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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 254 | March 25 2015 Rant New about Rent column: Meet the Bay Bitch WIN! Maps to the Stars Supremacy DVDs: Wabbits of the Inner West Meet the Candidates Theatre tix: EASTER SHOW: Glee Club Fun Family Double Passes the Inner W Distribute est! d in Leichh ardt, Annan Petersham dale, , Stanmore , Newtown Balmain, D , rummoyn e, Haberfiel Rozelle, Fiv d , e Dock, Co ncord, & Summer Hill is taking o ve r Cooking Class tix Will Verity bring Labor victory back to Balmain? Round Again All your eggs in one fisherman’s basket Hop in to Sydney Fish Market for everything you need for your Easter Feastival. With six fresh seafood retailers, restaurants, a gourmet deli, bakery, butcher, greengrocer, bottle shop, and kitchen and giftware store on site, we have it all covered in one convenient location. Open all long weekend with face painting and a visit from the Easter Bunny for the kids on Good Friday. Busy bunnies looking for seafood inspiration will find plenty of mouth-watering seafood tips, tricks and recipes to make entertaining easy at Take the light rail to Fish Market station or take advantage of additional parking on Good Friday at Sydney Secondary College; enter via Pyrmont Bridge Road – an easy two minute walk to the Market. Open all long weekend, including 5am-5pm Good Friday (3 April) Bank Street, Pyrmont.


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LTPS/15/01642 ENJOY EASTER AT NORTON PLAZA Norton Plaza, Your Fresh Food Easter Destination Nothing but the best from Coles, Norton Street Grocer, Bakers Delight, Norton Seafood, AC Poultry, Craig Cooks Prime Quality Meats, Relish Foods, Nourish Health Food, Pasticerria Cavallaro and Babycakes by Renee Easter Egg Guessing Competition Come to the Plaza and register your online guess to win a $1000 Norton Plaza gift card. The barrel of eggs is located on the fresh food run to Coles. Place your guess up until the 3rd April for your chance to win! Meet the Easter Bunny Bring the family down on THURSDAY 2ND and SATURDAY 4TH APRIL 11am – 1:30pm for a meet and greet with the one and only Easter Bunny. FREE Easter Craft TUESDAY 14TH – 17TH APRIL Enjoy 2 days of Sand Art and 2 days of Paint your own Parasol. 11am – 2pm daily. GPT Property Management Pty Limited trading as part of The GPT Group


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50% off Easter Easter-Hunt Combo 6 Hot Cross Buns & a Hi-Fibre Lo-GI Loaf Get mmmore for your mmmoney FIT MOVE MENT #LJFITCHALLENGE JOIN INSTORE TODAY Offer subject to change. Valid while stocks last. BBNT-Norton-Plaza-Ad-60x80mm.indd 6 join the $ saving you $1.80 10 Norton Plaza - Leichhardt Valid until 12/04/15. Subject to availability. Excludes Sourdough Hot Cross Buns. We grow the grass that feeds the lamb. Naturally. 20/03/2015 9:18:08 AM FIND PERFECT FIT THE PH: (02) 9569 9590 The lingerie specialists Large cup • Maternity • Mastectomy Ph 9518 3355 ou Trading H rs FRIDAY 3 APRIL .........................CLOSED SATURDAY 4 APRIL..10.00AM - 4.00PM SUNDAY 5 APRIL .......................CLOSED MONDAY 6 APRIL.....10.00AM - 4.00PM LTPS/15/01642 GPT Property Management Pty Limited trading as part of The GPT Group


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Anti-semitic prolific – consultancy con – Peddling racism? l Liberal Councillor for Marrickville Rosana Tyler has been the target of an anti-semitic hate campaign, on the receiving end of vitriolic emails and graffiti on signs advertising her legal firm. One sign was defaced with images of horns and an image of a scrotum containing a Star of David. Rosana told the Australian Jewish News she thinks the perpetrator is someone who is familiar with council going-ons. “Every time my sign has been defaced, I notice it on a Wednesday. We have Council meetings on a Tuesday night,” she said. l Drummoyne No Land Tax candidate Pat Di Cosmo, has likely connections to five other candidates named Di Cosmo running for that party. Due to a lack of candidate information, others have been filling the void: Check out the Facebook profile of Benjamin Eorlingas. l Some enlightening research into Australian Cyclists Party Candidate, Angus Harker, who lives in Camperdown, has revealed that apart from being a bike-lover he is also a proud constitutional monarchist. His facebook profile (which his campaign manager should have had the foresight to make private) includes some memorable memes... including one that says “Chinese colonists get out.” And no, we don’t think he is being ironic. WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul Latte Leftie offers some sensible solutions that could prevent the Westconnex road to hell ever seeing the light of day. Dear LL – If I wasn’t so outraged I could almost see the tragicomic bathos of my situation. Here I am, a glutenfree, yoga-practicing vegan slaving away to pay the soul-crushing mortgage on a St Peters (though I like to describe it as being in Newtown) property who is facing a future where the anticipated massive capital gain on my house fails to materialise and I’m left sucking down the fumes produced by the V8 utes of tradies who want to live in a quadruple-garage, 10-bedroom McMansion in the badlands but still be able to drive to lucrative reno jobs in the Inner West in less time than it takes them to wolf down three meat pies and 10 double bourbon and cokes at the “footy”. How did it ever come to this and what is to be done? Tabitha, St Peters LL replies: As appalling as the man is, one can’t help but begrudgingly admire the evil genius of the Duncan Gay in trying to spark class war between the “lefty trendies in the inner suburbs” and the aforementioned bogan tradies “cheering in the cars” and wedging the two-faced ALP in the process. Nonetheless, if only dastardly political maneuvering could be removed from the equation, there are two straightforward solutions to the unfortunate reality of needing to transport large numbers of service-worker westies into the Inner West. Firstly, and for a fraction of the cost of the proposed roadway, simply issue everyone who lives further out than, say, Lakemba with a free fixed-gear bicycle and have them cycle, Maoist peasant-style, the 40-80km to their place of employment. (If they’re a tradie chuck in a handbar basket for their tools.) Alternatively, put all roads – and ideally the aspirational suburbs they lead to – underground and let the Westies roar around down there like Morlocks, out of sight and out of mind. n Email your dilemma to ADVERTISING Sonya Madden JOURNALIST Max Kobras The Red Rattler Theatre has apologised for refusing to book Jewish group Hillel. Marrickville Council issued a statement saying it expected more from an “Open Marrickville” grant recipient. l FOOD Melissa Leong LOCAL history Save Our Sons It was in 1913 that the site presently held by the Addison Road Community Centre was first converted into an army barracks. The barracks remained in use by military staff until after the Vietnam War, and was the major enlistment centre in Marrickville for nearly every conflict of the 20th century. Throughout its history, this site has been used for ammunition storage, as a warhorse stable, the Leave and Transit Depot for NSW and as the headquarters of the Australian Women’s Army Services (pictured). As a site for conscription, it was also a popular place of protest for activists engaged in the Save Our Sons movement. It was finally turned into a general community centre in 1976. n Picture courtesy of Marrickville Council. ART DIRECTOR Paden Hunter EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney Contributors: Jared Ingersoll, Nigel Bowen, Kassia Aksenov, Millie Cotes, Lianna Taranto, Maddie Pfull Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696. 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cover: Labor candidate for Balmain, Verity Firth, with husband Matthew and daughters, April and Clementine. Image: Ben Cregan Marrickville’s khaki past Things we love: Yes, it has come to the point in the Inner West where a lack of wi-fi has actually become highly desirable. The blackboard writer (a much sort after position among young creatives) of this Eveleigh Street café is no doubt referring to that niggling sense of guilt pervading any space that offers free wi-fi – because, you know, you could be replying to emails right now! Even if you resist the offer of free internet, the guilt totally destroys the fleeting joy of slurping up the crema on your short black, let alone any possibility of a profound conversation with your coffee date. Science has proven that coffee tastes objectively worse with wi-fi in the air, and psychologists (are they scientists?) have also found that free wi-fi leads to a significant and measurable increase in impending sense of doom. Leichhardt Council is Fit for the Future Leichhardt Council is at risk of amalgamation into a West Mega Council with Ashfield, Burwood, City of Canada Bay, Marrickville and Strathfield. Independent research shows that Leichhardt can, and should, remain a standalone Council. Find out more Look for the No Forced Amalgamations Brochure in your letterbox this week. Go to au/Amalgamations and www. How can I have my say Fill out the survey you will find: • at Amalgamations • in the No Forced Amalgamations brochure. Join the discussion at www. Make a written submission to the Mayor or General Manager via or to Leichhardt Council, PO Box 45, Leichhardt NSW 2040 Public Meeting A public meeting will be held on Wednesday 22 April at Balmain Town Hall. Talk to the consultants, the Mayor and key Council staff. Talk to our staff 29 March: Annandale Village Centre, 10am-2pm 29 March: Classics at Callan Park, 10am-2pm 11 April: Orange Grove Markets Rozelle, 9am-1pm 12 April: Loyalty Square Balmain, 10am-2pm 18 April: MarketPlace Leichhardt, 10am-2pm Sign of the times We love that this café has adopted Ciao’s own lifestyle mantra: keep your coffee strong and your internet connection very, very weak. LO L BUSIN A C NOMINATIONS OPEN 13th April 2015 Register your business or nominate your favourite at S ES 2015 ARDS Inner West AW ™ 4


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SMARTY PANTS Trivia Wednesday 7-9pm TRIVIA NIGHT WEDNESDAY 7-9PM Gather your friends, family or even rent a crowd of smart people to test your knowledge, and compete for the title of trivia champions, every Wednesday at The Pier! We can’t guarantee you’ll know all the answers, but we do know that you’ll have a great night, enjoy award winning food and experience a barrel of laughs with Trivia Master, Jason Montgomery. With happy hour pricing for all trivia players, excellent prizes to compete for, a jackpot round and one +"ƫAustralia’s best Trivia Masters, we can’t think of a better way to spend a Wednesday night with friends! ALSO ON WEDNESDAY !)!./ƫ ',+0ƫ.3ƫ* ƫ +0ƫ%!/ƫ"+.ƫĸāąē Enquiries 02 9817 2204 Visit 2 Gale Street, Woolwich NSW 2110 Visit Follow @woolwichpier


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Millie Cotes Bringing down the house… the price that is Ciao went on the hunt for affordable renting options in the Inner West. A fool's errand? Well, read on... I currently live in the much sought after suburb of Newtown, my room is the size of a peanut and my only window has a spectacular view into my neighbour’s bathroom. Despite the fact I now often feel overwhelmed in large spaces and my young neighbours like to play the recorder every morning exactly 20 minutes before my alarm, a large portion of my wage is invested in me being able to continue living in this hellhole. Apparently I’m not alone, with a 2012 study finding that one in five people between the ages of 24 and 35 are spending more than 30 per cent of their income on housing. I have to assume that figure has only increased over the last three years. Whose turn is it to do the washing up? RANT Abuse of power comes as no surprise Yes, this is a rant about real estate agents. Why do real estate agents feel that they can treat tenants in such a disrespectful way? I have pondered this in some depth and have finally come up with an answer. Real estate agents treat renters so badly simply because they feel that they can. Myself, and almost all the people I know renting, have had similar experiences of receiving unjust treatment. Renting is no longer a stepping stone on the way to buying your own home. The majority of us in Sydney are now renting long term and, barring massive correction in the property market, possibly forever. Hence, the place that you rent is now very much your home. The renting environment in Sydney is toxic. The rental market is tight, the prices are sky high and rising daily, and real estate agents treat you like some sort of subclass. I am a single working parent renting in the Inner West. I pay my rent (60 per cent of my income) on time, take very good care of the property and have made no great demands. I recently received an abusive phone call from my real estate agent threatening immediate eviction, out of the blue, with no warning. There had been a banking error, partly mine, partly theirs, which after recovering from my shock I resolved the following morning. I wrote a letter to the agent expressing how unnecessary their behaviour had been and how distressing it is to be threatened with eviction. Is it possible that they could admit their responsibility in the banking error and henceforth treat me with some dignity and respect? No, not at all, my real estate agent is a bully and replied to my letter with another threat to put the matter on my record. I am not an irresponsible teenager renting in a group house, I work hard to provide a home and security for my daughter and I do not feel that I deserve to be treated in such a shabby way. People of Sydney, fellow renters and people of decency, I really think change is needed. It would be lovely if real estate agents would develop a conscience overnight but I am not holding my breath for this to happen. It is a sad part of the human condition that some will always exploit and treat others badly if they feel that they can get away with it. For the most part they are getting away with it. So people let’s see some change. It is time to bring our laws and guidelines into line with the reality of renting today. n Words by Claudia Hill Marrickville, Lewisham, Petersham, Summer Hill, Hurlstone Park, Alexandria, Mascot and many more. They still lie within striking distance of all the action of the city, but come with some drawbacks, such as flight noise as many of these suburbs fall directly under flight paths or next to railway lines. But I’d take that over an early morning recorder any day! Sharing is caring Cheap pockets in outlying Inner West suburbs Although traditionally young people have flocked to the Inner West suburbs that lie on the periphery of the city, such as Glebe and Newtown, more students and young professionals are seeking alternate, cheaper locations. These suburbs include Ashfield, We’ve all heard the horror stories about housemates; I once lived with a bloke who kept all of his groceries in his room just so no one else would eat them. Needless to say, cockroaches were the only ones enjoying his fruit loops. With that said, more often than not sharing a house provides a cheap option while also being really fun and rewarding. Most people have cottoned onto the general rule that the more people you squeeze into a place the cheaper it will be so now there’s a new trend in the Inner West in which houses are overcrowded and often uncomfortable. I’ve even heard of people renting out vans in their backyards! It’s important to use a known and trusted website if you’re looking for places online and make sure you check out the place with a friend first. n Try Renting from the 'rents Go (further) west, young man! The numbers are in and they show that one in four Australians between the ages of 24 and 35 still live with their parents. Demonstrating that staying at home is no longer just for the basement dwelling, comic-book-reading virgins amongst us, for many it is the only feasible option for saving towards our first home. Do we hear a collective sigh? More than just a bunny While it is one particular animal that usually gets the spotlight at this time of year, the Sydney Royal Easter Show ensures every animal gets its share of love! The Royal Easter Show will be returning again this year from the 26th of March to the 8th of April and will be bringing with it all the great rides, entertainment and showbags that make it such a hit every year. Whether they are cute and cuddly or big and beastly, the animals are always a star attraction and a great place to start your Easter adventure. Check out the Animal Walk where you can enjoy the nursery and make new fluffy friends, or get down to work by visiting the sheep shearers or the milking barn. However, for all you adults who just want to relax, the Sydney Royal Beer and Wine Garden is for you. Showcasing the very best in beer, wine and cider and featuring a great selection of cheese and deli meat plates, there is no better place to unwind! n We have two FREE double passes and family passes to give away. To go into the running, simply email and tell us in 25 words or less what you are most excited to see at the Easter Show. WIN FREE TICKETS What’s on n Compiled by Max Kobras. Email Saturday 28th March FREE Community are en ev ts listings For more information about tenancy rights in NSW head to: Thu 9th-Wed 15th April Films for Change For anyone who has ever rescued an animal, or been rescued by one in turn, this event promises to be an inspiring night of films and talks that explore the major transformation in the relationships between people and animals. Following the quickly growing “Rescue” movement that has seen people all over the world saving animals from abuse and profit breeding, the film The Wound and The Gift weaves together a fable with real-life footage of rescued animals and sanctuaries. If this is something important to you, or 6 you simply want to find out more, then make sure to add this to your calendar. Admission costs $35. Where: Sydney Nursing School, 88 Mallet St, Camperdown Sinfonia songstress Insomniac Theatre has been performing successfully in pubs for the past decade and now they are ready for their next great show. Jerry Sunday 29th March & Tom is about, not a cat and mouse, Balmain Sinfonia but a couple of guys with good solid The Balmain Sinfonia is set to open its family values who just happen to 2015 season on a lazy Sunday afternoon be hitmen. Playing at the beautiful with a beautiful all-French program Exchange Hotel in Balmain, this of pieces by Bizet, Berlioz and Franck. violently comic play comes from the This performance will feature the mind of Rick Cleveland, a writer on outstanding voice of mezzo-soprano hit shows Mad Men and House of Ellen Malone, known for her work Cards. Tickets are $30 per person, $25 in opera, oratorio and cabaret on top concession. of her mezzo-soprano performances. To make a booking, call 0403 224 980 Under the direction of founder and conductor Gary Stavrou, this is sure to Sunday 11th April be a delightful evening. Tickets are $25. Sparrow Folk Following from packed-out shows at For more info or to make a booking, Adelaide Fringe, the award-winning, visit email info@ Attn: Max Jerry & Tom much-loved, all-female cabaret/ comedy duo Sparrow Folk arrive in Sydney with a hilarious new album and stage show SuBIRDia. Watch as these sirens of satire bring their cheeky thermo-mix of mid-life marital shenanigans, cock blocking and footy fever to the Django Bar. Tickets are $20.70 per person. Book at WIN FREE PASSES! Suburban shenanigans See page 8 for more what's on...


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LILYFIELD SPECIALS AVAILABLE UNTIL TUESDAY 31ST MARCH 2015 New Season $ $ Australian Beef Porterhouse Steak 1799 kg 249 bag 2kg Pre Packed Brushed d Potatoes 2kg $1.25 per er kg BOTTLE BUY B BO BAG $ 99 kg Quality Royal Gala Apples BOTTLE BUY B BO BOTTLE BUY B BO BOTTLE BUY B BO 1 1/2 PRICE $ BOTTLE BUY B BO $ IN A 4 BOTTLE BUY 690 $8 ea ea $ IN A 4 BOTTLE BUY 890 $11 ea ea $ IN A 4 BOTTLE BUY 990 $12 ea ea $ IN A 4 BOTTLE BUY 1090 ea $ IN A 4 BOTTLE BUY 1 190 ea $13 ea $14 ea 1340 ea $0.56 per CAN Coca-Cola, Diet Coke or Coke Zero 24x375mL $1.49 per Litre Houghton Classic 750mL Varieties Matua Valley 750mL Varieties Penfolds Koonunga Hill 750mL Varieties Jacob’s Creek Reserve Wynns Coonawarra 750mL Varieties 750mL Varieties (Excludes Sparkling) k ng) kling) g) /2 1 PRICE Cam mp pbe bell s Condensed Condensed Cond d Soup So Sou Campbell’s 400-430g Varieties $ /2 1 PRICE John West Tuna 95g Selected Varieties $10.53 per kg 1 Continental Pasta and Sauce 80-110g or Rice 115-120g Selected Varieties ea Heinz Baked Beans or Spaghetti 420g Varieties $0.24 per 100g ON 100S OF EV ERY DAY PRODUCTS IGA Price Matches the major a s hain t ch ket l supermarke al na ion tio ati na We’ve now reduced prices on 100s of everyday products to match the major national supermarket chains. Instore now. Participating stores only. Prices matched weekly to Woolworths or Coles everyday shelf price, excludes specials. Terms and conditions apply. To find out more, visit YOUR LOCAL IGA CAN BE FOUND AT: LILYFIELD IGA PLUS LIQUOR 402 CATHERINE STREET (CORNER OF CITY WEST LINK & CATHERINE STREET) LILYFIELD, NSW 2040 PHONE: 02 9560 7082 TRADING HOURS: 7AM – 9PM 7 DAYS A WEEK Street parking available on Lonsdale St P Underground carpark We reserve the right to limit purchases to reasonable quantities. Commercial quantities not supplied. See instore for details. We reserve the right to correct printing errors. TRADE NOT SUPPLIED IGANS9389_250315


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n Local Gigs Thursday 2nd April n Local screens Charles Bradley and His Extraordinaries OK, so technically Charles Bradley is just the opening act and I admit that the only song I know by him is his cover of Nirvana’s 'Stay Away' on Newermind, but for those who haven’t heard it, it’s awesome. Check him out. n Enmore Theatre, $75 PLUS - Win D ars Maps to the St y ac em & Supr CIAO's ! PICKS VDs of Those deep, dark Russians! Leviathan Don't stay away from this! Sunday 5th April Hollywood nightmare: Cronenberg's wicked vision Norma Jean Nothing says hardcore like Norma Jean. To fans, that sentence doesn’t sound at all sarcastic. I still can’t quite get into their music and it has got to do with the vocals. Still if you want to thrash, this is a good place to start. n Newtown Social Club, $43.90 Wednesday 8th April Maps To The Stars Dispatch These guys have a tropical sound like Jack Johnson, which occasionally moves into a more traditional rock sound like John Butler Trio. That doesn’t even start to explain this band's groove. One thing is certain; listen to these guys on a beach with a cocktail. n The Factory Theatre, $44 David Cronenberg’s dark Hollywood satire is getting its DVD release here around the same time as its US cinema run. Maybe no one wanted to scare Academy voters from giving Julianne Moore her Oscar? As Hannah in this, she really is scary – a fading star drowning in self pity and enough neurosis to fill several textbooks. She is being treated, of course, by copious self-medication and soothing naked massages from a celebrity shrink, (John Cusack), himself the father of a brattish child star and certified monster. To help around the mansion, Hannah hires a “chore whore”, the enigmatic Agatha (Mia Waiskowska), who wears long gloves to hide the damage from a fire she deliberately lit to burn her family house down. But who is Agatha? That’s revealed, tantalisingly, but not before one hilarious scene where Hannah, on the toilet noisily dealing with the constipation caused by her drug use, lectures Agatha on her sex life. Someone give that lady an Oscar! M available on DVD, Blu-ray and Digital March 25. Shaun The Sheep Movie With Bitzer (a rather stupid sheepdog), Shaun and his flock have to go to the Big City to find their amnesia-suffering farmer – who, because he was once an ace shearer, has become a celebrity hairdresser to the stars. All the Aardman Studio’s trademark sly humour and rip-roaring slapstick is here, brilliantly combined with manure jokes, adult satire and rollicking kid-friendly action. There’s even a nod to Orwell. With the farmer gone – the pigs take over! That earns it a rating warning: “Some scary scenes.” Otherwise G of course and fantastic fun! From Mar 26. The credits of Andrey Zvyagintsev’s lacerating masterpiece announce that it was supported by “The Russian Ministry of Culture”. Wow, that’s like the Broken Hill Tourist Authority sponsoring Wake In Fright. If the film’s aim is Putin’s Russia (and there’s much more going on), then its verdict is brutal: Life is cruel. There is no justice or faith, just cynicism and moral corruption, and this we slowly learn as we follow Kolya (Aleksey Serebryakov), his sullen teenage son and beautiful sad-eyed wife (Elena Lyadova) as they battle to keep their ramshackle home out of the development clutches of a (scary!) local mayor. It's set in the remote and stunningly beautiful north west coast region of Kola, and great quantities of vodka are scoffed not to keep warm, just (apparently) to mark any occasion. “Are you OK to drive?” a woman asks her husband at the end of a picnic. Huh? “I’m a traffic cop, aren’t I?” he snorts. Superb, but very dark. M from March 26. Samba White girl (the always strange Charlotte Gainsbourg), black man, (the immensely appealing Omar Sly) – the usual romance? Wrong, this is so refreshingly different, most of all because of its back story, the difficult lives of France’s army of undocumented immigrants. Here we call them “asylum seekers” and Australia could not make such an honest, strange and appealing movie as this. Locked into our entrenched, toxic party politics, we would just turn it all into an “issue” and then chant slogans. M from April 2. ★ More online: n Reviews – Russell Edwards ★ Thanks to Entertainment One Australia we have 5 DVDs to give away. Details below. No sheep pun will go unfleeced! WIN DVDs! MASTERCLASSY WIN FREE TICKETS Casa Barilla’s Chef Series is a great, authentic Italian cooking experience, featuring all of the best Italian chefs across Sydney. This year’s series will begin on the 30th of March with Francesco Spataro from Norton Street’s Aperitivo, where he will be demonstrating both a fantastic woodfire pizza recipe, with a wood-fire stove being brought in specifically, as well as a more traditional pasta recipe. The next masterclass, held on the 15th of April, will feature Paolo Gatto as the guest chef. Best known for his restaurant Gatto Matto in Five Dock, Paolo has recently opened a new restaurant in Concord with a focus on Italian street food and this will be the inspiration for his class. Both classes are $50 per person and include drinks and antipasti on arrival, the two piatti taught by the chefs and gelato. If you are inspired to get a little Mediterranean in the kitchen, either of these two classes are a great place to start! For more info or to make a booking, visit www. To go into the running to win a FREE double pass to either of these classes, email us at here is the perfect chance. Glee Club Fun is recommended for children over five and will feature all the top tracks from the hit TV series. For more information or to make a booking, visit www.kingstreettheatre. To enter to win a FREE double pass to either show, email us at White trash Supremacy Tough thrillers don’t come much grittier than this one – Tully (Joe Anderson) is a lowlife ex-con and white supremacist who, with his appalling girl friend Doreen, kills a cop only hours after being released. They then take refuge in the only black household in the neighbourhood, but the father (Danny Glover) is no fan of the law himself. Much more than just a hostage drama, director Deon Taylor then ratchets up the tension deftly as the situation’s incendiary, racially charged subtext is played out. MA15+ Available to rent or buy on Blu-Ray 3D, Blu Ray, DVD and digital now. ★ Thanks to Icon Home Entertainment we have 5 DVDs to give away. Details below. Wood fired with love Mon 13th-Tue 14th April SCA Junior Futsal Camp While most kids’ reaction to school holidays is the celebration of what they don’t have to do, that attitude can let precious time go to waste! Instead, why not encourage your kids to stay active, have fun and make some new friends? If you’re a fan of Futsal (indoor soccer), then Sports Camps Australia has a great program for you that they will be running through the next school break. Aimed at athletes aged 6-16, this two-day camp held at Sydney Olympic Park is a great chance to improve soccer technique. Camp director, Arthur Kazas, places particular focus on junior development so you know you are in good hands. This camps costs $180. For more info or to make a booking, visit Mon 13th-Tue 14th April GLEE CLUb FUN Play some futty 8 Over this school break, the King Street Theatre is putting on an amazing show. The production will be running from the 14th-18th of April and is an interactive kids show inspired by the global phenomenon of Glee. If you have ever wanted to sing like Rachel, Kurt or Blane, or throw in yourbest moves like Brittany and Mike, then participants have the chance to win fantastic prizes! Children are welcome. Participants can learn to; install an aerator, fix a leaking tap and make natural, chemical-free cleaners at home, make a cute door snake or a hot water bottle cover to reduce your reliance on heaters and electric blankets, reduce waste (and get a great new look!) by attending a ladies’ From Monday 13th April accessories swap and also attend a Sustainability Challenge forum on climate change in The Sustainable Neighbourhoods the Leichhardt area Program is run as a series of three fun, Register at online challenges. Residents can sign up au/sustainable-neighbourhoods as individuals, households and groups (think workplaces, schools, P&Cs, sporting teams, a group of friends. To be in the running to win one of five Once registered, participants learn at DVDs of David Croneberg's Map To their own pace over two weeks for each The Stars, or the tough crime thriller challenge- there’s one each on water Supremacy email your name and savings, energy savings and reducing address to waste. At the end of each challenge, au telling us where you picked up your WIN DVDs Available from March 25 copy of Ciao. Give us a preference if you enter both (you can) and remember to include a postal address.


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GEOMETRICUT HAIR DESIGNING SALON Shop 7/1-15 Wilson Street, Newtown Tel: 8041 8482 Email: LED BY FORMER INTERNATIONAL STYLIST & EDUCATOR FOR VIDAL SASSOON ACADEMY. AT GHS WE CATER TO ALL CLIENTS BY OFFERING HIGHLY SKILLED DESIGNERS AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. TRADING HOURS Monday: Closed Tuesday: 10am - 7pm Wednesday: 10am - 7pm Thursday: 10am - 8pm Friday: 10am - 8pm Saturday: 10am - 6pm Sunday: Closed


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n Your say n Sustainability n Local news Your Say with Labor Candidate for Balmain, Verity Firth. What is your take on the Polls and Wires debate? I believe it doesn’t make any sense to sell the polls and wires. The infrastructure delivers us 1.7 billion dollars a year in dividends for the state government. Why would any government want to sell such a profitable network. Also as technologies change we have different ways to make energies such as renewable energies. I think it's best for the state to still own the distribution structure for that energy. How is it getting back on the campaign trail? I have always enjoyed campaigning and this time is no exception. Who is someone memorable you have spoken to while campaigning? I do feel for the elderly residents that I sometimes door-knock, especially in the Glebe Estate where they are worried that their houses might be sold by the Baird government because they are selling houses at Millers Point. I feel like this is a really immoral act for the government to do, to make these elderly people feel like their homes are not secure. The debate on the Baird Government’s plan to lease 49 per cent of NSW poles and wires for around $10 billion dollars is confusing. To some, it feels like a choice between voting for heavy-handed sweaty union boss or a greedy foreign investor, when the real issue we should be talking about is how soon can we get off the grid and have households running off renewable energy. So what are poles and wires? Electricity is generated by power stations (coal, gas, wind, solar or hydro) which are both privately and state owned, and distributed to substations through transmitters (those big industrial structures seen out in the suburbs, owned by Transgrid). State-owned distribution networks Ausgrid, Endeavour Energy and Essential Energy pick up electricity from substations and ‘poles and wires’ then distribute the electricity to houses. The Premier plans to sell half of Ausgrid and Endeavour Energy, all of TransGrid, but not Essential Energy, which delivers power to 95 per cent of the state. Are poles and wires relevant to renewable energy future? Yes and no. Poles and wires are still needed to distribute renewable energy to households. If households become energy self-sufficient and solar batteries for households are affordable and efficient (as is predicted to occur over the next five years), ‘poles and wires’ become a redundant network (and a liability). What is the fair market value for NSW’s 'poles and wires' distribution network? The premier has touted a figure of $10 billion. We recently paid over $45 billion in network HighVoltage Election Pilot program for skilled migrants Metro Assist (formerly Metro Migrant Resource Centre) has won a $450,000 partnership with a State Government pilot program. The SKILL ME pilot program will target those skilled migrants, such as those trained as engineers and accountants, who have not yet been able to enter the industry they hold qualifications for. Metro Assist is based in Ashfield and provides casework support to refugees and migrants across the Inner West. The SKILL ME program is projected to launch in a month. Power system dollars. Source: Grattan Institute CEO of Metro Assist, Lou Bacchiella, says that migrants face a combination of obstacles to entering the industry they have trained for. “We have all met somebody who is doing a job different to that they are qualified for. Not only is this a loss to the person, it is a loss to local industry as people’s skills are not being used to their full capacity,” he said. upgrades (remember all those Ausgrid dudes digging up Norton St and King St?). This infrastructure upgrade has since been proved to be a complete waste of bill-payers' money. The networks had fudged their figures relating to peak usage and pocketed a nice $100 million a year. Ross Garnaut’s report accused the networks of “dodgy data” and gold plating the poles and wires. So if we have gold plated poles and wires, lets charge a gold-plated price - $45 billion would be a good starting point. It would be great to have $45 billion dollars of infrastructure. Will prices go up if the poles and wires are leased? No. NSW pays the most of all the states. In the five years to 2013, the average power bill rose 70% from $970 to $1660 a year. A report by Ernst & Young shows that Victoria’s privatised network charges fell 18 per cent in inflation-adjusted terms between 1996 and 2013. Over the same period, they rose 122 per cent in NSW. Should we lease our poles and wires? Yes. The industry cannot reform if it stays under government ownership. Lease them while they still have some market value. Exchanging harmony Students at Orange Grove Primary School celebrated Harmony Day last week by participating in a “school exchange” with students from Al Zahra College, an independent Islamic school in Arncliffe. Forty students from each swapped schools for the day to participate in social activities encouraging intercultural understanding. Orange Grove’s Italian Teacher, Mirella Dimarco, organised the event with the hope of expanding children’s experience of diversity beyond the people living in their suburb or at their school. “Our students at Orange Grove come from a range of different backgrounds but the majority of these are either European or British,” Dimarco said. n For further reading, go to Jess Hill’s excellent article, july/1404136800/jess-hill/power-corrupts Local fashion buses in some funds Volunteers of the Sydney Bus Museum have been working tirelessly every Wednesday and Saturday for five years to reopen the vintage bus exhibition at the restored tram sheds in Leichhardt. Formerly located in Tempe, General Manager of the museum, David Bennett says the collection of 70 vintage buses will be ready to open in the second half of this year. Totally run on donations, the opening of the Museum would not have be possible without a little help from some friends. Design Collective, a group of Inner West designers, florists and illustrators mustered funds for the museum using it as the site of a collaborative photo shoot. Founder of the collective, Enmore local Ruth Tate, said the tram sheds provided a particularly moody aesthetic to the photographs. The museum is still in great need of funds to curate the collection, as well as local mechanic and retail volunteers. David Bennett hopes the Museum will help revive Leichhardt’s people-pull. “It will be a real nostalgic centre to visit and will attract people from outside Sydney,” he said. “We are hoping have to vintage buses connecting the city and Balmain and maybe even running up Norton Street, so we think it’s a good opportunity for businesses in the area tapping into that vintage appeal.” n You can find out more about the Sydney Bus Museum at: www.sydneybusmuseum. info. Design Collective will be holding their biannual show at 7 Wemyss St, Enmore from 10am-5pm this Saturday March 28th. Poster The from end of Balmain, an era. Photo 1900. Source: credit: Eamon Leichhardt Donnelly Library Junk mail please The NSW State Library has asked that local residents hold on to pesky election campaign flyers that find their way into letterboxes, rain, hail or shine. The Library’s collection of materials associated with state elections goes back to the 1840’s and they are still collecting! n Post how-to-votes, letters from candidates, T-shirts and stickers to: Election Ephemera, State Library of NSW, Macquarie St, Sydney 2000. Getting on board. Photo credit: Mike Mamak an evening talk with the author at David Day Balmain Town Hall Margaret Clarke at an evening talk with the author Leichhardt Library Both events start Free - All welcome Book online or call Balmain Library 9367 9211 Leichhardt Library 9367 9266 FRIDAY 10 April Tuesday 14 MARCH Leichhardt Library Piazza Level, Italian Forum, 23 Norton Street -6:30pm- 10


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SALTUARY Your Holistic Health Partner SALTUARY OPEN DAY SATURDAY 4TH APRIL Experience free mini salt therapy, mini massages and more - Meet our practitioners - Tours of our clinic One Day Only Specials COME CELEBRATE OUR 2ND BIRTHDAY 10AM - 3PM Your Holistic Health Partner Salt rooms | Float rooms | Natural medicine Shop 2, 134 Great North Rd, Five Dock (next to Anytime Fitness) visit or call 9713 8688


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in the kitchen Vegetable Wontons  with Melissa Leong, n Michael Pollan (a very wise man) famously once said, “Eat food. Not too much. Mostly plants.” To this day, it’s still the most sanely put approach to food we can adopt, in a world where crazed loons are writing recipes for paleo baby formula (seriously?) and people are eliminating gluten this and sugar that, from their otherwise probably very normal and balanced diets. This is a recipe for vegetarian wontons, which can be steamed or fried, and are a good break from eating meat once in a while. Wine with Winsor n Top-notch red Wine by Brad 2012 Cabernet Merlot Method In a bowl, combine all of the ingredients aside from the wonton wrappers. Mix well to combine and set aside for 10 minutes for the flavours to get to know each other. Fill a small finger bowl with water and set aside. Place about a teaspoon of the mixture (making sure not to include too much of the liquid that will have leached out). Dip your finger into the finger bowl and wet two adjacent sides of the wonton wrapper. Fold in half to form a triangle, making sure the edges are completely sealed. You can also wet the two longest points of the triangle to form a sort of ravioli-esque shape if you are short on space and want to steam a lot at a time (pictured). You can store these between sheets of baking paper in zip locked bags in the freezer future use. Otherwise, steam or shallow fry and serve with your favourite dipping sauce (Chinkiang black vinegar and a little chilli oil is a good call). You’ve got to love the wild and crazy labels used by Brad Wehr for his Wine by Brad wines from Margaret River, but the quality of the wine in this bottle is equally impressive for a cabernet merlot that retails for under $20. This is made in a smooth, easy drinking style with the cabernet softened by the plummy merlot. Think dark berries, chocolate notes and a hint of French oak; and pair this with something bold like chorizo pizza or roast lamb. $18. Classy chardonnay Port Phillip Estate 2013 Red Hill Chardonnay Number Won healthy treat Ingredients 1 packet of Double Merino wonton wrappers 1 small handful of wood ear fungus, finely sliced 1 large white mushroom, finely chopped 1 spring onion (scallion) stalk, finely chopped 2 tablespoons of coriander roots, finely chopped ½ cup firm tofu, finely cubed ½ cup sweet potato, grated 1 tsp finely grated ginger 1 clove garlic, finely grated 1 tbsp oyster sauce 1 tsp dark soy Sandro Mosele, who makes wine for both Port Phillip Estate and sister label Kooyong, has an unerring touch when it comes to producing elegant cool-climate chardonnays. This is an absolutely beautiful example of elegant modern chardonnay from the Mornington Peninsula, lithe and lovely with hints of grapefruit, flinty minerality, and bright acid with oak playing an impressive support role adding structure. Drink now or cellar for five years. $35. Stylish number At the markets n Fruit: Grapes are still excellent, look out for Menindee seedless d’Arenberg 2012 The Custodian Grenache green and red grapes. Hass avocados are finishing for the season but Sheppard avocadoes will replace them so no worries. Summer has ended and mango prices have started going up. wild rocket and baby spinach are in limited supply. Some new arrivals include horseradish and broad beans, though the latter is still quite dear. n Vegetables: Broccoli is expensive right now and plenty of leaves like Grape expectations! xx x Grenache is not a red grape variety that is particularly fashionable right now but that means it offers excellent value for money. Most of the grenache found in the Barossa and McLaren Vale, where the grape thrives, is blended away or used in fortified wines. On its own, however, it offers sweet fruity intensity. This is made from late-ripening old bush vines, close to the ground, and features spectacular soft red and black fruit flavours for a pittance. $18. AT Home with Alex Malikyan As the head chocolatier at Paul’s Chocolates in Petersham, Alex Malikyan tells us all about living the sweet life. When did you learn to make chocolate for the first time? From a very young age I would watch my father make chocolate and I slowly began to learn how to make chocolate on my own. I was probably around 16 when I was able to make quality chocolate! Why do you think chocolate has such a cultural significance in festivities all over the world? Chocolate has been around for such along time and used through so many different cultures that it has just progressed as a staple item, especially when we celebrate different festivities. How do you pick a good Easter Bunny mould? Professionals use polycarbonate moulds as they are easier to use and produce a superior surface finish making the chocolate very shiny. They also transfer the cool evenly so that the chocolate crystallises evenly. What ingredients do you always keep on hand at home for cooking? Chocolate, of course! I have two little girls who love baking – their favourite thing to bake is chocolate cupcakes, with chocolate icing. So we definitely always have real chocolate on hand. How do you feel about new diet trends like – ‘The no sugar diet’? Is sugar really that bad for you? I agree with the basics of these types of diets, but of course as the famous saying goes – everything in moderation and that includes chocolate. 14 Jared Ingersoll Explanation needed Activists are a crucial part of a forward-moving society, however, food activism is going from curious to strange. Pete Evans is a nice guy, looks super healthy and comes across genuine and approachable. He has just co-written a book promoting the ‘paleo’ diet in which one baby formula recipe has the very real potential to kill babies. This is a statement of fact according to nearly every health professional and nutritional scientist. His publisher pulled the book and has backed away. I care about food, nutrition and the environment. I care about people’s choices and the importance of education about food and well-being. I do not care about faddish religion or the euphoria that surrounds snake-oil sales man. I made a comment in social media about how irresponsible I thought Pete was to publish this recipe and had more than a few people call me ‘uneducated’ or ‘ill informed’, which is an opinion they are more than welcome to! But when you look at the information and compare the evidence, you have almost every single qualified expert in child nutrition, that is not a Paleo follower saying, “this is dangerous and could kill.” Stack that against Kathy from Abbotsford who stopped feeling bloated after cutting out white rice and bread. When his book was pulled Pete said nothing for almost two weeks. After much haranguing and multiple requests for him to explain or even defend his recipes, his only response went something along the lines of “We are not going to let anyone stop us delivering healthy delicious recipes to our fans.” What? Why not say, “Sorry!” or “Here is the proof it is safe,” or even, “I have listened to your concerns and we are looking into it.” This style of food activist, who lauds in the face of convention, scares the hell out of me. They are so romantic, so passionate and so shallow. So from one food activist to another I say, Pete, chill out and please present some more information other than a glowing, healthy smile. Do you think people being more aware about their diets has effected business? No it hasn’t effected our business. I think people are becoming more aware of eating better, but I believe that most people understand that you can incorporate chocolate in your diet and still live a healthy lifestyle. In your opinion is the saying ‘life is like a box of chocolates’ really true? Yes I would have to agree, sometimes you pick a chocolate you love, other times you get one that is not quite what you were after. Just like life, sometimes your choices lead to happiness, other times they don’t. Life is a box of chololates Method Heat oven to 160C and line a 12-hole muffin tin with cases. Gently melt the butter, chocolate, sugar and 100ml hot water together in a large saucepan, stirring occasionally, then set aside to cool a little while you weigh the other ingredients Stir the eggs and vanilla into the chocolate mixture. Put the flour into a large mixing bowl, then stir in the chocolate mixture until smooth. Spoon into cases until just over three-quarters full (you may have a little mixture leftover), then set aside for 5 mins before putting on a low shelf in the oven and baking for 20-22 mins. Leave to cool. For the icing, melt the chocolate in a heatproof bowl over a pan of barely simmering water. Once melted, turn off the heat, stir in the double cream and sift in the icing sugar. When spreadable, top each cake with some and decorate with your favourite sprinkles and sweets. Double Chocolate Cupcakes Ingredients 200g butter 200g plain chocolate 200g light, soft brown sugar 2 eggs, beaten 1 tsp vanilla extract 250g self-raising flour Smarties, sweets and sprinkles, to decorate For the icing 200g plain chocolate 100ml double cream, not fridge-cold 50g icing 


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