Kauri Jellie PArk Swim Notice


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Kauri Jellie PArk Swim Notice

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Swim Fun Day at Jellie Park On Tuesday, 24th February we are going to Jellie Park for a fun day of swimming, games, and ‘house’ challenges. Each student and teacher belongs to a house (Kowhai, Miro, Rata, Rimu). Our visit to Jellie Park is a chance to strengthen positive relationships across the school. Kakano and Kauri students will be able to earn house points through participation in swimming and organised games. We look forward to you joining us for a day of fun. Team Kauri Information Aim:​ To have a fun day with the aim of developing our team and school community When:​ ​ Tuesday, 24th February Where:​ Jellie Park How:​ By bus What time:​Depart school after the roll at 9:00am Depart Jellie Park for school at 2:30pm How much:​ All costs are covered in the activity fee paid at the start of the year Permission:​ Has already been given when you paid the activity fee What’s happening? Morning session:​ width and 1 length (25m) races Lunch:​ outside with the Kakano team Afternoon session:​ class relays and fun house games Students will be earning house points for their respective house as they participate in the events on offer. There will be no 50metre races as they will have been run as part of the swim trials taking place Monday 23rd February. ​ ​ All events will be in year level. For each race students placing 1st ​ , 2nd or 3rd ​ will receive coloured ice cream sticks. These sticks will be placed into the student’s respective House Bucket. They will then be counted up to reveal the total number of house points for each house. Space to sit:​ We are aware that fitting 300 + students and parents into the seating beside the pool is an issue. Therefore year 4-7 students will sit on the seating that they usually occupy. Year 8 students will sit on the other side, sharing with parents. What to bring:​ swimwear, towel, enough food for an energy intensive day, sun cream, school hat. Sorry, but:​ Kauri students are allowed outside to eat lunch and have a play but are ​ not allowed​ into the outdoor pool as the Health and Safety requirements state there is a limit on numbers allowed in the pool. Grant Forman, Danny Hillary CUT HERE Parent Help​ ONLY RETURN IF YOU WILL JOIN US ON THE BUS If you would like to join us on the bus as a parent helper, please complete the parent helper reply form and return to your child’s classroom teacher. Your name: ___________________________________________________________ Child’s name: ________________________________________________________ Room: ___________ Please return to your child’s classroom teacher by ​ FRIDAY, 13th February



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