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‘Apex Center For Keyhole Surgeries’ Mind wellness clinic at INTERNATIONAL MODERN HOSPITAL offering various services on behavioural issues with a POSITIVE mental health approach. Dr Shaju George, a specialist psychiatrist with rich experience in the field of behavioral sciences is available in our mind of wellness clinic. We provide both OUTPATIENT & INPATIENT services for various behavioral issues. Dr.Shaju focuses mainly on providing quality services on various mental health issues like Relational problems, Sexual medicine, Behavioral problems of Women and Children, Addictions, problems of Elderly, Family counseling etc… He provides Counseling, Behavioral therapy and Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on various mental health issues like Obesity related problems, Adjustment disorders, OCD, Depressive disorders and other Anxiety, Psychotic disorders. Stress buster programs, Crisis intervention sessions, Relaxation training and Personality development programs are the special services offered by Mind wellness clinic. Mind wellness clinic delivers Total care for all kinds of Behavioural disorders through pharmacological and non pharmacological interventions. 01


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OCD CLINIC Provides comprehensive care for various types of OCD with medicine, CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), ERP (exposure & response prevention), Thought stopping technique, etc.. PSYCHOSOMATIC CLINIC We do a detailed assessment on various psychosomatic disorders presenting mainly with physical symptoms like pain , chest & abdominal discomfort and also provide counseling ,behavioural modification and medicines for the same. DEADDICTION CLINIC Provides both outpatient and inpatient treatment for various addictions like Alcohol, Nicotine, Opoid and other Drugs. CHILD GUIDANCE CLINIC CGC provides comprehensive assessment and management of various child and adolescent behavioral problems like ADHD, Mood disorders, School refusal, Poor scholastic performance etc… We do conduct Aptitude assessment and Career guidance sessions along with other outreach school mental health programs. FAMILY / MARRITAL COUNSELING CLINIC We provide Premarital, Marital and Family counseling. We do help people with conflicts in various aspects of family/ marital life. SEXUAL MEDICINE CLINIC Sexual medicine clinic focus on various aspects of functional / behavioral problems of sex in male and female including Premature Ejaculation (PE), Erectile Dysfunction (ED), Hypoactive sexual desire disorder, Vaginismus, Anorgasmia etc… WOMEN AND MENTAL HEALTH We do provide women empowerment programs along with Holistic care for various Behavioural problems in Women like Postpartum /Peripartum Mood / Psychotic disturbances , Premenstrual Syndrome and behavioral problems associated with Menopause and Hysterectomy. SUICIDE PREVENTION CLINIC Provides comprehensive evaluation for all cases of potential / attempted suicide to prevent or reduce suicide attempts and to promote better mental health. Dr. Shaju George, a specialist psychiatrist who practice with a focus on ‘mind wellness concept’ is an expert in managing different behavioral problems. He provides comprehensive care for all mental health related issues with positive mental health agenda. His expertise on various behavioral therapy like CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy), Hypnosis, Psycho therapy, Interpersonal and Psychodynamic Psychotherapy was proven over the period. 02 03


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PSYCHIATRIC PACKAGES DEPRESSIVE DISORDER PACKAGE v Initial Assessment by mental health professional v Depressive disorder severity grading with questionnaire v 12 sessions of CBT 30 minutes each over 3 months v One session for parents / significant family members v TSH PAEDIATRIC PACKAGE v IQ assessment (Clinical Psychologist) v Aptitude assessment (Clinical Psychologist) v Child behavioural checklist for screening behaviour disorders v Assessment by mental health professional. v Parental counseling 2 sessions (30 minutes each) v TSH DEADDICTION PACKAGE For Alcohol, Nicotine or any other substance. v Initial assessment by mental health professional v Weekly 15 minute sessions for 1 month Biweekly 15 minute sessions for next 2 months. Monthly 15 minute sessions for next 3 months. v One session - Parental / significant family member counseling. v Two sessions - Covert sensetisation / Aversive conditioning SEXUAL MEDICINE PACKAGE v Initial assessment for both partners v Biweekly sessions - both individual and couple - 30 minutes each for 3 months - 6 sessions each SLEEP DISORDER PACKAGE v Initial assessment by mental health professional 06 v One session for Non-pharmacologicalmanagement of sleep disorders v Biweekly consultations for 3 months -6 sessions OCD PACKAGE v Initial assessment by mental health professional v 12 sessions of CBT/ERP - over 3 months v One session for family member - 30 minutes. DEMENTIA PACKAGE v Initial assessment with mental health professional v Dementia screening with questionnaires v One session - 30 minutes for family members - How to deal with dementia clients v Two sessions of CRT (Cognitive Remediation Therapy) v Biweekly consultations for 3 months - 6 sessions v MRI 07


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WELL WOMEN PACKAGE Maternity Package v Initial assessment for prospective mother v One counseling session for both husband and wife v One preparatory counselling session for expectant mother in the last trimester v One mental health assessment for mother after delivery within a month v One counseling session for both partners for better sexual life during pregnancy and after delivery Package For Elderly Women v Screening for depressive disorders and Empty Nest Syndrome v Assessment by mental health professional v Two counseling sessions 30 minutes each in a month CORPORATE 1. Mental health awareness class on different topics: v Depression and productivity. v Stress and its implications, Stress Buster program. v Personality types, Productivity, Teamwork v Communication skills Alcohol v Addictions - - implications Nicotine v Etiquettes v Time management v Conflict resolution v Presentation skills v Leadership training 2. Screening: For Major Behavioural disorders in new recruits and existing staff through questionnaires 3. Aptitude Testing 4. One to one counseling / sessions 08 Dr. Shaju George Specialist Psychiatrist MBBS, DPM, MD(PSYCHIATRY) FIPS List of Insurance Companies We Are Dealing With: 01 ADNIC 02 AL BUHAIRA 03 ALICO 04 AL KHAZNA 05 ALLIANZ WORLD WIDE CARE 06 AMITY 07 AXA 08 AXA PPP 09 AL MADALLAH 10 AETNA 11 DAMAN 12 AAFIYA INSURANCE 13 BUPA INTERNATIONAL 14 BUPA MIDDLE EAST 15 DRYDOCKS 16 EMIRATES AIRLINES 17 GLOBEMED 18 GEMS 19 HENNER GMC 20 INAYAH TPA 21 INTERGLOBAL 22 INTERNATIONAL SOS 23 MEDNET 24 MSH-DUBAI 25 NAS 26 NEURON 27 NEXTCARE 28 NGI HEALTH NET 29 NOW HEALTH 30 OMAN INSURANCE 31 PENTA CARE 32 QATAR INSURANCE 33 SHEILD INSURANCE 34 SAICO 35 VANBREDA 36 WAPMED 37 HTH WORLDWIDE 38 GEOBLUE 09


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