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lot 1101 confederate flag liberty or death captured by general custer s command a er the battle of gettysburg in july 1863 from jeb stuart s confederate cavalry certainly one of the finest and most historical confederate 1st national flags in existence carried during the battle of gettysburg then captured during lee s retreat from jeb stuart s cavalry by custer s cavalry they don t come better than this the patriotic motto first coined by american virginian patriot patrick henry give me liberty or give me death at st john s church in richmond va in 1775 was resurrected for this flag by the ladies of virginia that made it for one of jeb stuart s cavalry many southerners believed that the civil war was the second american revolution a beautifully made flag with a light blue silk canton with 13 white cotton stars with the patriotic motto in blood red cotton all hand sewn with curtain tassels for an edge trim beautifully framed and the perfect display size of approximately 3 x 5 feet fully authenticated by the late howard madaus the foremost expert and author on civil war flags captured by pvt william goodman 5th michigan cavalry custer s brigade who sent this home to his family in michigan before he was in turn captured and later died at the infamous andersonville georgia pow camp one of the most historical confederate flags extant and a true showpiece $125,000 gary hendershott · 501.224.7555 · p.o box 22520 little rock ar 72221 · email 1


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lot 1102 3rd pennsylvania cavalry ­ hand-painted presentation flag carried at the battles of petersburg and appomattox and presented at warrenton va in december 1863 a magnificent hand-painted cavalry flag with the great seal of pennsylvania it was presented by the citizens of philadelphia to their men in honor of their victory during the battle of gettysburg where they rode with custer attacking csa general wade hampton s 13th va cavalry and their captain newhall was severely wounded during this cavalry battle this flag was presented to his men in his memory during christmas 1863 the 3rd pennsylvania cavalry went on to fight in all the battles carrying this flag in 1864 until war s end at lee s surrender at appomattox in april 1865 framed and perfect display size 38 x 42 inches this flag originally sold at a local philadelphia auction several years ago an historical showpiece $47,500 lot 1103 34-star flag hand-sewn immediately after lincoln s assassination made by the women of pottsville pennsylvania for president abraham lincoln s funeral train they made this american civil war flag after he was assassinated in 1865 beautifully hand-sewn of flannel cloth with 34 hand-cut white stars indicating 34 states of the union hand-sewn onto a homemade hand-dyed blue canton this unique american flag illustrates patriotism as well as a nation in mourning over the death of president lincoln it is signed in ink on the hoist by the lady that helped make it­ lucia w sloan it is accompanied by her woven black mourning shawl and clothing that she wore the day lincoln s body came through central pennsylvania in 1865 a remarkable showpiece size approximately 3 x 5 recently purchased from her descendants and never offered before $12,500 2 history collected by gary hendershott · sale 153 ·


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lot 1104 the unique general grant s ­ lt general and commander-in-chief uniform rank which he wore during the last year of the civil war and when lee surrendered to him at appomattox this is the only example from grant s lt general s uniform known ­ given by grant to his son-in-law as a wedding gift being general ulysses s grant s most treasured object from the civil war ­ his lieutenant generals rank insignia from his uniform the most remarkable of all civil war items and general grant s most cherished general s stars at the same time grant received these highest ranking general stars from president lincoln he was also appointed commander-in-chief of all of the union armies by president lincoln to take charge of all the armies and bring the civil war to a swift conclusion which he did within one year a rank usually reserved for just the president of the united states the only other general to receive this commander­in-chief appointment in the field was in fact george washington as commander of the continental army during the american revolution less than a hundred years earlier a general s uniform is secondary to his rank insignia this badge of rank made the uniform what it was to represent the commander of all the us armies george washington helped develop this us army military rank insignia from british military traditions general grant was the only general promoted to this rank during the civil war during wwii macarthur and eisenhower were both appointed commander­in-chief of all the armies this is the last surviving example from grant s uniform that he wore from 1864 until lee s surrender at war s end it is the most valuable and historical grant uniform artifact that exists it was grant s most cherished object from the 5 year s of war and the leadership that earned his presidency he presented these hard won general stars to his daughter and her husband on their wedding day as president of the united states his most treasured civil war general of the army stars accompanied by the original cherry wood silk-lined box he presented them to his daughter in accompanied by a white house invitation to her wedding by president and mrs u s grant numerous photographs of his daughter s family children grant s grandchildren this was originally discovered and sold at a famous auction in cleveland ohio over twenty years ago an important and historical discovery $275,000 phone orders accepted · call gary direct 501258-1861 gary hendershott · 501.224.7555 · p.o box 22520 little rock ar 72221 · email 3


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lot 1105 wade hampton style ­ confederate cavalry sword by kraft goldsmith kraft of columbia sc the massive kg k `wade hampton style enlisted man s cavalry saber believed to have been designed by colonel heros von borcke who imported the large solingen blades when he ran the blockade into the confederacy and joined jeb stuarts cavalry kg k made a similar officers grade model for south carolina s most famous and most wealthy general wade hampton which is currently on display at the white house of the confederacy this enlisted man s saber is actually rarer than the 6 officer grades that are known to exist it is 1 of only 2 that are known to exist the other being in the smithsonian collection ex john hammer collection $65,000 lot 1106 boyle gamble presentation foot officers sword to the petersburg guards one of only 6 boyle gamble foot officers swords known to exist with a presentation etched blade ornately etched with csa and patriotic designs inside an etched panel on the blade and presented to lt bone he served in the petersburg virginia guards a home unit to protect petersburg during the siege the blade has full luster and the etching is frosty an ultra-rare boyle and gamble foot officer s presentation sword in original scabbard $45,000 4 history collected by gary hendershott · sale 153 ·


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lot 1107 ultra-rare douglas columbia south carolina confederate cs cavalry officers sword the rarest of all b douglas confederate swords produced in columbia sc during the height of the civil war it is 1 of only 2 that are known to exist and will be published in the upcoming book on south carolina confederate weapons purchased from norm flayderman in 1990 it is among the rarest of all confederate swords $45,000 lot 1108 the douglas enlisted man s cavalry sword with oil cloth grips the most famous of all b douglas swords was this light cavalry sword produced in columbia south carolina during the height of the war with oilcloth grips shortage of leather near war s end and a steel fullered blade this sword will also be illustrated in the upcoming book on south carolina confederate weapons $17,500 both of the douglas confederate swords as 1 collection for only $55,000 lot 1109 richmond made massive cavalry sword the unfullered blade is similar to jeb stuart s possibly made by boyle gamble this is also from albaugh s personal collection illustrated on page 95 of his book cavalry spurs buckles used for ring mounts on the leather scabbard pigskin grip $22,500 gary hendershott · 501.224.7555 · p.o box 22520 little rock ar 72221 · email 5


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lot 1110 us cavalry officer s slouch hat ­ custer wore one just like this at gettysburg in 1863 a superb indian war us cavalry officer s slouch hat this was by far the most popular hat worn by us cavalry officers from the civil war to the early indian war era there is a famous photograph taken of custer with his arms crossed wearing this same style of hat in excellent supple condition silk hatband and edge piping are intact leather is supple with no defects whatsoever $1,250 lot 1111 confederate armory csa staff officers sword made in kenansville north carolina the famous kenansville armory confederate staff officer s sword with the large csa in an open-work brass guard with a long 32 inch narrow pen knife style of blade with hand-carved assembly number on the brass throat of the scabbard which retains it s original brown magenta color and solid brass mounts louis froelich founded the confederate armory in kenansville nc early in the war and produced a variety of weapons to sell to the confederate government a scarce and highly desirable sword the only one of its type produced for the confederacy $12,500 alabama artillery battalion ­ colt round barrel navy carried by 11th alabama artillery lt abner n steel who was killed at the battle of fraizer s farm virginia in 1865 a very fine colt navy with a low serial number 9903 carried by a confederate artillery officer from alabama lt a n steel company 11th alabama artillery this rare identified revolver was originally discovered with his confederate foot officers sword made by mckinney co of charlottesville va a very fine and historic gun $9,500 lot 1112 6 history collected by gary hendershott · sale 153 ·


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lot 1113 confederate jacksonian style virginia officers forage kepi and pistol/sword belt set worn by captain gaiuther 10th virginia cavalry ­ battle of gettysburg a superb confederate officer s forage hat identical to the one stonewall jackson wore except captain gauither of the famous 10th virginia cavalry wore this rare example made of blockade-run cadet grey wool with dual strands of gilt quatrefoil and virginia cuff buttons on either side of the visor accompanied by his sword pistol belt set and is colt navy serial 9401 revolver low number along with his cartridge box a superb display of this hard fighting cavalry officer from the army of northern virginia the 10th virginia cavalry rode into the battle of gettysburg with 236 men and surrendered with lee with only 22 men all as one collection hat pistol sword belt set with holster and cartridge box $45,000 phone orders accepted · call gary direct 501258-1861 7 gary hendershott · 501.224.7555 · p.o box 22520 little rock ar 72221 · email |


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lot 1114 tiffany silver mounted horse hoof from the battle of edisto island south carolina 1863 5th corps battle horse named folko his tiffany silver mounted horse hoof after he was killed at the battle of edisto island sc missing in most collections and i have never seen another offered before the hoof of a battle horse elaborately mounted after the horse died and kept in his memory by the cavalry officer that rode him in battle accompanied by framed letter certainly one of the most unusual items of the war tiffany must have felt the same way when asked to silver mount a battle horse hoof $4,500 ultra-rare boyle and gamble confederate side-knife ­ carried by mosby s ranger 1st sergeant alexander babcock 43rd virginia cavalry 1st sergeant alexander g babcock rode with mosby partisan rangers he was in the 43rd virginia cavalry battalion attached to mosby s artillery in 1864 and is buried in richmond s hollywood cemetery his knife has his name and regiment engraved on the top mount of the scabbard only a few confederate bowie knives are known to exist made by boyle and gamble and it has a faintly etched blade with crossed confederate flags similar to b g confederate officers swords a remarkable boyle gamble fighting knife carried by one of mosby s finest men $12,500 lot 1115 lot 1116 confederate railroad map with the blood of col william lewis of the 100th pennsylvania when he was killed in action at the battle of chancelorsville this map was in his uniform coat pocket when he died railroad map of the southern states 1862 ­ printed by duval of philadelphia and drawn by thomas kimber who presented this map in ink col wm d lewis with t kimber s compliments one of the most strategic military maps of the war it delineates the confederate railroad tracks throughout the south a large and very exhibitable map in an old oak frame 30 x 50 inches and a superb showpiece $9,500 8 history collected by gary hendershott · sale 153 ·


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lot 1117 a rare 5th corps headquarters flag with a maltese cross virginia 1864 beautiful headquarters flag of the staff officer of the 5th army corps army of the potomac being an unofficial swallow tail corps flag adopted due to the absence of orders marking the location of key staff officers in camp and occasionally in the field although not authorized by army orders it was a common practice for quartermasters and several other types of staff officers to create their own flag in order to readily identify their headquarters this striking headquarters flag with a dark blue bunting swallowtail field with white inset and red bunting maltese cross corps design is a vivid example probably emanating from the campaign of 1864 it flew over many battlefields of the civil war including wilderness spotsylvania and the weldon railroad operations a superb example of an undoubtedly unique headquarters flag from the famous 5th army corps framed 18 x 31 accompanied by the late howard madaus letter of authentication $9,500 lot 1118 headquarters flag of the 14th army corps the army of the cumberland 1863 a superb headquarters flag for the staff officer of the famous 14th army corps of tennessee this is an unofficial swallow tail corps flag to mark the locations of the key staff officers in camp and field although not an arsenal made flag it was a common practice for staff officers to have a flag made to designate their position both on and off the battlefield the 14th was under the command of general george h thomas and was the first to break through the confederate defenses at murfreesboro to begin the campaign for chattanooga they also were the principal force in storming missionary ridge and went with sherman to the siege of atlanta and the march to the sea a fine and historical civil war corps flag this striking headquarters flag is well made of cotton bunting with a red acorn on a blue field with a sleeve hoist 19 x 28 framed and in excellent condition $9,500 lot 1119 not shown us surgeon large photograph in medical officers full uniform with medical insignia armbands and md on his slouch hat he is fullstanding and wearing a green medical sash a superb large albumen photograph taken from life by hallet brother ny size 8 x 10 inches perfect for display with a medical collection unresearched images of us army surgeons are quite rare $100 lot 1120 not shown union soldier s wardate battle of port hudson diary a great pocket diary in ink beginning january 1 1863 well written by pvt ruben a adams co d 160th ny state volunteers camp mansfield louisiana we reached our forces and marched triumphantly into the stronghold the prisoners were all lined up to be taken to donaldsonville he describes life in the swamplands of louisiana fighting the rebs accompanied by a brass name stencil and a pass written for him a very fine wardate soldiers diary $450 lot 1121 not shown union female spy ­ miss pauline cushman ­ theatre broadside 1864 barnum s museum ­ thursday june 30th 1864 ­ miss maj pauline cushman the brave union spy and scout will give a lecture every day at 11 o clock a two-sided broadside for this museum in downtown washington dc and the beginnings of pt barnum s famous circus during the civil war he operated this ongoing museum to attract the soldiers and general public very fine and exhibitable 12 inches tall $750 lot 1122 not shown lot 1123 abraham lincoln for president in 1864 ­ presidential election broadside national republican ticket from massachusetts a massachusetts presidential election ballot with a large patriotic eagle and shield at header with john andrew as governor from boston and andrew johnson of tennessee as vice-president very fine and exhibit able 14 inches tall $750 capt alexander d payne ­ black horse cavalry captured in 1863 ­ his presentation cane silver presentation cane to capt a.d payne from virginia governor william smith s son colonel thomas smith engraved on the silver pommel cap with engraved designs captain payne saved his regimental flag from being surrendered at appomattox on april 9 1865 a superb mahognony cane.3 6 inches tall $2,500 phone orders accepted · call gary direct 501258-1861 gary hendershott · 501.224.7555 · p.o box 22520 little rock ar 72221 · email 9


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lot 1124 confederate sharps carbine made by robinson in richmond va for the confederate cavalry a rare confederate .52 cal cavalry carbine serial #1518 made by robinson arms in the confederate capitol of richmond virginia in 1862 this is a 100 original carbine just as manufactured in the armory for the confederacy in very fine condition in comparison with the others known to exist with crisp and sharp markings on the barrel top and untouched dark patina wood good bore and still has the saddle ring a rare confederate cavalry carbine $12,500 lot 1125 dragoon .58 caliber pistol and shoulder stock the largest pistol ever issued in the us army springfield dragoon pistol in .58 caliber with original detachable should stock this was issued to the us cavalry in the west prior to the civil war and was the largest caliber pistol ever issued to the military completely original stock and pistol with matching wood and untouched patina a showpiece $9,500 10 history collected by gary hendershott · sale 153 ·


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mosby s last confederate flag csa 2nd national cavalry flag carried by the governor of virginia s son and mosby s staff officer lt f w smith march through april 1865 the last mosby flag an historically important flag carried and used by mosby at his headquarters during the last days of the civil war president jefferson davis had appointed virginia governor william smith s son lt frederick waugh smith as an aide-de-camp on mosby s staff on march 13 1865 this was the flag he used while serving under mosby at his headquarters as the confederacy fell apart and lee surrendered less than a month later at appomattox the flag has another and equally interesting history in that the governor and his family like many confederate ex-patriots left america this flag was discovered among their family effects in south africa in the 1970s by bill turner who bought this flag and numerous heirlooms of the governor s family a remarkable discovery at the time and to this very day accompanied by two photographs of virginia governor william extra billy smith and his wife lt f w smith remained in south africa fought in the boer war and later died there authenticated by textile preservation associates beautifully framed and perfect for exhibit size 18 x 32 cavalry flag $125,000 lot 1126 lot 1127 22nd louisiana colonel s uniform grouping with louisiana state buttons a remarkable assemblage of a louisiana colonel s uniform includes the crown of his kepi and chin strap with louisiana buttons still attached his collar insignia and 14 louisiana confederate state buttons all are mounted on a large part of his grey uniform with quatrefoil from his sleeves sewn in a circle making this an ornate memento for his family after the war but a loss to the collecting community as they not only cut up his uniform but his hat too after the war the southern states were under military occupation and confederate uniforms and insignia were banned which may explain this assemblage that is identified to the 22nd louisiana infantry all mounted on 19th century paste board and framed 20 inches tall $7,500 gary hendershott · 501.224.7555 · p.o box 22520 little rock ar 72221 · email 11


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lot 1128 petersburg railroad engineer s surveyor transom used by general mahone to lay the tracks between petersburg and norfolk c 1860 a rare surveying transit for the famous petersburg railroad the tripod is marked virginia engineers battalion no 1 and the face of the transom is painted norfolk and petersburg railroad brass telescope and all brass mounts it is still in working condition general william mahone had graduated from vmi in lexington virginia and served as chief engineer and later president of the petersburg railroad this was the very surveying transom that he used and was later used again by virginia confederate troops to build railroads in the confederacy it was discovered among his personal effects and is a great museum showpiece i have never seen another confederate surveyor transom offered $9,500 lot 1129 colonel john mosby ­ original brady glass plate negative taken of him shortly after he was wounded in 1864 col john mosby 43rd virginia partisan rangers ­ original glass plate negative taken shortly after he was gunshot in a surprise union cavalry raid to capture him emaciated he proudly clings to his distinctive hat and is wearing his confederate colonel uniform discovered among mathew brady s effects before they were destroyed after the war accompanied by large albumen photograph of mosby s family in warrenton a superb display $4,500 12 history collected by gary hendershott · sale 153 ·


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lot 1130 css alabama isaac campbell sword photograph and coat of arms of lt john low c 1863 a superb grouping of the css alabama officer john low a british citizen that joined up with admiral raphael semmes onboard the css alabama the most feared confederate raider on the high seas he eventually became a landowner in georgia in the southern confederacy and commanded other ships in the cs navy on his own a handsome young naval officer his photograph in full confederate double-breasted naval uniform was taken in london england his family coat of arms has hand drawn calligraphy of his family from henry the viii but his sword without scabbard is a dolphin head with sharkskin grips and stamped on the ricasso by the famous blockade runner weapons merchant isaac campbell who supplied weapons exclusively to the confederacy via bermuda a superb group the sword he carried onboard the css alabama his photograph from life taken in london after he joined up with the confederate navy and his coat of arms 3 items $45,000 lot 1131 not shown reverend john johns who swore jefferson davis in as president of the confederate states large-folio salt-print from life of the famous confederate episcopal bishop ­ john johns who swore jeff davis into the office of president of the southern confederacy on february 22 1862 as it s first and only president large 12 inches tall salt-print $450 gary hendershott · 501.224.7555 · p.o box 22520 little rock ar 72221 · email 13


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the original drawings for the 1st confederate iron clad gun ship the css merrimac that sank the uss monitor during the most famous naval battle of the civil war in 1862 as far as confederate manuscripts go they just don t exist any more important than this being the original drawing by capt john porter cs navy engineer of his design to place iron clad shields onboard the css virginia/merrimac and create an unsinkable battleship it worked the uss monitor was sunk and her canon shells bounced off the merrimac with abraham lincoln s blockade of the south the ironclads became the most important priority of the newly formed confederate government to break lincoln s stranglehold on confederate ports this ironclad proved the point and if enough of them had been built they would have broken the blockade this is the original large folio pen and ink scale drawing of how to apply the iron clads to the deck of a ship and how to protect the confederate gunship at sea hand-drawn and signed by `jno porter csn in 1862 the only manuscript in existence that documents the iron clad of the css virginia/merrimac the library of congress owns several drawings by captain jno porter but nothing of this importance as this is the only manuscript hand-drawn constructor s model still in private hands and it is the only original manuscript by him of how to apply the iron plates to deflect the shells this manuscript scroll was purchased directly from porter s family and is unpublished a remarkable albeit unique confederate manuscript that turned the tide of war a 12 x 36 inches manuscript ship s constructor scroll $125,000 lot 1132 14 history collected by gary hendershott · sale 153 ·


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lot 1133 a superb large albumen photograph of the famous alexander webb a superb large albumen photograph of the famous alexander webb who saved the day at gettysburg and held back pickett s charge civil war photography does not come any nicer than this it is as mint as the day it was taken and a large albumen general webb was a lt colonel when he commanded the union line on cemetery ridge that held the center of pickett s charge he received the congressional medal of honor for his gallantry that day after the war he made history again as the president of city college in new york the first public university in america taken in march 1865 as brevet major general size 6 x 8 inches mint ex william a turner collection $750 lot 1134 not shown tennessee officer captured at the fall of fort donelson colonel farquharson 41st tennessee volunteers fort warren prison camp boston harbor in 1862 large signed note from this prison for confederate officers r farquharson col 41st regt tenn vols ­ surrendered at fort donelson february 16th 1862 ­ fort warren june 16th 1862 perfect for display 4 x 6 inches and war date $50 lot 1135 not shown jefferson davis for president of the confederate states in 1861 a small handbill electoral ticket from virginia printed on blue paper with jefferson davis and alexander stephens in large block letters $450 lot 1136 civil war bullet proof vest with eagle buttons and new haven maker s label a very rare bullet proof vest made in new haven conneticut by g m cook co perhaps a few yale volunteers took out extra insurance by way of this bullet proof vest it does have a test fire bullet indention along with two other hits including one thru the vest itself which has blood stains inside it has most of its eagle i buttons and is a butternut brown color a scarce uniform from the civil war it would stop a .58 cal bullet and a bullet proof vest is missing amongst most museum collections $18,500 gary hendershott · 501.224.7555 · p.o box 22520 little rock ar 72221 · email 15



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