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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 251 | February 6 2015 Dating for charity Romantic repasts from celeb chefs! WIN! Movie TIX: Rosewater Divestment Debate How lock-out laws made the Inner West go gay le, Distributed in Leichhardt, Annanda , town New e, mor Petersham, Stan Balmain, Drummoyne, Haberfield, Rozelle, Five Dock, Concord, & Summer Hill is taking over the Inner West! A love for all ages The secret history of Valentine’s Day MAJOR DRAW 8pm THURSDAY 12 FEBRUARY You must be present at the draws with your membership card for the chance to win. HOLDEN VF UTE WORTH $40,000 TO BE WON OR $25,000 CASH PLUS $15,000 IN CASH UP FOR GRABS*! Canterbury Hurlstone Park RSL Club • P 9559 0000 • 20 – 26 Canterbury Road, Hurlstone Park NSW 2193 • *Terms and Conditions apply. See web-site for details. Authorised under NSW Permit No. LTPS/14/10072. Canterbury-Hurlstone Park RSL Club practises the responsible service of alcohol. Think! About your choices. Call Gambling Help 1800 858 858


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at Norton Plaza this Valentine’s Day Feel the love FREE $20 GIFT CARD Receive a bonus $20 Norton Plaza gift card with a gift card purchase of $100 or more. Gift card kiosk located near Dollar King. Claim free gift card at Centre Management during business hours. for terms and conditions GIFT CARD Mon 2 February – Sat 14 February, while stocks last. GPT Property Management Pty Limited trading as part of The GPT Group.


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Divestment backflips, who’s the queer-friendliest of them all, Parra Rd (again) l This week Marrickville Council backed away from claims it was the first council in NSW to divest from fossil fuels after media reports it was pulling its $60 million investment portfolio from ‘The Big Four’ (Commonwealth Bank, Westpac, ANZ and NAB). Its new fiscal policy was rephrased in more polite terms (minus the D-Word), emphasising the change would only impact a maximum of 20 per cent of its portfolio. The clarification coincided with Westpac CEO Gail Kelly’s visit to Marrickville to officially open a new school for disengaged students... Fodder for climate change conspiracy theorists to sink their teeth into – but no policy meat. l The Sydney Morning Herald and Star Observer thave been tackling who will be “queer” enough WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul ADVERTISING for the newly formed electorate of Newtown. Liberals have packed off (strategically) leaving Labor’s Penny Sharpe, potentially the first lesbian member of State Parliament, and the Green’s Jenny Leong, who openly supports marriage equality, to electioneer on King St. Despite the media attention on their respective rainbow-flag waving, Leong and Sharpe’s policies are boldly prioritising affordable housing in the area. l The NSW Government’s draft proposal for Parramatta Road has been released and involves up to 5,500 new dwellings being built in the Taverners Hill area, and 2000 in Leichhardt. NIMBY community groups have already organised to critique the plan. Righteous Rightie admits to a few minor errors in judgment but vows to remain the conservatariat’s pre-eminent columnist. Dear RR – I’ve been voting Liberal ever since I started earning enough to afford the mortgage on a three-bedder in the Inner West, so I stress my remarks are not the bleatings of some povo, progressive school teacher. That noted, following your recent column calling for the re-introduction of slavery; the hanging of Mark Scott for high treason; the forced deportation of all atheists, homosexuals, single mothers and Greens voters as well as the compulsory singing of ‘Rule, Britannia!’, ‘God Save the Queen’ and ‘Land of Hope and Glory’ at the start of every sporting event and school day, I must ask you to make way for a more suitable columnist to be the voice of right-wing reason in this otherwise leftard rag. I understand it was only five minutes ago that a readers poll proved you were more popular than Latte Leftie but, hey, a week is a long time in opinion journalism and, as a conservative, you know better than anyone that people are fickle and stupid. Sadly, you simply must move for the good of the cause. Andrew, Mascot RR replies: So Piers et al can hang on for decades recycling the same three think pieces about climate change being a fraud perpetrated by commie scientists, inner city elites forming a shadowy secret government and the urgent need to execute members of the lower orders found to be trafficking in narcotics but I’m supposed to walk the plank because I, as the young people say, pushed the envelope with a few innovative policy suggestions? I’ve got one question to all those critics noisily ragegasming into an echo chamber of righteous indignation: do you want Latte Leftie back monopolising this space with his juvenile posturing? Actually, it doesn’t matter what your answer is – you can have my media platform when you pry it from my cold, dead, ink-stained fingers! Sonya Madden JOURNALIST Max Kobras ART DIRECTOR Paden Hunter LOCAL history The award-winning Dairy Bell Factory, located in Australia Street, Camperdown, has been forced to close after a four-year batttle with supermarket giants. Dairy Bell has been in business since 1970, and running its iconic Camperdown factory since 1973, with the promise to invoke memories of hot summer childhoods, as well as to innovate traditional ice cream, creating exciting new flavours and meeting Inner Westies’ increasingly exacting dietary requirements. This factory, which had long survived the gentrification of the Inner West, will have its last day of production on February 27th, before freezing sales and moving on. Neighbours, residents and Sydneysiders alike will mourn this loss to Camperdown culture. Farewell, sweet Dairy Bell. n Jayden Rivers EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney Contributors: Jared Ingersoll, Nigel Bowen, Kassia Askenov, Melissa Leong, Winsor Dobbin, Jayden Rivers and Millie Cotes Publisher: Sonia Komaravalli Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try to make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696. 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 - Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville The daily scoop! n Email your dilemma to Things we love: One out of two ain’t bad Fit and Fat in Five Dock True Love Comes In Colours XYStyled is offering 25% off on your first visit As we venture into February there’s a good chance that many of you have already given up on your New Year’s resolution to get slim, toned and tucked in. Never fear for a certain gym in Five Dock has had a slight malfunction, which helps us gain a more realistic perspective. It must be a sign. Cover: Jim Townsend from Batch Brewing Company and Elaine Townshend from Cash Palace do romance. Photo by Ben Cregan. ENTREES • Oysters ½ dozen Natural served w champagne vinaigrette and eschallots • Duck spring rolls – roasted Peking duck served with white snow peas and bean sprouts, garnish salad and plum hoi-sin sauce • Buffalo mozarella salad, heirloom tomatoes, aged balsamic, crispy baby rocket, basil and lemon vinaigrette DESSERTS • Chocolate ganache, salted caramel, chocolate spiral served with mango sorbet, Lemon meringue tart, Sable Breton, lemon financier, French meringue, confit lemon To reserve: Book online ( call us 8957 0652 or book while dining. GLASS OF CRUSE . BRUT ON ARRIVAL MAINS • Lamb back strap – stuffed with celeriac and sundried tomatoes served with kumara puree and blueberry jus • Ocean trout crusted seared fillet served with braised shitake mushrooms, cauliflower puree, cucumber salsa with champagne vinaigrette • Grilled halloumi steak, grilled Mediterranean vegetables (eggplant, zucchini, eschallot, beetroot, heirloom tomatoes and salsa verde. 0424125678 202 King Street Newtown 4 for an appointment Call Fixed price menu for two - $140


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Millie Cotes Love is in the window display… I’m about to say something that might be a little controversial, something that may rub people the wrong way… I hate Valentine's Day! It’s not an aversion to the commercial side of it all, in fact I usually love public holidays for this very (shallow) reason. I embrace and purchase each and every commercial extravagance associated with them (even my dog has a Santa hat). But there’s something about those chocolate love hearts and long-stemmed roses that make me feel a little resentful. It may stem (hah) from my early years at an all girls high school, where every year the most popular girls were inundated with roses, human-sized animals and chocolates. Needless to say, I was not one of the popular girls. So I say: trade the chocolate love hearts and embarrassing balloons for inventive gifts. This year Ciao takes the crass out of Valentine's Day presents with these fresh takes on classic gifts you’ll actually want to receive A love letter This tradition started as beautifully handwritten letters, scrawled across parchments with inked quills professing love and admiration… now we pay someone else to do it. Skip the corny roses are red, violets are blue nonsense and check out artist Emily Mcdowell’s incredibly awkward love cards containing hilarious messages that are perfect for any relationship. n Visit her website: www. Say it with words RANT Staying open and staying out We are writing to you out of genuine concern for the future vibrancy, and overall wellbeing of the LBGTQI community here in Sydney. This concern arises over the outrageous overreach of the lock-out laws, which have severely disrupted gay culture on Oxford St and surrounds. The Inner West Courier recently published a letter proposing that the laws be extended to Newtown and Enmore, and whispers abound that an extension of the laws is on the Government's agenda. Inner West establishments have soaked up much of the exodus from Oxford St since the laws have been enacted. While we don't believe the lock outs are correct, it has been wonderful to see bars in our local area being patronised by people of diverse genders and sexualities, as well as new queer establishments and events taking off. It may sound trivial to a heterosexual outsider but the liveliness of these districts is essential to Sydney's LGBTQI community. The lock-out laws have severely disrupted the dynamic of the Oxford St precinct. After 1.30am, members of the community are stuck on 'islands' in each venue, damaging community cohesion and isolating friends from one another. We fear that this imposed isolation dynamic will damage this world famous gay village further and the community will continue to disintegrate and degrade. On a night out, we repeatedly witness international visitors being bewildered by the 1.30 lock out and last drinks at 3am policies. They can't believe that this supposed 'world class' city has such policies in place. Suggestions that lock-out laws in the Inner West will protect its neighbourhood vibe or increase safety are missing the point. For many LGBTQI people who party in Oxford St or in the queer-friendly bars of the Inner West, these are the safest spaces in Sydney – where there is less worry about street-harassment, shaming, or running into embarrassed homophobic acquaintances. While the media panders to the 'King Hit' narrative, few media outlets have touched on the aggression these queer precincts create a safe haven from. The Sly Fox Hotel in Enmore is still Sydney's only openly lesbian bar and, for this reason alone, should be allowed to revel in its 3am closes and reputation as the place to finish a great night. The night-time queer events that have popped up such as Homosocial, Tokyo Sing Song's Thursday night and Zanzibar's Birdcage are welcoming new people to the Inner West and sending a message to locals that their desires are valid and embraced. Business is booming in the Inner West's night spots, as well as providing a home to a marginalised community, while the sad fizzling out of Oxford St becomes more overt. Extending lock-out laws has no logic (except that of a straight-man's) and we are not sorry - we are here to stay. n Words by Matt Spaulding and Sarah Taranto Chocolates Flowers Yes, I admit flowers are lovely. Especially when they get delivered to your place of work where all your single colleagues can 'enjoy' them too… so lovely. But if you’re buying the typical bouquet of roses chances are they will be dead in a week, sitting on your kitchen table accumulating fruit flies and sparking fights about whose turn it is to take out the garbage. Instead, opt for a plant. My pick is a bonsai or a cactus. Try the Newtown Garden Market for a great selection. Nothing says I love you more than a spiky plant that flourishes in dry and arid habitats. n Newtown Garden Market 538 King Street, Newtown Ph: 9516 4044 Everybody loves chocolate but why not come up with something a little more inventive than a box of Lindts? Try the chocolate game called Instant Regret, a Russian roulette style game that replaces the bullets with chillis and the mafiosa with your friends or lovers. The box contains twelve chocolate bullets seated in individual compartments but one of them contains a surprising hot chilli! The idea is to throw the twelve-sided dice to await the fate that lies for you in the corresponding compartment. Play it with your loved-one this Valentine's Day and make sure to capture their face when they bite the bullet! n You can find it at or make your own! Naughty toys Who needs edible underwear this Valentine's Day when there is the ‘Orgasmatron’? No, it’s not what it sounds like. This clever and simple device is a head massager that will relax and send shivers down your spine. Pick one up from Octopus Designs. n Octopus Designs - 260 King St, Newtown Ph: 9565 4688 Tough love Dare to Date What if you could turn the fear and loathing of dating into a philanthropic and altruistic exercise? That’s what the Australia-wide Five in Five campaign has proposed: sign up, find five dates, pester your mates for donations, crap your pants, then go on all the dates within five weeks. Whether you find true love or just a lukewarm bowl of spaghetti is irrelevant, as all the money raised will go to a very worthy cause - supporting culturally and gender diverse youth at risk in Australia’s cities. In 2012, Five in Five made $46,000 for Whitelion and St Kilda Gatehouse. A bonus feature of Five in Five is that your friends pick who you date, not a virtual app that matches people based on “tastes” or “hobbies” (which everyone makes up, anyway). 79 per cent of the participants in last year’s round of Five in Five said that dating for charity was more enjoyable than other dating experiences they had. The Five in Five 2015 campaign kicks off this Valentine's Day with two events in Sydney. Thursday 12th Feb Five in Five will be at Mrs Sippy in Double Bay from 7-9pm, with free drinks upon arrival. The following night Five in Fivers can be found at The Loft in Darling Harbour from 8pm onwards. What’s on n Compiled by Max Kobras. Email Wed 11th Feb-Sat 7th Mar n You can sign up at Registration closes on March 21st. FREE Community are events listings a sex party. Bursting with outrageous characters, bawdy songs and handsome Mother Clap’s Molly House men, this play is as entertaining as it is Described as the play that “celebrates camp. Tickets start at $17. Sodom like there’s no Gomorrah”, n For more info or to make a Mark Ravenhill’s Mother Clap’s Molly booking, visit House is a riotous satire that explores au/mother-claps-molly-house/ the diversity of sexuality and the universal desire for family. The play takes place over two time periods: the first in the early 18th century where Mrs Tull, the owner of a struggling frock shop, opens up a ‘molly’ house – a brothel with boys in drag – and the second takes place in the modern day as a gay relationship starts to crumble amidst the drugs and toys of Golden gay times 6 Opening on Valentine's Day, the new wickedly black comedy The Plot by Sydney playwright Evdokia Katahanas will lift the lid on nursing From Friday 13th February home practices. Following the Cricket at the Royal story of facility manager Lily after The Cricket World Cup is on again the sudden death of one of the and throughout February there is no residents, this play explores ethical better place to watch it than at the questions and the moral decisions Royal in Leichhardt, with every game each character is prepared (or not shown live and for free in the main prepared) to make. This savagely bar. More than that, anyone who funny production will hit close purchases a Carlton this month will go to the bone for anyone embroiled into the draw to win the ultimate Boys in workplace politics and doubleDay Out package – lunch for you and dealing, using the nursing home as three mates at the Royal then off to the a microcosm of the world at large. grounds to see one of the games live! Tickets are $35 per person. n For more information, visit n To make a booking, visit email info@ x Ma : tn At Sat 14th Feb-Sun 1st Mar The Plot Naughty, naughty See page 8 for more what's on...


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GEOMETRICUT HAir Designing SAlon Shop 7/1-15 Wilson Street, Newtown Tel: 8041 8482 Email: LED BY FORMER INTERNATIONAL STYLIST & EDUCATOR FOR VIDAL SASSOON ACADEMY. AT GHS WE CATER TO ALL CLIENTS BY OFFERING HIGHLY SKILLED DESIGNERS AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. Trading Hours Monday: Closed Tuesday: 10am - 7pm Wednesday: 10am - 7pm Thursday: 10am - 8pm Friday: 10am - 8pm Saturday: 10am - 6pm Sunday: Closed


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n Local Gigs Saturday 7th February n Local screens The Maple Trail + Phia The Maple Trail is soft, almost haunting and quite beautiful, though not enough energy to need to be heard live. Phia is divisive; she is certainly making art and many will love her strange, semi-electronic pop while others won’t even count it as music. Both are very unique, fascinating musical artists. n Glebe Town Hall, Free FREE TICKETS Win double to movie passes r te a w Rose The gamble: Get the cash or lose some body parts The Gambler Gentle and arty A dangerous job: Who would be a journo in the Middle East? Thursday 12th February Ed Wells This kid’s voice is just ace; he can hit higher notes when he wants but it’s the lows you’re after. Not often do you hear someone so husky and deep but with such solid control and range. He plays a kind of dark indie-folk with a splash of Jeff Buckley. n The Vanguard, $7 Sunday 22nd February Rosewater The Hadron Colliders Very melodic rock, quite reminiscent of '80s British bands like the Smiths. This Inner West band differs by having a very atmospheric and spacey feel, which is made even more overt by the vague lyrics. Nice and chill, but don’t expect much of a dance. n Petersham Bowling Club, Free OK, so after Charlie Hedbo we know that the subjects of journalistic satire don’t always get the joke. In his debut as a writer/director, US comedian Jon Stewart dramatises one such case. On his The Daily Show just before Iran’s disputed 2009 presidential election, Maziar Bahari, a Western-based Iranian journo was flippantly introduced as a “spy” – mocking the jumpy Iranian authorities who see Western conspiracies everywhere. Bahari (Gael García Bernal) laughed, but Iranian security goons didn’t. Blindfolded and tortured in an isolated solitary confinement cell for 120 days, most of Stewart’s film follows the journo’s terrifying predicament as he oscillates between defiance and despair, and rarely has the relationship between prisoner and inquisitor (Kim Bodnia) been captured so powerfully. He’s supposed to confess to his role in the West's capitalist media spy network – but how can he? He didn’t even work for Rupert! (Note to local Murdoch-haters, that’s a joke.) M from Feb 19. The Theory Of Everything Stephen Hawking has sold more unread books than any man alive and certainly has his fans. In the scene that earned the film its PG “mild themes” rating, an admiring nurse shows him some tame Penthouse pics, winking that “she knows what men are like.” Previously we’ve been told some organs in his useless body still function normally. All Eddie Redmayne has to do is blink – suggestively, but that's not enough to sustain his “unusual” marriage to plucky Jane (Felicity Jones). With enough material for her own book (on which this mildthemed bio is based), she’s off. PG on now. The original starring James Caan was a moody masterpiece with a fatalistic streak of gritty nihilism, and Rupert Wyatt’s remake inevitably suffers in comparison. But few of us will ever be able to unearth something made in 1974 and this version, which is stylish, earthy and viciously cynical too (that is – damn good!) muscles up well. And it gives Mark Wahlberg one of his best roles ever. He’s Jim Bennett a jaded English professor with a destructive gambling addiction so vast that he could fund the construction of James Packer’s Barangaroo tower in a single night on the tables. Despite a privileged background, he’s now in hock to some vicious hoods, whose tough, caustic and super articulate blather is as snarky and blackly entertaining as anything scripter William Monahan (The Departed) has served up before. John Goodman (bald and topless – help!) is literally a monster. Less convincing is Brie Larson, a firecracker in last year’s Short Term 12. But the fault is in the role she’s given – there’s just too much macho bluster for a femme fatale to compete. MA15+ on now. CIAO's PICKS! ★ Thanks to Transmission Films we have 10 double in season passes to give away. Details below. Take In bed a with trip into the the world's twilight brainiest zone man of a marriage Pin-up boy for freedom-lovers E-waste drop off day City of Canada Bay’s annual e-waste drop off day will be held at Cintra Park on Crane Street, Concord from 9.30am-3.30pm on Saturday 14th February. Due to the exponential growth of new technology, most people tend to replace their electronic goods on a frequent and regular basis. Unfortunately, many of these people choose to simply dump their unwanted computers, TVs and the like and this has caused serious pollution problems in landfill sites. That is why the City of Canada Bay council holds their annual e-waste drop off day, to give residents the opportunity to thoughtfully dispose of and recycle these items, which last year resulted in 44.35 tonnes of waste being collected. Mayor Angelo Tsirekas and the entire council urge locals to take part but ask that they make sure to take note of what can be recycled at this event: household items such as irons, kettles, vacuums, DVDs, TVs, game consoles and computer equipment can be dropped off while white goods such as fridges, lighting and broken glass and chemicals cannot be recycled. n For more information on this event and other ways to recycle, visit www.council. Drop of your e-waste with no charge Citizenfour Ciao wasn’t invited to the previews of Fifty Shades of Grey but we’re always welcome at anything about the world’s really sexiest man alive – Edward Snowden. Afterwards I erased my entire browser history, deleted all Facebook posts, emails, banking records and cut up my brand new Opal card. Not that it did any good, the metadata snoopers have already got it all. Laura Poitras’ doco has some amazingly revealing footage of Snowden the man, known previously only to her as a coded source, “citizenfour.” She was one of the three journos holed up in a Hong Kong hotel room with him as they managed, in a fraught and paranoid week, the publication of the leaks which explosively detail the extensive and illegal reach of our security agencies. But the scariest thing of all is left unexamined – how we willingly volunteered all that information. Why be shocked that someone decided to collect it? M from Feb 12. n More local movies: Road in Marrickville, has taken a new model for 2015, one that is very much Lunar New Year Concert long-term orientated. This gallery has Running from 6pm till late at UTS’ Soon we will be entering the Year given nine artists the opportunity to Broadway Campus, O’Fest is an annual of the Sheep and Ashfield Council take on two separate exhibition slots outdoor music festival that is all about has decided to celebrate in style over the next 14 months, thus giving having one last party before the semester with an event open to the entire these artists longevity and the chance begins, and what a party they are public. Head on down to Ashfield throwing this year. Headlining the festival to foster their projects while being on Chinese New Year’s Day to will be San Cisco, the indie pop four piece unmediated by commercial restraints. treat yourself to a fantastic array of Opening night will run from 6pm until traditional and modern entertainment, from Fremantle, who will be performing late and should be a great time to see their latest single 'RUN' from their finishing off with a performance by what these upcoming artists can do. upcoming second album. Second on the Neo the Magician and his famous, n For more information, visit bill is The Kite String Tangle along with indescribable face changing trick! dance floor movers Aston Shuffle, as well n Where: Ashfield Town Hall, 6-9pm as plenty of other fantastic, upcoming Saturday 28th February local artists. Tickets start at $40. Thursday 19th February Friday 20th February O’Fest Marrickville Council’s Graffiti Proofing Your Property Workshop, running from 9.30-11.30am at Councils Work Depot at 15-17 Unwins Bridge Road. This workshop will cover topics on your rights as a property owner, the easiest way to remove unwanted graffiti and how to commission an artist to replace unsightly tags with a gorgeous mural. This workshop is free and each attendee will receive a complimentary Graffiti Proofing Kit. n To make a booking, go to n To purchase your ticket, go to Fri 20th Feb-Sun 8th Mar Graffiti Proofing Workshop 55 Exhibition She's a popular girl 8 Art gallery 55, located at 55 Sydenham Is your house plagued by young hooligans armed with spray paint? Have you woken up to see some idiot’s ridiculous tag on your freshly painted white wall? If so, make sure to head to WIN DOUBLE MOVIE PASSES To be in the running to win one of ten double in-season passes to Rosewater, email your name and contact details to telling us where you picked up your copy of Only at the movies Feb 19 Ciao. Remember to include a postal address. n Reviews – Russell Edwards


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n Your say n Sustainability n Local news Has using apps and online dating replaced the conventional way of meeting new people? I am probably not the best person to ask as I’ve been married for 10 years.” Nichola, Balmain I think its just a new way that is in line with the times. It is another way to meet people.” Rebecca, Croydon Park n “Definitely. 100 per cent” Marisa, Newtown n “I don’t think its replaced it, n “I don’t think so, although Come clean Come Clean Up Australia Day, the parks and waterways will be littered with people cleansing the spaces of their grime, rubbish and waste. On March 1st we will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of this great day that pushes for an environmentally friendly Inner West. It does seem some days that the streets of the Inner West are peppered with McDonalds paper bags and cheap cigarette butts but this day brings forth the spirit of altruism that pervades our community. The day signifies the 27.2 million hours donated since its inception and the exponentially growing number of volunteers, last year reaching a staggering 572,000. Burwood Rotary has chosen Burwood Park for its target of cleanliness. On the 1st of March many will head down to the park and surrounding areas in order to partake in the big day. In the past, Burwood Council has decreed that “the world is not your ashtray”, emphasising the damage that cigarettes butts can do to the environment. Both Rotary and the Council have xx x Affordable Housing Proposals on Norton St Future planning proposals are currently being discussed between Leichhardt Council and Uniting Care regarding three properties in Leichhardt – Annesley House on Marion St, Harold Hawkins Court on Norton St and Wesley Church on Wetherill Street. The proposal for Harold Hawkins Court on Norton St includes affordable housing provisions, while proposals for Annesley House and Wesley Church aim to provide further aged care beds and student accommodation respectively. Extend the claw, ravens! been encouraging members of the area into joining the campaign. And it’s not just Burwood who are taking up the environmental cause; Drummoyne, Marrickville, and Canterbury are all on board to inspire the masses. The environment issue is one that pops up so very often. There are those who ignore it, those who deny it, but most of us realise the truth. Truths include the fact that 50 million plastic bags enter the litter stream every year. They clutter waterways and lower the appeal of our neighbourhoods, ruining a carefully constructed suburban aesthetic. Though the numbers are great in dedication, still the rubbish rises against their rally and the amount of plastic bags in the litter stream increases every year. But it is up to every member of the community to come together in bonds of hygiene and health, to conscientiously meet and surpass last year’s national 15,708 tonnes of waste collected. Since 1990 this day has signified Australia’s proactive optimism towards the country that we call home. It has not come as a surprise that the Inner West flocks for the sake of its odd beauty and tight neighborhoods. So take to the grass with your extended claw and like a keen raven score as much shiny, or otherwise, litter that you can. Come and Clean Up Australia. n Jayden Rivers Labor Councillor Simon Emsley says the plans will hopefully allow key workers to return to the area and contribute to Norton Street’s revitalisation. “Everybody in Leichhardt knows of households and individuals who have been forced out of the area in recent years by high rents. Council must not pass up the unique chance offered by the Uniting Care’s proposals, developed in extensive consultations with the community, to help put things right,"Emsley said. n Uniting Care’s plans for the properties will go on public exhibition this month. used Tinder? It definitely has.” Sam, Stanmore n “I guess so. Tinder has changed meeting new people.” Aaron, Newtown n “Yes, definitely. Have you the way people meet, but I can't ignore the impact it has had on the way people find new love interests. Fundamentally, though, you don't get that spark that you get when you meet somebody you find attractive for the first time. It goes beyond finding someone attractive in a photo or a description, but being attracted to the way they carry themselves and having 'that connection'. Kassia, Newtown n “I don't think its replaced The world is not your ashtray! Gail Kelly goes alternative Marrickville divests from divestment Confusion around Marrickville's fiscal policy was rife this week with media outlets, including The Australian and 2UE, reporting it had become the first council in NSW to divest from fossil fuels. A press release issued last Tuesday by climate change group stated that Marrickville Council had voted to, “Offload its investments in fossil fuels and join the international ‘divestment’ movement.” Marrickville Council has since released a statement saying that is not the case. Marrickville councillors have voted to preference non-fossil fuel aligned financial institutions in the future, if they have comparable risks and rewards to those that do invest in fossil-fuel producing industries. “It is not correct, as reported by some media outlets today, that Council is withdrawing funds from the big four banks," Mayor of Marrickville Councillor Mark Gardiner said. “In fact we will only ever invest a maximum of 20 per cent, or $12 million of our $60 million portfolio, into this class of non-fossil fuel aligned financial institutions." Local artists do the heavy lifting Westpac CEO Gail Kelly had the honour of opening an alternative education school in Marrickville last Friday. The Waranara Centre will provide Year 9-10 students who are struggling in mainstream schooling, due to social disadvantage, trauma or mental illness, with on-site counselling, case-management and support to complete the Record of School Achievement (formerly, The School Certificate). Funded by The Good Shepard Australia New Zealand, the school will focus on disrupting cycles of poverty for women and girls. Educative empowerment Despite the anticlimax, Marrickville Greens Councillor Max Phillips seemed pleased with the policy change. “I think the majority of the council backing this action is reflective of the Inner West, where the community wants to see action being taken on climate change and corporations that are polluting the planet,” Phillips said. Leichhardt Council has been in the process of making similarly hard decisions about what and who its investment portfolio is funding. A report issued by an Independent Financial Advisor at the end of last year advised against Leichhardt’s divestment from major banks, warning of, “a significant adverse impact on Council’s risk management focus and investment objectives.” Half of Leichhardt’s investment portfolio ($30 million) is invested with non-fossil fuel aligned institutions, which already puts it environmentally ahead of Marrickville, even after their policy change. Worm Love for Ashfield Ashfield Council residents are eligible to receive 50 per cent off worm farms and compost bins as of 2015. The Council is encouraging residents to start composting their food scraps this year by subsidising waste equipment. Leichhardt, Burwood and Canada Bay Councils have similar schemes in place for residents. n To learn more about composting, and to claim Council reductions on bins and worms farms, visit: Joy Aimée - 30 years experience - Insightful & honest - In person, Skype and phone readings Call Joy: 0417 821 260 Email Joy: Tarot Readings and Counselling Question and Answer with Joy Aimee Will my business be successful in 2015? - Andie Hello Andie, I loved doing your reading, the information came in thick and fast! Actually, to make sure, I dealt the cards three times and the same three cards showed up each time so that is real confirmation of what I’m about to tell you. Your spread tells me that you have been restless and unhappy with your work situation for some time. The Four of Cups shows me that you discussed the situation with friends and family and spent a lot of time considering your next move. When you left your previous place of employment (or it could have been that you left a relationship where you received financial support but didn’t feel emotionally supported) it was a very scary and nerve- wracking time for you (Five of Pentacles). Not only did you feel that you were leaving behind your security net, you also felt you were leaving behind a large part of how you identified yourself in the world. The Page of Pentacles tells me that in the coming year, as you pour more and more of your love for what you are doing into your work, you will be rewarded, both financially and with a greater sense of fulfilment than you have ever know before. I feel that your business has the potential to be very prosperous as long as you stay positive and focussed. How wonderful! I hope this has been useful, Andie. If you would like to know more, please contact me for a private reading, the details are below n Call Joy: 0417 821 260 /TarotReadingswithJoy 10 Email Joy:


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n FEATURE ecnamoR Romance dedaolrereloaded “Cupid rhymes with stupid!” “Valentine's Day isn’t about romance anymore it’s about rules and doing what you’re told.” “Commercialised to death.” “Valentine's Day sucks because of the pressure to buy gifts which are heavily marked up and way too expensive. ” “I’m not religious or a capitalist so I won’t celebrate it!” Woah! Hang on a minute! Such crushing cacophonies of disenchantment disavowing romance and Valentine's Day! Interviewing locals I realised that disillusionment looms large like a cloud blocking out Cupid’s arrow in the Inner West. Men spoke of ‘emotional scars’ and many women I spoke to said they had never had a partner do anything special for them on Valentines so now they hate it. Unfulfilled expectations on Valentine's Day lead to massive disappointment, which then led to heartbreak and break-ups in a vicious merry-go-round. Anti-Valentine's Day events have capitalised on this mass cynicism - this year you can watch horror movies all night at Newtown’s Dendy cinema in an orgy of “Up Yours” to love and romance! Valentine's Day and changed the lustful theme to one of saintly love and sacrifice. Some killjoy scholars argue there is no connection between Lupercalia and Valentine's Day, and we’ll never know for sure, but it’s a fun way to expand our awareness of ritual and romance. Valentines through the ages Saint Valentine was a sacrificial martyr with a cult following through 14th and 15th centuries, until Geoffrey Chaucer transformed him into a symbol of romantic love. Chaucer wrote poems of birds mating, lovers pining and the beginning of spring. His symbols captured the collective imagination of Valentine's so well that they survive to today. In the 17th and 18th centuries drawing lots or ‘divinatory match making’ to choose a Valentine was popular. Names were put into a jar on Valentine's Eve. It was a good omen for the ‘lucky dip’ couple to eventually marry. Other customs included women creeping into the churchyard at midnight to discover omens, or putting hemp seeds under their pillow for dreams of their future husbands. Young people took to the streets singing in exchange for gifts, and there was sexual licence and festive indulgence. Small businesses started making cards in the 1820s, but it was the cheaper postage that propelled the card giving custom! By the 1840s bigger companies started catering to the demand. Hallmark didn’t invent Valentine's Day as sending cards was already a symbolic way to express emotions when courtship followed such strict social formalities. Hipsters might want to try celebrating Valentine's Day in the spirit of the 1700s when handwritten Valentine notes on plain paper were popular. It’s quite intimate and sensual following the handwriting of your lover in our digital age. Try creating your own rituals like in Europe where couples write their names on a padlock and lock it onto a bridge. Couples throw the key into the river as a symbol of their love. Above all, view Valentine's as a celebration of love, not responsibility! Romancing right As a sex therapist and relationship counsellor, everyday I see the importance of romance and ritual. Romance acts as the glue that keeps two humans bonded for the long term. Romance is a magical alchemy between the ecstatic highs and lows of arousal and passionate love and the peaceful bonding of companionate love. However antiquated romance might seem, it is what has guaranteed the survival of our species. People overlook that celebrating romance dosen't have to involve mass-produced products – hand-made gifts or shared experiences will have a far greater impact anyway. And it's worth remembering that for thousands of years social-exchange rituals involving gift giving have been deeply ingrained in our discourses of sex and partnership. Humans are ritualistic creatures who use narratives to find meaning. Rituals are symbolic languages that pay homage to meaningful parts of our life. Rituals are symbolic ways of expressing emotions in a non-verbal fashion. Our instinctive unconscious understands rituals better than our rational consciousness. We cannot psychologically survive, individually or collectively, without rituals as we have a need to experience life beyond the mundane. Scientific research reveals that rituals increase confidence, minimise anxiety and they are especially helpful in times when risk or rewards are high, or things are out of our control. Research shows that meaningful rituals in a relationship help strengthen bonds, improve intimacy, trust, belonging, satisfaction and improve the overall health of a relationship. Sharing Valentine's Day together is important because acknowledging the significance of your relationship is pivotal to constructing deeper and longer lasting bonds. Talking with a friend or therapist, listening to your intuition and discussing with your partner is a great way to invent meaningful romantic rituals. Set aside a time and space for honouring your relationship. Romance through the ages Our cover stars (who coincidentally share very similar last names) Jim Townsend from Batch Brewing Company in Marrickville and Elaine Townshend from Cash Palace in Leichhardt, reflect on romance through the ages. Have you ever written a handwritten love note? J:Yes when I was around 16 years old. I had chemistry with a girl but we couldn’t quite get it together…because we were 16. I think if I read it today I would be deeply ashamed. E:Never. What does the word ‘courting’ mean to you? J:I think it’s recognising an interest in someone, being open as well as recognising boundaries. E:Fantasy, I guess, not knowing somebody and trying to find out about them. That would be an interesting proposition. What would make for a bad Valentines date? J:Running into my ex-girlfriend. E:I think a drunken man swearing and becoming abusive, that would be a really bad night. Because some guys get nervous and drink too much and make a fool of themselves. Have you ever used online dating sites or Apps? J:I’ve experimented with Tinder for a couple of months, like all of us have because I was curious. But ultimately it didn't change anything. E:Never. I like to catch my fish with my own hands… not that I’ve caught any fish for a long time. The ultimate ritual Valentine's Day originates from a pagan, pre-Christian festival called Lupercalia. The Ancient Romans celebrated fertility, sexuality and purification in a three-day spring cleansing ritual that started on the 13th of February every year. Romance for all ages Ciao’s resident sex and relationship columnist, Cat O’Dowd, critiques our hot and cold affair with Valentine's Day. n Catherine O Dowd -Sex Therapist - Relationship Counsellor - Expressive Arts Psychotherapist To honour the god Lupercus (known as Pan to the Ancient Greeks), men would run naked through the city whipping women’s bare bottoms with goat hide. Women offered up their buttocks willingly, as lashes symbolised fertility, infertility cures and healthy births. One custom ensured no one spent the festival alone - the singles’ ‘lucky dip’. Names were pulled from a jar and coupling commenced for just one night, a week or sometimes years. As the Church gained power, Pope Gelasius banned the Lupercalia Festival in 496 AD. When he was still unsuccesful at stamping out the popular celebration, he declared February the 14th to be 12


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E-Waste ‘Drop Off’ Recycling Day Brew er St Massey Park Golf Course Edwards Park Well bank St Greenlees Park What can I bring? Rothwell Park colour, style cut & blowdry now only $99 Be an early bird, this offer is available Mondays to Fridays 9am -11.30 am Ashfield Shop 7B, 260A Liverpool Rd Ashfield Book now: 9799 8130 Miranda Shop 2098 Westfield Miranda Book now: 9524 1172 Hurstville Shop 207 Westfield Hurstville Book now: 9585 1554 QVB Shop 78 QVB Walk Book now: 9264 6700 players, sound systems, games and consoles Park Public toasters, vacuums, oil heaters and power School tools Queen Household appliances: Elizabeth irons, kettles, Concord What can’t I bring? Gip washing White goods: Goddard fridges, freezers, p Concord High School machines, dryers and air Park t conditioners sS St Lukes Oval Cintra Park Lighting: fluorescent tubes and halogen lights chemicals and broken glass Hazardous waste: smoke detectors, What else do I need to know? The e-waste ‘drop off’ day is free to local residents (please provide proof of residency). Pack your e-waste securely and drive safely. On arrival, follow the traffic controller’s instructions and do not leave your vehicle unless instructed. Staff will unload your vehicle for you. Only household quantities will be accepted. St Lukes Park For more info visit: * 1a Marlborough Street, Drummoyne NSW 2047 Tel 9911 6555 Fax 9911 6550 ...sho w mass you love ag th Thai e gift vou em with a Reme cher fr dy M assag om e & Sp a e ampagn Free Ch ine’s Day nt on Vale *exclusions apply. Not to be used with any other offer. Price is based on short hair - 73 Mullens Street Balmain - Tel 9555 4555 - Cra ne St Home entertainment: TVs, DVD and CD t lle S eS t Bu rw oo d Computers: hard drives, monitors, t on S aters keyboards, P printers, scanners, faxes and Cr cables an Flave Br ou DATE Saturday, 14 February 2015 TIME 9am-3.30pm WHERE Cintra Park car park, Crane St, Concord de Ian P Jesse Stewart Reserve Greenlees Av e Empir e Av e gh ton Rd y Rd Majors Ba Salt St St Ly on sR dW es t Barnwell Park Golf Course ENTRANCE Cintra Park car park


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in the kitchen Ingredients: 1 medium sized organic chicken. 1/2 a bunch of shallots ½ cup of dark soy ¼ cup of light soy ¼ cup kecap manis (sweet soy) 1 star anise 5-6 cloves 1 cinnamon stick 1 large piece of ginger, halved 2 cloves of garlic, squashed  with Melissa Leong, n You see them hanging in the window at Chinese BBQ restaurants and takeaway shops all around the place next to the BBQ pork and the duck - glistening chickens with enviable tans. Wine with Winsor n SOy Chicken Method: Refreshment plus Sevenhill 2014 Inigo Riesling A classic dry Clare Valley riesling, the perfect drink for summer quaffing. This is a superb young wine for the price, full of youthful exuberance; with lemon blossom aromas, juicy lemon/lime fruit flavours, flinty minerality and dashing acidity that is ultra refreshing when this wine is served chilled. An ideal companion for fish dishes and crustaceans but also brilliant as an after-work pick-me-up on a warm evening. $20. You will need a pot big enough to fit a chicken with the lid on. 1.This will sound weird, but ‘exfoliate’ the chicken gently with salt and a little water to give the skin a better end result. Wash, pat dry and season chicken with salt, pepper and sesame oil. 2. Stuff a few stalks of shallot, a piece of ginger and garlic into the chicken cavity. 3. In a pot, fill with enough water to cover the chicken (but don’t add the chook just yet). Add to this, the ¼ cup each of sweet and light soy, the ½ cup of dark soy, and the aromats (anise, clove, cinnamon), bring the lot to the boil. 4. Once the water starts to boil, gently lower the chicken in, and allow to boil on high for 10-15 minutes. 5. After 15 minutes, turn the heat off, pop the lid on, and allow the chicken to sit in the liquid for 30 minutes. 6. After letting the chicken sit in the liquid, remove it from the pot and set it aside to cool to room temperature. If you’re not eating it straight away cover it and leave it in the fridge. 7. To make a sauce for the chicken, take 2 cups of the poaching liquid and reduce it further by boiling it down. Season with a little sugar and white pepper (there’s enough salt already contained). Spanish accent Alternatus 2014 Tempranillo It is no wonder the Spanish variety tempranillo is rapidly gaining in popularity in Australia. The major grape in the Rioja region, it has some appealing savoury notes and softness that set it apart. This is a beautifully packaged wine from McLaren Vale in South Australia; all fun and funky, and what is in the bottle matches the look. It has bright fruit but is also soft and seductive with hints of spice that make it very food friendly. $25. Kung Hei Fat Choy! It’s always year of the chicken xx x Soy chicken is best at room temperature after the chicken has had some time to relax. At the markets Something special Willow Creek 2014 Pinot Gris If you feel like splashing out a little – maybe for Valentine’s Day – this is a really lovely wine from the Mornington Peninsula that has both crisp summer appeal and the texture and structure of a more serious white. From a difficult vintage that produced intensely flavoured grapes, it has both citrus and Bosc pear notes, a grippy complexity on the palate thanks to barrel fermentation, and plenty of length. Great with a mushroom risotto. $35. a new season for apples has just begun with ginger gold apples being a great choice. Lychees are the buy of the week at $6.99/kilo in Leichhardt and all grapes are also cheap and good quality. n Veggies: Eggplant is the best buy for veggies at $2.99/kilo. All other vegetables should be available and good quality barring lettuce, which is limited due to recent weather and should cost about $4 per head. n Take two xx x bites of the cherry! n Fruit: Last cherries for the season from Tasmania have arrived and AT Home with Stephen Elder As previous head chef of Le Montage and Excutive Chef of Sheraton in Nha Trang, executive chef of Dede’s at the Point and Watergrill at Sydney’s Rowing Club, Stephen Elder, is the master of the elegant event and delicious date. We chat about what’s on the menu for Valentine’s Day. What is the most romantic meal you have ever had? The most romantic meal I have had was when I was living in Bali with my wife. I had arranged to have a table for two set on a cliff top. The food was simple; steaks, grilled prawns and whole fish cooked on a charcoal BBQ served with some salads. The seafood was spectacular. When did your romance with food begin? I have always wanted to cook and be around food, I made cakes and dinner when I was younger. I have always loved going to the different markets to see what is around and what is new. It also helped that my older brother started an apprenticeship as a chef and that cemented my passion for food. Abbotsford is one of the quieter suburbs of the Inner West, what do you like most about it? Abbotsford is very multicultural and good for families. I love the older style housing that I see when driving to work and I think it is great that you can get to Abbotsford by bus and ferry. Is there a meal guaranteed to get to somebody’s heart? I would probably cook pork belly, whether it be roasted, braised or stir fried. I have friends who phone me to see when I am cooking pork belly so they can come around for dinner. Additionally, I love making something sweet to finish off a great dinner. Brownie, nougat, ice cream, truffles. 14 Jared Ingersoll How to eat your heart and have it too Jared’s romantic veal heart pot roast for two Ingredients 1 whole large veal heart, 1 carrot, peeled and diced 1/2 brown onion, diced His food is so good, you’ll want to marry him! I have been known to have guests ask if I was married after they have tried these. What is the most erotic ingredient in your pantry? Cornflour, it thickens, it coats ingredients, can sometimes make a mess everywhere. You have catered for weddings and other events, do you have any anecdotes of people doing something particularly sweet whilst in your establishment? Hard to say really because there are so many wonderful ideas people have for their wedding day and all are well executed and look great. Wouldn’t like to get myself into trouble here by suggesting any were better than each other because they are all wonderful! 3 cloves of garlic, crushed 1 stick of celery, diced 1 bunch of thyme 200ml beef stock 80ml red wine 100g tinned tomato Dash of olive oil Knob of butter 1 bunch watercress Few drops lemon juice and olive oil for a dressing You need a heavy based saucepan with a tight fitting lid 15g smoked paprika 4 strands saffron 400g crushed tomatoes 2000ml chicken stock 3 large potatoes, peeled and halved Salt and pepper 3 blue swimmer crabs, halved 42 mussel, cleaned 18 prawns 6 x 150g white fish fillets 20 chopped parsley Method 1. Heat the oil in a pan, add bacon, garlic and chilli and fry for a minute, then add the onion and fry for another minute. 2. Add the capsicums, turmeric, paprika and saffron and continue to fry for 2-3 minutes. 3. Add the stock and bring to boil, reduce the heat and cook for 30 minutes. 4. Add the potatoes and season, allow to simmer for 10 minutes until the potatoes are cooked. 5. To serve, heat the base you have prepared, add all the fresh seafood and cook, this will take about 10 minutes. Sprinkle with chopped parsley. 6. Tastes even better if you make the base the day before and let the flavours combine. MediterraneanStyle Fish Stew: Mussels, baby octopus, crab, prawn, white fish fillets, smokey bacon Serves 6 Ingredients 65ml olive oil 200g smoked bacon, diced 3 cloves garlic, halved 2 long red chilli, chopped 1 onion diced 1 red capsicum diced 1 yellow capsicum diced 1 green capsicum diced 5g turmeric ground Method 1. Place oil and butter in saucepan. When the butter has melted and is foaming, place in heart and season with plenty of salt and pepper. Cook until the heart is well coloured on all sides, then remove and set aside. 2. Place the saucepan back on the heat, add vegetables and cook until they are well-coloured and soft. Place heart back into the pot with herbs, wine, tomato and a splash of stock. 3. Place lid on saucepan then on a moderate heat. Cook for about 25 minutes adding just enough stock to the saucepan to keep the bottom moist. 4. Remove from the heat, remove the heart and set aside, strain off solids and reserve any cooking juices. 5. To serve dress some watercress with lemon and olive oil, thinly slice the heart and arrange over the cress. Finally, drizzle the hot pan juices over each serving.


p. 15

Weekly specials, delicious produce, excellent value MarketPlace Leichhardt, Cnr Marion and Flood St Leichhardt. Located next to Aldi Tel: 9572 6886 Grana Padano parmesan cheese Santa Vittoria sparkling mineral water 6 x 750ml $15.99kg $5.99 Double smoked ham $14.99/kg Mutti pulpa with herbs and Mutti tomato puree tins 12 x 400gms Hidden Valley ricotta 1kg tub $9.99 Hastings Valley percorino $5.99 $15.99/kg Hydro lettuce 99cents each Topless pineapples 99cents each Oranges 3kg Sirena tuna towers 5 x 99gm $1.99 $7.99 *Specials until Wednesday 11th February



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