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Hierros Román Arroyo S.L.

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ferrodisma forja ornamental


p. 2

indice index forja wrought iron accesorios accessories roleos scrolls adornos ornaments p de lanzas spears barras y pasamanos bars and handrails arranques starting points for staircases balaustres banisters soleras borders penachos y mensulas pinacles and bracketes adornos de cancela gate ornaments 3 6 8 10 12 15 18 30 32 34


p. 3

accesorios accessories bxh:70x60 3 bxh:70x60 3 bxh:50x120 bxh:50x120 ref fva001 ref fva002 ref fva014 ref fva015 bxh:40x105 3 bxh:40x105 3 bxh:60x165 3 bxh:60x165 3 ref fva004 ref fva005 ref fva007 ref fva008 b:53 1.5 h:37x80 0.5 h:95x105 0.5 h:65x130 0.5 ref fva016 ref fva017 ref fva018 ref fva019 3


p. 4

accesorios accessories mod patentado en ce b:65 3 b:87 3 bxh:82x40 b:120;150 2.5 ref fva003 ref fva012 ref fva020 ref fva021p;g b:45 b:90 bxh:45x44 16 bxh:45x67 16 ref fva022 ref fva023 ref fma050 ref fma051 bxh:40x22 16 bxh:47x55 16 bxh:40x40 16 bxh:40x68 16 ref fma052 ref fma053 ref fma054 ref fma055 4


p. 5

accesorios accessories 20;25;30;40;50;60;80 30;40;50 h:120 75 h:130 75 ref fre001 ref fre003 ref fre002 ref fre004 mod patentado en ce h:62;75;90 48;52;65 h:95 66 12;14;16;20;24;30 b:40;50;60;80 ref fre005p;m;g ref fre006 ref fva006 ref fva024 b:40x40 b:60x60 b:80x80 12;14;16 25 30;40 b:80x80 s/taladro b:60 25 h:200 ref fbs001 ref fbs002 ref fbs003 ref fva025 5


p. 6

roleos scrolls bxh:105x155 16x6 bxh:105x155 16x6 bxh:95x100 16x6 bxh:95x105 16x5 ref fl001 ref fl002 ref fad001 ref fad002 bxh:50x230 14x6;16x6 bxh:70x250 14x6;16x6 bxh:60x450 14x6;16x6 bxh:110x270 14x6;16x6 ref fe001 ref fe002 ref fe003 ref fe004 bxh:130x330 14x6;16x6 bxh:120x290 14x6;16x6 bxh:115x230 14x6;16x6 bxh:80x180 14x6;16x6 ref fs001 ref fs003 ref fs004 ref fs005 6


p. 7

roleos scrolls bxh:80x150 14x6;16x6 bxh:70x120 14x6;16x6 bxh:60x110 14x6;16x6 bxh:80x115 8x8 ref fc001 ref fc003 ref fc004 ref fc002 bxh:125x200 12x6 bxh:125x200 12x6 bxh:80x180 8x8 r:100;115;130 12x6;16x6 ref fc005 ref fc006 ref fs002 ref fva026 mod patentado en ce mod patentado en ce mod patentado en ce mod patentado en ce bxh:109x177 16x5 bxh:109x220 16x5 bxh:109x310 16x5 bxh:109x242 16x5 ref fad003 ref fad004 ref fad005 ref fad006 7


p. 8

adornos ornaments bxh:230x445 16x6 bxh:235x380 16x6 bxh:200x410 16x6 bxh:165x360 16x6 ref fad007 ref fad008 ref fad009 ref fad010 mod patentado en ce bxh:130x150 16 bxh:195x195 16 bxh:125x360 16 bxh:109x220 16x5 ref fad011 ref fad012 ref fad014 ref fad015 mod patentado en ce mod patentado en ce bxh:180x500 16x6 bxh:130x400 12 bxh:160x430 16x6 bxh:126x366 14 ref fad016 ref fad017 ref fad018 ref fad019 8


p. 9

adornos ornaments bxh:600x600 16x6 bxh:500x500 14 bxh:425x525 12 ref fad020 ref fad021 ref fad022 mod patentado en ce mod patentado en ce bxh:420x420 16x6 bxh:360x360 16x6 bxh:450x450 12 ref fad023 ref fad024 ref fad025 bxh:195x400 16 bxh:205x220 16 bxh:185x185 16 bxh:205x210 16 ref fad026 ref fad027 ref fad028 ref fad029 9


p. 10

adornos p de lanzas ornaments spears bxh:380x380 10x5 bxh:250x250 20x4 bxh:250x250 8 h:150 16 ref fva009 ref fva010 ref fva011 ref fla001 h:130 12 h:135 14 h:160 16 h:140 12 ref fla002 ref fla003 ref fla004 ref fla005 h:135 12 h:123 h:150 h:120 ref fla006 ref fla007 ref fla008 ref fla009 10


p. 11

p de lanzas spears h:155 h:120 h:160 16 h:130 14 ref fla010 ref fla011 ref fla012 ref fla013 h:195 16 h:140 h:140 h:120 16 ref fla014 ref fla015 ref fla016 ref fla017 h:205 bxh:109x104 16x5 bxh:109x100 16x5 bxh:85x150 2 ref fla018 ref fla019 ref fla020 ref fla021 11


p. 12

barras y pasamanos bars handrails consultar plazo de entrega para cualquier otra medida we are able to supply different sizes please consult our delivery schedules 125mm 135mm 125mm 125mm 125mm l:2000 14taladros 16;18 t:16 20 t:16;18;20 l:2000 14taladros 16;20 t:16 l:2000 14taladros 16;20 t:16 l:2000 14taladros 16 t:16 20 t:20 l:2000 14taladros 16;20 t:16 ref fbp001 ref fbp002 ref fbp003 ref fbp004 ref fbp005 12


p. 13

barras y pasamanos bars handrails consultar plazo de entrega para cualquier otra medida we are able to produce different sizes please consult our delivery schedules 125mm 16 l:3000 12;14;16 l:3000 30;40 e:2mm l:2000 14x4 ref fps005 ref fps006 ref fps007 l:2000 16 ref fbp006 13


p. 14

barras y pasamanos bars handrails bxh:260x140 40x8 bxh:260x140 40x8 bxh:250x145 50x14 ref fps002a ref fps003a ref fps004a bxh:370x155 40x8 bxh:370x155 40x8 bxh:380x170 50x14 ref fps002b ref fps003b ref fps004b l:3000 40x8 l:3000 40x8 l:3000 50x14 ref fps002 ref fps003 ref fps004 14


p. 15

arranques de escalera starting points for staircases h:1200 30 h:1200 25 h:1200 30 h:1200 30 h:1200 30 ref far001 ref far002 ref far003 ref far004 ref far012 15



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