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April/May 2015 Program Guide

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A P R I L / M AY 2 015 CO V E R I M AG E : White God, Page 6 /philafilmsociety @phillyfilmsoc phillyfilmsociety


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ABOUT US The Philadelphia Film Society is a membersupported nonprofit arts organization dedicated to providing access and building audiences for film. Our mission is to utilize film’s unique capacity to engage a broad cross-section of the community while further providing access to powerful films from around the world in order to increase education and understanding. We accomplish this mission through our marquee program, the annual Philadelphia Film Festival (October 22 - November 1, 2015) and through year-round screenings at the PFS Roxy. At the PFS Roxy, we recreate the festival experience by offering access to entertaining and challenging film. We hope you’ll find something to enjoy and perhaps learn something too. Thank you for being part of the film community in Philadelphia-- and tell your friends! HOW TO BUY TICKETS ONLINE: PHONE: (267) 639-9508 IN PERSON: PFS Roxy Theater All screenings take place at the PFS Roxy Theater, 2023 Sansom St. (except where noted). On Wednesday evenings, meter parking is FREE in Center City after 5PM (on rush hour streets, it’s free after 6:30PM). ALL SALES ARE FINAL. NO REFUNDS, RETURNS, OR EXCHANGES. RUSH TICKETS: Even when tickets for a screening are no longer available, there is still a chance for admission through the Rush Line. A limited number of Rush tickets are released shortly before show time. Rush tickets are sold on a first-come, first-served basis. Cash only, full price. Please plan on lining up 30 minutes in advance for Rush. TICKET PRICING $10 General Admission $9 Senior/Student $8 PFS Member Note: Wedding Season screenings are a part of BYO Wine Night at the Roxy. Bring a bottle and pay a $2 Corkage Fee per person. $8 General Admission $7 Senior/Student $6 PFS Member Free Admission EVENINGS (5PM AND LATER) SATURDAY MORNING SPECIALS & SENSORY FRIENDLY SUNDAYS $10 General Admission $9 Senior/Student $8 PFS Member $1 Child (12 and under) MATINEE (BEFORE 5PM) FILMADELPHIA PASSPORT TO WORLD CINEMA/ IN FOCUS/FILM LAB Pass grants admission to all four screenings in the Growing Up Baumbach series and is the only way to guarantee admission to While We’re Young. $25 General Admission $20 PFS Member $1 of every ticket sold goes toward further restoration of the historic Roxy Theater. GROWING UP BAUMBACH SERIES PASS $12 General Admission $11 Senior/Student $10 PFS Member Group rates are available for weekday matinees (Hitchcock ‘48 - ‘55 series and daytime Sight & Soundtrack shows). Email or call 267-639-9508 to secure a group rate. MATINEE GROUP RATES 3


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A handpicked selection of the year’s strongest cinema from around the globe. PASSPORT TO WORLD CINEMA B L AC K COA L , T H I N I C E YI’NAN DIAO | 2014 | CHINA | 106 MIN | MANDARIN APRIL 28 - 7:30PM Followed by a post-screening discussion. Check our website for more info. Winner of the top prize at the Berlin Film Festival, this gorgeous, Coen Brothers-esque noir mystery from China follows two ex-cops as they decide to privately reopen the case on a series of murders that ended their careers. PHOENIX CHRISTIAN PETZOLD | 2014 | GERMANY | 98 MIN | GERMAN M AY 2 6 - 7 : 3 0 P M Post-screening discussion lead by Temple Professor and Filmmaker Lauren Wolkstein Philly Film Fest favorite Christian Petzold (Barbara) returns with a gripping tale of a Holocaust survivor who travels to post-war East Germany in an attempt to locate her husband in a film that Indiewire praises as “extravagant, eloquent and effective.” WHITE GOD KORNÉL MUNDRUCZÓ | 2014 | HUNGARY | 119 MIN | HUNGARIAN MARCH 31 - 7:30PM Followed by a post-screening discussion. Check our website for more info. When a young girl is separated from her beloved dog due to a new state law, the duo embark upon separate perilous quests to reunite. Winner of the Un Certain Regard Grand Jury Prize at the Cannes Film Festival, White God is a daring piece of cinema. A monthly series of compelling contemporary documentaries anchored by talented female directors. IN FOCUS: DOCS BY WOMEN H O W TO DA N C E I N O H I O ALEXANDRA SHIVA | 2015 | USA | 89 MIN | ENGLISH APRIL 14 - 7:30PM Followed by a Q&A with director Alexandra Shiva A group of Austistic young adults from Columbus prepare for a major milestone in growing up, the spring formal. Full of character and humor, this insightful tale was called “touching” and “gentle-hearted” by The Hollywood Reporter. VESSEL DIANA WHITTEN | 2014 | USA | 90 MIN | ENGLISH M AY 1 2 - 7 : 3 0 P M Followed by a Q&A with director Diana Whitten This inspiring documentary tells the story of the daring voyage of Dr. Rebecca Gomperts, a sea captain who travels the world performing abortions in international waters for women without legal alternatives in their own countries. 4


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Selections from the years in which Hitchcock emulates the theater and teams up with Philly’s own Grace Kelly. HITCHCOCK ‘48-’55 DIAL M FOR MURDER ALFRED HITCHCOCK | 1954 | USA | 105 MIN | ENGLISH APRIL 13, APRIL 15, APRIL 16 - 2:00PM With his eyes on a sizeable inheritance, Tony (Ray Milland) plots to murder his wife Margot (Grace Kelly). Tony blackmails an old schoolmate into committing the crime but when the scheme goes awry, he’s left having to frantically improvise in order to hide the details. Presented in 35mm. R E A R W I N DOW ALFRED HITCHCOCK | 1954 | USA | 112 MIN | ENGLISH APRIL 20, APRIL 22, APRIL 23 - 2:00PM Jimmy Stewart shines as Jeff, a wheelchair-bound photographer who passes his days spying on his neighbors through a pair of large binoculars, only to become convinced that one of them has committed a murder. Enlisting the help of his girlfriend, the two set out to solve the case in this timeless, Oscar-nominated classic. ROPE ALFRED HITCHCOCK | 1948 | USA | 80 MIN | ENGLISH APRIL 1 , APRIL 2 - 2:00PM In an attempt to see if they’ve perpetrated the perfect crime, two men strangle their classmate, hide his body in his apartment and then invite his friends and family over for dinner. Legendarily composed in real-time (with ten hidden edits to change camera reels), Rope is a cinematic feat best experienced on the big screen. STRANGERS ON A TRAIN ALFRED HITCHCOCK | 1951 | USA | 101 MIN | ENGLISH APRIL 6, APRIL 8, APRIL 9 - 2:00PM A famed tennis star unwillingly finds himself in the middle of a diabolical deal after bumping into an unfortunate train car companion who suggests that they both can get away with murdering someone the other person wants out of his life. Hitchcock’s twisty, essential thriller is presented in glorious 35mm. TO C ATC H A T H I E F ALFRED HITCHCOCK | 1955 | USA | 106 MIN | ENGLISH APRIL 27, APRIL 29, APRIL 30 - 2:00PM The electric combination of Cary Grant and Grace Kelly is on display in the 60th anniversary of Hitchcock’s cat and mouse thriller about an infamous, retired burglar (Grant) who, in order to prove his innocence in a series of copycat crimes, must woo the wealthy owner (Kelly) of a massive jewellery collection. 5


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A TRIBUTE TO NOAH BAUMBACH’S 20 YEARS IN FILM GROWING UP BAUMBACH: A celebration 20 years of work in film from one of today’s most talented American writer/directors, this reverse-chronological series features one film from every decade and covers stages of growing up — The High School Years (Squid and the Whale), End of College (Kicking and Screaming), Late 20’s, Confusion and Finding Yourself (Frances Ha), and lastly finally becoming an Adult (While We’re Young). FRANCES HA NOAH BAUMBACH | 2012 | USA | 86 MIN | ENGLISH APRIL 9 - 7:30PM In a perfect parternership with starlet/writer Greta Gerwig, Baumbach continues on the themes set up years before in Kicking and Screaming with this tale of a woman who tries to reconcile with growing out of her dreams of joining a renowned dance company while slowly separating from her attached-atthe-hip best friend. KICKING AND SCREAMING NOAH BAUMBACH | 1995 | USA | 96 MIN | ENGLISH APRIL 23 - 7:30PM Baumbach’s directorial debut is a comedic and romantic exploration of post-college life. Starring a talented cast including a young Eric Stoltz, Kicking and Screaming perfectly captures that no man’s land when it is difficult to make the leap from studying to working and the things you do to fill the space in between. Presented in 35mm. THE SQUID AND THE WHALE NOAH BAUMBACH | 2005 | USA | 81 MIN | ENGLISH APRIL 16 - 7:30PM In his most auto-biographical film, Baumbach examines his parents’ divorce through the eyes of himself and his younger brother growing up in Brooklyn in the 80s. Featuring a breakout performance from Jesse Eisenberg, this family dramedy, co-starring Jeff Daniels and Laura Linney, won Best Screenplay at the Sundance Film Festival. Presented in 35mm. W H I L E W E ’ R E YO U N G NOAH BAUMBACH | 2014 | USA | 97 MIN | ENGLISH APRIL 2 - 7:30PM Note: Only series pass grants admission. See page 3 for more information. Noah Baumbach’s hilarious and poignant, self-reflexive new comedic hit centers around a documentary professor (Ben Stiller) and his wife (Naiomi Watts) whose lives are turned upside when they begin spending time with a hip pair of students who have more than a thing or two to teach them about modern culture and sexuality. 6


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SATURDAY MORNING SPECIALS & SENSORY FRIENDLY SUNDAYS Two weekend screening series of children’s classics and contemporary familyfriendly films perfect for the young and young at heart. Presented by the R.K. Mellon Family Foundation. Thoughtfully designed to include first time film-goers and children with sensitivities to the traditional theater environment, all Sunday morning screenings below offer a sensory friendly environment: a relaxed, accepting atmosphere with the lights turned up, the volume lowered and expectations to remain silent and seated removed. Parent to Child Therapy and Associates brightens the experience with a warm-up activity that helps children engage with the film and with the other attendees. During the screening, Parent to Child maintains a Sensory Friendly nook in the lobby for those who might need a break from the theater. This program is also designed to welcome and embrace children with cognitive or behavioral disabilities, so that all children can have the opportunity to make memories at the movies. CHITTY CHITTY BANG BANG KEN HUGHES | 1968 | UK | 144 MIN | ENGLISH M AY 3 0 , M AY 3 1 - 1 1 : 0 0 A M Dick Van Dyke is Caractacus Potts, an eccentric yet luckless inventor who comes to own, rebuild, and nickname Chitty Chitty Bang Bang, a car otherwise meant for the junkyard. Chitty can drive, fly, float, and even think, which proves tremendously helpful when the evil Baron Bomburst decides to claim the car for himself. FA N TA S T I C M R . F O X WES A N D ER S O N | 2009 | USA | 87 M IN | ENG LISH APRIL 25, APRIL 26 - 11:00AM Mr. Fox (George Clooney) can’t help but raid the farm of his human neighbors. The farmers seek revenge against the fox and his family and only through clever ingenuity can the day be saved in this family film adapted from Roald Dahl’s novel by Wes Anderson and Noah Baumbach, whom we’re also honoring with a retrospective. T H E S A N D L OT DAV I D M. EVA N S | 1993 | USA | 101 M IN | ENG LISH APRIL 11, APRIL 12 - 11:00AM Back on the big screen in 35mm film, this family favorite from the 1990s tells the story of a motley crew of young baseball players who embark on a handful of hilarious misadventures during the summer of 1962. SONG OF THE SEA TOMM MOORE | 2014 | IRELAND | 93 MIN | ENGLISH M AY 9 , M AY 1 0 - 1 1 : 0 0 A M Nominated for an Academy Award, Tomm Moore’s (The Secret of Kells) latest magical tale sees a pair of siblings on a quest to unlock the secret of their ancestry. Based on the Celtic myth of the selkie – a mystical creature who lives as seal in the sea and human on land – Song of the Sea is a treat for the family. 7


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APRIL TUES, MARCH 31 WEDS, APRIL 1 THURS, APRIL 2 MON, APRIL 6 TUES, APRIL 7 WEDS, APRIL 8 THURS, APRIL 9 FRI, APRIL 10 SAT, APRIL 11 SUN, APRIL 12 MON, APRIL 13 TUES, APRIL 14 WEDS, APRIL 15 THURS, APRIL 16 MON, APRIL 20 TUES, APRIL 21 WEDS, APRIL 22 THURS, APRIL 23 FRI, APRIL 24 SAT, APRIL 25 SUN, APRIL 26 MON, APRIL 27 TUES, APRIL 28 WEDS, APRIL 29 THURS, APRIL 30 To Catch a Thief | 2:00PM To Catch a Thief | 2:00PM Fantastic Mr. Fox | 11:00AM Fantastic Mr. Fox | 11:00AM To Catch a Thief | 2:00PM Black Coal, Thin Ice | 7:30PM Father of the Bride | 7:30PM Kurt Cobain: Montage of Heck | 7:30PM Rear Window | 2:00PM Rear Window | 2:00PM Kicking and Screaming | 7:30PM The Howling | 11:59PM The Howling | 11:59PM Dial M for Murder | 2:00PM Dial M for Murder | 2:00PM Rear Window | 2:00PM April Showcase | 7:30PM The Sandlot | 11:00AM The Sandlot | 11:00AM Dial M for Murder | 2:00PM How to Dance in Ohio | 7:30PM Bridesmaids | 7:30PM The Squid and the Whale | 7:30PM Strangers on a Train | 2:00PM Strangers on a Train | 2:00PM Frances Ha | 7:30PM Kung Fu Hustle | 11:59PM Kung Fu Hustle | 11:59PM Rope | 2:00PM Rope | 2:00PM Strangers on a Train | 2:00PM Being John Malkovich | 7:30PM While We’re Young* | 7:30PM White God | 7:30PM 8


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MAY MON, MAY 4 TUES, MAY 5 WEDS, MAY 6 THURS, MAY 7 FRI, MAY 8 SAT, MAY 9 SUN, MAY 10 MON, MAY 11 TUES, MAY 12 WEDS, MAY 13 THURS, MAY 14 MON, MAY 18 TUES, MAY 19 WEDS, MAY 20 THURS, MAY 21 MON, MAY 25 TUES, MAY 26 WEDS, MAY 27 THURS, MAY 28 FRI, MAY 29 SAT, MAY 30 SUN, MAY 31 Chitty Chitty Bang Bang | 11:00AM Chitty Chitty Bang Bang | 11:00AM 42nd Street | 2:00PM 42nd Street | 2:00PM Guys and Dolls | 2:00PM Guys and Dolls | 2:00PM 42nd Street | 2:00PM Phoenix | 7:30PM My Best Friend’s Wedding | 7:30PM Gimme Shelter | 7:30PM The Crow | 11:59PM The Crow | 11:59PM Beyond the Lights | 7:30PM A Star is Born | 2:00PM A Star is Born | 2:00PM Guys and Dolls | 2:00PM Pennsylvania Holy Ghosts | 7:30PM Song of the Sea | 11:00AM Song of the Sea | 11:00AM A Star is Born | 2:00PM Vessel | 7:30PM Moonstruck | 7:30PM This is Spinal Tap | 7:30PM West Side Story | 2:00PM West Side Story | 2:00PM Fresh Dressed | 7:30PM Friday the 13th | 11:59PM Friday the 13th | 11:59PM West Side Story | 2:00PM Soylent Green | 7:30PM Sight & Soundtrack, PG. 12-13 Passport to World Cinema, PG. 4 In Focus: Docs by Women, PG. 4 Hitchcock ‘48-’55, PG. 5 The Graveyard Shift, PG. 11 Saturday Morning Specials & Sensory Friendly Sundays, PG. 7 Filmadelphia, PG. 10 Film Lab, PG. 10 Wedding Season, PG. 14 Growing Up Baumbach, PG. 6 *While We’re Young plays at Ritz East 9


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A venue for local filmmakers of all ages, levels and backgrounds to showcase recent work and engage with audiences. Supported by the John S. and James L. Knight Foundation. FILMADELPHIA A P R I L S H OWC A S E APRIL 21 - 7:30PM M OT H S A N D Y F O R T E N B A C H E R | 2 3 M I N LAURA HILLIARD | 5 MIN KRIS THEORIN | 9 MIN Followed by a Q&A with the short film directors. MY INVISIBLE FRIEND IS AN INSOMNIAC A L I E N C O M M U N I C AT I O N S I N H E R I TA N C E A L L E N M E A DO W S | 7 M I N P E N N S Y L VA N I A H O L Y G H O S T S RYAN POMERANZ | 2014 | USA | 120 MIN | ENGLISH M AY 1 9 - 7 : 3 0 P M Followed by a Q&A with director Ryan Pomeranz Theo, Clair, and Renee, all very much alone at this particular moment in time, forge their way through life in an attempt to find their purpose in a snowy Pennsylvania town. With a largely Philadelphia and NEPA-based cast a crew, the film was shot on location in and around Scranton, PA. A monthly exploration of science through cinema pairing films with relevant specialists for unique and engaging discussions. FILM LAB B E I N G J O H N M A L KO V I C H SPIKE JONZE | 1999 | USA | 112 MIN | ENGLISH APRIL 7 - 7:30PM see Film Lab notes John Cusack stars as a puppeteer who stumbles upon a small door in his office that lets him control the sight and actions of John Malkovich in 15-minute increments. Confiding in his coworker (Catherine Keener), Craig’s life and relationship with his wife (Cameron Diaz) are suddenly turned up-side-down in this provocative comedy. Presented in 35mm. SOYLENT GREEN RICHARD FLEISCHER | 1973 | USA | 97 MIN | ENGLISH M AY 5 - 7 : 3 0 P M see Film Lab notes Charlton Heston stars in this dystopian take on the year 2022, where the devastating results of the greenhouse effect and overpopulation have all but ruined the planet. After the CEO of the Soylent Corporation, the company that produces the world’s food supply, is murdered, the source of their protein is called into question. 10


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Horror, action, suspense, and the downright weird, these films will keep you awake during the graveyard shift. THE GRAVEYARD SHIFT T H E C R OW A L E X P R O YA S | 1 9 9 4 | U S A | 1 0 2 M I N | E N G L I S H M AY 2 9 , M AY 3 0 - 1 1 : 5 9 P M A deceased guitarist is brought back to life one year after his death to avenge the brutal murders of himself and his fiancée by a psychopathic street gang in the cult classic first film for director Alex Proyas and the fatal final film for Bruce Lee’s one-time up-and-coming son Brandon Lee. Presented in 35mm. F R I DAY T H E 1 3 T H SEAN S. CUNNINGHAM | 1980 | USA | 95 MIN | ENGLISH M AY 8 , M AY 9 - 1 1 : 5 9 P M Before there was the ghost of Jason Voorhees, terrorizing teenagers all over the world in his hockey mask, there were the counselors of Camp Crystal Lake. Engaging in sexual acts and debaucherous behavior, these young adults have no idea the horrors that wait for them in the woods at night. Come rediscover this 80s classic on its 35th anniversary. T H E H OW L I N G JOE DANTE | 1981 | USA | 91 MIN | ENGLISH APRIL 24, APRIL 25 - 11:59PM Joe Dante’s first cult classic follows TV journalist Karen White who, after a traumatizing encounter with a serial killer, attends an isolated mountain retreat at her doctor’s suggestion. Full of strange characters with supernatural secrets, the trip takes a terrifying turn. All anyone can do is watch. And wait. Presented in 35mm. KUNG FU HUSTLE STEPHEN CHOW | 2004 | HONG KONG, CHINA | 99 MIN CANTONESE | A P R I L 1 0 , A P R I L 1 1 - 1 1 : 5 9 P M All hell breaks loose when the supernatural residents of a small town face-off with the notorious Axe Gang for control of their land. Stephen Chow’s inventive kung fu classic explodes on the big screen in what Roger Ebert called “a film in which Jackie Chan and Buster Keaton meet Quentin Tarantino and Bugs Bunny.” Presented in 35mm. FILM LAB NOTES BEING JOHN MALKOVICH — The screening is followed by a discussion and demo on immersion and telepresence by Aldis Sipolins featuring the Oculus Rift D2K. Sipolins is a Virtual Reality & Neuroenhancement Specialist, Lead Designer on the Holodeck Project, and will conclude his PhD in Psychology focusing on Visual Cognition and Human Performance this August. SOYLENT GREEN — The screening is followed by a panel discussion on equity in the food system: who gets what, how inequality is illustrated by and perpetuated by the system, plus how various entities are attempting to bring greater equality and access, from sustainable urban farming and local food distribution to science and technology engineering the food we eat. Guests include Molly Riordan, Program Assistant at Hudson Valley Farm Hub - Local Economies Project of the New World Foundation and Jimmy Matesevac, Fresh Food manager at Greensgrow Farms. 11


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Featuring rockumentaries, biopics and films that are centered around the unifying power of music. SIGHT & SOUNDTRACK 42ND STREET LLOYD BACON | 1933 | USA | 89 MIN | ENGLISH M AY 2 5 , M AY 2 7 , M AY 2 8 - 2 : 0 0 P M Named one of Turner Classic Movies’ “15 Most Influential Movies of All Time,” 42nd Street is the story of a Broadway director’s final production before retirement. The night before the show’s opening in Philadelphia, the leading lady fractures her ankle. Luckily, a talented newcomer is waiting in the wings for her big break. Presented in 35mm. B E YO N D T H E L I G H T S GINA PRINCE-BYTHEWOOD | 2014 | USA | 116 MIN | ENGLISH M AY 2 1 - 7 : 3 0 P M Followed by a post-screening discussion. Check our website for more info. Heralded as one of the best films of 2014 by many publications including The New York Times and LA Weekly, Beyond the Lights is an inspirational romantic drama focused on the steamy relationship between a budding young pop star and a cop assigned to her security detail. Back by popular demand from the Philadelphia Film Festival. FRESH DRESSED S AC H A J E N K I N S | 2 0 1 4 | U S A | 90 M I N | E N G L I S H M AY 7 - 7 : 3 0 P M Chronicling the evolution of hip hop through its relationship to fashion, this documentary explores the significance and cultural implications of what it means to be fresh. Throwback archival footage compliments interviews from industry insiders like Pharrell Williams, Kanye West and Dapper Dan to bring this story to life. GIMME SHELTER ALBERT MAYSLES, DAVID MAYSLES, CHARLOTTE ZWERIN 1970 | USA | 91 MIN | ENGLISH | M AY 2 8 - 7 : 3 0 P M Screening on its 45th anniversary in honor of the late, great Albert Maysles (Grey Gardens, Iris), this landmark vérité concert doc follows the Rolling Stones on their infamous 1969 U.S. tour that ended in a bloody clash at the Altamont Speedway between fans and a San Francisco chapter of Hell’s Angels. G U Y S A N D DO L L S JOSEPH L. MANKIEWICZ | 1955 | USA | 150 MIN | ENGLISH M AY 1 8 , M AY 2 0 , M AY 2 1 - 2 : 0 0 P M When a gambler is challenged in a bet, one that will finance his underground craps game, to take a female missionary on a trip to Havana, an unlikely romantic bond is formed in this joyous, star-studded musical comedy featuring Marlon Brando, Frank Sinatra, Jean Simmons and Vivian Blaine. 12


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K U R T CO B A I N : M O N TAG E O F H E C K BRETT MORGEN | 2015 | USA | 132 MIN | ENGLISH APRIL 30 - 7:30PM Renowned documentarian Brett Morgen (The Kid Stays in the Picture), returns with this louder-than-life portrait of the legendary rocker. Comprised of never-before-seen footage and incredibly personal interviews, Montage of Heck is both a touching tribute and a widescreen spectacle playing for one night only in Philadelphia. A S TA R I S B O R N GEO R GE C UKO R | 1954 | USA | 154 M IN | ENG LISH M AY 1 1 , M AY 1 3 , M AY 1 4 - 2 : 0 0 P M After a four-year absence, Judy Garland returns to the screen for her most personal and emotionally resonant film. She plays an unknown aspiring actress that receives a career boost from an alcoholic film star, whose own career declines in proportion, in this heartbreaking musical adaptation of the original 1937 movie. T H I S I S S P I N A L TA P ROB REINER | 1984 | USA | 82 MIN | ENGLISH M AY 1 4 - 7 : 3 0 P M Rob Reiner’s classic mockumentary follows Spinal Tap, a metal band on the stairway to heaven: sold out stadium shows and groupies galore. As these things go, their rise slows. Naturally, rock and roll will never die, and the band rallies their hair and spandex to take a revival trip overseas. 80s Night! Costume contest and trivia! W E S T S I D E S TO R Y JEROME ROBBINS, ROBERT WISE | 1961 | USA | 152 MIN ENGLISH | M AY 4 , M AY 6 , M AY 7 - 2 : 0 0 P M Winner of ten Academy Awards including Best Picture, this moving screen-adaptation of the classic broadway musical is a 1960s update on the Romeo and Juliet story as two young lovers from rival New York street gangs meet their tragic fate. Come rediscover these unforgettable musical numbers once again. FUN FACT: Are you a film lover with an infant? Grab your stroller and join us for BABIES ON BOARD screenings every Wednesday! New parents and caretakers are invited to bring their children to the theater to catch a new release. Volume is lowered and fussing, giggling, and sleeping are no problem! Films screen at matinee times and ticket prices — and the little ones are always free! Visit and look for italicized film times for designated screenings. 13


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A cinematic toast to saying yes to the dress, celebrating our favorite on-screen moments of matrimony. WEDDING SEASON BRIDESMAIDS PA U L F E I G | 2 0 1 1 | U S A | 1 2 5 M I N | E N G L I S H APRIL 15 - 7:30PM Annie (Kristen Wiig) has just been asked to be the maid of honor to her best friend (Maya Rudolph). But when an overachieving bridesmaid (Rose Byrne) enters the picture, an all out war for attention breaks out. Through a series of escalating competitions, Annie tries to salvage her friendship in this contemporary classic. FAT H E R O F T H E B R I D E C H A R L ES S H Y ER | 1991 | USA | 105 M IN | ENG LISH APRIL 29 - 7:30PM When his daughter Annie (Kimberly Williams) gets engaged, George Banks (Steve Martin) is reluctant to let her go. With help from his wife Nina (Diane Keaton) and eccentric wedding planner Franck (Martin Short), George relaxes and realizes what matters most in this intelligent update of the 1950s classic. M OO N S T R U C K NORMAN JEWISON | 1987 | USA | 102 MIN | ENGLISH M AY 1 3 - 7 : 3 0 P M The romantic full moon presides over Norman Jewison’s 1987 hit starring Cher as a Italian-American widow who finds herself in love with the passionate brother (Nicolas Cage) of the milksop she agreed to marry (Danny Aiello). Winner of three Academy Awards, Moonstruck is an enduring, hilarious tribute to family and love. Presented in 35mm. MY BEST FRIEND’S WEDDING P. J . H OG A N | 1 9 9 7 | U S A | 1 0 5 M I N | E N G L I S H M AY 2 7 - 7 : 3 0 P M In college, Julianne (Julia Roberts) and Michael (Dermot Mulroney) made a pact that if neither of them were married by the time they were twenty-eight, they’d marry each other. Three weeks before Julianne’s birthday, Michael gets engaged to Kim (Cameron Diaz). Filled with regret, Julianne sets out to sabotage the wedding. FUN FACT: Every Wednesday is BYO Wine Night at the PFS Roxy! All shows after 7PM and all WEDDING SEASON screenings included. Bring your favorite red, white, or bubbly and for a $2 corkage fee we’ll pop the top and give you glassware! Plus, metered street parking in Center City is FREE on Wednesday’s after 5PM, except for rush-hour zones, which are free after 6:30pm. Visit for more parking details. 14


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