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My home My design My choice New Homes Unit & Town Houses Apartments Demolish & Rebuild House & Land Package Obligation free Design & Quote CUSTOM DESIGN & QUOTE FREE Melbourne Call us Brisbane 1300 446 975 03 9467 9324 0414 413 813 Arun Aruja 0421 502 422 Santi Philip 07 3195 1047 0426 477 606 Sony Kurian 0470 237 086 0490 532 743 Reghu Devaraj digiotrix.com MELBOURNE OFFICE BRISBANE OFFICE Suite No 18, 240 Plenty Road, Bundoora, Victoria 3083 Ph: 1300 446 975, 03 9467 9324, 0414 413 813 Email: info@sjbuilders.com.au, www.sjbuilders.com.au 23/8 Charnwood Street, Sunnybank Hills, Brisbane, Qld 4109 Ph: 07 3195 1047, Mob: 0470 237 086, 0426 477 606 Email: sales@sjbuilders.com.au, www.sjbuilders.com.au


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FEB 2015 / INDIAN MONTHLY 3 PUBLISHER / editor-in-cHIEF Yogita Bhardwaj CEO / editor Avniesh Bhardwaj JOURNALIST VINITA MALHOTRA bollywood sun JOURNALISTS Shailesh Giri | usha mishra MARKETING Kshipra Cariappa | Vidya Santosh PHOTOGRAPHER Nikunj Madaiah WEB DEVELOPER / graphic designer Gaurav Kapoor GRAPHIC PRE PRESS Sarabjit Sidhu CUSTOMER SERVICE & DISTRIBUTION Munish Kumar From the Publisher’s desk After the festivities of the New Year, businesses have started to pick pace and almost everyone is quite busy in their daily routines. And as the World Cup fever spreads, everyone is excited about it. Indians all over the world are on cloud nine after the glorious victory of Team India over Pakistan in the ICC Cricket World Cup 2015. On one hand, Australian Prime Minister Mr Tony Abbott has won the Liberal leadership spill motion and on the other hand, the much talked about Aam Aadmi Party (AAP), led by Mr Arvind Kejriwal has won in the Delhi State Elections. Mr Kejriwal is the new Chief Minister of Delhi and all eyes are now set on what he will do uproot corruption from the nation. This issue of Indian Monthly has covered a wide range of activities that took place and will be held in Melbourne as well as in India. The team at Indian Monthly strives to bring you the best and the most important tidings for each month. The Festival of Colours is soon approaching and there are various events happening at different locations, the details of which can be found inside. Indian Monthly team wishes you all and your families a very Happy Holi. Play safe. Yogita Bhardwaj Publisher No material in Indian Monthly, including advertisements, may be reproduced in without the written consent of the editor. Opinions carried in Indian Monthly are solely those of the writers, and not necessarily endorsed by Indian Monthly . All correspondence should be addressed to: Avyosa Pty Ltd ABN:94 196 825 236 Level 1, 55 Walsh St, West Melbourne, VIC 3003 Ph: 03 9600 9227 0400 988 402 FAX:03 9326 5722 Email: yabs@yabs.com.au www.indianmonthly.com.au


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4 INDIAN MONTHLY / FEB 2015 Time after hanging on the leadership of Liberal Party following a failed attempt to bring on a spill in the party room. Liberal MPs voted 61 to 39 against opening up the nation’s top leadership positions to contenders. Mr Abbott said there is no time limit on his political recovery. He declared himself a “fighter” and expressed his hope to “substantially” pass the test on his leadership every day. Luke Simpkins, MP who brought on spill motion said vote is “a wake-up call” for Mr Abbott. Mr Abbott promised his MPs that he would be a changed Prime Minister leading to a changed and better government “than we were in every respect last year.” “We have had obviously a period of introspection over the past couple of weeks- that’s gone, we’ve put that behind us,” He added. “We will socialise decisions before we finalise them and that way we’re more likely to take the people with us.” “I can understand people’s anxieties, but the point that I’ve been making to my colleagues is that I am a fighter.” Mr Abbott declared, “Good government starts today!” He assured his colleagues that Medicare changes wouldn’t be pursued without “broad agreement” from doctors that there would be further tax cut for small businesses and that his office’s vetting of ministerial staff appointments and Cabinet submissions would be eased back, the better to hear the views of his colleagues. The Liberal Party leadership: A contest of phantoms PRIME Minister Tony Abbott vows to pass the leadership test after surviving ‘near-death’ spill motion. The Party room votes down spill motion 61-39 but Tony Abbott wins the Liberal Leadership spill motion some of the supporters fear the leadership is doomed. Mr Abbott has faced a hard Question Premier Daniel Andrews pledges TO support the parents and ease the pressure of the busy ‘Back to School’ week on the household budget, Premier Daniel Andrews told parents effective steps would be taken. Mr Andrews visited St Kilda Primary School with Minister for Education, James Merlino, to meet some of Victoria’s youngest students and their families. Some 120 prep students will embark on the most important year of their young life at St Kilda Primary, alongside 444 fellow pupils in other years. Among the new class of preps at the school are three sets of twins. Mr Andrews said it has been a costly and stressful week for Victorian families, because several years’ worth of education cuts has taken away the support that so many parents relied on. “We’re working hard to ease the financial pressure of this busy week, so parents have support for parents as Schools reopen the support they need by this time next year.” “Our Sports, Camps and Excursions Fund will help parents cover the increasing costs of these trips and free up the family budget for the big weeks like this one.” When the $150 million Camps, Sports and Excursions Fund is established, it will cover the increasing costs of these trips so the pressure is eased on the family budget. To make sure all kids fit in and get the best start, the Andrews Labor Government will also partner with State Schools Relief to give uniforms and eye glasses to kids who need them, but whose parents can’t afford them. Minister for Education, James Merlino iterated, “The Andrews Labor Government will be there for parents’ every step of the way, as they prepare for some of the most important years of their children’s lives.” Drought Loans Welcome But Eligibility a Concern THE Andrews Labor Government has welcomed the long-awaited announcement from the Federal Government that drought concessional loans are finally available for Victorian farmers. The farmers of Victoria feel elated who have been doing it tough, and who have been waiting for Federal Government drought relief for some time. Minister for Agriculture, Jaala Pulford said, “Agriculture is one of Victoria’s key economic drivers, contributing $11 billion to our economy, and we need to do everything we can to support our farmers and this critical industry.” “After a number of delays by the Federal Government, I’m pleased this much needed support is finally flowing to Victorian farmers in need,” Ms Jaala added. The loans will help affected farmers get back on their feet and assist with operating expenses, drought preparedness and recovery activities. The Labor Government remains concerned about the number of Victorian farmers who will miss out on this critical support as a result of the Federal Government’s eligibility criteria. The Labor Government will continue to work with the Federal Government to resolve issues around loan eligibility. www.indianmonthly.com.au


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FEB 2015 / INDIAN MONTHLY 5 Shivankit Sam Kapoor Property Consultant M: 0411 333 773 Hasib Sean Tahbin Property Consultant M: 0434 522 165 Pat Singh Property Consultant M: 0421 035 533 “ You don’t have to be Wealthy to Invest, however You have to Invest to become Wealthy “ Over 43 Years Experience in House & Land Packages, Off the Plan Residential, Townhouses & Apartments starting from as little as $320,000. House & Land Packages Point Cook - Officer– Pakenham - Clyde North Williams Landing - Craigieburn - Croydon North Apartments Blackburn - Malvern East - Brunswick - Coburg Carnegie - Caulfield - Oakleigh - Footscray www.indianmonthly.com.au


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6 INDIAN MONTHLY / FEB 2015 “BEST KEPT SECRET INCOME TAX HA VEN IN AUSTRALIA” SMSF Leveraged Property Investment which you do need to understand. While they may appear complex, properly educated professionals involved in SMSF Leveraged Property Investment transactions can readily help you. GROW YOUR SUPER WITH PROPERTY: Here are the facts about the major benefits of gearing into property through super. Did you know that your employer contribution Superannuation can in some cases be transferred to your SMSF, and can be used as a deposit to purchase an Investment Property? The Property Warrant Structure based on the latest super changes. MBIC can also provide the property that suits your needs and objectives and can also introduce you to the best financial institutions through its finance brokerage, and Financial Planning Associates. The Process - The Result Upon calculated reflection you will find this, to be one of the most powerful wealth creation strategies available in the market today. You will be able to borrow up to 75% of the property purchase price. Property Only - No Other Security - By law the lender must provide you a property investment loan on a limited recourse basis. This means only the investment property is used as security for the loan and no other assets within your superannuation can be put at risk. Most Powerful Wealth Creation Vehicle is created by using traditional negative gearing and property investing, and then coupling it with compulsory super contributions by your employer, salarysacrifice opportunities and very low tax. There is only 15% tax on rental income and property depreciation schedules (current ATO ruling considering whether depreciation on construction costs deductible in SMSF) can potentially do away with tax in your super fund altogether. Get The Right Structure - Property investment in super requires a specific structure with a Self-managed Super Fund be set up, so it’s important that you be guided by an experienced professional. Ongoing you can sell the property at any time if market conditions are favorable. Why you need to create a SMSF? “Because Super is Not So Super”. “An average man’s super at 65 is $190,000. An average woman’s super at 60 is $93,000. Despite compulsory super, ABOUT 70 per cent of Australians aged “You Don’t Have To Be Wealthy To Invest, You Have To Invest To Become Wealthy” AUSTRALIA’s Ultimate Tax Haven Not only is your rent taxed at a reduced rate of 15% during accumulation phase and nil when you retire, but you would only have to pay 10% capital gains tax if you decide to sell the property before retirement. Amazingly! You can sell the property during your retirement phase with “No Capital Gains Tax”. Australia a Tax Haven?  -  YES!  For those well informed enough to take advantage of the new Super Rules. Become another Australian who knows how to optimize their superannuation to the maximum. Superannuation Fund Loans, how has this come about? As a result of the amendment to “The Superannuation Industry Supervision Act” (SIS ACT) in September 2007 to allow super funds to borrow and charge their assets so long as a special structure is used. You can now choose any kind of property including residential, commercial, retail, and holiday units for a property leveraged investment. Your SMSF can purchase commercial real estate let for business purposes from a member or a related entity (ie: this does not breach the in house asset rule under the SIS Act). Investments in property other than business real property are permitted provided the purchase is from an armslength vendor. Debt installment trust - borrowing at super fund level How an SMSF Purchases a Property? The SMSF chooses the property it wishes to invest in, in the ordinary way. Residential property must be purchased from an arms-length vendor. Non- residential property can be purchased for full value from related parties so long as the property is let for business purposes. From there, the SMSF obtains a loan approval, from a lending institution (note all of the major banks are now lending to SMSF.) The SMSF pays the deposit, the balance purchase money (less the amount borrowed), the legal costs, and stamp duty in the ordinary way. On completion of the purchase the Property Trustee mortgages the property to the lender. The SMSF then manages the asset in the same way as you would with any other real estate investment. How the SMSF Leveraged Property Investment is Structured ? The legal owner of the real estate will be the Property Trustee. The beneficial owner of the real estate will be the SMSF. The lender has no recourse to the other assets of the SMSF, providing the SMSF with absolute protection for its other assets. The loans are personally guaranteed by the member/s of the SMSF (subject to credit approval). SMSF’s can deal with the property however and whenever they like, in the same way as investors can deal with normal investment properties (eg: lease, renovate, repair, or sell which is subject to the terms of the relevant loan and mortgage). All rents are paid directly to the SMSF. Loan repayments are made in the ordinary way from the SMSF. The SMSF can pay out or reduce the mortgage at any time (subject to the terms of the relevant loan). When the mortgage is paid out in full, title to the property can be transferred to the SMSF or the Property Trustee can continue as registered proprietor. Rules Governing SMSF Leveraged Property Investment There are a number of rules governing 35 to 44 are expected to have inadequate superannuation savings once they reach retirement, Question - Can I buy property for my SMSF that I already own personally? In some instances yes, it will depend on whether the property is residential or commercial. You can buy a commercial property that you already own and even borrow against it as long as you meet the borrowing criteria i.e. a maximum LVR of 72% for residential property and 63% for Commercial Property. If you want to buy a residential property then it must be at arms-length and not currently owned by a related party, it must be purchased from and leased to an unrelated third party. DISCOVER THE SECRETS OF USING SUPER AS A DEPOSIT TO BUY PROPERTY Superannuation and property investment: At last the Government has officially announced that superannuation funds can be borrowed to buy investment properties. Everyday Australians can now boost their nest egg by using their Super as a deposit for property investments. We can access super to make a deposit for an investment property and create wealth at an even faster pace than non-super property investors. MBIC has an information session Saturday 28th February 2015 2.45 Pm on how to invest be using your superannuation it is free and you are welcome, please phone for your reservation as seats are limited. If you have any questions or would like to seek any further assistance in property investment options, please feel free to call me on (03) 9813 8188, Mobile: 0417 483 355 E-mail: carlo@mbic.com.au DISCLAIMER: MBIC has used their best endeavors’ to ensure that the information contained in this article is correct. However, neither MBIC nor its, licensors or suppliers (nor their respective directors, affiliates or employees), accept any liability (direct or indirect) for any injury, loss, claim, damage or any incidental or consequential damages, including but not limited to lost profits or savings, arising out of or in any way connected with the use of any information, contained in this article, or any error, omission or defect in the information Therefore, the information contained in this article should not be relied upon and purchasers should make their own enquiries and seek legal and financial advice in respect to any property or investment, before committing to purchase. www.indianmonthly.com.au


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FEB 2015 / INDIAN MONTHLY 7 Melbourne Business MELBOURNE Business & Investment Corporation, MBIC is a leader in property investment across Victoria. It is an established family business built on strong values and principles. Carlo Ruscitti, founder of MBIC, together with his two daughters, Josie and Sonia as well as his wife Rena, lead a team of qualified and experienced sales professionals. MBIC is well recognised in the market place as a direct result of extensive property investment knowledge, experience and high quality customer service. With over 40 years of expertise, MBIC is amongst the best of property investment companies to trust. MBIC provides specialised and complete services in Property investment which includes residential, commercial and industrial; Purchasing Investment Corporation Our mission is to assist our customers to become financially independent, primarily through property investment property through Self-managed superannuation funds; and Property rentals and management. MBIC focuses on developing long term property investment plans for the customers and only recommend properties, specifically tailored for each customer. MBIC continuously strive to achieve high customer satisfaction and is proud of the success. The success of MBIC’s approach is reflected in the high level of repeat business, referrals and long term relationships with customers. Consistent with its mission, MBIC assists customers with all aspects of making investment decisions and has a selected group of developers, solicitors, financial advisors and accountants from around Australia and South East Asia. It adopts a transparent and stepby-step process to develop I N V I T A T I O N Why invest in Property?     The benefits of Purchasing Property through a Self Managed Super Fund. How to take advantage of current Market Conditions. Why you need to Invest, Where & How. What’s happening in the Melbourne Property Market. Find out: Bookings Essential Saturday 28th February 2015 Date: Place: Time: RSVP: 40-42 High Street, Glen Iris 2.45 pm for 3pm Start Sam Kapoor on 0411 333 773 or sam@mbic.com.au CALL 9813 8188 40-42 High Street, Glen Iris, Vic 3146 www.mbic.com.au Travel the Ideal world... Fly to INDIA from $950* IDEAL TRAVEL SERVICES CHEAP FARES, ANYTIME Cheapest Airfares Guaranteed 24/7 Call Us Anytime, Any day... www.idealtravels.com.au Fast and Friendly Services CALL US NOW !!! T. (03) 9748 6549 M. 0405 493 732 *Conditions Apply | Price is Subject to Availability of seats and price can change with or without notice at any time. Fly SINGAPORE AIRLINES by march 31st to get $40 gift coupon. Valid only on Singapore airlines and silk Air flights transiting through Singapore. www.indianmonthly.com.au


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8 INDIAN MONTHLY / FEB 2015 www.indianmonthly.com.au


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FEB 2015 / INDIAN MONTHLY 9 EPPING & DANDENONG CHC40312 Supporting Classes Starting at Certificate IV in Disability WERRIBEE Classes starting soon at • Government Funding Available* • Online Classes Available • International Students Welcome *For eligible candidates EPPING Date & Venue : 10th Febraury Tuesday 6 pm Venue : Liberty Church Hall, 25 Miller Street, Epping - 3076 DANDENONG Date & Venue : 18th Febraury Wednesday 6 pm Venue : Salvation Army Hall 55 James Street, Dandenong CHC30212 HLT32512 CHC40312 CERTIFICATE III IN AGED CARE CERTIFICATE III IN HEALTH SERVICES ASSISTANCE ASSISTING IN NURSING WORK IN ACUTE CARE CHC40108 CHC30312 HLT51612 CERTIFICATE IV IN DISABILITY CERTIFICATE IV IN AGED CARE CERTIFICATE III IN HOME AND COMMUNITY CARE DIPLOMA OF NURSING ENROLLED DIVISION 2 NURSING Institute of Health and Nursing Australia Email: enquiry@ihna.edu.au | Website: www.ihna.edu.au | Call Us Toll Free 1800 22 52 83 Contact: Saji Kunnumpurath, Ph: 0401212720 RTO ID: 21985 CRICOS Code: 03386G www.indianmonthly.com.au


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10 INDIAN MONTHLY / FEB 2015 29 Governor of Victoria announced by Premier Daniel Andrews th Hon Linda Dessau will be the first female Governor of Victoria Court, she was a magistrate in the Children’s Court, Coroner’s Court and the Melbourne Magistrates’ Court, a barrister at the Victorian Bar, and Senior Crown Counsel in Hong Kong. Ms Dessau felt honoured to take the role as she said, “With my background in the courts, it’s the community role that resonates with me. Particularly having spent all that time with people really at the coal face of the sorts of issues and problems that our community faces.” In 2010, Ms Dessau was appointed a Member of the Order of Australia for her service to the judiciary and the community, 36 years after graduating with honours in law from the University of Melbourne. Ms Dessau has had a long and influential involvement with Australia’s greatest game, serving as an AFL Commissioner since 2008. She was the inaugural chair of the Essendon Football Club Women’s Network. Mr Andrews said, “From the sporting and cultural icons that make our state liveable, to important THE Hon Linda Dessau AM, longserving Family Court Judge and AFL Commissioner will be appointed as the next Governor of Victoria as was announced by the Premier of Victoria, Daniel Andrews. The term of the current Governor, His Excellency the Hon Alex Chernov AC QC, will expire on June 30, 2015. Ms Dessau, a fellow jurist, will continue Governor Chernov’s record of decent and honourable service from July 1, 2015. Mr Andrews iterated, “As an honest voice of change, Ms Dessau helped bring Australian family law and the Australian Football League into the new century.” Ms Dessau served as a Judge of the Family Court from 1995 to 2013. During her time on the Family Court, she notably chaired national projects relating to family violence and child abuse. Prior to her appointment to the Family family law work that keeps women and children safe, Ms Dessau has helped shape Victoria for the better.” A Chair and Board Member of the Melbourne Festival and a Trustee of the National Gallery of Victoria, Ms Dessau has helped make our state Australia’s cultural capital. She was a Patron of the Epilepsy Foundation and food recycling charity One Umbrella, and has been involved in many other charitable and community service organisations, such as Turning Point Drug and Alcohol Centre. Unique among Australian jurisdictions, Victoria has never had a female ViceRegal representative. South Australia’s Dame Roma Mitchell became the first female Governor of an Australian state in 1991. Ms Linda said she wants to make Government House more accessible to the Victorian public. “I completely respect the traditions and the ceremony that will surround so much of the role but I really want Victorians to be able to relate to us in Government House,” Ms Dessau remarked. Mr Andrews thanked Mr Chernov for his decent and honourable service, “On behalf of every Victorian, I thank Governor Chernov for his decent, honourable and determined service to the great institutions of our state.” Labor Government Straight to Work: 5000 Trucks off the West Gate New Truck Curfews come into force across inner West THE Andrews Labor Government is working hard to reduce truck traffic in the inner west, by introducing new curfews. To coincide with the first day of the Victorian school term, VicRoads Transport Safety Services Officers will begin enforcing the expanded truck curfew times along Somerville Rd, Yarraville and Moore St, Footscray. Minister for Roads and Road Safety, Luke Donnellan, joined Member for Williamstown, Wade Noonan, and Member for Footscray, Marsha Thomson, on Somerville Road to announce the commencement of the new curfews. The curfews aim to strike a balance for the local community and local truck operators by addressing concerns about safety, noise and air quality. The decision to expand existing truck curfews was made after extensive community and industry consultation. Trucks will no longer be able to use Somerville Rd, Yarraville, during peak school hours from 8am to 9.30am and 2.30pm to 4pm from Monday to Friday on school days. Minister for Road Safety, Luke Donnellan said, “We will keep monitoring truck and traffic volumes in the area, because the peace, quietness and safety of these streets matter.” An additional night curfew will also restrict trucks from using Moore St, Footscray, between 8pm and 6am THE Andrews Labor Government is getting straight to work on the project to take 5000 trucks off the West Gate Bridge every day, calling for expressions of interest to build the first stage of the new West Gate Distributor. The $500 million West Gate Distributor will take trucks to the Port of Melbourne via a new dedicated road link, easing congestion for city bound traffic from Geelong, Ballarat and the western suburbs. The West Gate Distributor is part of Project 10,000 – the Labor Government’s plan to reduce road congestion, transform our public transport system and create 10,000 Victorian jobs. Premier Daniel Andrews iterated, “We’re getting straight to work. This project will remove 5000 trucks a day from the West Gate Bridge.” “Building the West Gate Distributor and removing 50 of our most dangerous and congested level crossings will make it easier for Victorians to get to work every morning,” he added. The $40 million first stage of the project includes widening Moreland St, installing a new signalised intersection at Footscray Rd and Moreland St, and widening and strengthening the Shepherd Bridge over the Maribyrnong River to add additional lanes. The upgrades to Footscray Rd and the Shepherd Bridge will eliminate bottlenecks and increase the flow of traffic and the efficiency of freight. Safe, dedicated lanes for cyclists will also be built. Over the next 20 years, the number of commercial vehicles travelling on the West Gate Bridge is expected to double and the number of truck visits to the busy Swanson Dock is expected to increase to 12,000 each day. Expressions of Interest for the first stage open today, with stakeholder and community consultation to commence in February. Shortlisted contractors will take part in a Request for Tenders process in May. Minister for Roads, Luke Donnellan remarked, “This creates more jobs, sends more trucks to the Port and saves more time on the road.” “With the West Gate Distributor, the morning drive from Ballarat, Geelong and the western suburbs will be faster and safer.” The contract is expected to be awarded midyear, with construction underway by the end of the year. Planning and investigations are underway for the remaining stages of works. For more information about the Expression of Interest, please visit the VicRoads website. Monday to Friday, and from 1pm Saturday until 6am Monday. Truck operators caught ignoring curfew times can be fined $148 on the spot. Marsha Thomson, Member for Footscray said, “At last the residents in Moore Street should get some relief with 400 less trucks in Moore Street every night.” The Labor Government is also delivering on its commitment to build the West Gate Distributor with Expressions of Interest for Stage One now open. Wade Noonan, Member for Williamstown iterated, “We’re keeping our word and working hard to reduce truck traffic on local streets.” The West Gate Distributor will redirect thousands of trucks each day away from local streets. For more information on the curfew boundaries and exemption area, visit vicroads.vic.gov.au. www.indianmonthly.com.au


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FEB 2015 / INDIAN MONTHLY 11 Locations Craigieburn central Shop boo - 32 340 craigieburn rd cragieburn vic 3064 Ph: (03)9305 6211 Northland Shopping centre Shop C 24 50 Murray Rd, Preston, VIC, 3072 Ph: (03)94782941 High Point Shopping centre Atrium Food Court 200 Rosamond Rd Maribyrnong, VIC 3032 Ph : (03)93174565 Opening hours Monday - wednesday - 10.00 am - 7pm, Thursday - sunday - 10.00am-9pm www.indianmonthly.com.au


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12 INDIAN MONTHLY / FEB 2015 Saladmaster Now successfully operating in over 50 countries! FOR over 60 years, Saladmaster has been helping people eat healthier food with their advanced cookware system. They sell quality cookware products, made in the US, and conduct Open House and home cooking school events. Not only do Saladmaster use only the highest performance quality American and Swiss steel, they make cooking healthy foods easier for you. Today’s lifestyle puts great demands on us all. To stay healthy, we need to maximize our nutrition by eating well. Saladmaster has the perfect cooking solution to help you maintain an active lifestyle, while saving you time and money with an advanced cookware system. This is the core mission, continuously reinforced through product improvement research and staying connected with customers to gain an understanding of their needs. Saladmaster provides a premium quality, engineered system of cooking.  It is with great passion that Saladmaster cultivates creativity and pride of workmanship to provide customers with continual lifestyle improvement. Quality is maintained through rigorous testing using the latest technology and industry advancement. Pictured is one of Saladmaster’s Open House events, regularly conducted at their main office in Clayton. Saladmaster’s Open House business opportunity can change your life!  They provide: •                World class training •                Flexible schedule •                Product of mass appeal •                Unlimited earning potential •                Contest and travel incentives •   Opportunity to earn a FREE set Saladmaster also offers a home cooking school program. Invite Saladmaster into your kitchen for a great tasting, low calorie, heart healthy meal prepared fresh for you and your family and friends, entirely for free. They will arrive early to set up and clean up after themselves, and all you have to do is fill out a short questionnaire and provide your own utensils. Ph: 03 8555 3949 Email : info@healthmax.com.au Frying without oil using Saladmaster electric skillet Nutritious fresh garden salad on Saladmaster 9 qt braiser In-house Chef Hannah cooking lovely and healthy foods at the Open House Mr Ben Bowler, Managing Director, discussing the Saladmaster business opportunity Efren, one of the Distributors sharing his successful journey with Saladmaster Desmond, one of the Distributors and logistic manager, addressing the audience and sharing his successful journey with Saladmaster www.indianmonthly.com.au


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FEB 2015 / INDIAN MONTHLY 13 SRI RAGHU RAM ASTROLOGY CENTRE PANDITH: RAGHU RAM is in Melbourne He CALL FOR APPOINTMENT 0424 975 226 0449 864 419 3 Mason Street (Near Dandenong Train Station) Dandenong VIC 3175 E-mail: somuprince1188@gmail.com % 0 0 10 7 Days A Week - 10:00 AM TO 7:00 PM LE TAJ Restaurant & Lounge 70-74 RosSlyn Street West Melbourne, VIC - 3003 P : ( 03 ) 932 989 77 E : info@letaj.com.au Indian Kitchen Serving Mouthwatering Curries, Kebabs & Tandoori www.indianmonthly.com.au


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14 INDIAN MONTHLY / FEB 2015 someone eavesdropping on Birth, Death and Marriage Is you? Samsung has warned its customers to watch what Records to go Online they say in front of TV UNDER Andrews Labor government, Victorians will now be able to access birth, death and marriage certificate online after the denouement of the State’s outdated record system. The BDM system and Lifedata 2 is close to its end of its practical use with storage capacity approaching its limit. Attorney-General Martin Pakula today announced the release of the Request for Tender for a new IT system for the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages. Mr Pakula iterated, “This request for Tender is a major step in bringing the Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages into the modern world.” “Victorians deserve a consistent, fast digital system for their important records.” In a boon for family historians, lastminute overseas travellers and anyone wanting to access their personal records quickly, the 27-year-old system will be replaced by a more efficient one that can meet modern demands. The registry is seeking bids for a new core business system to replace its obsolete records management system. The new system will also provide more accurate cross-referencing of records and a better collection and analysis of population data. Mr Pakula remarked, “The current system was built more than 25 years ago, has limited flexibility for online innovation and is fast approaching full capacity for the storage of documents.” The Registry of Births, Deaths and Marriages holds about 14 million records and each year adds 77,000 births, 37,000 deaths, 29,000 marriages and 11,000 change-of-name registrations. The successful respondent to this tender will introduce a new design that will hold all records in one place. This project will include major data migration and further digitising of existing records to enable easier searches SAMSUNG has warned its customers that their new Smart televisions could ‘listen in’ on users’ personal conversations. The people are warned of its private policy that anything they say could be recorded and distributed to a third party. They say around their new TV will be “among the data captured and transmitted to a third party” because of a voice recognition feature. According to the policy, the customers are advised to “please be aware that if your spoken words include personal or other sensitive information, that information will be among the data captured and transmitted to a third party through your use of voice recognition.” Samsung has issued a statement clarifying how voice activation works. It emphasised that the voice recognition feature is activated using the TV’s remote control. The private policy is an attempt to be transparent with the customers so that they must be informed about choices including whether to use some features on its Smart TV sets. Samsung said, “If a consumer consents and uses the voice recognition feature, voice data is provided to a third party during a requested voice command search. At that time, the voice data is sent to a server, which searches for the requested content then returns the desired content to the TV.” Customers might not always be aware when their gadget like a smartphone or television is listening to. Samsung also said that any of the voice data they receive is not saved and no information is sold to third parties. The TV simply forwards the data to a server that notes the requested command and then returns the desired content to the TV. The company stated that it takes consumer privacy seriously and uses data encryption “to secure consumers’ personal information and prevent unauthorized collection or use.” The company also notes that users can always deactivate the voice recognition service and use the text feature instead. Or they could simply disconnect the television from their Wi-Fi network altogether. Under Labor Government, 58,000 jobs back on track East Werribee Precinct Revived THE original plans for a major new centre for jobs and growth in Melbourne’s West have been revived by the Andrews Labor Government In 2008, East Werribee was selected as the future site of a major metropolitan centre – the East Werribee Employment Precinct – home to 7,000 families and 58,000 jobs. Acting Minister for Planning, Robin Scott, said the previous Liberal Government had compromised this vision, putting the whole project at risk by seeking a short-term cash grab for upfront funding. The Metropolitan Planning Authority has issued an addendum to the state’s request for proposals (RFP), preserving the original vision by allowing bidders to submit longer-term plans for the area’s development. Member for Werribee and Treasurer Tim Pallas said this provides greater flexibility for the commercial terms and conditions of the sale and development of the site and is expected to increase the quality of the bids received. Short-listed parties are required to respond to a Request for Proposal for the Major Development Parcel of 395 ha by 18 February 2015. Mr Pallas remarked, “This gets the project back on track, creating 58,000 jobs and homes for 7,000 families. We only get one chance to build this community and it needs to be done right.” The East Werribee Employment Precinct – to be developed on the largest surplus government land holding within Metropolitan Melbourne – is one of six National Employment Clusters. Mr Pallas added, “The precinct is too important to allow a short-term financial gain to threaten its future and its purpose.” The Labor Government will restore transparency and integrity to public land sales. 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FEB 2015 / INDIAN MONTHLY 15 Rainy Republic Day with President Barack Obama US President Barack Obama has become the first American leader to be chief guest at India’s grand Republic Day Celebrations. Mr Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama arrived on 25th January, a day before the Republic Day parade for a three-day visit which is seen as a sign of deeper and warming ties between the two countries. As against the protocol, PM Modi went to the airport himself to receive and welcome the US President. Mr Obama was given a 21-gun salute and a ceremonial welcome at the forecourt of Rashtrapati Bhawan. He inspected the tri-service Guard of Honour, which for the first time was led by a woman officer Wing commander Pooja Thakur. In a departure from tradition again, the chief guest at the Republic Day parade, Mr Obama arrived at Rajpath in his own highly-secured bomb-proof vehicle, ‘The Beast.’ The Republic day chief guest usually travels with the President of India in his car from Rashtrapati Bhawan. It was a jaunty occasion despite the poor weather as thousands came to witness the festivities. President Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama along with Mr Modi sat in a bullet proof glass enclosure as colourful floats passed by, Indian tanks and rocket launchers rolled by and fighter jets sped across the sky overhead. There was a stunning display of military might, lavish floats, dance performances, bands played on camels tops, performances by schoolchildren and daredevil feats on motorcycles which got riders the thumbs-up from President Obama. In his speech at the Townhall, the President said, “Every Indian should celebrate the success of Shah Rukh Khan, Mary Kom, Milkha Singh equally.” Hours before his visit to India, Mr Obama cancelled his Agra visit and decided to travel to Saudi Arabia to pay respects to the royal family following the death of King Abdullah on Friday. The warmth of Relation India and the U.S. achieved a breakthrough on operationalization of the civil nuclear deal. During his statement after the bilateral talks, Mr Modi said, “We have renewed our Defence Framework Agreement. We will deepen our cooperation on maritime security.” Mr Obama announced a slew of initiatives that included $4 billion in loans from US. Banks, $2 billion in financing for renewable energy projects in India from the Exim Bank of the U.S. for projecting financing. Mr Obama said, “We are moving in the right direction.” India accounts for only 2% of U.S. imports and 1% of its exports. The annual trade between the countries is less than one-fifth of U.S. trade with China which is valued at $560 billion. Mr Modi highlighted that U.S. investment in India had doubled over the past four months. He also pledged to continue to implement the businessfriendly reforms that were part of his successful election campaign in May. Mr Modi iterated, “It will make it easy to do business. You will find a tax regime that is predictable and competitive. We have removed some of the excesses of the past. We will now Republic Day celebrations at the Consulate address the remaining uncertainties.” The slow pace of change in India has been regarded as a barrier by Washington in relation to intellectual property protections, a consistent tax regime and an overly regulated business environment. “There are too many barriers and hoops to jump through – bureaucratic restrictions that make it hard to start a business, to export, to import, to close a deal,” remarked Mr Obama. General of India, Melbourne www.indianmonthly.com.au



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