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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 256 | April 24 2015 The scoop behind the World Gelato Championships Winter is coming: How to stay snug Mercedes-Benz Fashion Week best dressed WIN! Spanish Film Festival SYDNEY FASHION WEEKEND TIX: MOTHER’S DAY GIFTS: MASSAGE, TREE RETREAT the Inner W Distribute est! d in Leichh ardt, Annan Petersham d ale, , Stanmore , Newtown Balmain, D , rummoyn e, Haberfiel Rozelle, Fiv d , e Dock, Co ncord, & Summer Hill is taking o ve r OFF YOUR CHEST Mums bond over breastfeeding


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Bar barons snap up our locals, anti aged-care facility campaign, library lactation l The Scalabrini Aged Health Care facility is going ahead in Drummoyne, despite 34 submissions against the proposal. Scalibrini has had mixed reception in the Inner West in the past, with a proposal to build a similar development in Callan Park knocked back by Leichhardt Council. A NIMBY campaign has been leaflet-dropping letterboxes in Drummoyne using quotes from an Urbis report, rumoured to have been commissioned by a competing developer. WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Latte Leftie is called to account for his egregiously rapid consumption of caffeine by his erstwhile comrades in the progressive commentariat Dear LL – As an Arts student with plans to become a gender-issues blogger you’ve long been a role model of mine. But I was shocked to see grainy footage circulating on the internet of you downing a large, organic, fair trade, shade-grown, Ethiopian latte in six seconds flat to the applause of your fellow café patrons, an impressionable-looking collection of extravagantly bearded hipster youth. Are you oblivious to Australia’s caffeine problem? Don’t you know that povo sessional academics, performance artists and body pierced small-bar staff are spending hundreds of dollars every month – money that could be used to buy imported foodie treats for their families at Salt Meats Cheese – buying exotic coffees just so they can look ‘cool’ in front of their peer group? And did you ever pause to think of the economic and human costs of Australia’s dysfunctional relationship with the coffee bean? Have you got any idea how much productivity is lost through java junkies blathering excitedly to co-workers and making endless trips to the bathroom? You might able to handle the strong stuff but what about the 18-yearold kid who goes into cardiac arrest after witnessing your actions on YouTube and deciding to ‘skol’ 30 Red Bulls? Verily, you have his well-carbonated blood on your hands. We’re not living in 19th century France anymore, where Balzac was lionized for downing 50 cups of black coffee a day before perishing in a Parisian bathtub, Jim Morrison-style, his stomach lining a distant memory. For shame, Latte Leftie, for shame! Judith, Pyrmont LL replies: Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, Judith. Rest assured I’ll be switching to decaf and campaigning for a punishing sin tax to be levied on all caffeinated beverages immediately. ADVERTISING Sonya Madden Enmore Road. This is while the Riversdale group of John Singleton fame has also been muscling in on the King St/Enmore Rd turf, buying the Marly bar in 2012, as well as reviving the other Vic (on the park). Social media responses to Hemmes hemming in have mostly concerned the inevitable gentrification of the Queen Vic’s menu, as one Reddit reader put it: “Just don’t f**k up the nachos, Justin.” l We were about to include Newtown Women’s Library as a potential breastfeeding sanctuary in our Road Test this week, when we were told the library actually has received complaints about women breastfeeding there - exposing the strangely exclusionary views of other women. JOURNALIST Max Kobras Monopoly: Sydney’s Publican Edition is becoming a thing –no board required! It’s been big news that bar tsar Justin Hemmes has moved his money for the first time into the Inner West, snapping up the well-loved Queen Vic pub on l FOOD Melissa Leong LOCAL history Practically Perfect This bronze statue of Mary Poppins was unveiled in Ashfield Park in 2004 as a memorial for the character’s creator Pamela Travers. Travers was born in Queensland in 1899 and educated in Ashfield but left Australia for England 1924, where she began her writing career. Throughout her long life, spent primarily in London but also throughout the USA, Japan and Dublin, Travers hid her Australian origins, with them only becoming a well-known fact after her death in 1996. She is also known to have had romantic relationships with men and women, and was involved in a lesbian writers group. Travers worked as a poet, actress, novelist and journalist and was an expert in mythology. n Picture courtesy of Ashfield Council. WINE Winsor Dobbin ART DIRECTOR Paden Hunter EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney Pamela Travers was no Mary Poppins n Email your dilemma to Things we love: Down the back streets of Enmore, right near the train line on Trafalgar street is a tiny little Micro Library. This community bookshelf attached to a stobie pole is such a lovely concept that we thought we had to share it with you. The idea of a micro library is that you take a book from its micro window and return it once you have finished reading it. (No due date involved!) PUBLISHING Sonia Komaravalli Contributors: Jared Ingersoll, Nigel Bowen, Kassia Aksenov, Millie Cotes, Lianna Taranto, Maddie Pfull Illustrations: Paden Hunter Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696. 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cover: Beth Rosser with her 14 month old son Angus. Beth is a member of the Aust Breast Feeding Assoc. Shot at Grand Gelato, Glebe by Ben Cregan Thanks to Annick and John. Tiny iibrary for big minds .........................................................................................................   .........................................................................................................   GO THAI RIFFIC, TREAT MOM ON .........................................................................................................   GO THAI RIFFIC, TREAT MOM ON .........................................................................................................   MOTHER’S DAY WEEKEND GO THAI RIFFIC, TREAT MOM ON .........................................................................................................   MOTHER’S DAY WEEKEND …………………………………………………………………………………………………….   GO THAI TREAT MOM DAY WEEKEND GO MOTHER’S THAI RIFFIC, RIFFIC, MOM ON ON …………………………………………………………………………………………………….   Choice of TREAT starter …………………………………………………………………………………………………….   MOTHER’S DAY WEEKEND 2   pieces  of  spring   rolls  DAY or  of curry   pWEEKEND uffs  or  chicken  wings   Choice starter MOTHER’S Choice of starter …………………………………………………………………………………………………….   2  pieces  of  spring  rolls  or  c  urry  puffs  or  chicken  wings   …………………………………………………………………………………………………….   2  pieces  of  spring   rolls   or  main c  urry   pcourse uffs  or  chicken  wings   Choice of Choice of starter Choice of starter   Choice of 2  pieces  of  sGreen   pring   rolls   or   c urry  pcourse uffs   o chicken  wings   curry   smain almon   w ith   rr   ice   2  pieces  of  spring   rolls   or  w curry   p uffs  or  chicken  wings   Choice of main course Pad   T hai   ith   p rawns   Green  curry  salmon   with  rice      c Green   curry   almon   ww ith   rice   Pad   Tlhai   w ith   prawns   Choice ofs main course Barbeque   amp   utlets   ith   rice   Choice of w main course Pad   T hai   ith   p rawns   Barbeque   lamp   cutlets   w ith   roB   ice   Green  curry   salmon   w ith   rR ice   Massamun   curry   beef   w ith   Green   c urry   s almon   w ith   r ice   Barbeque   l amp   c utlets   w ith   r ice   Pad  Thai   w prawns     ith   Massamun   curry   beef   with  RoB   Pad  Thai   with   prawns   Massamun   curry   beef   w ith   R  cutlets   Barbeque   lamp   w ith   roB   ice   / tea   Free dessert and Free soft drink Barbeque  lamp    cutlets  with  rice   Free dessert and Free soft drink Massamun   curry   beef   with   RoB   / tea   $19.90 per soft person Massamun   curry   with   RoB   / tea   Free dessert and Free drink   beef   $19.90  per person Thai   Riffic   Concord   47   Majors   Bay  R oad,  C oncord    / tea   Free dessert and Free soft drink $19.90 per person Free dessert and Free soft drink / tea   Tel.   02   97363334    h Thai   R iffic   Concord   4Mp://   7  Majors  Bay  Road,  Concord     $19.90 per Thai   iffic   Concord   4Mp://   7  Majors   Bay  Rperson oad,  Concord     Tel.  R 02   97363334    h $19.90 per person Tel.  02  97363334    hMp://   Thai  Riffic  Concord  47  Majors  Bay  Road,  Concord     Thai   iffic   Concord   4Mp://   7  Majors  Bay  Road,  Concord     Tel.  R 02   97363334    h Tel.  02  97363334    hMp://   Anyone is free to donate books to the shelf. The Trafalgar St micro library also has CDs inside, allowing people to share music too. With trains whizzing by, you can enjoy the library assured that no one will tell you to ‘shush’! Last time we checked it stocked a Kathryn Stockett title, so you know you’re in for some good reading! C!ao’s voice In • Horizontal rain • Eating leftovers for lunch at work • High-waisted flares • Suspended pot plants • Blankets, lots of ‘em! •New childcare centres coming to town, easing the strain on available spots Out • Umbrellas - they are not your friends, only strangers in passing • Helicopter parenting • Bad posture • Gas heaters that are leaking... gas • Cold foods – give us soup! • Fumblebragging C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 4


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Mother's Day The Pier SPOIL MUM THIS MOTHER'S DAY WITH DELICIOUS FOOD, LIVE ACOUSTIC MUSIC FROM 2PM AND A SPECIAL TREAT FROM US! ICH WOO LW 18 85 EST. PI ER H O T E L Call 02 9817 2204 Find Us 2 Gale Street, Woolwich Follow @woolwichpier Visit


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Millie Cotes Only the best for your breasts Ciao scours the Inner West for private breastfeeding spots Breastfeeding has been a fundamental part of our continuation as a species since… well, forever. You’d think by now everyone would have come to terms with a pair of breasts but unfortunately this is not the case. New stories constantly emerge about women who have had to face rudeness when it comes to breastfeeding in public spaces. This seems particularly unfair given the scarcity of private feeding rooms. Ciao believes people should be able to breastfeed wherever but if you are searching for a five-star room with a comfy chair or a hidden spot for some quiet time, these feeding rooms have got you covered. RANT Attachment Issues Holly Goodwin, a volunteer Australian Breastfeeding Association breastfeeding counsellor and local mother of two, says attachment (to your community) cannot be underestimated when you're a new mum. Feeding time at Grand Gelato in Glebe Broadway shopping centre is one of the only spots along King Street with a decent area. Located on the ground floor next to the Thai restaurant and right by a conveniently located lift is a disabled toilet with a change table. There's no need to buy a beer, unless you feel like having a relaxing sit in the beer garden after. n 324 King Street, Newtown next to Newtown station Personally, I have not experienced people being offended by my breastfeeding in public. As part of my role as a breastfeeding counsellor I run support groups in the Inner West - lots of places in the area are breastfeeding friendly, but maybe there is also strength in numbers. Sometimes there are problems but the issue can also be blown out of proportion, especially considering that every day mums can be found everywhere breastfeeding, and people probably don't even know that they are. When confrontations about breastfeeding publicly do take place, rather than sparking debate in the media, we should be ensuring that mums feel confident and supported by wider society – not given messages like, “We want you to breastfeed but not too visibly,” or messages that alternatively pass on judgement about mothers who do not breastfeed. In workplaces, I'd like to see environments being made more flexible and the willingness of employers to make policy that recognises the breastfeeding relationship. Doing this makes it easier for mothers to return to work on their own terms, and continue breastfeeding if they would like to. An important issue for mothers in the Inner West, I think, is having support and also having friendship. Just becoming a mother is a huge change to your life and it's something that you can’t really explain. There are a lot of services available for mums and having the internet has made a big difference – but we also need to talk to people in person and connect. Being connected to the community has been paramount during my time as a mother. Your life changes when you have a baby. You have a whole new world where you have to learn about your baby and you are not the centre of your life anymore, they are. When you add sleep deprivation and constant changes in your baby's habits, this new world can seem overwhelming, especially in the first weeks and months. I got involved in a mothers' group when my first son was born. My newborn did not follow any of the 'rules' in the baby books, as he was not what would be considered a 'good' sleeper. I thought I must be doing something wrong but when I went to the group I realised I was not doing such a bad job. Meeting up with other mums faceto-face can be very reassuring. Storytelling is powerful – as hearing somebody else's story can help you feel better about what is happening in your own life. n As told to Phoebe Moloney This shopping centre can get a little hectic at the best of times, let alone with a screaming hungry child. Luckily they have two great parent rooms. The first one is located on the ground floor right next to Bed Bath N’ Table. The facilities include two closed rooms, a chair with a curtain around it, change tables, a microwave and a sink. Inside the parents room there is a junior-sized toilet as well as an adult toilet and a television that plays children’s television shows. The parent’s room on Level Three, right next to Priceline, has all the same facilities as well as a small play area outside. n 1 Bay Street, Broadway Palace Cinemas Norton Street Marketplace Leichhardt When you think of baby-friendly environments the cinema may not be the first thing that comes to mind. But don’t judge too quickly, Palace Cinemas has just started a weekly event that will run till the end of December called Babes In Arms. It's screenings of all the new releases, specifically designed for the needs of parents and includes easy pram access, on-site lifts and a tolerance for a bit of noise (you’ll be in good company). The tickets are only $10 and discount parking is also available on site. I don’t know about you but a lightly dimmed cinema sounds like a perfect place to relax and breastfeed. n 99 Norton Street, Leichhardt This baby care room has everything you need to relax. It’s a clean, comfortable and convenient space where the whole family is welcome and catered for. They provide a microwave, change tables and quiet feeding areas. This place is so good the Australian Breastfeeding Association has given them a five-star rating. n 100/122-138 Flood Street, Leichhardt Sydney University The Bank Hotel Because let’s face it – you’re not always opportunely in a large shopping centre when you need to express milk. The Bank Hotel For when you’re studying in the library or just passing by. A parents room is located on Level Three, room 3.31 of the Wentworth Building in Sydney University. The room is private and lockable and contains a comfy enough chair, a power point, and space for nappy changing, sink with hot and cold water, a sanitary bin for dirty nappies, hand sanitiser and soap. n City Road, Camperdown Sydney’s most exclusive designer shopping and runway event is back – and it’s officially packed! Get ready for the Sydney Fashion Weekend 14th – 17th May, Royal Hall of Industries, Moore Park. Join Sydney’s fashion elite and shop from over 100 of Australia’s most-loved designers, including Ginger & Smart, Samantha Wills and Bec & Bridge to name a few, all offering exclusive discounts at Sydney’s biggest designer sale. Find yourself front row at the impressive Fashion Weekend Runway featuring over 100 leading looks, indulge in the latest beauty trends with make overs, blow dries, spray tans and more at the Beauty Hub. It’s the ultimate day out, so grab the gals and get set for Sydney’s biggest weekend in Fashion and Beauty. And what’s more, Ciao has five pairs of tickets to give away to our readers. To win just write to and tell us the name of one of the designers taking part in Fashion Weekend. If you aren’t one of the lucky five winners, Ciao readers have also received a special offer of 20 per cent off all Fashion Weekend tickets. Simply go to au/fashionweekend and enter the password FASHION8 when prompted. For more information visit Sydney Fashion Weekend WIN FREE TICKETS What’s on n Compiled by Max Kobras. Email Thurs 30th April FREE Community are en ev ts listings Australian Breastfeeding Association has local support groups that meet regularly in the Inner West. To find out what is happening locally you can request to join here: Sat 2nd May John Connor on UN Climate Reduction Comedian and screenwriter John Doyle will be the night’s MC and host. A light supper will be provided. Climate Change Balmain-Rozelle and Balmain Town Hall Meeting Room at 6.30pm. Entry is $7.00 including the Balmain Institute are asking the supper. RSVP to question: What about Paris? John Connor, CEO of the Climate Institute, will talk about the UN’s new carbon reduction framework to be finalised in November at talks in Paris. Come along to hear answers to many questions including - what role should Australia play in world climate policy and how is Australia already performing on this? 6 Print out a pair of shoes Theatresports Australia, in association with Amnesty Sat 2nd May International, is presenting the 3D Printing for Social Good Theatresports World Cup with Have you been wondering what all the fuss competing nations – Australia, about 3D printing is? (We certainly have!) Canada, New Zealand and the Rest 3D printing is quite literally reshaping the of the World combo team to battle world and could revolutionise the way we it out for the last laugh. The Inner West will be well represented in the make products by bringing the factory to international romp with Newtown’s the individual person. Michael Gregory and Balmain local Facilitated by Three Farm, participants in Cale Bain taking the stage. The this free workshop will have an opportunity night will be hosted by TV celebrity to get hands-on and see a real 3D printer in Andrew O’Keefe. Get ready action. Remember to bring your laptops! to be spontaneous! The workshop will be held at St The World Cup will takes place Peters/Sydenham Library from at the Enmore Theate at 6.30pm, 10am-1pm. Register at: eventbrite. tickets from $28. Book online at: tickets-16508994848 email info@ Attn: Max Theatresports World Cup International shenanigans See page 8 for more what's on...


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n Local Gigs Sunday 3rd May n Local screens Opeth I like their later prog-rock stuff, it is well-crafted music and, to me, feels like a maturation on their part from their early death-metal stuff. Frankly, I just don’t hear music in that but plenty of people still love it. Only go to this show if you like both these styles though; you’ll never know what they are going to play. n Enmore Theatre, $78.90 FREE TICKETS Win double movie passes Everyone wants a bit of Banksy Dendy Exclusive: Banksy Does New York Ciudad Delirio: Salsa and seduction Happy punters Thursday 7th May Twerps This Melbourne band is so melodic. It’s really easylistening pop rock and it’s clear that they are comfortable keeping everything pretty simple. They pull it off well for a great lazy Sunday sound. n Newtown Social Club, $15 Saturday 9th May Beatbox Royale I haven’t gone to this before but I have to imagine it would be a hell of a lot fun. If you aren’t into beatboxing it will probably be hilarious but if you are, this will be awesome. Grab a drink and sit back, just stay out of the front row (or the spit range, as I call it). n Play Bar, $15 The 18th Spanish Film Festival opened last week with Spain’s biggest box-office hit of the year, Spanish Affair. It was a predictably bright and breezy choice – poking mischievous fun at Spain's regional cultural differences and certainly put the after-party crowd in a playful mood. Don't worry if you missed the screening, it’s getting plenty more sessions before the festival wraps up on May 10. Perhaps a sign of Spain’s ongoing economic woes, only a third of this year's 39 films were made wholly within Spain, the rest being international co-productions or from Latin America. One that cinephiles shouldn't miss is Argentina’s Natural Sciences, an artfully handled coming-of-age drama rapidly notching up international awards and critical praise. Another turning heads is the brave and fresh Spain/Mexico colaboración, They Are All Dead, starring Special Festival guest Elena Anaya (Best Actress Goya-winner for her role in Pedro Almodóvar’s The Skin I Live In). 2015 Spanish Film Festival The Age Of Adaline Treat this as an overwrought romantic sudser perfect for a wet afternoon and you’ll be fine, even impressed. Take it seriously – especially the explanation for Adaline’s (Blake Lively) unusual condition, and you’ll be tearing great clumps of your own grey hair out. After an auto accident she can’t age (don’t ask) and so has to flee every few years – no love or long-term relationships for her. Why she didn’t just market a range of anti-aging natural health products, become a billionaire and then after 50 years announce, “Fooled you”, we’ll never know. M on now. We never do see the man known as Banksy (has anyone?) in Chris Moukarbel's HBO doco, nor does the elusive street artist have any official involvement in the film. But that doesn’t mean all the thorny issues and puckish humour surrounding his controversial but hugely popular work isn’t presented. It is – brilliantly. This really is a lively, engaging and very fast-moving 80 minutes. It follows Banksy’s self-proclaimed 2013 "residency” in NYC. That involved him secretly presenting the city with a new original work or installation each day for a month – tweeting (and taunting with cheeky “artist’s statements” online) to his followers, detractors, treasure-hunters and police – clues to their location. The doco shows the results: funny, mercenary, spontaneous, occasionally criminal, sometimes uplifting, but always – to anyone interested in city life and contemporary art – utterly fascinating. CTC from April 23. ★ More local movies – Kumiko: The Treasure Hunter and Testament To Youth n Reviews – Russell Edwards DIP Audio Technica headphones WIN! ★ We've kept another five double in-season passes to give away. If you entered last issue but missed out, don't worry, you're still in the draw. Details below. Not bad looking for 107 years old... The pullover! The flares! The style! Resort living for MUM, HER dog and a loved one! How much do you love your mummy? Lilianfels Blue Mountains Resort and Spa is kindly giving a lucky reader a night away with mum and her four-legged friend! The offer includes one night's accommodation in a Deluxe Resort View Room for two people and a dog, including buffet breakfast, wi-fi access and parking. The deal comes with a bed and a bowl for doggie! For your chance to win email and tell us what makes your Inner West mum the best. Don’t forget to include your contact details and address. Well-deserved downtime Ease those aching bones with a very special Mother’s Day Gift from Thai Remedy in Balmain. The winner of this luxurious package will receive the option of having an hour-long massage (usually $80) or nominating to have two 30 minutes massages (normally $100). For a chance to win email and tell us why you or your Mum deserves some downtime. Please include your contact details and address. n To keep up to date with Ciao’s giveaways simply slap us a ‘Like’ on our Facebook page! Tues 5th May – Sun 17th May Fri 8th May Indulge Mum in a winter wonderland Mother’s Day gifts from Ciao Northern Soul British photographer Elaine Constantine’s nostalgic homage to the music and youth of her past in working-class Northern Britain in the '70s had a brief run at Surry Hills’ cultish Golden Age Cinema a few weeks ago and is now available digitally. A surprise hit on its home turf, it deserved a wider release here – if only for the memory of all that soul, energy, music, drugs, and passion the lads (and laddettes) from the north were famous for. Sharply observed and rollicking good fun too, especially when Steve Coogan (24-Hour Party People) turns up. A fabulous soundtrack packed with vinyl gems (Edwin Starr, The Salvadores, Frankie Valli) will ensure you get your flares and dancing sneakers out! MA15+ on iTunes and other digital platforms from April 22 – Available now. ★ With the release of Northern Soul, Audio Technica are giving away 5 stylish Audio Technica DIP headphones (RRP$19.95) to Ciao readers. See below for how to enter. BOTANICUS Botanicus was inspired by two of Klein’s great passions, early 20th century design and horticulture and the decorative vases featured in the works are from his personal collection. The exhibition also features a selection of paintings of native birdlife amongst native flora. 446 Darling Street, Balmain Comedy for a Cause Together with Comedy for a Cause, Ashfield Public School issues an invitation to an evening jam packed with laughter. Matt Wakefield will bring his team of hilarious comedians with him to Ashfield Public as a fund-raising drive for the school. Also booked for the evening are James Smith, Katie Burch and John Cruckshank. The show will be held in Ashfield Public School hall at 7.30pm. Tickets are $35. Until June of its continuous use. Running through to June, the curators of the Site and Sound program have put much effort into creating a program that will be fascinating for littlies and arts enthusiasts alike. Some highlights coming up over May include the double bill of plays, Blue Italian and Nil by Sea, both written by Australian Katie Pollock. On Saturday May 2nd the Asyik Kids Festival will kick off providing a cultural family fun day that embraces all the sounds, sights and tastes of Indonesia. Not only does Site and Sound provide a spectacular arts program for you to enjoy, you can meet new friends and make a stronger connection to your community. n For more information www., follow links to Site and Sound page. A Festival of Sight and Sound 2015 is the fourth annual year of Leichhardt Council’s Site and Sound Program, lighting up Leichhardt’s beautiful town hall after over 100 years WIN DOUBLE MOVIE PASSES & HEADPHONES Native flora in Balmain 8 To be in the running to win one of five double in-season passes to the 2015 Spanish Film Festival, or one of five Audio Technica DIP headphones just email your name and contact details to telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. You can enter both, but give us a preference. Remember to include your postal address!


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GEOMETRICUT HAIR DESIGNING SALON Shop 7/1-15 Wilson Street, Newtown Tel: 8041 8482 Email: LED BY FORMER INTERNATIONAL STYLIST & EDUCATOR FOR VIDAL SASSOON ACADEMY. AT GHS WE CATER TO ALL CLIENTS BY OFFERING HIGHLY SKILLED DESIGNERS AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. TRADING HOURS Monday: Closed Tuesday: 10am - 7pm Wednesday: 10am - 7pm Thursday: 10am - 8pm Friday: 10am - 8pm Saturday: 10am - 6pm Sunday: Closed


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n Your say n Sustainability n Local news Should mothers feel guilty for putting their children in childcare? “If the alternative is leaving them in Småland at Ikea, no.” Samuel, Leichhardt “No... after a certain age children need to associate with children their own age. Childcare in my opinion helps children adapt and get ready for kindergarten.” Annelise, Croydon Park “Absolutely not. It’s in their best interest to have the kids socialise with other kids, and it gives a chance for mothers to go back to work.” Jonathon, Balmain East “Mothers should definitely not be made to feel guilty for putting their children in child care. However, speaking as a mother, it doesn't mean that we don't feel guilty doing it, even when we often have no choice or know it's for the best. Mothers are experts at feeling guilty when it comes to our children because all we want is the absolute best for them.” Alexandra, Annandale “No, because they are left in the capable hands of professionals and it gives the mothers time to do whatever they need to do.” Daniel, Newtown Winter is coming With the chilly season heading our way and our electricity bills set to rise (again), this winter is a good time to bed down with the hot water bottle and use other old fashioned warming methods to keep the goose bumps at bay. Perfect Match Would you like the wall of your home transformed into a kick-arse work of hip street art? Applications for Marrickville’s Perfect Match program are closing on May 13th and they are looking for homeowners and street artists to transform the local area. Thanks to the Perfect Match initiative last year, commissioned artists have already created 14 larger than life murals across the local government area – including the back wall of the Ciao office! Last year the program attracted local and renowned street artists Fintan Magee, Danny O’Toole (Ears) and Claire Nakazawa (Chaos Emerald). The program seeks to redirect money that would otherwise be spent on cleaning tagged works into supporting artists. Body Warmth So it may not be sane to have the kids sleep in the same room as the parents but it is definitely warmer for everybody. Our body temperature starts to dip at night to prepare for sleep and doesn't warm up again until 4am. The ideal room temperature for a comfortable night's sleep is 21C. If your room is draughty and you're single, you could always opt for a spooning partner, which is cheap and mutually beneficial. Make a sock snake! Plug up draughty windows and doors Wear a hat Surprisingly, none of the men of the Night's Watch wear hats. Up to 40 per cent of our body heat can be lost through our heads (although some scientists dispute this and say it depends of the surface area of your head). In any case, wearing a nice woolly hat that covers your ears keeps warmth in and hides bad hair. There are a wide variety of sealants and adhesives on the market that are cheap and easy to use. Once you have identified where cold air is coming in, a simple solution is stuffing cotton wool balls between any gaps. This is a good idea if you are renting and are unsure of what changes you can make to the property. I once lived in warehouse with 20 windows and although it took forever to plug and unplug a million cotton balls, it did actually work. All external doors should have a door snake to keep cold air out. How to make a door snake Hot water jars 1. Grab a pair of old socks. Big football socks are good. If you only have smaller socks you may need two or three pairs. 2. If there are holes in toes that is fine or fabric is worn cut off the feet with scissors. Turn inside out. 3. Sew end together with strong wool (bright colours work best). Sew open sock end with other sock (also inside out), then turn whole sock snake with outer facing. 4. Stuff sock with sand, old fabric, rice, Dacron, kitty litter, popcorn kernels or anything sturdy. 5. Sew up end. 6. Add b utton or stick-on eyes and a cheesy snake smile. n Cindy Mullen Get some art on your walls Glass baby food jars can be filled with hot water and can warm little kids’ hands. We used to carry secret glass jars of water in our pockets on the way to school and they can keep hands nice and toasty for up to 30 minutes. Be careful to temperature test everything before giving it to children. The humble hot water bottle If you don’t have one, get one. Much better than wearing socks to bed, the hot water bottle is a great source warmth and comfort. Make sure you put it into your bed about 20 minutes before you are about to hit the sack. Developer Penalised Property developer Bill Gertos has been held liable for the wrongful demolition of an Edwardian shopfront in Annandale in 2011. After three years of litigation his case was tried in the NSW Land and Environment court. Gertos may be penalised up to $1.1 million for ignoring Leichhardt Council’s heritage controls. The site where the unlawful demolition took place (next to The Annandale pub) used to be a string of shops and was well-known among Annandale dwellers as the “shanty building”, until it eventually ran down and became a playground for graffiti artists. 1-13 Parramatta Road is now a set of five luxury studio apartments. Mayor Rochelle Porteous says the outcome of the case sends a strong message that, “Council takes its responsibilities as the guardian of heritage controls seriously.” Just a bit...Great! A raft of Inner Westies have provided the bang behind an upcoming comedy show putting the spotlight on people with disabilities. Just a bit...funny has returned to the Sydney Comedy Festival to expose the more hilarious side of having a disability in an otherwise beige world. Digby Webster, visual artist and actor from Annandale, will be performing with Raucus - a comedy ensmeble made up of actors with Down Syndrome. Webster said he is looking forward to seeing his friends and family in the audience: "It's going to be a great night," he said. The show will also feature a project facilitated by Marrickville filmmaker and 'funny guy' Craig Anderson. The past three years he has been asking people who identify as having a disability what are appropriate things to laugh at. Anderson said he found many people he interviewed had fostered a strong laughing reflex to remain positive in the face of adversity. “One person who defied this attitude was Professor Simon West who has an acquired brain injury and is quadriplegic. He said that there weren't many things he laughed at. 'If someone takes my carspot', he said, 'I don't laugh. I key their car,'" Anderson related. The night will involve performances from well-known comedians: Tommy Dean, Sam Campbell, Madeleine Stewart and Auslan singer/songwriter, Andy Dexterity. n Just a bit... funny is on May 3rd from 5:30-7pm at the Factory Theatre. More info: Ashfield revamp Ashfield has gone through some changes in the last few weeks to make tackling their often packed-out parking along Hercules St and Liverpool Rd easier. They've built a new 86-space carpark on Brown St, which also includes two car-share spots. Ashfield council is also trying to encourage more cyclists in the area and has installed 325 new cycleway signs to make navigating the suburb's streets easier, as well as connections on to Hawthorne Canal and the Bay Run. Actor Digby Webster gets the gags rolling Leichhardt Library presents n Promotion THE HEATER MAN The Heater Man is a leading heater fitting and repair business in the Inner West. Now a finalist in the Australian Small Business Champions Awards, we talk with owner Simon Wills about this warm recognition… What services do you specialise in? The Heater Man specialises in maintaining home heating services, with our customers’ comfort and safety being paramount. We focus on gas plumbing in the home, which we both service and install, as well as hot water heaters, hydronic and central heating, pool heaters and more. What are the most common problems you fix around the Inner West? Winter is coming and so a common issue we see is gas heaters not operating properly and emitting dangerous gases, probably gone Leichhardt Library and ACA in The Italian Forum Five Photographers Night Market 3D selfies booth with Makers Place Live music with Anna Salleh May 4th, 6pm RSVP 9367 9266 Lee Lin Chin by George Fetting Opening Night unnoticed over the summer period, which is more often than not solved with a single service. What is your main goal as a multi-skilled tradesperson? Our goal is to continue to be specialists in our field and aim to use our strengths and skills to service our community and keep them safe and warm over the coming months. Do you have any special offers on at the moment? Currently we are running an offer at $110 to service portable gas heaters, which is a $40 saving on our mobile offer. n 221 Victoria Rd Drummoyne. Ph: 0413 790 780 or 8060 6727 10


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in the kitchen Ratatouille Method  with Olivia Mackay, n www.scoffandquaff. Ratatouille is a Provençale dish which, when made with care, is equal to far more than the sum of its parts. Unfortunately, it is often taken at face value and prepared as an ordinary vegetable casserole, which results in it tasting like, well, a vegetable casserole. Traditionally each vegetable would be sautéed in olive oil until soft and slick, then combined or even painstakingly layered in a baking dish. The following recipe maintains the integrity of the dish without the need for a laborious process. 1. Preheat the oven to 120°C. 2. Cut vegetables into large slices roughly 1cm thick. 3. Heat the olive oil in a heavy-based, ovenproof saucepan over low heat. Sauté onions for 10 minutes. 4. Add the garlic, lemon rind and anchovies. Sauté for a few minutes while stirring to break up the anchovies. 5. Add the capsicum to the pot, stir well and cook until soft. If it is looking dry add 2 tablespoons of olive oil. Repeat this process with the zucchini and eggplant. 6. Tip in tomatoes and break up with a spoon. Remove from heat, season and stir in the herbs. 7. Put on the lid and cook in oven for at least two hours. Cooking for four or five hours, if you can manage it, makes the dish softer, sweeter and even more delicious. 8. If the finished dish has too much liquid remove the vegetable pieces and gently simmer some more. 9. Serve with a round of crusty bread and sprinkle fresh herbs on top. Wine with Winsor n Country style Windowrie 2013 The Mill Cabernet Merlot The O’Dea family, based at Canowindra with a cellar door at Cowra, sourced some excellent fruit from the Hilltops region near Young to craft this stylish and very affordable blend of cabernet sauvignon and merlot. You’ll find bright berry fruit characters, hints of earthiness and wellintegrated oak in a wine that is seamless and offers a lot of food-friendly pleasure for a very reasonable price tag. Pair this with anything from souvlaki to sausages. $18. Pretty and pink(ish) Rob Dolan 2013 Pinot Gris Ratatouille: not just a kids’ movie! Ingredients ½ cup olive oil 2 onions, sliced 2 cloves of garlic, crushed 2-3 anchovies in olive oil 2 strips of lemon rind 1 red capsicum, seeded 1 yellow capsicum, seeded 1 large eggplant 2 medium zucchini 1 x 400g tin chopped tomatoes, drained (save the juice for other dishes) Fresh chopped basil, sprig of thyme or herbes du Provence Veteran winemaker Rob Dolan makes an impressive range of Yarra Valley wines but this one catches the eye with its point of difference; it’s a pinot gris that is almost rosé in colour with unusual, but very appealing, aromas he describes as “rose petals, melons and guava”. From a warm year, this is an assertive gris with fresh and savoury notes that was partially barrel fermented and then aged in barriques for nine months. Despite the work in the winery, however, it is the quality fruit that shines through. $28. Robust red Tatachilla 2013 McLaren Vale Shiraz At the markets n Fruit: Tuck into the last-of-season stone fruit before they run out the door – expect limited stock and quality for plums, nectarines and peaches. Naval oranges and avocados are getting pricey and don’t expect to find a grapefruit anywhere too soon. going strong. Strangely, cauliflower has hit the roof and parsnips are also on the expensive side. Beet it, buster! n Vegetables: Artichokes, beetroots, carrots and eggplant are all xx x Good work here from Jeremy Ottawa, who made this wine while in a caretaker role but has since taken over as chief winemaker at Tatachilla in McLaren Vale after over a decade working at St Hallett. There is a lot to like about this plush, rich red with a violet, peppery nose that continues on to a fruit-driven palate with dark berry, mocha and liquorice notes. This is a big wine, but everything about it is impressively manicured. $19. AT Home with the D’Alterio BROS We chat with the three brothers behind Isola D’Ischia in Balmain. How is it working with ‘la famiglia’? What Chef Salvatore says is always agreed upon and there is no questioning on a professional level. But on a personal level, we are brothers and fight continuously as Italian boys do! You will always find arguments, and if it was not for Rosie, we would probably clobber each other on a daily basis. Do you each have your own specialty in the restaurant? Yes, our specialty is to follow Salvatore, the oldest brother who is now 26. Mariuzio, who now has a diploma in hospitality from Ischia, makes a good attempt to look after the floor. Gianluca the baby brother at only 20 looks after the kitchen on instruction from his older brother. Let’s not forget about Emilio, who is our childhood friend and our sous chef, with substantial training and degrees as well! Your restaurant is famous for serving dishes unique to the island of Ischia – what is special about this region? Ischia has mountains meeting the sea, thus the culinary combinations are fresh as all crops are grown on the island and not imported from the mainland. Rabbit is our signature dish. Your mother and father must have strong influences in your cooking. What is their story? We were blessed with our beautiful mother Maria, who was a pastry chef on the island of Ischia. My father, Roby, was a merchant seaman. My mother was always chasing the good life for her sons, as most Italian mothers do, and her dream for me [Salvatore] was to become 12 MELISSA Leong ‘Greetings from Uluru’ The past two weeks I’ve gone from sardine fishing boats in Perth, to far flung watering holes in Darwin, riding camels in Alice Springs, down into the belly of our country to Rainbow Valley for damper at dawn and finally Uluru. I have been travelling around Australia for a cookbook I’m co-editing called The Great Australian Cookbook. This is one of those moments where you hate me for being your new foodramblings writer. Now that I’ve had an opportunity to sit down and reflect upon how the past few weeks have impacted on me, I feel I should reiterate a sentiment we hear a lot when we talk about travelling Australia. Why is it that we take any opportunity as Australians to travel overseas and yet know next to nothing about our own backyard? We Aussies are an intrepid lot - we’ll travel to Krabi to learn how to make kickarse Thai curries, to Italy to carb load on legit Neapolitan pizza and to the US to eat every piece of fried chicken Nashville has to offer…but we (and I’m speaking in broad, generalising tones), know zilch about what a bush tomato (more accurately a desert raisin) tastes like (for the record, they are so complex in their piquant, caramelised, sweet and sour tones that you really need to eat one yourself to fully appreciate the flavour), or how wattleseed can be used for a multitude of applications, from sweet and savoury foods, to making breads and seriously tasty dukkahs.  I had the good fortune of meeting and shooting with Raylene Brown of Alice Springs’ Kungas Can Cook, a catering business that integrates Indigenous ingredients into some bloody delicious food. Her knowledge of her people and their history was astounding. Taking a walk through the Alice Springs Desert Park, she pointed out plants and trees and their various culinary and medical applications and it impressed upon me just how amazing it is that in such an extreme environment (temperatures can range from minus 14C to 45C) such an abundance of lifegiving plants have found a way to grow for over 40,000 years. My crew and I have witnessed every dawn for two weeks and perhaps this has made us all a bit tired and emotional but I will leave you with this: see Australia. Really see it. And really taste it. We owe it to ourselves to discover the importance of this place (whether you were born here or not), to appreciate it and understand the fruits of this land. Because if the rest of the world has already figured it out, isn’t it about time we did, too? Salvatore, Mariuzo and Gianluca are in the house a chef. When I was just 13 she managed to find me a place to work after school and during summer holidays at Purticciull Ristorante in Ischia. My heart was broken when I lost her to cancer. I used all my energy and determination focusing on my mother’s dream for me to become a chef. What are you doing on Mother’s Day? I hope we have a full house in our Balmain restaurant but our thoughts will be with our angel, Maria. We believe our mother is still watching over us and gives us strength every day to continue on this journey. Method 1. Wash the tomatoes then chop them roughly. Some people remove the skins, but I prefer the rustic texture you get if you leave them on. 2. Finely chop the garlic (and the chilli if you are using fresh) and gently fry until the colour begins to change. 3. Add the tomatoes and cook over a low heat until soft and, well, sauce-like! Add a pinch of salt if you would like but remember the cheese is salty. 4. While the sauce is bubbling away, cook the pasta as per instructions – paccheri take a while so read the instructions! 5. When the pasta is almost done, add a couple of spoonfuls of the cooking water to the tomatoes and stir, making sure to get the amido (starch) which shows up as white froth on the surface of the water. 6. Drain the pasta al dente and add to the tomatoes. Throw in all of your cheese and mix well, adding the fresh basil at the last minute. Make sure you have a hunk of Italian bread in order to ‘fare la scarpetta’, that is to say, mop up the sauce when the pasta is gone!   Scarpariello Ingredients 100g of paccheri or other pasta (penne work well) Olive oil Chilli flakes or one red chilli pepper Two cloves of garlic 100g pecorino romano cheese, grated 100g parmesan cheese, grated 1kg fresh tomatoes Fresh basil to taste


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