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Wise Fusion Dimmers Leaflet

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FUSION DIMMER MASTER WIRED & WIRELESS SWITCH 9mm 86mm FUSION DIMMER SLAVE WIRELESS ONLY SWITCH 9mm 86mm DIM UP 86mm 86mm DIM UP DIM DOWN ON/ OFF DIM DOWN ON/ OFF 35mm Benefits / Functions • • • • • • Replaces standard switch No neutral cable required Add up to 16 Wireless Switches Dim at every switch Group control - Master ON and/or Master OFF Scene Setting Replaces your standard wired switches to enable simple wireless 2 way dimming wherever you desire. Our Wise Intense Dimmer Receiver is a retro dimmer based around two technologies: electronic dimming and wireless communication. These dimming units have 3 simple buttons to control your lighting: on/off, raise and lower. What makes Intense Fusion distinct is the wireless communication between a receiver unit and transmitter unit. The receiver dimmer is designed to replace your existing light switch using the existing cables. It can then be synced to a number of transmitter dimmers that are completely wireless and can simply be placed around your house. No more chasing wires through wall cavities. You now have the freedom to put your lighting dimmer wherever you want and if you don’t like the position, you can easily move it. On top of this, the Wise Intense Fusion range offers you a number of options for both simple and more complex lighting control. For simple 2 way dimming a 3 button slave transmitter dimmer is used. For more elaborate scene control a 7 button transmitter dimmer can be employed. A single button can be programmed as a master ON or OFF Fusion Slave Switches Fusion Master Switch


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fUSION dIMMER masterS - WIRED WITH WIRELESS Wired Fusion Dimmer Receiver 1 Gang 240V Wired Fusion Dimmer Receiver 2 Gang 240V 9mm 86mm DIM UP 86mm DIM DOWN ON/ OFF White Part Code : Black Part Code : WISE FUSIONREC1W WISE FUSIONREC1B White Part Code : Black Part Code : WISE FUSIONREC2W 35mm WISE FUSIONREC2B fUSION dIMMER SLAVES - WIRELESS Wireless Fusion Dimmer Wireless Fusion Dimmer Transmitter 1 Gang 240V Transmitter 2 Gang 240V 9mm 86mm DIM UP 86mm DIM DOWN ON/ OFF White Part Code : White Part Code : WISE FUSION1 WH Black Part Code : WISE FUSION2 WH Black Part Code : WISE FUSION1 BL WISE FUSION2 BL Wireless Fusion Dimmer Transmitter 7 Gang 240V Intense Fusion Plates allow you to co-ordinate the style of your switches with the style of your home. White Part Code : WISE FUSION7 WH Black Part Code : Plates are available in whatever finish you desire. Just a few of the available finishes are • • • stainless Steel Brass Chrome • • • Antique Bronze • Prime White • Aluminium • Satin Nickel Polished Nickel Wood WISE FUSION7 BL Available Wandsworth Showroom 21 Lydden Road Wandsworth London SW18 4LT, UK at Mr Resistor Tel: +44 (0)20 8874 2234 Fax: +44 (0)20 8871 2262 www.mr-resistor.co.uk Fulham Showroom 82-84 New Kings Road Fulham London SW6 4LU, UK



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