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School Loop Standard: Easy Start Guide For Teachers Welcome to School Loop! Your teacher Portal enables communication and collaboration with your colleagues and the community in new and exciting ways. This guide introduces you to all of the basic functions of your account. Your Portal Homepage The top portion of your portal contains icons for news and groups and links to access help and account management. The My Portal link returns you to this homepage. The left column of your portal has links to your personal site, publishing tools for your site, and a list of your current assignments. Your Weekly Calendar is located just below the dashboard on your Portal homepage. Your assignments, group events, and personal events are listed on the calendar. My Websites School Loop Standard provides you with a complete website. With minimal effort you can create and publish your teacher website. For advanced users, we offer you the tools necessary to fully customize your site, but let’s first look at the basics. From your Portal Homepage, look for the “Create Your Websites” section of the Dashboard. Click the link with your name next to the folder icon. Doing so will take you to the default page, which contains many elements such as a locker, calendar, notes and news. The first thing you should do is to remove the elements you do not wish to keep. Click the Trash Can icon in the upper right corner of an element to delete it from your page. Add additional elements by clicking the Plus Sign icon where you wish to insert the content. A new window will appear with options for 11 different Elements (types of content). For the elements you wish to keep, use the Pencil (edit) icon and Add (content) buttons to change options and add new content. When ready, Click the Publish button. If you’d like to finish building your site at a later time, click the blue Save button. Easy Start Standard Teachers (03/28/2013) 1


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Create Course Sites If one page is not enough for your teacher website, use the Add menu in the left navigation bar to add new pages or mini-sites (folders). The use of mini-sites allows you to separate course sites from one another. Publish To Your Website The easiest way to publish content to your website is to use the blue buttons located just under the yellow title bar of the Dashboard. You may also add content directly on the page by using the Add buttons within the elements. Your teacher page comes with a calendar to which you can Assign Work and Add Events. You may also Add Notes (blog style) or Add News to your website. When adding content to your site, be sure to check the box for “Your Personal Site” in the Audience section of the simple publishing forms. Groups All Administrators, Teachers, and Staff have the ability to view, create, and join groups in School Loop. Groups are made up of any number of registered users. Each group shares a common calendar, news, and resource locker. Group members may start and participate in online discussion boards. Using the pre configured School Loop Help Group is a great way to connect with other users. Members can post questions and suggestions for other users to see. If your district has purchased the optional Unified version of School Loop, group membership is open to users across all of the schools in your district. Beyond The Easy Start Guide When you’re ready to learn more about your School Loop account, visit our Help Website and Support Center where you will find a searchable knowledge base, document library, and online instructions. Use the red Help link at the top right of any page in your portal to access these resources. If you can’t find the help you need, fill out a help ticket and our School Loop Support Team will quickly get you the answers you need. Easy Start Standard Teachers (03/28/2013) 2



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