Godollo (Hungary ) ,. As of this writing, the GPD is also planned that will be set in the “White House”, Washington DC (USA), Caracas (Venezuela), Islamabad (Pakistan), London (UK), Berlin (Germany), Paris (France), Moscow ( Russia), Istanbul (Turkey), Cape Town (South Africa), Madrid (Spain), Amsterdam (Netherlands), and in 2015 installed worldwide. Even One unit “GPD” immediately mounted permanently on the Moon by involving all the Heads of State around the world as a committee. for more details please visit our website. thank u. http://www.worldpeace GONG OF WORLD PEACE HISTORY OF WORLD PEACE GONG Come on under the sweet shadow of Peace & love. Join Hands with us to build new civilization for one Well of the Polite World, Peace, Humanity and Brotherhood in 202 Countries. WORLD PEACE SUMMIT-202 Countries from 21st September 2014, Bali Peace Island, Indonesia. The purposes of organizing “World Peace Summit 202 Countries” is to bring and create/build “New Civilization” to all peacefully, brotherly, prosperously and happily Inhabitants of the Earth as “One Family of the Earth”. • TARGETS Main target to hold “World Peace Summit 202 Countries” is to provide spaces to the International Community 202 Countries altogether to bring/create: 1. “LANGUAGE OF THE WORLD”, All this time the International Community has not yet its own language as World Integrationist. The Participants of 202 Countries are hoped to contribute “the term of their local languages from each country to be united with the term of other countries languages altogether to become one real “Language that Represents the World”. The language that represents the “Community of 202 Countries”. As an example, “One Sentence” could be a “Combination of Words” from English, Chinese, Spanish, Indonesian, Urdu, France, Italy, Germany, Turkey, Hind, Arabic, Japanese etc. We provide the equality of spaces for every “local language of 202 countries” 2. “WORLD ETHIC”, “World Peace Summit 202 Countries” is hoped to bring “World Ethic”. To respect and to appreciate between communities as in International Relation Ethic, People to People (P to P). 3. “FEAST OF HUMANKIND”. “World Peace Summit 202 Countries”, is hoped to bring “One Holiday to All Humankind around the World” forever. For all the time where all this time every religious group celebrates its feast, every Nation and every Country has their own Feasts. Through by “World Peace Summit 202 Countries” the Community of 202 Countries together defined “A Joint Feast of All Humankind”. To celebrate the Feast of Mankind, all inhabitants on Earth do the “Main Ritual” as in: “24 hours of Silence and Meditation dedicate” to “Desolate the World and Earth to Rest”. Is an International Community institution which has a worldwide network and has a very strong influence on the international world. Djuyoto Suntani as President of the World Peace Committee is a world figure who became friends with all the Heads of State around the world and are very loving Indonesia was born on the slopes of Mount Muria, Jepara - Central Java, is also the person who founded the WPC, together with Drs R Soemarno, he-he then became individuals realize that then-completed “World Peace Gong” - (GPD) to be created for the first time as the only “Means Brotherhood and Unifying Mankind” all over Planet Earth. On 24 April 2005 to commemorate 50 Years of Asian-African Conference, he also created and presented “Asian-African Peace Gong” which is still attached to the respectable Gedung Merdeka, Bandung - West Java. And to call for the sake of national peace unite Indonesia, he, Djuyoto Suntani, also created the “Peace Gong Archipelago” as the next offering as evidence of his love for Indonesia, the Humanitarian and Peace to itself. World Peace Gong after the first time echoed by the President of the Republic of Indonesia Megawati Sukarnoputri-5 along with his Deputy exactly at 00.00 pm on December 31, 2002 in Bali today launched the “Year 2003 as the Year of World Peace”, then dibunyi-gaungkan back for a second time by UN chief in Geneva - Switzerland (Europe) on February 5, 2003, in the opening event of the “Second Global Summit on World Peace”. Furthermore, then carried around Planet Earth to open various International events echoing the glorious message of world peace. Further described by Drs R Soemarno, “Gong itself in terms of breadth is as a percussion instrument that is well known in South East Asia and East Asia. Gong is also used for traditional musical instrument of Indonesia. Currently not much more crafters gong like this”. “In philosophy, the gong when the show was held in a generally played boisterous, rhythmic and lively by some artist using a special technique that was carried over the five fingers of each player. Nah, of which there are a larger size will be rung as a signal to close the game at that time, “continued Mr. Soemarno while demonstrating the illustrations play a musical instrument in question. “In addition to preserving


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Jornal Pacifista - Edição nº 10 | 8 The headquarters of the “WORLD PEACE COMMITTEE” HISTORY OF WORLD PEACE GONG BRIEF and “WORLD PEACE GONG “ It is in Jepara, Java, which technically is the center of the world. So 202 countries adhere to the sale of the gong, with designated delegates who have contact with the delegates of local authorities, their contacts with the population. Each has a Summit, where everyone who wants to participate in the culture of peace discussions are heading in hand to build a culture of peace; we must observe and educate those numbers and appalling conditions, the principle of dignity, value and equal weight of each human being. Many communities face persecution and must overcome the anti-Semitic prejudice that divides us and we must fight against extremism and fears that weaken us. Always together, regardless of skin color, religion. We are all one family CIVILIZATION Earth “WORLD PART OF JAVA-PAKUNYA Nusantara CENTER. The committee of world peace chose Central Java province Gong as the headquarters of the World Peace because the province is generally defined as Pakunya (to identify the old archipelago of Scorpio) representing Lemuria, an ancient civilization precursor of various civilizations of the world. And, to give greater value to the World Committee for Peace, Francesco Paolo del Scarciolla Gavatino the Spanish Torre accepted as a symbol of unity, Central Java area where the world will witness the Gong of Peace (GPD).  The Head of the Committee for peace in the world Presiden Suntani Djuyoto reported that according to the results, 60,000 years BC the land was a single continent. At that time, there was a great civilization, Lemuria that is believed, existed in the area of ​​ Mount Muria, Central Java province, Indonesia. The University of Hezron, Turkey, states that about 40,000 years BC, at the end of the Ice Age, the Age of the Pleistocene came melt the glaciers at the poles and the separation of water on the continent below, after which the land was originally fragmented and began to form islands, seas and mountains.  Lemuria dispersed. But as a result of their civilization, it created various ethnic groups around the world, as the civilization of Atlantis, Dravidians, Mayans, Aztecs, Incas, Babylonians, Chinese, Egyptians, Greeks, Romans, Persians, Normans, Vikings and others. According to the Doctor of Philosophy at the Hebrew University of Israel, though lost was given a new position to Lemuria. The Lemuria name is used worldwide from Rajasthan, India, Agrego, Greece, New York, Brazil, Mali, Africa and others. In the Middle East between Israel / Palestine and Jerusalem there is also the Mount Moriah (named Moria). So parents of world civilization came from the people of Lemuria, even if you have changed the face of the structure, body, skin color, hair shape and other characteristics that are subject to climatic conditions, food and other natural factors, as said Djuyoto.  Having the Central Java province as a symbol of peace, says Djuyoto, is also due to GDP have arisen in this village of Plajan, Pakisaji district, Jepara. Currently the unit of GDP has become a symbol of the nation spread 37 countries around the world. We hope that the world society can understand that Peace is one of the great things of civilization that a nation has as stated by the people of Lemuria. WORLD PEACE GONG WORLD PEACE GONG “Topic” of the World Peace Summit of 202 countries: “Building a new Civilization” “A land with a Heart” “We are a family on Earth” “World Peace Gong” is one of the principal products of the World Peace Committee created by the Founder/President of The World Peace Committee, World Peace Gong, H.E.Djuyoto Suntani and was launched for the first time in Bali, Indonesia, on 31 December 2002 at 00.00 WITA by the President and Vice President of the Republic of Indonesia. The second launch was in Geneva, Switzerland by the Secretary General of the United Nations on 5 February 2003 due to the Grand Opening of an event “Second Global Summit on World Peace” which to declared International Community as only the “Facilitating Brotherhood and Humankind Unification in Planet Earth” for all time. Hereinafter, it is brought to all over the world. Profile World Peace Gong. Outside Circle : Picture of Flag of 202 Countries around the world. Middle Circle : the letter World Peace Gong and Gong Perdamaian Dunia, Two Flower as Identity. Inside Circle : symbol of the Big Religion all over of the world. Top Circle : Picture of Globe. The Duplicate of World Peace Gong was donated by the World Peace Committee to be placed permanently with heart in different countries in all over the world as a concrete step to build peace, brotherhood and modesty on this Earth and at the same time realizing the philosophy of mankind all over the world as “One Family of Earth”. GREETINGS OF PEACE AND LOVE TO ALL HUMANITY FOUNDER OF THE COMMITTEE OF THE WORLD PEACE “WORLD PEACE COMMITTEE” GONG OF WORLD PEACE - “WORLD PEACE GONG” Presiden DJUYOTO SUNTANI A BEAUTIFUL WORLD PEACE SYMBOL AND UNION, SYMBOLIZED THE GONG TOUCHING YOUR WORLD SOUND FOR PEACE ON EARTH, ASSOCIATED WITH THE GIRLS CLOTHING WHITE, COLOR OF PEACE, NEWSPAPER PACIFIST, IN ALLIANCE WITH THE WORLD PEACE GONG, PEACE ON EARTH Presiden DJUYOTO SUNTANI - PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER WORLD PEACE GONG, GONG The RINGING SOUND THE UNION AND WORLD PEACE. The World Committee of Peace Building A New Civilization of Peace and Humanity ... One Planet, A Language, A family with Heart. “We are One Earth Family”


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Jornal Pacifista - Edição nº 10 | 9 PRESIDENTE E FUNDADOR DO WORLD PEACE COMMITTEE E WORLD PEACE GONG Presiden DJUYOTO SUNTANI The COMMITTEE WORLD PEACE BUILDING A NEW CIVILIZATION OF PEACE AND HUMANITY ... A PLANET A LANGUAGE, A FAMILY WITH A HEART “WE ARE A FAMILY ON EARTH” World’s Greatest Leader, Vsa. HE Presiden Djuyoto Suntani visiting Delhi, India. Human Rights in UN - UNITED NATIONS. World’s Greatest Leader, Vsa. HE Presiden Djuyoto Suntani giving souvenir to the Ambassador of Portugal HE Mr Carlos Fleet. WORLD’S GREATEST LEADER, HE Presiden Djuyoto Suntani, WITH A UN AIRPLANE - UNITED NATIONS, WHERE WORKING ON BEHALF OF HUMANITY World’s Greatest Leader, Vsa. HE Presiden Djuyoto Suntani with Ambassador of the Kingdom of Norway (Northern Europe) HE Mr Melvin S. Hume, a member of the World Peace Committee.


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Jornal Pacifista - Edição nº 10 | 10 City speech, Hungary Great Leader of the World His Excellency Presiden Dunia Djuyoto Suntani (left) witness Vice Governor East Kalimantan, Indonesia Mr Farid Wajdi sign Important Document MOU. Great leader of the world’s Speech Djuyoto Suntani the house of the President, the representative of the Republic of Indonesia. His Royal Highness King Mulawangsa XIII of the Amantubillah Palace praise President of the World HE Mr Djuyoto Suntani as Prince to World Peace for Fraternity World’s Greatest Leader, Vsa. HE Presiden Djuyoto Suntani, high-level meeting with Prime Minister World leader’s speech Presiden Djuyoto Suntani the building MPR RI when the donation “Jug Pancasila


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Jornal Pacifista - Edição nº 10 | 11 His Excellency HE Presiden Djuyoto Suntani and the President of the Republic of Indonesia, Commander in Chief of the Indonesian National Army, Defense Minister, public written message of world peace. Accompanied the President of the Republic of Indonesia the written message of world peace. Excellency Presiden Dunia Djuyoto Suntani (number three from left) together President, Prime Minister, Ambassadors, Ministers in Vientiane - Lao. Its first permanent install of “World Peace Gong” in Penglai City - China. Officially by President of the People’s Republic of China HR Mr Hu Jintao, President of the World HE Mr Presiden Dunia Djuyoto Suntani, Director General UNESCO at 20 August 2004. Together with President of theRepublic of Hungary at Godollo World’s Greatest Leader, Vsa. HE Presiden Djuyoto Suntani, (right) and Ambassador of Brazil, Mr HA AY Yunior Santos (left) PACIFIST JOURNAL WORKING TO A HAPPIER HUMANITY, WITH MORE JUSTICE AND EQUALITY Denise Ruman


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Jornal Pacifista - Edição nº 10 | 12 HIERARCHY OF ORGANIZATIONS WORLD PEACE COMMITTEE AND WORLD PEACE GONG AMBASSADOR FOR THE “CIRCLE OF THE AMBASSADORS OF PEACE” FRANCESCO PAOLO SCARCIOLLA DEL GAVATINO DI TORRE SPAGNOLA General Secretary of WORLD PEACE COMMITTEE e WORLD PEACE GONG Whatever the religion, prayer is one, because God is ONE for all mankind. Love all, Serve all! We are all one Francesco Paolo Scarciolla del Gavatino da Torre Espanhola Thank you my brothers. God always brought us together in love, justice and peace in search of perfect unity of belief and faith as true brothers, Amen. Francesco Paolo Scarciolla del Gavatino da Torre Espanhola FRANCESCO PAOLO SCARCIOLLA DEL GAVATINO DI TORRE SPAGNOLA I believe that with much effort, the world will be powered by people of all faiths to come together for the good of truth. God bless our unity for the good of humanity. Wisely, strongly believe in humanity, if we listen really God’s messages. In each of holly book, the message was unity and love to be with. We need the power of God to be effective for world peace, Amen. FRANCESCO PAOLO SCARCIOLLA DEL GAVATINO DA TORRE ESPANHOLA The culture of peace gradually build a culture of peace, we must observe and educate these terrible numbers and conditions. The principle of dignity, equal weight and value of every human being. Many communities confront persecution and must overcome anti-Semitism and prejudice that divides us and we should avoid extremism and fears taking care of us. Although skin color and religion are all a family land. FRANCESCO PAOLO SCARCIOLLA DEL GAVATINO DA TORRE ESPANHOLA PRESIDENT AND FOUNDER OF WORLD PEACE COMMITTEE AND WORLD PEACE GONG, PRESIDEN DJUYOTO SUNTANI, AND SECRETARY GENERAL OF THESE TWO ORGANIZATIONS WORLD PEACE, FRANCESCO PAOLO DI TORRE SCARCIOLLA DEL GAVATINO SPAGNOLA FRANCESCO PAOLO SCARCIOLLA DEL GAVATINO DI TORRE SPAGNOLA SECRETARY GENERAL OF “THE WORLD PEACE COMMITTEE” “We are all Children made of the same substance. What a gift to me was when I discovered and learned about the existence of God on this planet Earth. What a great are the feet of those who saw the good news of Law, Justice and Peace. We are made children of the same substance shaped by the hands of God and Father of the universe, the image of Jesus Christ .. protótipa Generation and all Creation of the sons and daughters of God. Also in our differences, we have, Social, Cultural and Religious - WE ARE ALL EQUAL Francesco Paolo Scarciolla del Gavatino da Torre Espanhola How can there be peace without justice? Peace is the fruit of righteousness. Justice holds, keeps Grazie miei fratelli Francesco Paolo Scarciolla del Gavatino da Torre Espanhola CIRCLE OF PEACE AMBASSADORS We are a family on Earth. War is “the ancient civilization and peace is the modern civilization” Francesco Paolo Scarciolla del Gavatino da Torre Espanhola


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Jornal Pacifista - Edição nº 10 | 13 WE ARE ALL BROTHERS. When we care about the skin color of our brothers, at this point, we need research to know the color of our human soul. Allah - God the Creator who created me, you and them, then we have the same father and Creator who is God of mankind. WE ARE ALL BROTHERS. Francesco Paolo Scarciolla del Gavatino da Torre Espanhola high-impact “. Declares Alfieri professor at Centre for Research and Special Studies Rajas. With a penetrating reading Mr. Adeodato Leopoldo Mancini, Assyrian Chaldean Church Patriarch blesses “the bearers operation. In this channel, we want to intensify the diplomatic relationship between people and civil society, which is based on mutual respect. It is very important to promote cultural dialogue and inter-religious based on the strength to Giuseppe Trieste, President of fiaba in its relentless struggle against discrimination against people with disabilities. Follow the “Education and Research” moderated by Cosimo Lorè, Doctor of many experts who were involved Vadim Beregosky (Ukrainian Academy of Science), Dr. Giuseppe Dore and Dr. Mariella D’Onofrio. With sincere thanks to the organization, we left this day full of ideas and ener- Thank you my brothers. God always brought us together in love, justice and peace in perquisa perfect unity of beliefs and faiths, as true brothers, Amen. How can there be peace and no justice? Peace is the fruit of righteousness. Justice holds, maintains, Grazie miei fratelli Francesco Paolo Scarciolla del Gavatino da Torre Espanhola VII National Conference of Experts Study Center Rajas With Francesco Paolo del Scarciolla Gavatino di Torre Spagnola States v Join and Immigration - How diversity arise proposals and dialogue tools: the Office ensures a good immigration and nationality.   VII National Conference of Experts Study Center Rajas Was held in Rome on December 13, the National VII Conference “Health care for foreigners” organized by the Centre for Research and Special Studies Rajas directed by Professor Rosanna Alfieri, in collaboration with AMSI, Co-May, and the newspaper Unire Online La Svolta which included the participation of more than 160 professionals and international experts. The richness of this meeting is in its multicultural character, inter-religious, warm and humanitarian as well as in-depth studies and their achievements. The focus is the elderly immigrants, the disabled, women and foreign minors who consider identity and respect for their rights. If there is in Italy who ignore and report immigration as an incurable disease, there are some that face with suggestions and real programs that are shared internationally. “We wanted to unite and educate ourselves to many things, to love, to life, to the interest and respect of others. We not only deal with medical issues and health, but also social, of peace and science” inviting those present to become aware of their humanity “so we can act with awareness and love.” Follows the strong Prof. message Foad Aodi President of AMSI, Co-May and the States v Joining Movement. “The dialogue, peace, knowledge. Our commitment since 2000 has been based on these three words that led us to more than 400 conferences. Are real words come from the heart. Immigration can not be manipulated. The Arab world wants peace, is associated with other religions and churches to defend it. We must say no to hypocrisy and falsehood behind an apparent help. The Co -May and the Arab League are the first to combat illegal immigration and human exploitation linked to it. “The ambassador of the Arab League in Italy Prof. Nassif Hitti brings his incisive statement: “I reiterate the importance of all the associations that have come together with a noble and useful purpose at all. As the League of Arab States, we are always willing to strengthen relations with Italy, and are proud to continue this co- difference. The difference is not an obstacle but an asset. I express my appreciation for this initiative, which is a bridge of understanding between Italy and the Arab countries. “ The proposal of the part facing the future of the conference President Lawyer Mario Pavone President of ANIM.I, Foad Aodi and Rosanna Alfieri who want to create a body to guarantee good immigration and nationality specific to immigration, where the energies will be united to avoid speculation insertion of foreign citizens in Italy. “We continue to strive in this direction, I appeal to the authorities and institutions for greater attention to foreign children, women and migrant workers who work in the dark.” Lawyer says Pavone. Nassif Hitti Ambassador, Foad Aodi, Mario Pavone, Rosanna Alfieri and six rapporteurs were honored by Mr. Bishop Leopoldo Adeodato Mancini, Patriarch of the Chaldean Assyrian Church with the Cross of Merit for his noble efforts. The conference continues without delay addressing the deficiency that gave Laws and Criminologist UniSiena, a rare occasion of “spontaneity”, without labels, in favor of dialogue. “The US X Joining Association is a great success. An international, multicultural and inter-professional movement that has 32,000 members from different areas. The “good” immigration must combat illegal immigration “bad”, the illegal exploitation of suffering. Too often the policy enjoys immigration. We want a real policy based on a labor market survey that come in Italy, which has the ability to find work. We call for the creation of a body which ensures good immigration and nationality act as an intermediary between individuals and between representatives of immigrant associations. This Council will act as the only non-partisan and have respect for the flag. “ In addition to immigration, Congress gave voice to serious medical and health problems that affect specific types of diseases for which international cooperation is required that affects everyone and proposes protocols to be established. Among the gy to create specific and effective work programs. We felt even stronger because we are united by this powerful amalgam called humanity and love of neighbor. Our hope is that the Office ensures good immigration and nationality to become operational as soon as possible, involving all those who are working without hypocrisy to achieve these common goals. Attention Elena Rossi Journalist Svolta photo of Francesco Paolo Scarciolla Gavatino of the Spanish Tower. Giulia Zouaoui Gaetano Campana Sh J Eda Prince Raja Muhammad Conversations group, Munazza, Wilhelmina and other 106 people Bratislav, Elvira, Robert and 20 others . Active chat to see who is available. . Denise Ruman. . Claudio Clemente. . Urban Gypsy. . Marco Doria. . Marco Doria Gypsy Urban Ahmed Bostan Ernesto Petrucci


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Jornal Pacifista - Edição nº 10 | 14 PEOPLE AND ORGANIZATIONS THAT ARE PART, IN PARTNERSHIP WITH THE PACIFIST JOURNAL, FOR A BETTER WORLD, FOR A MORE PEACEFUL WORLD AND BETTER AND MORE HAPPY HUMANITY. PAKISTAN Rights activist Malala Yousafzai child Daughter of Pakistan, received the Nobel Peace Prize. Malala Yousafzai becomes the youngest winner of the Nobel Prize of all time. OSLO: The Nobel Peace Prize was delivered Friday Pakistani 17 years Malala Yousafzai for her work in promoting the rights of children. The Norwegian Nobel Committee presented the award saying that global peaceful development can only be achieved if children and young people are respected. PACIFIST JOURNAL AND ITS PARTNERS GROUPS FOR PEACE IN PAKISTAN WORLD STUDENT PEACE FEDERATION – WSPF PRINCE HAROON KHAN PACIFIST JOURNAL AND ITS PARTNERSHIPS AND ACTIVE COALITIONS WORLDWIDE, AS THE CASE OF OUR LEADER BROTHER FOR PEACE, PRINCE HAROON KHAN, WHO PROMOTES, HERE, A DEMONSTRATION IN HIS COUNTRY, PAKISTAN, WHERE THE ATTACK ORIGINATED, EXPRESSES CONDOLENCIES, SOLIDARIZES WITH THE VICTIMS AND THEIR FAMILIES, AND CONTRIBUTES AND WORKS TOGHETER, ON THE FIGHT AGAINST VIOLENCE AND CRIMES AGAINST HUMANITY AND FOR WORLD PEACE. Today, Pakistan woke up in mourning, with the funeral beginning, after the massacre perpetrated by Taliban in a school in Peshawar, the country northeast, which made 141 deaths, children in Pakistan opposition party leader Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI), Imran Khan, who lead protest and mobilization on streets against the Government will also be present on the referred meeting. Attach took place on Tuesday morning, when a group of rebels, dressed on the Army uniforms, entered a military public school in Peshawar, beginning the terror which lasted eight hours till the safety forces took control of the educational complex managed by the army.. According to witnesses and official sources, attackers shot and threw grenades from one classroom to another against teachers and students. A total of 132 students and nine school employees died. There were also 122 wounded ones. Seven Taliban individuals were shot down into the school, target of the deadly attack which was vehemently condemned a bit by the whole world. The attack, the bloodiest terrorist attack of Pakistan history, was claimed by the main Pakistan-Taliban command, Movement of the Pakistan Taliban (TTP. TTP declared being performed the attack in retaliation to the military operation launched in June and still in course against their hideouts and the ones of their allies from Al-Qaida in North Waziristan, tribal zone from the northeast close to the Afghan border. WORLD STUDENT PEACE FEDERATION WSPF the majority. Standby with candles and prayers in mosques in honor of the victims succeeded during the night in different Pakistan cities, while, in Peshawar funeral ceremonies started, and go on today under Strong safety measures. In Peshawar, Khyber province capital, near Taliban tribe redoubt zones and stage of frequent attacks, every school and education centers had their doors closed. In Islamabad all the governmental institutions were also closed, according to the local means of communications. Government joins, this Wednesday, the main political parties to discuss the situation after attack, which was qualified by the Prime Minister, Nawaz Sharif, as a “national tragedy”, who declared three-day mourning. Malala with «broken heart» PRINCE HAROON KHAN (4 from left to right, below)


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Jornal Pacifista - Edição nº 10 | 15 for promoting peace EDUCATION in distt swat he struggle for peace in so bad condition... in 2013 when he see the condition of all pakistan war violence injustice and he see the condition of all over the world then he dicaid he started WORLD STUDENTS PEACE FEDERATION for Promoting peace love respect justice education all over the world in from 2007 to 2014 he have no finance support he spend his pocket money and now world students peace federation is in 30 countrys of the world--Phk143 08:22, 25 September 2014 (UTC) PRINCE HAROON KHAN PRINCE HAROON KHAN born in 10 5 1991 in SWAT KPK PAKISTAN he start struggle for peace education humanity that time his age is 15 year when the military operation start in swat village in 2007 that time prince haroon khan start Swat Students Peace Federation SHAHID RAJPUT - PAKISTAN Youth Pledge to Know Human Rights – YPKHR Social Action Project (16 Days of Activism) (25 Nov,2014 -10 Dec,2014) PAKISTAN-Multan In Pakistan Youth Leaders celebrated “16 Days of Activism” under the umbrella of Development Alternatives Incorporated(DAI-EDACE), College of Youth Activism and Development-CYAAD, Justice & Progressive Organization-JPO with the collaboration of Bahauddin Zakariya University Multan, Gillani Law College-BZU, Youth for Human Rights International & other International Human Rights organizations to observe “International Human Rights Day-2014”. The main objectives of this campaign was: • To promote and pursue universal justice and human rights for all. • To develop awareness and apprise people of their human rights. • To promote public awareness of, and social adherence to, human rights, as defined by the Universal Declaration of Human Rights & Constitution of Pakistan 1973. • To educate and inform the public and social institutions of the importance and value of human rights. Through this Human Rights Awareness campaign, the youth leaders conveyed their message to implement UDHR. Vice Chancellor & teachers of BZU, religious minority leaders, educationist, government officials & others also presented sign petition in respect of Human Rights to implement the Universal Declaration of Human Rights-UDHR. The total number of people engaged through that social action are 2000+ through physically & social networking in 16 days. In the end, Youth leaders also presented their social action project before the honourable guests on this occasion of International Human Rights Day & also celebrated International Human Rights Day,2014 through a Human Rights Conference at BZ-University,Multan -Pakistan. Youth leaders also took pledge to know their fundamental human rights as described in the Constitution of Pakistan & United Nations UDHR.



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