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April 2015 Vol. 2015, Issue 8 Member of CGCI A Publication of Modesto Garden Club, Inc. Valley Lode District – Pacific Region Nicholas Staddon Has a ‘Flair’ for the Mediterranean Garden By Penny Binney Today we are all thinking how to save water, but we still want our gardens to look beautiful, pretty, emotionally fulfilling. We also want to have our gardens as a place to attract wildlife, providing them food and shelter. With our worry about water it can seem hard to meet on middle ground, it’s not. Nicholas Staddon, Director of New Plants for Monrovia Growers, will take up the challenge for you. Join him on Thursday, April 09, 2015 for the real 101 on Mediterranean Gardening. Novice or sage gardener, there will be something here for everyone. Nicholas will show a variety of live plants, several of which will be raffled to members of the audience after the presentation! Spread The Word About April 18th Spring Garden Tour By Maree Hawkins The word is out: the Modesto Garden Club’s 578 members are a powerful force! Use your power for good--spread the word about the April 18 Spring Garden Tour. The more tickets we sell, the more money there will be for club projects such as community beautification, scholarships, and therapeutic gardening. Tell friends and family, even people in line at the grocery store, about the tour, the date and where to buy tickets. Tickets, which are still only $20, can be bought at retail locations, at the April 9 general meeting, Wednesday mornings at the club office, or online at modestogardenclub.org. The gardens will be open from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. Saturday, April 18. Six gardens are minutes away from the intersection of Oakdale Road and Patterson Road in Riverbank’s River Heights, while the seventh home is just five minutes away in north Modesto. The club office and demonstration gardens are also open that day. There are discoveries to be made, including an eclectic mix of country and contemporary gardens; a habitat garden that attracts hummingbirds and butterflies; views of fields and rivers, and ideas to use from mature gardens and gardens that have been transformed. Of special interest: The gardens of the Bald Eagle Ranch home, built in 1893 by the McHenry Family. The house was once the centerpiece of the family’s 4,000 acre ranch. Docent chair Patté Williams still needs docents for two-hour shifts. Sign up at the April meeting or call her at 521-5889. See ticket information and photos on page 3.


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Page 2 Over the Garden Gate President’s Message By Dan Yockey Hi everyone, We can sure tell that spring is here. Daylight savings time starts next week, Spring Garden Tour preparations are in full swing, and the busiest time for the Garden Club is rapidly approaching. Starting with the March meeting we changed the location of Snack and Learn to the reception room of the church. We felt that after all the comments and suggestions last meeting we needed to at least do something to give the guest speaker a quieter venue for the presentation. I welcome your comments but remember this is a trial period so let’s give it a chance. April General meeting will be elections of new officers of the club. Thank you to those who have volunteered to carry on the great work of the club, and a special thank you to those Directors leaving the board This year’s Presidents thank you luncheon will be held on Tuesday May 5th at the Seasons Event Center (same location as last year) starting at 11:30 a.m. This event is to honor the volunteers who worked to make this year a success. The lunch is limited to 75 and you may start signing up immediately with Deana at the office or give me your names personally. Note there is no charge for this lunch so enjoy. Tuesday May 12th is the date for the next Valley Lode District meeting hosted by the Turlock Garden Club. The event will be at the Turlock Country Club and will be our District Director Penny Binney’s last official meeting as our Director. I would like to see as many Modesto Garden Club Members attend as possible. I believe the cost will be $22.00 and I will have a sign up table at the April meeting. Thank you for your support. Yours in gardening, Dan Calendar of Upcoming Events • April 1: Tuesday, 9 a.m. Planters and Groomers All are invited to help with the Club Office Gardens. Bring gloves. April 8: Tuesday, 8:30- 10:30 a.m. Hackers and Wackers. Members wanted to do gardening chores at the Senior Citizens Center. Bring gloves if you like to use them, and a sense of fun. April 9: Thursday, 10:45 Snack and Learn. 12:00 General Meeting. Speaker: Nicholas Staddon, Director of New Plants for Monrovia Growers. Location. Bethel Church 2361 Scenic Dr., Modesto, CA 95355 April 15: Tuesday, 9 a.m. Planters and Groomers. All are invited to help with the Club Office Gardens. Bring gloves. April 18: Spring Garden Tour April 22: Tuesday, 8:30-10:30 a.m. Hackers and Wackers. Members wanted to do gardening chores at the Senior Citizens Center. Bring gloves if you like to use them, and a sense of fun. April 23: Thursday, 9:00 a.m. to noon Hands on Workshop Plant a Hanging Wreath $30.00 at P & L Nursery 1900 Roosevelt Avenue; Escalon, CA • April 28: Tuesday, 9:00 a.m. to Noon, Private Garden Tour of Jean Davis’s beautiful garden in Del Rio. The tour is only $5.00 at the door. Light refreshments are included. 309 Hartley Dr, Modesto April 30: Thursday, 8:30 a.m. Light Breakfast for Board Meeting at 9 a.m. Members are welcome to come to the MGC Office if they want to see how the Board works. May 13 Wednesday, 10:00 – 11:30 a.m. New member’s “Welcome Tea” Modesto Garden Club Office, 622 14th Street, Modesto. • • • • • • • • *Snack and Learn speaker usually doesn’t start until 10:45 but if you arrive earlier you have time to snack, chat, borrow books from the library, check out the raffle, shop for plants or white elephants, at our New- To-You Table. General Meeting starts at 12:00 noon, please be in your seats. Please bring donations for plant share table, and New –To-You table (garden type items). Need to include an article in the Garden Gate Newsletter? Please contact Dawn Dalyce, text editor, with events, and articles by the 5th of each month. 209-596-3330 dawndalyce@yahoo.com; Mary Lou Rice with photos, fliers or advertisements. mlour@msn.com 209 869-3584.


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Over the Garden Gate Page 3 Where to Buy Garden Tour Tickets Garden Tour ticket locations are: Modesto--McHenry Mansion Visitors Center, 924 15th St; Marcy’s Hallmark Shop, McHenry Village, 1700 McHenry; Westurf Nursery, 1612 Claus Rd.; Crow Trading Company, 1208 J St. Tickets can also be purchase in: Escalon-P& L Concrete & Garden Center, 1900 Roosevelt Ave.; Turlock--The Greenery Nursery & Garden Shop, 742 E. Olive Ave.; Riverbank--Morris Nursery, 1837 Patterson; Ripon-Park Greenhouse, 12813 W. Ripon Road, Schemper’s Ace Hardware, 150 N. Wilma Ave., and Silverado Nursery, 460 S. Stockton St.; Hickman--Frantz Nursery, 12879 Riverview Road; Newman—Joe’s Landscaping & Nursery Supplies, 802 Inyo Ave. On the day of the tour tickets are available at the Modesto Garden Club Office, 622 14th St. Modesto and at all of the above locations. Top right, Dan and Judy check out the Spring Garden Club Tour poster and prepare ticket boxes. Bottom right, the tour committee works on ticket preparation for the April 18 event. President: Dan Yockey. Contributing Writers this month: Dan Yockey, Sharon Ross, Gerry Yockey, Penny Binney, Maree Hawkins, Cheryl Smith, Mable Suguira, Joyce Smith, Dawn Dalyce, Shirley La Bass, Lela Harrington Copy/ Text Editor: Dawn Dalyce (209) 596-3330 dawndalyce@yahoo.com Advertisements, Fliers and Photos: Mary Lou Rice (209) 869-3584 mlour@msn.com Website: www.modestogardenclub.org Office: 622-14th Street, 529-7360 (Wed., 9 a.m.-Noon) Modesto, CA. 95354-2505 Email: email@modestogardenclub.org Published 10 times a year, September-June, by the Modesto Garden Club, Inc. Over the Garden Gate


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Page 4 Over the Garden Gate Gardening Tips and Tidbits By Dawn Dalyce, Master Gardener Volunteer of the Month April is one of my favorite months of the year. I hope that this year “April showers bring May flowers”, as the saying goes. In between hoped for rain showers, I will certainly be doing major gardening and yard clean up, just like I did in February and March, due to the early warm weather. I will also be planting many water wise succulent plants that I’ve acquired from our club, and from the Stockton Cactus and Succulent Society (see on Facebook). This year I intend to let my front lawn die, if there isn’t substantial more rain. More succulents going in for me. Yard clean up reminds me to mention recycling. Does everyone get a green dumpster can for ‘yard’ waste like I do from the city? I manage to fill mine every week, as well as asking the neighbors for space sometimes, and my composting spinner gets filled, plus I run vermicomposting bins (composting with worms=the most beneficial for your garden, odor and labor free, and the producer of the A+#1 garden fertilizer, worm castings. I wanted to mention a few things you should toss into your green recycling bin, some you should not. Let me point out that the city, takes the green bins to a recycling compost area, and grinds the contents up, and produces compost for gardeners to purchase for their gardens and lawns, and I’ve heard they also spread the compost in the parks for mulch and fertilizer for the grass. In a year or twos time, wood chips and paper and phone books and cardboard, as well as your weeds, grass clippings Pixie Kinser and vegetable waste, all break down into useful compost. So go ahead and throw in old 2 x 4s, branches, and lumber scraps (after you remove nails please) , and all the cardboard and paper waste you can divide from your garbage, as long as there is no plastic attached, into the green bin. Waxed paper is fine, aluminum foil is not. Old fruit, kitchen scraps, rabbit or guinea pig manure, egg shells, and coffee grinds are great. Just like they would be for worm compost. Just think first, would I buy this back for MY vegetable garden? What you don’t want to toss in the green bin, is plastic, metal, or meat and larger bones. No Styrofoam, please and no grease. They just don’t break down well. No old medications (those should not even go in the landfill and end up in our water supply but should be recycled on special days for medications, drop off at Sheriffs usually). No chemicals of any kind. No dog or cat poop, or clay cat litter, as they can carry zoonotic diseases that can spread to people as well as other pets, and they are also greasy and don’t break down well. So, if you haven’t picked up your yard well, and your lawn clippings are poopy, please bag them and put them in the brown garbage. It’s the same idea if you have put weed killer, or pesticide on your plants or lawn, don’t put trimmings into recycle. Studies suggest that chemicals stay in our ecology much longer than first thought, and are harmful for everyone. Rose cuttings or other plants that were treated with systemic poisons should not go into the compost. Please avoid systemics any time you can, and if you must use them, protect bees from the blooms! Weeds that have been killed with Roundup type chemicals, should go in the brown bin. The main ingredient in Roundup has recently been implicated in an MIT study as a cause of Autism. I don’t compost the worst thorns, like cactus, acacia, goat heads, and orange tree branches, or the heaviest rose branches. They would probably break down, before some gardener buys the compost to use in their yard, but I don’t like the idea of a gardener grabbing a handful and getting stabbed. I also throw moldy citrus into the brown bin, as I know the worms don’t like it, and I don’t imagine all of that mold does much good for the compost pile either, leaving a big, wet spot that doesn’t heat well. I’m not sure the city method will heat everything to a high enough temperature to kill pathogens like mildew and mold. Compost happens much faster if you use worms, plus you control what kind of ingredients end up in your vegetables. For more information on setting up your own worm bin, see sjmastergardeners.ucdavis.edu or talk to club member Dave Jones at www.ivoryfarms.com Dave runs a worm farm and is also going through the Master Gardeners course this year.


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Over the Garden Gate Page 5 How to Build a Better Mushroom


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Page 6 Over the Garden Gate Dues Friendly Reminder By Shirley LaBass Membership $40 fees are due by July 31, 2015 for the fiscal year 2015 – 2016. We will be taking renewal checks at the May 14th meeting or you can mail checks May 1st or later directly to the office at: 622 – 14th Street, Modesto, CA 95354-2505. Or go online at modestogardenclub.org for renewal and new memberships. We need your renewal or new membership by July in order to get your name in the new Yearbook. You will receive your new book at the September meeting. Private Garden Tour in April By Cheryl Smith February New Members By Shirley LaBass Spring is here. Please join us on Tuesday, April 28th for a Private Garden tour of Jean Davis’s beautiful garden in Del Rio. The tour is only $5.00 at the door. Light refreshments are included. The event will be from 9:00 a.m. to 12:00 noon, at 309 Hartley Dr, Modesto. Three new members joined the Modesto Garden Club in February. They are: Margie Neder Sarah Hartmann Sandy Savage 2/11/15 2/12/15 2/12/15 New Member’s Tea By Shirley LaBass Forget-Me-Not-Spot By Sharon Ross New members are invited to attend our “Welcome Tea” on Wednesday, May 13th 2015 from 10:00 a.m.– 11:30 a.m. at the Modesto Garden Club Office, 622 14th Street. This tea is designed for new members to meet in a smaller group and receive an overview of the Modesto Garden Club and to ask questions This is open to anyone who has not attended a “Welcome Tea” in the past. If you have any questions, please feel free to call the Garden Club office at 209 529-7360 on Wednesday mornings from 9:00 a.m. until noon. You will receive an invitation in the mail. at the McHenry Mansion Saturday, May 9, 2015 $30 per person Seatings at 11:30 a.m. 2 p.m. Reservations only by May 2 Call Janie 209 522-1739 Mothers’ Day Tea Happy National Gardening Month to everybody! Modesto and surrounding areas are in bloom and looking so beautiful! Members who have been under the weather are Joyce Cutts, Lela Harrington, Allegria Rice, and Linda Pedego. Our good thoughts are with them. In February 31 birthday cards were sent to club members. I’m so thankful for all your calls to alert me to members who need a bit of cheer sent to them. Phone Sharon at 209-523-8763.


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Over the Garden Gate Page 7 Lavender Library By Joanie Campbellm, Linda Masuda, Irene Morimoto, Mabel Sugiura Last month’s speaker, Anne Schellman, beguiled us with the possibilities of fairy gardening. We just purchased two books to help you get started with your very own fairy garden. Fairy Gardening by Julie Bawden-Davis and Beverly Turner Creating your own magical miniature gardens “Fairy gardens are in and now you can begin making your own enchanted miniature landscapes, complete with pint-sized accessories, diminutive plans, and quaint fairy figures.” Fairy Furniture You Can Make by Linda Hass “Fairy garden designer and artist Linda Hass shares her step-by-step process of making fairy furniture See how small branches, dried flowers and broken jewelry can be used to create whimsical furniture for your garden fairies.”


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Page 8 Over the Garden Gate Annual Summer Luncheon June 3rd & 4th 2015 By Joyce Smith & Linda Pedego 622 14th Street Modesto, CA 95354-2505 We are looking forward to the Summer Luncheon that will be held on Wednesday, June 3rd (viewing only) and Thursday, June 4th (viewing and luncheon) at Del Rio Country Club. Tickets are $35 per person and can be purchased at the April General Meeting. Stop by the Activities table to purchase your ticket(s) to the luncheon. The hostesses and their table settings always amaze us with their outstanding talent and creativity. You don’t want to miss this event! Hands on Workshop April 23 By Lela Harrington & Shirley LaBass Gail and Ken took part in an Irish celebration at the March MGC meeting. Hanging Baskets For Sale By Dan Yockey What: Plant a Hanging Wreath Who: 15 Garden Club Members When: Thursday, April 23, 2015 from 9:00 a.m. to noon Where: P & L Nursery 1900 Roosevelt Avenue; Escalon, CA; 209-838-1448 Cost: $30.00 – Non-refundable if unable to attend. Please call 529-7360 for availability, Reservations/Questions: Lela Harrington (209) 380-8050 or Shirley LaBass (209) 485-0332, before sending check to: Modesto Garden Club, 622 14th Street, Modesto, CA 95354-2505. Your check confirms your reservation in the class. Planters and Groomers By Gerry Yockey Spring is just around the corner; so why not invest in one of our self-watering hanging baskets? These baskets only need watering about once a week and are practically indestructible. Buy one now, and plant it as a gift for Mother’s Day; or just a great gift for someone you care about. The baskets will be on sale at the Aprila nd May general meeting and at the Garden Club office on Wednesdays 9 a.m.12 noon. Original purchase price was over $125.00, and you can now purchase one at the DISCOUNTED PRICE of $30.00. I often wonder why our members do not come down and visit our Modesto Garden Office? On Wednesday’s we have coffee and sweet treats, and best of all, nice people who run the office. The volunteers who come down twice a month and work in our garden ask the same question. The flowers are blooming and the grass is green and not many leaves are falling now. So,why? I just have to say that you are missing a lot by not visiting us at the office. After all, this is your club house. This Tuesday we finished pruning the climbing rose in the back yard. It took four of us to finish pruning the rose. That was Don Binney, Doris Giomi, Pat Williams and April Ford and me. Okay, that is five. It is not easy on a ladder any more. Since there were no leaves we had more time to attend to other parts in the garden. Jean Seeley, Jerry Fred, Penny Binney, Judy Silber, took care of the rest of the yard. I want to thank Sharon Searls for having all of us over for lunch at her beautiful home. She is quite the collector. She has such an interesting home. Again, “Thank you” Sharon. “Thank you” Judy Crisp for always being there to help me out with the food. I want to see everyone on the 1st and 3rd Tuesday of the month.



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