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Italian design. European safety.


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Safe as in dad’s hands. FAIRGO car seats are approved to European Regulation ECE R 44/04. They have pass different test that verify the resistance of the product as well as the protection of the infant in case of accident. All these test are made at most important homologation institutes in Europe. Each car seat must have on the shell the homologation label, as shown below. Name and Trade Mark of the company Type Approval System Weight of the Children for which the seat is approved International Code Showing which country the seat has been approved (E4 = the Netherlands Number of ECE approval Progressive Manufacturing Number ECE regulation concerning safety equipments according which it has been Homologated Country of Production ECE R 44/04 demands that after an accident the seat has to be replaced.


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Sure about our safety A further confirmation of the high safety standard of FAIR items comes from the results obtained in the Euro N’Cap Tests which evaluate the safety standard of the most popular and best selling cars in Europe. The global result of the safety of a car is the result of different evaluations among which the safety offered to the smallest passengers. This is the reason why the FAIR car seats is chosen by major car manufacturers for the EURO N’CAP tests.


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Choosen by the best car manufactures The FAIR G 0/1 ISOFIX car seat guarantee optimal performances on any cars, from the smallest one to the biggest SUV. Fairgo cooperates with many car manufacturer to ensure the best safety performance of the car seats. The strict euro n’cap tests allow us to improve our quality day by day and focus on children safety. Is your car seat euro n’cap tested? Only a few companies test their seats at the euro n’cap. You can see how the child seat behaves in your car and be sure of the quality standards. The child seat is tested in many ways, including front side and pillar impacts, plus collisions that involves pedestrians and children. Be sure that the seat you use is not only homologated, but also euro n’cap tested.


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The new dimension I-SIZE is the new European safety regulation for children car seats, effective from 2013. This regulation was created to give more strict safety standards, especially extending the rearward facing travel for children up to 15 months instead of 9 months only. i-size kg  by cm Advantages of the i-size regulation More protection for the neck and the head. Better protection in case of side impact, testing the seat with new ‘Q’ series test dummies, which have more sensors. Compulsory use of the ISOFIX system, that allows more stability, it is easy, quick and safe to install. The rearward travel position is compulsory up to 15 months and/or 75/80cm of height. It will use a height based system. Easier for parents to understand which seat choose and change it in the right moment. S.p.A


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A B A Isofix connected horizontal sleed against the backrest B The support Leg can be adjusted from the shorted to the longer position whit 2 cm steps D C In the image the Head rest is in C lower position, the head rest position is not important during installation and can be change in every moment D FWF installation Head rest in high position it can be adjusted in 7 different position. In FWF configuration the child seat can be used from 15 months until 105 cm stature and about 18 kg. E E Installation Child seat connetted in RWF to the ISO frame Important to know: The i-Size regulation does not replace the older ECER44/04 regulation, so you do not need to change your existing child car seat.


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How to choose a safety seat According to the European Regulation R 44.04 the choice of the child seat must be the choice of the child seat must be evaluated on the basis of the child’s weight. All the age indications are indicative. The European regulations subdivide children’s weight in Mass group as shown in the next table. If you are choosing an I-SIZE seat take into consideration the heigh of your child. The I-SIZE seat goes from 67 cm (ca.6 months) up to 105cm (ca. 4 years old). Keep the child rearward facing up to 15 months. With additional adaptor can be used from birth. i-Size 67 -> 105 cm Group 0/1 0/18 Kg Group 2/3 15/36 Kg group 1/2/3 9/18 Kg


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UNIFIX I-SIZE Easy adjust harness/headrest The top of the range The car seat unifix is created in accordance with the new I-SIZE legislation, improved with the ISOFIX platform. To be used rearward up to 86cm (aprox 15 months), and then frontfacing up to 105cm (aprox 4 years old). Usable from birth with additional adaptor. Usable both rearward and forward facing i-size 67 >105 cm 87 >105 cm Isofix attachment 64 / 105 cm 87 / 105 cm Metal frame for best safety performance Plastic and high expanded polystyrene to absorb better the impact force Lateral protection for the head FWF RWF Summer Cover Design inspired by racing cars


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67 -> 105 cm - UNIFIX I-Size H: 62 cm W: 42 cm D: 35 cm


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G 0/1 Safe from birth The safety seat G 0/1 has been developed to protect children from birth up to 18 kg (up to about 4 years old of age). It has to be installed reboard up to 9 kg, afterwards forward facing. Easy installation with a 3 point safety belt system. 0/9 kg 9/18 kg Made by plastic and high expanded polystyrene to absorb better the impacts Technically advanced Comfortable and compact, the seat occupies only one passenger place Easy system to adjust the harnesses Optimum side impact protection Large seat shell Summer Cover 8 different reclining positions Lock-off device for an excellent steadiness to the seat in the car


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0/18 kg - Explore Group 0/1 H: 66 cm W: 43 cm D: 52 cm


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G 0/1 isofix Technically advanced Choosen by the best Baugleich mit Modell WAVO G 0/1 ISOFIX Gruppe 0/1 ( bis 18 kg ) TESTSIEGER The child seat G 0/1 ISOFIX has been developed to transport baby from 0 up to 18 kg (approx. 4 years old) with ISOFIX system. Im Test: 10 Autokindersitze Ausgabe 11/2008 Baugleich mit Modell WAVO G 0/1 ISOFIX GUT ( 2,0 ) Tested on major cars Gruppe 0/1 ( bis 18 kg ) TESTSIEGER motorwelt 11 / 2008 GUT ( 2,0 ) G 0/1 ISOFIX Gewichtsklasse bis 18 kg ( 0 / 1) www.adac.de Im Test: 10 Autokindersitze gut Soft and ergonomic adaptor Ausgabe 11/2008 10 Kindersitze im Test 11 / 2008 motorwelt Isofix attachment G 0/1 ISOFIX Gewichtsklasse bis 18 kg ( 0 / 1) gut 10 Kindersitze im Test www.adac.de Easy to install with isofix platform Made by plastic and high expanded polystyrene FWF RWF Summer Cover Created in cooperation with car manufacturers Used in EURO N’CAP TESTS, front side and angle impact


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0/18 kg - Group 0/1 H: 66 cm W: 43 cm D: 52 cm



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