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#BlueFlame Bryanston High School | Newsletter #1 of 2015 - February To p S c h o o l i n N o r t h e r n S u b u r b s f o r F i v e Ye a r s


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D Our Teachers affect eternity. ear Bryanstonians subjects for their abilities. We have found that Maths, Science & IT are particularly difficult for some children to master and parents and learners should think very carefully before they choose these subjects. Your co-operation in this regard would be much appreciated. Welcome to our new teaching staff and our new counsellor. We look forward to your input this year and hope that you will become part of the Bryanston family for many years. I would like to congratulate Mrs Weir on her achievement as the top Consumer Studies teacher in our district. This is a welldeserved award and we thank Mrs Weir for her contribution to Bryanston High School. At the same ceremony, we were once again selected as the Top School in the Northern Suburbs and were also presented with the award for the top overall Matric results. I appeal to all parents to help us with the traffic congestion outside the two main entrances, in the afternoons. Parents, please avoid parallel parking and rather park diagonally, thus allowing more cars room to park. Parking bays will be painted in the next few weeks and we urge parents to use these demarcated bays. You may also use the top area of the school to park which would alleviate congestion outside the school. We are looking forward to an exciting 2015 with many new activities planned! J SKELTON We would like to welcome everyone back to a new year and I wish all our Bryanstonian families a good year ahead. Congratulations to our Matric Class of 2014 for some excellent results. Although we did not manage to get 100% pass rate, our top achievers certainly outdid themselves. A special congratulations to Kiaro O‟Connell for achieving 9 distinctions and being selected as the top student in our District. A big welcome to our new Grade 8s! They impressed us during the orientation and induction process and we look forward to their many achievements this year. During the recent gala and the first of the cricket matches, our grade 8s showed some real talent, broke records and took wickets. What an outstanding start. We look forward to the Grade 8 camp which I am sure will be a great bonding process for the teachers and the grade 8s. One of the new practices that we are introducing into the school this year, is the Academic Council. This is a process whereby we identify our weakest grades 10, 11 and 12 learners and try to assist them in achieving the best possible results they can. Parents should support their children once they have been identified by the Academic Council, by attending regular meetings with the Head of Academics and Subject Heads. We are convinced that this process will go a long way to solving many of our current academic problems. May I also remind parents that subject choices will be a big focus this year and parents must support teachers in their recommendations where they believe a child is not choosing the right


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Congratulations to the matriculants of 2014! The achievement of 160 distinctions by the class of 2014 is really an outstanding measure of their success. Kiara O‟Connell is the year‟s top achiever and was awarded Top Achiever in the Northern Suburbs at the annual National Senior Certificate Awards.


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W elcome to Grade Eight The start of a new school year brings with it fresh, new faces entering the gates for the first time in grade 8. Bryanston High School is proud to welcome our 193 grade 8s of 2015. We wish you a rewarding and extraordinary time at Bryanston High School. Remember to participate and stay involved and make the best of each day. F irst Team Cricket On Saturday 31 January the 1st XI Bryanston High School Cricket Team had a phenomenal game beating Bastion by 158 runs. Well done team! First Team Tennis (left to right): Blaire Jorgensen, Jessica Shlebusch, Khany Nkhulu, Megan Denton, Madison Ramsey, Skye O’Neill. Absent: Zoe Grussato. G irls Tennis Congratulations to the Girls A & B Tennis Teams for winning their matches against Randpark this week. Amber Beekmann Grd 8C, after singing at a National audition & competition, has been invited by International Talent Scout Kim Myers, to represent South Africa in Orlando USA. Any person interested in helping make this dream a reality, kindly see Well done Amber!


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N ew staff at Bryanston High School As well as welcoming our grade 8 class of 2015 Bryanston High School also welcomed some new members of staff to the school. Marcel Stolz in the Technology Department Ashleigh Smith in Life Sciences and Science Departments Kelsey Smith in the Arts and Culture Department Adelina Alves in the English Department Amy Dewes as the School Psychologist Naasereen Sayed as the Subject Head for History Personal tuition, support and inspiration to help learners from Grade 8 - Grade 12 achieve their best in Science. Range of options available to suit needs, budget and timetable. Contact: Ernest Rangaka (083) 568 0756 or Colin Vincent (072) 946 7735 Bryanston & Rosebank XL@Science Decadent dining & boutique confectionery at Shop 8 Rivonia Village Shopping Cntr Rivonia Boulevard, off 9th Ave Donnae (011) 234 4437(079) 507 9469 Fax (011) 234 4439 A ny s p ec ia l is ed/ no v e lt y birthday cakes ordered and paid in full will receive a 25% discount. (T’s and C’s apply) Bring this newsletter to qualify for t1he discount. INDULGE


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I nter - house Gala The annual gala kicked off the year‟s inter-house competition. In true Bryanstonian spirit the four houses got dressed up for a day of sunshine, cheering and swimming. If you were able to support the inter-house gala you would have been witness to the true meaning of spirit. Each Bryanston learner that participated in the gala went the extra mile to ensure the day was a success; beginner swimmers took to the water so that their houses had full lanes, our top swimmers outdid themselves breaking school records that have held for decades, and last place swimmers were encouraged and cheered on by all their peers in the pool who had already completed the race. What a memorable and heart-warming sight. Congratulations to Jupiter (red house) for coming in tops overall and walking away with the Collins Inter-house Swimming Trophy! Apollo (yellow house) followed in second place then Neptune (blue house) and Mercury (green house). Trophy Winners for 2015 Bac Trophy: Most Promising U14 Girl - Natasha Yoko Bac Trophy: Most Promising U14 Boy - Tierman Clifford Hughes Trophy: Most Promising U15 Girl - Kim van Duyn Hughes Trophy: Most Promising U15 Boy - John Tyson Fulcher Trophy: Most Promising U16 Girl - Candace Eslik Fulcher Trophy: Most Promising U16 Boy - Jacques Rossouw Toerien Trophy: Most Promising U17 Girl - Sydney White Toerien Trophy: Most Promising U17 Boy - Nicholas Garbers Winson Trophy: Most Promising U19 Girl - Marina Savio & Jenna Parsons Winson Trophy: Most Promising U19 Boy - Luke Schlebusche Junior Victrix Natationis (U14/U15) - Yasmine Bie Junior Victor Natationis (U14/U15) - Rogan Shepherd Victrix Natationis (U16/U17/U19) - Kerri-Lee Carstens Victor Natationis (U16/U17/U19) - Jonathan van Duyn Spriti Trophy - Neptune house


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G rade 8 Induction Ceremony Parents and family were invited to attend the official induction ceremony for our grade 8 class. The ceremony is a timeless tradition at Bryanston High School whereby the newest members to the school family pledge their loyalty to the school and vow to not only burn their own blue flame brightly but to give of their very best in every aspect of their schooling career at Bryanston High School. It was an emotional ceremony that touched the hearts of many as the grade 8 class lit their blue flame for the first time and marched into the hall. The pride felt by staff and parents alike was almost tangible. Welcome new Bryanstonians! We cannot wait to be a part of your achievements. P latinum Mile Swim Congratulations to all of our swimmers who participated in the Platinum Mile just before Midmar. Tristan van der Heever 48min Brad Fulcher 50min Mr Hallendorff 43min Mr Farnell 52min Mike Ferriera 26.30 min Martin Diijkhuis 34.13 min Keagan Hayman 34.5 min Lize Els 35min Tristan Hayman 36min Gareth Edwards 36.45min Graham Ramsden 47min A special mention of the members of staff who achieved various long service milestones this year. Thank you for continuing to play an important role in the success of Bryanston High School! 5 years: Mike Slater, Clemens Steenkamp, Krishnie Naicker and Jennifer Cheketri 10 years: Barbara Stroud, Mandy van Rooyen, Topsy Turvey, Lorien Tolstrup and Elise Nel 15 years: Diane Peacock, Teresa Cook and Michelle Standl 20 years: Scotch Maponya and Andy Crighton 25 years: Mr John Skelton (Principal)


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BOOKS AND BALANCES BOOKKEEPING SERVICES CC We provide professional, costeffective, personalised and strictly confidential bookkeeping, income tax, company registration and changes, financial statements, management statements and payroll services that allow you, the entrepreneur, to do what you do best. Cecilia (011) 781 5224


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O rienteering Schools League The annual training event for Orienteering Schools League saw eleven schools from various districts descend on Bryanston High School in preparation for the new season. The Schools League of orienteering officially started up again on Monday 02 February 2015. Participants had to complete the course set out around Bryanston High School in order to complete the exercise. Orienteering tests not only navigational skills but also the athletic skills of each competitor combined with their ability to read maps. Bryanston High School continually expands its growing list of extra mural activities to cater for the individual interests of its varied student body. A unique sporting event such as orienteering showcases the school‟s belief in a holistic school experience. SAXOPHONE AND PIANO LESSONS All ages welcome! Studio situated in Rosebank. Contact Ruth (079) 675 4889 Thank you to Hatfield VW Bryanston who sponsor our Learner Driver car.


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A cademic Awards Ceremony The Junior and Senior Academic Awards Ceremonies were held on 02 and 03 February 2015. The awards are made based on the academic performance of the previous year; 2014. Congratulations to all of our top achievers! You have done your school and families proud. Junior Academic Awards GRADE 8 (2014) TOP 25 PARTICIPATION POINTS 24th (38) Jacqui Turner, Yasteel Naicker 23rd (41) Brad Fulcher 22nd (43) Crissy-Roy Rumbu 18th (45) Thando Majola, Chris Denton, Garth Esau, Michaela Stoltz 16th (48) Melvin Quinlan, Kwesha Mwelwa 10th (50) Asha Sheda M‟Nyampara, Owami Khoza, Michael Mpofu, GG Merafe, Dante Koster 9th (53) Anja Piso th 8 (57) Kim van Duyn 7th (63) Natalie Carstens th 6 (65) Tracey Mthunzi 5th (71) Menashe Rossouw th 4 (75) Milani Kwinana TOP 20 3rd (83) Graham Ramsden nd 20th (74%) Vaishnavi Moodley, Saryna Curia, 2 (88) Jessica Schlebusch st Natalie Carstens 1 (96) John Tyson 17th (75%) Anja Piso, Michael Mpofu, Tshenolo Koapeng, MERITS th th 16 (76%) Anresa Naicker 5 70 Sophia Zhao th th 11 (77%) John Tyson, Kashveer Sewjalal, 4 78 Ashish Jakkam rd Teagan Naidoo, Merusha Govender, 3 79 Nikyle Perumal nd Chris Denton 2 105 Kailece Govender st 1 111 Milani Kwinana Half Academic Colours 8th (78%) Kim Van Duyn, Andrea Noriega Del TOP IN EACH SUBJECT 2014 Valle, Liza Els ENGLISH (89%) Shannon Naidoo th 7 (79%) Fatima Khan AFRIKAANS (92%) Anja Piso MATHS (95%) Chris Denton Full Academic Colours SCIENCE (95%) Beauty Butsri 6th (82%) Jessica Schlebusch BIOLOGY (91%) Beauty Butsri th 4 (84%) Shannon Naidoo, Kailece Govender HISTORY (93%) Beauty Butsri 3rd (85%) Milani Kwinana GEOGRAPHY (93%) Brad Fulcher 1st (87%) Brad Fulcher, Beauty Bustri EMS (96%) Brad Fulcher TECHNOLOGY (88%) Beauty Butsri ART (92%) Brad Fulcher LO (82%) Beauty Butsri FRENCH (78%) Edward Cho DISTINCTIONS 4 Liza Els, Chris Denton, John Tyson, Natalie Carstens 5 Andrea Noriega Del Valle 6 Kim van Duyn 7 Kailece Govender, Fatima Khan 8 Milani Kwinina, 9 Jessica Schlebusch 10 Beauty Butsri, Brad Fulcher, Shannon Naidoo


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TROPHY WINNERS Best Class Captain MICHAEL MPOFU Sportswoman of the Year The young lady who received this award excelled in the following sporting areas: top junior girls athlete in the Bryanston High Junior Girls Cross Country Team, was a key component of the junior girls middle distance team running the 800m and 1500m, achieved level 1 coaching certificate for tennis, played in the 1 st Tennis team for the entire Grade 8 year winning the girls 2014 tennis championships making her the best tennis player in the school. She was also in the schools B swimming team. What a fantastic set of achievements and very well done to JESSICA SCHLEBUSCH Sportsman of the Year This young gentleman is an awesome all rounder in sport. He played in the U14A cricket team and swam in the A swimming team. During the winter sports season he played in the U14A Hockey team and was the reserve for the 2nd team as well, he participated willingly in athletics and although he was not a natural middle distance athlete helped to complete a struggling U14 boys middle distance team in both the 800m and 1500m or anywhere where he was required. He also played number 3 in the first tennis team throughout the year. Overall a fantastic set of sporting achievements. Very well done to JOHN TYSON Cultural Award (Boy) The recipient of this award achieved a lead role as Bernado in the 2014 production of West Side Story. For a grade eight to achieve such a prestigious role is no mean feat, and is a testament to his character and his talent. This young man has been a delight to have in the major production team, and we look forward to his bright future on the Bryanston stage. Congratulations MENASHE ROUSSOUW Cultural Award (Girl) Cultural: The recipient of this award was part of the most successful junior debating team who went through to provincials. She was also a member of the public speaking team who achieved an A symbol against other schools in this most prestigious competition. She also took part in the internal public speaking competition where she received an award for the speaker with most promise. This young lady shows great potential and is a worthy recipient of this award. Congratulations ANDREA NORIEGA DEL VALLE. Drama: The recipient of this award achieved a supporting role in the 2014 production of West Side Story in her first year at Bryanston High School. She is a confident actress and brilliant singer whose talent is not easy to find in one so young. On the finale evening of the major production, this young lady assisted the leading lady who had lost her voice due to illness, by helping her to sing all of her solos. Loved by her directors and fellow cast members, this young lady has been a valued member of the major production team and we look forward to seeing her on the Bryanston stage in the future. Congratulations to ANJA PISO. Grade Controllers Award (Girl) This young lady had a seriously rocky start to her Grade 8 year, however, by March she had pulled herself towards herself and she was like a new child. I can remember saying to Mr Malebana, “I don‟t think she will pass grade 8 if she continues like this.” Well she is now in the Top 20 and one of our top public speakers in the school. Did I have to eat my words! She has undergone a few other challenges throughout the year and I am always in awe of how she deals with them. This is testament to her strong character and her will to succeed. She can be relied upon to carry out any task and I always know the job will be done perfectly. She is friendly and kind, always has a smile on her face and is the epitome of a true Bryanstonian. I am very, very proud of you! Well done to ANDREA NORIENGA DEL VALLE Grade Controllers Award (Boy) This young man embraced the ethos of Bryanston High School the minute he stepped through the gates. He is involved in many spheres of the school and is always 100% committed to what he is doing! He always has a smile on his face, is happy to help wherever he can and nothing is every too much for him. He is a true gentleman, has a very mature, focused outlook on life and is a delight to have around. I have no doubt your blood runs blue already! Well done to JOHN TYSON


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J unior Academic Awards Ceremony GRADE 9 (2014) TOP PARTICIPANTS 24th (41) Kamogelo Kgotlagomang, Reabetswe Monyamane 21st (45) Akhil Bhoopal, Akum Mtsi 20th (46) Musa Ndaba 17th (48) Hannah Zulu, Kyle Neilson, Blessing Lebese 13th (50) Algene De Vos, Kgola Rahube, Roland Desplace, Vongai Chibvongodze 12th (51) Candace Eslick 11th (53) Philani Dlamini 10th (54) Caitlin Bell TOP 20 9th (57) Tamara Chinganya 8th (59) Michelle Ikeh 20th (76%) Divashan Naidoo, Nazeerah Karodia, 7th (60) Jafta Maluleke Leos Bedessie 4th (68) Crystall Murray, Gift Boloka, Jess 17th (77%) Akhil Bhoopal Muller 3rd (73) Thato Mpolobosho Half Academic Colours 2nd (82) Gareth Edwards 16th (78%) Michelle Ikeh 1st (89) Martin Dijkhuis 15th (79%) Tamara Chinganya MERITS 2014 10th 60 Kamogelo Kgotlagomang, Thato Mpolobosho 9th 61 Shrestha Arijune 8th 62 Trishla Pathak, Dylan Visser 6th 64 Shannon Penny, Ian Edwards 4th 65 Alina Holubeva 3rd 70 Courtney Van Rooyen 1st 75 Kayla Heckrath, Rutendo Nyikadzino TOP IN EACH SUBJECT 2014 ENGLISH (89%) AFRIKAANS (91%) MATHS (97%) SCIENCE (85%) BIOLOGY (94%) HISTORY (92%) GEOGRAPHY (95%) EMS (95%) TECHNOLOGY (93%) ART (96%) LO (95%) Full Academic Colours 14th (80%) Shannon Penny, Yumna Karodia, Mufaro Chiyangwa 11th (81%) Dylan Visser, Darren Rondganger 9th (83%) Candace Eslick 8th (84%) Kayla Heckrath, Caitlin Bell 6th (87%) Tamara Tesoriero, Musa Ndaba, Alina Holubeva 3rd (88%) Jenna Prinsloo 2nd (90%) Gareth Edwards 1st (92%) Ian Edwards Ian Edwards Gareth Edwards Jenna Prinsloo Ian Edwards Ian Edwards Ian Edwards Jenna Prinsloo Jenna Prinsloo Jenna Prinsloo Tamara Tesoriero Kayla Heckrath DISTINCTIONS 2014 4 Akhil Bhoopal, Leos Bedessie, Zeret Naidoo, Rutendo Nyikadzino, Devlan McKenzie, Jarod Paul, Zoe Grassato, Tayla Johnson, Nikhil Mahadeo 5 Shannon Penny, Michelle Ikeh, Divashan Naidoo, Thato Mpolobosho, Trishla Pathak 6 Darren Rondganger, Mufaro Chiyangwa, Yumna Karodia, Tamara Chinganya 7 Dylan Visser 8 Kayla Heckrath, Candace Eslick 9 Jenna Prinsloo, Musa Ndaba 10 Tamara Tesoriero, Caitlin Bell 11 Alina Holubeva, Ian Edwards, Gareth Edwards


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TROPHY WINNERS Best Class Captain INNOCENT MBULELO NDLOVU Sportswoman of the Year This young lady played in the C tennis team. She also ran for the A athletics team. She played in the under 16A squash team and played indoor hockey for the under 16A six a side team. She also took part in hockey umpiring. Most importantly, she is an incredibly talented hockey player who not only played in the first team, but also received provincial as well as junior full colours. Congratulations TAYLA JOHNSON. Sportsman of the Year This young man participated in a huge amount of sporting codes last year. He was the captain of the under 15A hockey team. He played cricket for the first team and received his team colours. He took part in athletics and cross country. He swam in the school‟s A team and also took part in open water swimming where he received his team colours. He is a phenomenal tennis player and played for the school‟s first team. He received junior full colours and his provincial colours for tennis. Very well done to MARTIN DIJKHUIS. Cultural Award (Girl) The young lady who receives this award is making a name for herself as an incredible speaker, both as a debater and as a representative of the Model United nations. She is a formidable opponent in debating where she was a member of the successful junior debating team , was awarded BEST SPEAKER in many of the debates coming 9th out of 60 league debaters, achieved junior full colours and has been instrumental in mentoring other debaters. In the recent Model United Nations Conference where there were over a thousand delegates, this young lady was given recognition for her speaking ability when she was awarded a bronze certificate for BEST SPEAKER. She is a very talented young lady and so deserving of this award. Congratulations go to MUSA NDABA. Cultural Award (Boy) This young man has come a long way this year. He has been like a sponge in learning the finer nuances and skills required in this cultural activity. He was part of the highly successful junior debating team who went through to provincial rounds in the highly prestigious SACEE DEBATING LEAGUE, and he was a fully committed member of the rhetoric society and achieved junior full colours. The worthy recipient of this award is ALMIN BURDETT Grade Controllers Award (Girl) This young girl started off her Bryanston career on a very unsettled note. She seemed to miss her place often and was constantly moved around. This type of upset would put most adults on a back foot, yet this young lady took it right in her stride and proved that hard work definitely does pay off. She continued to participate in sport, she continued to work hard and she continued to smile. This sort of stamina has been most inspiring for me and I am very proud to have been a part of it and to watch her come out on top. I believe that if this spirit is maintained throughout your schooling career, you will never be anything less than successful. Congratulations URSULA MFENGUZA. Grade Controllers Award (Boy) Even though this young boy started off his Bryanston career on the wrong foot, over the course of this year I have had the pleasure of being able to watch him grow into a wonderful young gentleman. He has matured not only emotionally but also physically. He is polite, offers assistance wherever he can and is always willing to help others. I have never seen anyone work so hard at improving and achieving his goals. It has been an absolute pleasure to be a part of this development and to be able to watch him soar. Congratulations THAPELO NDIMA.


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S enior Academic Awards Ceremony GRADE 10 (2014) TOP 25 PARTICIPATION POINTS 25th (44) Alice Antill 23rd (45) Nikita Mc Murdo, Dustin Osborne 22nd (46) Sean Osborne 15th (48) Trevor Bender, Tawanda Sarupinda, Sharon Muchemwa, Erica Donzella, Sydney White, Muashe Manyeza, Awethu Lushozi 14th (49) Makabongwe Kaseke 9th (50) Tylor Silawule, Mbali Mjila, Tshepang Khotle, Megan Denton, Dimakatso Letsoalo 8th (51) Keagan Hayman 7th (55) Priyantha Naicker 6th (60) Jonathan van Duyn 5th (63) Matthew Hillebrand 4th (74) Andreena Smith 3rd (83) Taona Munyaradzi 1st (86) Moyet Beukes, Nyaradzo Mwerenga MERITS 1 32 2 30 3 24 4 23 6 22 7 21 Lebogang Knocker Noelique Le Roux Adi Hancock Jarryd Ransley-Melvin, Rochelle De Beer Bradley Leeuw Andreena Smith, Callum Kennedy, Tristan Pillay, Zanele Nkonki TOP IN EACH SUBJECT TOP IN EACH SUBJECT ENGLISH (85%) AFRIKAANS (92%) FRENCH (91%) ZULU (84%) MATHEMATICAL LITERACY (80%) MATHS (91%) BUSINESS STUDIES (86%) PHYSICAL SCIENCE (78%) LIFE SCIENCE (84%) ACCOUNTING (91%) GEOGRAPHY (95%) HISTORY (74%) CONSUMER STUDIES (76%) EGD (95%) LIFE ORIENTATON (91%) INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY (81%) COMPUTER APP. TECHNOLOGY(85%) DRAMATIC ARTS (95%) VISUAL ARTS (98%) Madison Ramsay Tyler van der Berg Rifah Nuckcheddy Thandeka Ndlovu Brad Panayiotiou Mbali Beja Nonkululeko Mamba Mbali Beja Kristina Marinkovic Mbali Beja Andreena Smith Kristina Marinkovic Sharon Muchemwa Michael Alves Andreena Smith Megan Denton Belami Mc Carter Amy Thomson Madison Ramsay DISTINCTIONS 4 Michael Alves, Mbali Beja, Erica Donzella, Lyle Pillay, Andreena Smith, Tyler Van der Berg, Alex Warren 5 Megan Denton, Amy Thomson


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TROPHY WINNERS Best Class Captain MICHAEL ALVES Sportswoman of the Year Participated in Netball 1st Team, Swimming A team and was also a member of the Athletics Team. Well done to ERICA DONZELLA. Sportsman of the Year Participated in A Team swimming, 1st Team Hockey and 1st Team Cricket. Well done to JONATHAN VAN DUYN. Cultural Award (Boy) The recipient of this award has dazzled us with his talent for the past two years in major productions, first as the Reverend in Footloose in 2013 and as the lead in West Side Story in 2014 and is set to play the lead in the 2015 production “Our House”. In 2014 this young man won the award for best actor in the House Plays Festival. He is well on his way to becoming a Bryanston major production veteran! Congratulations to TAONA MUNYARADZAI. Cultural Award (Girl) The recipients of this joint award have participated widely in the many cultural activities that Bryanston has to offer. Not only were they both members of the West Side Story cast, they are also both members of the Johannesburg Junior City Council, irreplaceable TOP ACHIEVERS members of the Bryanston Photography Club Half Academic Colours Belami McCarter, Deelon Marcus, and the grade ten public speaking team. Both 68% Charissa Govender, Naadhirah Dudhia, also participated in the internal public speaking Moyet Beukes, Karabo Banda team. Congratulations to MAKI KASEKE and SARA LAGARDIEN. 69% Tanya Pillay, Akhil Padala, Thandeka Grade Controllers Award (Girl, shared award) The first young lady I got to know outside on the sports field. She is gentle and sincere with the hugest heart. She supports and encourages her fellow team mates and always gives 100%. She reminds me before every match how important faith is. She is strong in her religion and lives that out to the fullest. A very special young girl near and dear to me. BOUDENE VOGES The next young lady is truly amazing. Although I have not had the privilege of teaching her as yet, her modest and humble deeds caught my attention immediately. Always wanting to motivate and inspire but never asking to be acknowledged. Today I want to tell this young lady that I am acknowledging her and all she does are noticed and appreciated. This award goes to ZAHLE ELOFF Grade Controllers Award (Boy) This young man fits the ethos Bryanston High School perfectly. He is an upstanding young man. He is hardworking, honest, reliable, enthusiastic and is well liked by all his teachers. Congratulations to SIMPHIWE MDLALA who is well deserving of this award. Esprit de Corps The person that epitomizes Bryanston High School in all facets. Voted for by the grade themselves, MICHAEL ALVES Ndlovu, Tumelo Litlhakanyane, Matthew Hillebrand, Tamaryn Bronner Full Academic Colours 70% Chelsey Whelan, Taona Munyaradzi, Qhayiya Madlanga, Sean Dobie 71% Roxanne Field 72% Makabongwe Kaseke 73% Rifah Nuckcheddy, Zahle Eloff, Dominic De Jager, Munashe Chiyangwa, Grace Cameron Top Twenty and Full Academic Colours 19th (74%) Scherodene Devalogan, Jonathan Charles van Duyn, Nonkululeko Mamba, Tristan Van der Heever, Keroshan Devan 14th (75%) Sasha Karlin, Sharon Muchemwa, Mihir Poobalan, Tumelo Mashabathakga, Kristina Marinkovic 13th (76%) Priyantha Naicker 11th (78%) Lyle Pillay, Khanya Bambo 8th (79%) Tyler Van der Berg, Alex Warren, Krithin Bedessie 6th (80%) Madison Ramsay, Erica Donzella 5th (81%) Michael Alves 2nd (83%) Amy Thomson, Andreena Smith, Mbali Beja 1st (84%) Megan Denton



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