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1st Class c vh GROUP Ask a PC Q&A with GMP Health & Wellbeing with Dr A Hannan On the road Unique Caddie Dream car Our pets corner Romeo, Romeo Arts 7 Museums Best of Tameside


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in this issue 04 Rotary Life with David Bentley 05 Ask PC Kevin McEvoy 06 ‘40’s Fashion 07 Digital GP’s 08 Arts & Museums 10 Health & Wellbeing 11 Dream Car 12 A Gold Experience 14 Pets in verse 16 Cafe Cowboy Racer Thanking Barbara Hampson and Elizabeth Hardman our 1st Class ladies volunteer models with Daniel Millan acting as the shop assistant. Location - Portland Basin Museum. Photo by Les Ardon (affectionately known as The Old Codger). 1st Class c vh GROUP We have organised The 1st Class Awards 2015 to help raise funds for The Alzheimer’s Society and our 1st Class ladies will be hosting this event. Special thanks to The Rotary Club of Hyde and The Rotary Club of Dukinfield & Stalybridge for sponsoring the magnificent trophies. We hope that you come along and support this entertaining event. Sunday 12th April 2015 at Oaklands Hall, Beech View, off Mottram Road, Hyde, Cheshire. SK14 3DE starting at 7:30pm. 2


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EDITOR Christina Howard | 07713 973640 ASSISTANT EDITOR Bob Alston | MARKETING/PRODUCTION/ DESIGN Christina Howard WEBSITE & SOCIAL MEDIA Bob Alston LETTER from EDITORS PA Margaret Sowter THE EDITOR Welcome to our new magazine 1st Class. We hope that you will enjoy our first issue, as we cover todays topics ans step back down Memory Lane. We look forward to hearing from you, your own stories, to share with our readers, and your photos are very welcome too. This is a volunteer magazine highlighting heartwarming stories and advice. All those connected with this magazine freely give their time and skill to bring it to you. PHOTOGRAPHY RAPhotograhy | Special Thanks QUESTIONS & FEEDBACK Phone: 07713 973640 To this issue - David Bentley - Dr Amir Hannan - PC Kevin McEvoy - Les Ardon - Mike Radcliffe - Bob Taylor. All enquiries to the Editor, on 07713 973640 or Christina Howard Editor ON THE COVER: Portland Basin Museum Statement of Copyright: CVH 1st Class magazine is owned and published electronically by CVH 1st Class Group. ©2015 all rights reserved. No part of this electronic magazine may be reproduced without the prior consent of CVH 1st Class Group. Requests for permission should be directed to: 3


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SPECIAL FEATURE with David Bentley ROTARY LIFE Welcome to my new column in this the first edition of 1st Class. I am amazed, these days, at the growth of social media in our lives. I wonder what people would have made of it in the 1940’s. Letters to the forces were the only way they could keep in touch and the turnaround was for ever, yet sweethearts and loved ones corresponded, sometimes daily, with their precious news. How wonderful it was to receive a letter from home or the front. Although I was born in 1948, a mere after war baby, I can remember having childhood sweethearts who I wrote to when away on 6 weeks holiday and looking eagerly for the reply in the post, and receiving some poor girl’s undying love for me until my return. Young love, ha ha. But today, with the advent of Facebook, Twitter and other social media plus of course texting, we expect a more immediate reply. If it is not forthcoming then the panic sets in. Have I offended someone, has something happened, or it can be more mundane like a flat battery, no signal, or some other technical reason. It does give us the opportunity to look into the everyday lives of celebrities and sometimes even converse with them. But is this a good thing? We read more and more where the celebrities get too, involved with their followers, and make off the cuff remarks that they may regret and then spend an age trying to retract or explain. In addition we can keep up to date with family and friends and their lives, make new acquaintances with people who share similar interests. I’ve recently been able to wish happy birthday to a school pal in Western Australia and bemoan the fortunes of the football team I support. I can keep up to date with the regular activities of Rotary Club of Hyde, of which I am a member, and also my local church. Good when the memory cells are in decline. 4 from left to right Dr Bill Goldthorp - Aidan Guant- Lynn Bird photograph by Kevin Maddox All these aspects of social media can either leave us baffled, or we move onto the next craze like Instagram, Youtube and many more if you want to be trendy. Some people can’t live without their fix of interaction with, very often, people they have never met. I confess to being one of these people. A self-confessed Twitter freak. At the time of writing, I have 14200 followers on Twitter. These cover the world from Hawaii to India, Columbia to Indonesia. Many, I confess, I don’t know or have never spoken to, but others I have regular conversations with about football, Christian matters and Rotary. Our Rotary Club has a Facebook page which has been well used over the Christmas period especially with regard to the Father Christmas visits. To a certain extent this has superseded the use of our web site by outsiders. In the next edition of this magazine, I will explain more about the role of Rotary in our community, but if you wish to contact me with your views and items you would like me to look at, please contact me on, or you could write me a letter Ha Ha.


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Greater Manchester ASK PC KEVIN MCEVOY Police advice on Key issue and answers to your questions. any more points at all then your licence will be revoked as the number of points obtained within that period becomes 6 or more. This is then dependent, of course, on the previous points on your licence being live. emotive subject and in all cases, discussion with your neighbour is always advised. NEW POLICE Q. How many points can I have on my drivers license before I face a ban? Liam Hyde. Hi Liam, Twelve penalty points on your licence within 3 years will mean that you face disqualification under the totting up procedure. If you have 9 or more penalty points on your licence, then you cannot accept any further fixed penalty tickets and must go to court. There is a probationary period for newly qualified drivers of two years from the date you passed your driving test. If you accumulate 6 or more penalty points before the end of the two year peroid. Beginning from that date you passed your driving test, your full driving lcence will be revoked and you will revert back to a provisional licence holder and will be required to re-sit your driving test. Any penalty points accrued prior to passing your test for the first time, even if it is 6 or more, will not prevent you from taking your test. However, if within that two year period if you accumulate Q. My neighbours branches from their tree keeps hanging over my garden wall. I have asked them politely and sent them a letter about it, but they just ignore me. Can I cut these branches down? Alex and Susan Hyde Police. She is only 16 yrs old, what qualifications does she need? Sarah . Ashton - Under- Lyne. Q. My Daughter wishes to join the Dear Sarah, To apply to the police as an officer you must be over 18 yrs old. This includes Special Constables too. The recommendation from The Home Secretary and the Association of Chief Police Officers is a minuimum18 years for police community support officers. There is no formal qualifications required, as there is so much more to being a Police Officer than academic qualifications, however good maths and english skills are beneficial, along with a good understanding of the law. These are good subjects to concentrate on at school and college. Further information can be found on the GMP website at www.gmp. adform&s=166B4CD651D7966E8 02579610041AF19 Dear Alex and Susan, Yes you can, although it is best to negotiate with your neighbour’s prior to taking any action. You can cut any branches/roots that cross over the boundary. However the branches/roots still technically belong to your neighbour. So you should speak to them to see if they want them prior to disposing of them. If you want to cut any parts off a tree you see, then you should check prior to doing this that the tree is not subject to a tree preservation order. You need to get consent from the local authority, before pruning such a tree. Boundary issues can be a very 5


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FASHION FASHION 40’S STYLE with Christina » Christina Howard Jackets and Trousers to the Navy Blazer and same shade of trousers or contrasted. More and more Men are careful about their image. Yet wonder what are the latest trends? For Young men the Denim casual jackets and Straight fit Chinos are in and the more popular Slim fit low waisted Chinos. Abstract Shirts and The Ruby Look of loose sweatshirts. Mature men the latest craze is polo neck shirts, So check your wardrobe that you haven’t thrown any out. They are back in fashion and reinvented with that continental image of a movie star look. Today we still see shirts and ties. But its now the simple white polo neck that’s in trend. Shirts have neater collars and NAUTICAL Prints. SOPHISTICATED GLAMOUR Ladies fashion is having a 50s / 60s revival Sophistication is back big time. All you office ladies out there, if your fed up of wearing the same boring suits or just don’t know how to update what’s already in your wardrobe, Get the MONOCHROME Look. Black and White, from smart black blazers to box Jackets and loose swing style long cardigans teamed with white crisp Shirts - tops go bold and classy. Mix black and white polka dots with checks and stripes for a sixties air of Couture. Matching handbags and necklaces give the glamorous finishing touches. What to wear when it’s raining and you’re a busy Mum in a hurry rushing for the school run or a working lady or retired and wish to jazz up your rainwear. Bright scarves in Animal prints to floral prints bring life to boring rainwear. Eveningwear sees Red Alert as this bold hot colour always gets attention. Get daring and mix bright oranges and lemons with a red outfit. This gives a RETRO, Eye catching individual statement. The secret is colour coordinating yet adding opposites like Blues and Greens are the new trends. GENTLEMEN’S SUAVE STYLE Black Leather Jackets and Dark Blazers ooze’s Timeless Classic Statements of smartness be it casual or formal. This season’s trend is step back in time. Be it the James Bond well cut suit image of Dark Grey 6


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HEALTH or abroad, I take all my GP’s medical information with me From April 2015 GP surgeries will be offering online in 2 passwords in my fantastic is that! access to some facilities. This will be the opportunity If I need to go to hospital and am unable to speak for to order prescriptions online, to book appointments and to see an extract of your medical history, mostly myself, then my partner has the passwords on a card concerning adverse reactions. Some GP practices will in his wallet. I also have information in my wallet and go further than that and allow patients to see all the in my phone under “Ice Health”. I can now access all my information using an app on my mobile phone. information that the practice holds which relates to you. Some patients give their information to family I’m very lucky that my practice has allowed me to see members if they want their support. One family all my information online since 2006. It is an amazing member helps his mum from Australia. Parents can facility and has helped me to understand and manage monitor the health of their children . my health. I believe that patients will only get the Last year we were in France & my heart became best health outcomes if they are given good quality unstable and I knew I was going to have to go to relevant information and are helped by doctors who hospital the next day, so I logged on and printed out want to work with patients not just “tell them stuff !” the last couple of letters from the cardiologist. I then got a fluent friend to translate them into french to Our health is our lifetime’s work. It is the most take with me along with information on repeat meds important project we will ever do........ etc. When we are born we are given a set of basic raw I can look at what the doctor wrote when I saw her materials and we have the awesome responsibility to remind myself of exactly what was said so I can to mould those into the best human being we can make sure I understand and do everything properly. manufacture. We need to be given the best quality information, support and advice because most of the I can read all the letters that go in and out so I know what the consultant has said and whether I have been time “We are on our own! Home Alone!” We make referred as promised. I can monitor my blood tests dozens and dozens of health related decisions every too. I also know that my records are correct because day: I’ve checked! Stairs or lift, car, bus or walk The other brilliant thing is that I don’t have to keep Bacon or porridge phoning the practice and spend ages trying to get Ring doc, visit chemist or go to bed through....... Nurofen or paracetamol Wine or cup of tea What does your GP practice offer in this digital age? Take medication properly or forget Why don’t you go in and ask? You may find that you Without a health map of good information, it’s like are as lucky as I am! having a “Ready, Steady Cook” bag of ingredients without a recipe or a big jigsaw without a picture....... Ingrid Brindle Chair of Thornley House Medical Centre Having access to all my records on line gives me Hyde enormous confidence. Wherever I travel in the UK The Digital Age is coming to a GP near you soon! 7 THE DIGITAL AGE AND YOUR GP


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TAMESIDE CENTRE FOR PERFORMING ARTS LEVELS OF ART Sunset in the Park a celebration of Andrew Lloyd Webber and Stephen Sondheim musicals was performed by 1, 2 & Level 3 Extended Diploma Musical Theatre Students at Hyde Clarendon Sixth Form Theatre. These future stars are so talented that if I was not sitting in their College Theatre I felt as if I was watching a Broadway Show. From start to finish the students’ voices and stage presence was spell binding. The choreography and costumes close up were brilliant. Singers were captivating and their acting was very realistic. The whole performance had vocal skill and talent, which usually only true professionals have combined with a unique gift. The huge audience sat entranced. The Students paid tribute to their teachers as more encores echoed for more singing. Later interviewing the students, they were all happy and each praised the other their joint team spirit was very jubilant and more impressive was their whole selflessness praising their tutors over again. I asked them what was so special about them. They said their tutors just don’t coach; they help advise and go the extra mile in motivating each student to believe in each other and to respect each other. They paid tribute to Dave Bintley their Musical Director and Emma Bailey their Speech and Drama Coach and Michelle Cross their Dancing Teacher. Natasha Freeman the head of Tameside Performing Arts said she was very proud of her students and staff. I learnt that David Bintley their Musical Director has worked within the Theatre and Television Industries. He graduated from Leeds College and has worked Internationally; most of his work was in Great Britain, which included in London’s West End. Emma Bailey studied Performing Arts at the University of Salford and has since worked professionally in the industry in Theatre, Television and Radio as both an actor and a Director. Her expertise and guidance has helped students land a variety of roles in BBC, Granada and Red Productions. She coaches the students focussing on audition skills and techniques. Michelle Cross is a professional Dance Teacher in Ballet, Tap and Modern. Accredited by the Imperial Society of Teachers of Dancing. She studied at The 8 departments across Lancashire. Michelle now delivers professional tuition in all disciplines of dance at Tameside Centre for Performing Arts. It was a joy to have seen a glimpse of such students talents and it is very evident from their magnificent performances that they are destined Future Stars. Tameside Centre for Performing Arts at Hyde Tel 0161- 9086800 Email


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Portland Basin Museum by Brian Speaks OUT AND ABOUT One of Tameside’s greatest attractions is the popular Portland Basin Museum situated beside the Ashton Canal in Ashton-under-Lyne, opposite the junction with the Peak Forest Canel. A treasure chest for all the family to visit. This Basin Heritage Centre reopened in March 1999. Housed in the former Ashton Canal Warehouse. This museum is enchanting beside the colourful attractive narrow boats, and mooring for visiting boats with pleasant boat trips starting from this Museum waterfront. The replica street also houses a grocers, pawn shop, chip shop, pub, school and doctors surgery. The lower floor displays the production of goods Visitors to the museum are treated to a treasure chest of historic reality which displays everything about life in times gone by, and spells wonderment and respect for whoever designed this nautival engineering masterpiece certainly. that have been ‘made in Tameside’, including textile, I’ve visited many Museums all over USA and Europe hats and coal which was especially fascinating. There is also a display of the typical machinery of and never have I personally been as effected as the day which our ancesters used to work on. with the one at Portland Basin. It has everything an appreciative vintage eye and historian could want. All It was refreshing to sit in the Bridge View cafe and the attractions are child-friendly and the helpful staff enjoy the fresh home cooking while taking in the were the icing on the cake. splendid canal view. Rachel Cornes, the museums manager, is not only Portland Basin Museum is open daily (except very professional, but very helpful and all her staff Mondays, other than Bank Holidays) from 10:00am work as a team which reflects a genuine charismatic to 4:00pm. There is plenty of parking and admission joy for their their work. is Free. For more information, contact the museum on 0161-343 2878. The building itself has two levels, one of which houses a vey realistic replica of a typical 1920’s innercity street, featuring the frontage of a terraced house of that era. Once passed the front door, there is a parlour, kitchen and outer yard, with furniture and accessories from this era. Everything spells warmth and nostalgia of a bygone age where families were really homely. One can even smell the invisible loaves of bread and visualise a mother baking to the sounds of a father playing on the old piano in the parlour, and the children’s laughter playing football, hopscotchand skipping in the street outside. 9


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HEALTH & WELLBEING BE SOMETHING SPECIAL, GO ONLINE AND DO A HEALTH PLEDGE TODAY! by Dr Amir Hannan check once you reach 40 and stay active! You have probably heard it hundreds of times, so what’s different this time? Why now? Because nobody is going to force you to do anything until you decide it is right for you. Only you can decide what you can and can’t do and how you can be helped by those around you. You have lots of supporters, your family, friends, neighbours, work colleagues, doctor, nurse, pharmacist, optician, dentist and people you look up to as role models in the community you live in. That’s why they will support you, because you and your health matter! This all sounds good, but the trouble is we all lead busy lives, so what can we do to make things easier for us, save us time and money and make us feel better? A group of patients including Ingrid Brindle, Jacqui Gladwin, Dominic Sexton, Marilyn Gollom in conjunction with Manchester Metropolitan University Nursing Department developed a simple idea that helps you. They said “Let’s get together and invite 1 million people to do a Health Pledge in 2015”. They have built a website which includes lots of supporting materials and allows you to see pledges that people have already made to give you ideas to get started. The initiative is for everybody and pledges can be made on the website, by twitter or facebook, or by writing it on a post it and sticking it on the fridge. Groups such as workplaces, Brownies, schools, churches, mosques, health centres, etc. are encouraged to pledge together and give each other Has anybody ever told you that you have a gift which makes you the greatest person to do something for your health? Imagine not having to wait for somebody, or something, before improving your own health or your family’s. Imagine not being told what to do, but rather you choosing to do it. Imagine feeling great about what you do and becoming something special – a new you who feels inspired, believes in yourself and can literally feel the difference, so that others can see it too! That gift is you and today you will learn how to make you even better – the best person for you. Doctors, nurses and other health professionals are always telling us what is bad for us and what is good. They say “stop smoking, lose weight, cut down the alcohol, don’t take drugs, don’t spend so much time watching the TV, or playing video games”. They encourage us to do some exercise, walk for 30 minutes every day, sleep more, sleep less, go swimming, eat 3 meals a day or say “Hi” to your parents or children more often. They tell us how important it is to drink a little more water and take our pills correctly. They want us to improve our understanding of our health and health needs and to take advantage of the services offered by the GP. This may be signing up for services to allow you to book appointments online and order prescriptions online, if your GP surgery offers the facility, perhaps accessing your records online and sending secure messages online too. This makes managing your health much easier. Also, don’t forget to get a health 10 support. It all starts with you. You are responsible for your own health. You make hundreds of decisions everyday about what you choose to do, eg walk or take the bus, go up in a lift or take the stairs, eat junk food and sweets or something more healthy. Decide to make some small changes in your life, decide when you will start, what you will do and for how long. Make the pledge for you, then tell everybody about it. They can then help, encourage, support, and celebrate with you when you achieve it. Even better, why not tell the world too and share your ideas so others may learn ! • Make a pledge to change something to improve your health in 2015 • Register your health pledge on www. • Ask your GP surgery what online services they are offering including booking appointments online, ordering prescriptions online and whether they allow you to send secure messages or view medical records online too. • Ask if there is an app you can download if you have a smartphone to access online services • Tell your doctor or nurse what you have pledged to do so that they may help you as well! Make it part of your care plan Tameside & Glossop score poorly on many measures of good health. We want to improve the health wellbeing for everybody including you, but we can only do this by helping each other and for you to decide today is the day when you do something special and take charge of your health. Over the coming months we hope many people just like you will sign up for online services to help understand your health better and Health Pledge 2015 is a great way to improve your health – the greatest gift you have!


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READERS STORY THE CAR OF MY DREAMS We all have our dreams. But for how many of us does that dream become a reality? It has for me. For many years my dream was to own a vintage car; just a small one, nothing expensive or fancy. But whenever we had saved enough money, there was always obstacles like the necessity for a new kitchen, the desperate state of the bathroom, our daughter to put through college, and of course, bills and a mortgages to pay. In 2009 it was a very sad year; my beloved mother and David’s father had passed away. On this special Sunday in June, we were clearing out the garage at his fathers house, a mammoth grubby task. Carrying yet another black rubbish sack outside to the dustbin. I glanced across the road and fell instantly in love. There she stood - an Austin Seven Ruby. A little worn and battered, but still splendid, like an ageing film star. She drew me like a magnet. I walked around her, admiring her running boards, her dainty wheels, her smooth curves. Her owner emerged from the house next door. He told me she was to be advertised for sale. How Much? I enquired, crossing my fingers behind my back, like a child waiting. He named the sum. Sold I said and she was mine. My husband David came to join this conversation, for the car owner seemed somewhat dumbstruck and bemused by such an excited lady, one of advanced years pouncing on him from nowhere then jumping up and down with joy. I have bought this car David, I informed him. Have you dear he replied mildly. (how well he knows Me). My mother, as I said, had died and had left me a small sum, not enough to save, too much to fritter away, but just enough for an Austin. Now she is ours, a 1936 Austin Ruby. ‘Blue Moon’ we called her. because you only buy such a vehicle in a blue moon. That first year, every time and whenever we drove her, it poured down. Rain, sleet, thunderstorms, even snow. I became known as Mrs Noah for ‘Blue Moon’ leaked » Ruth and David Howard badly, and many a journey was spent with wet feet. Indeed, acquaintances began to ask where we intended to go? So that they could choose the opposite direction, and so avoid the downpours. But, oh the hours of fun we had, the people we met, the stories they told us. I think everybody’s Dad, Granddad, or relative had an Austin. But Austin’s are addictive, you know. Last year we adopted David, a little brother for Blue Moon, another Austin Ruby. And . . . there is room for a Nippy too! 11


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Liberace’s Gold Cadillac Words by Nicole Jackson Tameside residents can’t believe their eyes and have been treated to sights of a magnificent show stopping gold Classic car with the WOW Factor. Delighted Vintage Vehicles enthusiasts at Several Classic Car events get treated to seeing this Original gold leaf covered Cadillac once owned by the star legend Liberace. An American, Wladziu Valentino Liberace was the greatest world-wide pianist, who moved millions and millions of fans with his beautiful music. Born in 1919 (he died 1987} Liberace was renowned for his flamboyant and luxurious lifestyle. Liberace’s 24ct gold Cadillac has two rubies in the radiator mascot and diamond crowns on the wheels. Today’s lucky owner is Mike Radcliffe a greatly respected Mottram businessman who bought this rare treasure in 2011 from Jim Thornbury a car collector in Manchester. 12 IMAGES RAPhotography


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Mike was told it was exhibited in a German Museum for over 14 years. This beautiful work of art has the original white leather seats and the valuable number plate, JAZ21. Mike, after buying this car, did careful and meticulous restoration to bring it back to its splendid, fully road worthy, glory. Mike’s very proud of this splendid show stopper, which he displays at numerous vintage classic car shows all around the UK. This ‘Moving’ museum piece is a rare sight and a great beauty to behold and has an estimated value of over £100,000. It’s now bringing ‘Pure Gold’ joy to its owner and all who cast their eyes on it! 13


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LIVING AMONGST US ROMEO & JULIET » Christina Howard A WING AND A PRAYER Albert Williams often proudly talks of his children their latest antics and comical characteristics and when he refers to them flying in their cage. The other bus passengers realise it’s his pet birds. But his feather pets are family and since losing his beloved wife Mary 4 years ago these birds have become his lifeline. Albert at 86 years old has few relatives he hardly sees due to distance and the passage of time. He looks forward to his daily home help careers popping in and it was thanks to one of these ladies suggesting he might get a pet. had bought it. Returning home on the bus he over heard some schoolchildren talking how their new cat took too much interest in their budgie which their mother said had to go. Albert gave his details in a note for the children’s parents. Days later a man rang saying he could have the budgie free it was a miserable bird and the children had grown bored of it. When he went to collect his new budgie wondering how his own bird would take to a new roommate in his But fearful a dog may be too boisterous and requiring cage. Imagine his delight discovering it was a similar walks. He settled for a bird never having had one yellow budgie and on bringing the bird home. Albert before. Albert recounts he only wanted one bird and says if he hadn’t seen it with his own eyes he wouldn’t took quite a fancy to a blue budgie. The lady in the have believed it? Both birds rushed excited to greet pet shop pointed out the two birds were obviously a each other. He couldn’t believe it could be the same couple and would he not care to take its yellow mate? bird he had searched and put adverts everywhere. He He refused he had come to buy one bird and one it rang the pet shop asking If that yellow bird she had, was, after all he wanted a companion and they would what colour breast did it have she replied lime green. just have to get used to each other. Albert has called the happy couple Romeo & Juliet. Bringing the squeaking budgie home it didn’t stop until he placed it gently in the brand new cage. Living in a small house in Godley, Hyde he placed the cage next to the kitchen and sitting room. Weeks passed by and still the silent bird just sat gloomy and barely interested in his seed nor tempted with millet and bird treats. A neighbour had said maybe his budgie was suffering from a broken heart? Albert said tough he had lost his beloved soul mate and his pet would just have to get over it. Within weeks the bird got thinner and depressed looking. Albert then decided to return to the pet shop, only to discover the yellow budgie was gone and the shopkeeper didn’t know the woman who 14


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IN VERSE The Foxes by Wm. Delahurst There came a fox onto my garden shed roof I stared at him, he stared back, this fox seemed quite aloof And then sliding in through the garden gate Came another to sit beside him, this I took be his mate Know of neighbours who might rant and bellow But this was such a handsome fellow My wife, in her wisdom, went to offer him some bread But sadly, at this the handsome pair fled It may well be that our loaf was not to their taste And to be fair when I say fled they made no great haste I do hope they drop in to see us now and again It would be really good to see them, but then The choice of where to dine is theirs and not mine But I do want this couple who looked so divine To drop in on me to relax and feel mellow and share dinner and relax with this really handsome fellow. The Heron by Wm. Delahurst On this foggy misty morn That follows on from icy dawn One sees that silver disc in the sky No warmth it gives, one wonders why But give it does its misty light To launch the heron on his flight He flies downstream on big square wings He flies to where the skylark sings To listen to a symphony from above As he listens to these songs of love For as this light of silver morning This preamble to stretching and yawning Lights up your face with silver light This face that fills me with delight To see those lazy wings flap out of sight I thank the heron for the elegance of his flight And thank the lark on wings ascending For his songs of love unending. 15



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