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$&&2002'$7,1* <28 CHRISTMAS


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$&&2002'$7,1* <28 Dear  Customer,   Although  Christmas  is  sDll  a  long  way,  it  is  Dme  to  start  preparing  for   the    Christmas  presents  for  your  crew.   In  this  brochure  we  want  to  give  you  a  first  impression  of  some  ideas   of  products,  giKs  and  gadgets  Also  we  put  some  ideas  in  for  one  big   present  for  each  ship.     These  are  just  some  ideas  and  we  will  conDnue  searching  for  more   giKs  of  course,  you  let  us  know    what  you  want  for  your  crew  we  will   be  happy  to  make  you  the  best  tailor-­‐made  soluDon.     Contact:  ||  0031  6  83  222  479  ||    


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Christmas Gifts Electronics $&&2002'$7,1* <28 Personal gifts Here  are  some  ideas  of  giKs  for  each  crewmember.     From  small  giKs  to  more  extensive  presents  and  from   Electronics  to  Gadgets.  We  provide  a  huge  range  of  different   ideas.  Let  us  know  what  you  desire  and  we  will  show  you.   Bluetooth  Speaker   Wireless  streaming  your  favorite  music  from  your  personal   device.     Tablet  /  E-­‐reader  /  Ipad   Your  music,  games,  documents  and  many  more   always  and  everywhere  with  you  on  your  favorite   device    


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Christmas Gifts Cabin $&&2002'$7,1* <28 Bathroom  Radio   Add  some  music  to  your  shower  with  this  bathroom  radio.   Radio  Alarm  Clock     Wake  up  with  your  favorite  music  staDon  or  by  alarm.  The   throw  Alarm  Clock  is  a  special  type  of  alarm  clock  which   actually  requires  you  to  bounce  or  throw  it  in  order  to   switch  it  off.     Flashlight   LED  flashlight.  Adjustable  in  four  easy-­‐to-­‐teeth.    


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Christmas Gifts Cabin $&&2002'$7,1* <28 Back  up  ba>ery   USB  output  suitable  for  every  mobile  phone.   Earphones  and  Earbuds   Comfortable  listening  to  your  favorite  music.   Portable  mini  safe     Protect  your  belongings.  The  safe  contains  a  digit  combinaDon   lock.  


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Christmas Gifts Cabin $&&2002'$7,1* <28 USB  Christmas  tree   Plug  it  into  your  USB  output  and  you  have  a  Merry   luminous  Christmas  tree.   Sportcamera  /  Digitalcamera   Capture  your  best  moments  easily  on  you  own  camera.     Watch  /    SmartWatch  /  I  Watch     Use  your  watch  to  check  the  Dme  and  your  email  as   well.  


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Christmas Gifts Cabin $&&2002'$7,1* <28 Personal customized gifts We  can  provide  company  logos  or  text  on  almost  anything.  The   only  thing  we  need  is  your  idea  and  we  will  personalize  it  of   course  tailor-­‐made.  


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$&&2002'$7,1* <28 Total ship gifts We  are  specialists  in  creaDng  the  best  leisure  environment  on   board.  Total  soluDons,  or  parts  of  it,    from  gamerooms  with   gamechairs  and  consoles  to  large  TV’s  or  even  beamers  with   project  screens.  We  can  also  provide  music  instruments,   karaokesets  and  darts  and  boardgames.   We  can  make  a  tailor-­‐made  soluDon  including  drawings  and  give   several  opDons.     Contact:  ||  0031  6  83  222  479  ||    


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$&&2002'$7,1* <28 Healthy gifts From  Small  fitness  to  big  Cardio  Machines  we  have  the  best   soluDon.     Take  for  example  the  FitatSea  Praxtour  Experience.  Cycling  has   never  been  more  fun.  Give  your  crew  the  opportunity  to   experience  the  world’s  most  realisDc  indoor  bike  rides.  Race  at   various  beauDful  and  challenging  locaDons  with  other  crew   members  and  compete.  Many  crews  did  start  it  already.             Contact:  ||  0031  6  83  222  479  ||    


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$&&2002'$7,1* <28 What do you need Only  provide  us  with  possible  number  of  crew  or  ships  you   want  a  present  for.  And  a  price  range  of  what  it  may  cost  and   we  will  send  you  a  tailor-­‐made  proposal  with  several   possibiliDes  to  choose  from.     We  look  to  fit  your  needs.     You  can  contact  us  at     or  call  us  at  0031  6  83  222  479     Contact:  ||  0031  6  83  222  479  ||    



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