The Beginner's Guide to Park Home Living


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Sponsored by Tingdene, Park Homes Magazine has created a simple guide with all you need to know for your new park lifestyle.

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ALL YOU NEED TO KNOW ABOUT BUYING A PARK HOME INSIDE… THE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE... to park home living FROM THE PUBLISHER OF MAGAZINE £2.95 wher e sold START YOUR PARK SEARCH TODAY! • Expert advice • Specialist contacts • Real life stories “Why we love the park lifestyle!” OUR FANTASTIC 32-PAGE GUIDE IS SPONSORED BY TINGDENE PARKS


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Welcome BEGINNERS’ GUIDE Your new life starts here! Editor Alex Melvin introduces our all-new Beginners’ Guide to park home living More and more people are finding out about Britain’s best kept retirement secret… park home living. As this unique and wonderful way of life attracts more ‘converts’, there has become an ever-greater need to explain and demystify some of its more specialist aspects. That’s why, here at Park Home & Holiday Caravan, we have decided to launch our free and exclusive 32-page Beginners’ Guide. In conjunction with one of the country’s leading park operaters, Tingdene Parks, who are sponsoring our buyers’ bible, we want to show you just why park living is so great. And while we’re explaining the benefits, we also want to bring you expert help and advice. In our all-new Guide we will introduce you to specialists within the industry, offer top tips on how the buying process works and give you real-life testimonials from park home owners. All the best park operators, like Tingdene Parks, which has over 20 crackers, provide their residents with a superb social scene, unrivalled security, peace and quiet, state-of-theart homes, an immaculate infrastructure and caring park owners. In our Guide, we’ll show you exactly how you can access such parks and homes. Pop your copy in your handbag or your car’s glove compartment and you’re almost ready to begin your park adventure! After absorbing the key information in our all-new Guide and visiting your first few parks, I’m certain that you’ll feel exactly like I do about this welcoming lifestyle… that it’s the best retirement option out there! PARK HOME & HOLIDAY CARAVAN MAGAZINE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE Visit:


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Buying a Park Home BEGINNERS’ GUIDE Buying a park home Practical advice on buying a park home and the best places to buy one from IN THE BEGINNING Q: Where do I start? A: Review the parks in PH&HC and order a copy of our annual Residential Parks Guide on 01959 541 444. There are more than 1,000 parks listed. 8 things to ask British Holiday & Home Parks Association or the National Caravan Council? Ask about 2 current pitch fees and the history of increases. IS THERE A WARRANTY? Q: Is there a structural warranty? A: New homes start with a 12-month manufacturer’s guarantee, but some also have a 10-year extended warranty. Q: Are they easy to insure? A: Park homes are best insured by specialists such as Towergate, Parksure or Mobile Home Insurance. Typically, the policy will insure the home and contents on a new-for-old basis, so the sums insured should reflect the cost of replacement as new to include an allowance for site clearance, re-siting and delivery fees. Some policies also include legal expenses cover, too. per cent of the purchase price to pay the park site owner. Is the park 1 site owner a member of the EXTRA OUTGOINGS Q: Are there any hidden costs? A: You will have to pay council tax, usually band A or B. THE PRICE IS RIGHT Q: What will it cost? A: Prices can vary considerably depending on size, fixtures and fittings and location. The cost of a new home could be double the ‘ex-works’ price from the manufacturer as the park site owner will charge for park and plot development, transportation, siting and connection to mains services. The Government strongly recommends that buyers and sellers use a solicitor. FINAL THOUGHTS... Q: Is there anything else to do? A: It is advisable to seek specialist legal representation. This guide is not meant to describe or give a full interpretation of the law. Nor does it cover every case. If you are in any doubt about your rights and duties then seek specific advice. For preliminary advice on buying or selling, contact the Park Home Advice team at LEASE on 020 783 2525 (Ibraheem Dulmeer, legal advisor) or email ✿ Ask if you 3 need to buy electricity and SURVEYING THE SCENE Q: Should I get a survey? A: For second-hand homes it is important to get a survey report from a specialist park home surveyor on its condition. Subject II Survey and Blue Chip Park Homes will provide independent surveys and carry out checks inside, outside and beneath the park home. These UK-wide companies also provide detailed written reports describing any problems and how to resolve them. See the adverts in PH&HC. FINANCING THE MOVE Q: How can I raise the cash? A: Finance companies like RoyScot Larch specialise in providing loans for park home purchases. Some park site owners can also arrange finance packages. You may want to seek independent financial advice, too. gas through the park, or if each plot deals directly with the suppliers. Are pets 4 allowed on the park? Are children allowed to live on site? Are there any age restrictions - e.g. over 50s only? Is the site licence from the local authority on display? The licence covers matters like homes spacing, the condition of roads, etc. Ensure 7 the park has planning Contacts 5 6 THE LEGALITIES Q: Do I sign a contract? A: Under the Mobile Homes Act 1983, the park site owner must give the proposed occupier under the Agreement a Written Statement. This Statement will set out the terms of your agreement to live in a park home on the site owner’s site. If you buy your home from the site owner, this must be given to you 28 days before you sign the Agreement, or if there is no such Agreement, at least 28 days before occupation. Certain terms will be implied in the Agreement by the Mobile Homes Act 1983. These Implied Terms can include: pitch fee increases; an occupier’s duty to keep his home in a sound state of repair; and the site owner’s duty to keep the communal parts in a clean and tidy condition. The Written Statement also has Express Terms, agreed between the site owner and resident. SELLING UP Q: What if I want to sell? A: There are some important changes to the selling or gifting of your park home, under the Mobile Homes Act 2013. As a park home owner, you can sell your home on the open market without having the new home buyer approved by the park site operator if you have acquired your park home after 26 May 2013. If you acquired your park home prior to 26 May 2013, there is some site owner involvement. See: There is also an Implied Term under the Mobile Homes Act (1983) that the park site owner is entitled to receive a commission on the sale of a park home at a rate not exceeding 10 per cent of the sale price. The buyer must retain 10 permission as a permanent residential park, open all year. When does 8 the site owner’s interest in the land come to an end? n CAMBRIAN HOMES Tel: 01766 515287 n COUNTRY HOMES Tel: 01379 871041 n HOMESEEKER Tel: 0845 070 2345 n LISSETT HOMES Tel: 01759 302801 n MANOR PARK HOMES Tel: 01536 726009 n OMAR PARK HOMES Tel: 01842 810673 n PATHFINDER PARK HOMES Tel: 01626 833799 n PRESTIGE Tel: 0845 070 2345 n TINGDENE HOMES Tel: 01933 225157 n WESSEX HOMES Tel: 01258 860455 Surveys of Park Homes, Lodges & Holiday Caravans RICS Recognised for Park Home Surveying. RICS qualified in Surveying, not just buildings!  Inside Subject II Survey CHARTERED SURVEYORS OF PARK HOMES  Outside  Beneath  Any location Tel: 01869 346973 or 07979 771166 email: PARK HOME & HOLIDAY CARAVAN MAGAZINE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE Visit:


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BEGINNERS' GUIDE Finding a park home Finding your dream home Looking to make the move to a park but feeling unsure? We tell you all you need to know... CHECKLIST Is the owner a member of the BH&HPA or NCC? Ask about current pitch fees and the history of increases over the past five years or so. Ask if you need to buy electricity and gas through the park owner. Are pets allowed? Are children allowed to live on site or stay over? Is the site licence on display? All owners should display a licence from the local authority. The licence covers matters like spacing between homes, roads, etc. How are the utility bills paid? Is gas offered in LPG cylinders or mains. Are bills paid through the park or direct from the supplier? Ensure the park has planning permission as a permanent residential park. there's no better place than a mobile home park! So what are you waiting for? Your search starts today! QUESTIONS TO ASK T 1 PARKS contains everything you need to know to help you through the process. Entering a new realm, like the unique world of park homes, can seem daunting. There are all sorts of new rules and regulations that must be adhered to, as well as different legislation that applies to mobile homes on residential sites. At first, you might be confused about the variety of different parks and homes on offer.Which ones are right for you? That's something only you can answer. However, our Guide aims to help you narrow down your search and aid the decision-making process. Thousands more people are gravitating to the park lifestyle each year. While it may have started out as an affordable alternative to bricksand-mortar housing, in 21st century Britain it's so much more... Retirees, and those coming up for retirement, are choosing this brilliant lifestyle for lots of different reasons. The community spirit on the UK's premier park sites is unrivalled anywhere else. And when it comes to living in a safe and secure environment, he park home lifestyle is probably Britain's best kept secret. Parks can be tucked away in stunning country or coastal locations. But look around and you could discover a very close community, where neighbours look out for one another and there's a real sense of security. Moving to a park home is a big decision and not one which should be rushed into so it pays to do your homework properly. There's no need to worry though. Our all-new 32-page Guide to buying a park home Everyone has their own idea of perfection. Don’t compromise as it could make you unhappy in the long run. Things to consider: Age group The most common variety is the 50+ residential park, which offers a quiet environment, bringing a sense of security. It can, however, be a bit too quiet for some people. Family friendly parks can prove harder to find. These are open to all age groups. However, for some it could be a bit noisy. Facilities and location If the park is a short walk from the local shops then the park’s Visit: PARK HOME & HOLIDAY CARAVAN MAGAZINE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE


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Finding a park home BEGINNERS' GUIDE A lovely Dolben lodge on a pretty Tingdene park facilities will not matter so much. If the park is situated in a more rural location ensure there are facilities such as a basic shop, or a bus stop nearby. Rural parks will probably mean you need your own transport. This could cause problems if you don't drive, or if mobility is an issue. 3 THE SMALL PRINT Holiday home use Under the Mobile Homes Act, you must enter into a Written Agreement with the park owner to live on his site. Ask to examine the park owner’s copy prior to purchase. Pets If you wish to take an animal, or to get one once you have moved, check the site rules beforehand. Size matters For a quieter site, you are probably better off on a small park. Whereas, if you wanted to feel part of a community, a larger size is probably best. Anyone using a holiday home as permanent residence will be occupying the home contrary to the planning consent and could face eviction as well as other legal implications. Make sure your park home site has a residential licence. Ask the local council. Trade association 2 HOMES Residential parks homes are, by law, required to be built to BS 3632 standard. This covers the manufacture of park homes for use as permanent places of residence. These are protected by the Mobile Homes Act. New or second-hand? It is more expensive to buy a new model, but it does mean they come fully-furnished with all the mod-cons. For those on a budget, there are some fantastic second-hand homes available on parks but you're often limited to staying where it's currently sited. The British Holiday & Home Parks Association represents more than 2,700 parks. When looking at possible sites, check to see if it is a member as members have certain standards they have to adhere to. Site ownership history Research the park by talking with residents and the local authority. Find out if there have been any issues (e.g. planning, disputes, etc). Also check if there have been numerous changes of hands in park ownership as this could highlight problems. 4 CONCLUSION Single or double? A single unit home has a maximum width of 14ft. A double is two separate units together to provide extra living space. Don’t forget that Park Home & Holiday Caravan magazine is a great way of discovering and keeping up-to-date with the park home lifestyle each month. There are in-depth park profiles, new home reviews and much, much more! PARK HOME & HOLIDAY CARAVAN MAGAZINE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE Visit:


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BEGINNERS' GUIDE Planning and research Location, Location, Location When choosing your dream park, one of the first things you’ll need to think about is how wide you want your search area to be. You may already have an idea of where you want to live or you may feel like a complete change. We explore the different things that could determine your choice… I f you take time to create a bit of a wish list you can save yourself a lot of time and effort finding your perfect park home estate, otherwise the choice out there can seem vast. Many buyers simply want to release equity by downsizing to a park nearby, and others really want a change of lifestyle or to move to somewhere they have always dreamed of living. So where do you start? Do your homework There are a number of park finder services available, you could ask a park home manufacturer, or contact Park Home & Holiday Caravan – we’ve visited a lot of the parks and know many of the best and all the most reputable park operators, too. An online search will usually reveal those that really stand out. When you visit, don’t be afraid to ask other residents what it is really like to live on the park, as that’s a crucial part of the process - they will know better than anyone! Property prices When you purchase a park home, you do not own the land on which your home is situated but pay pitch fees to the park owner instead. If you want to release a chunk of equity from your old bricks-and-mortar home to make life a little more comfortable in your park home you need to find an area where the average prices are in line with the target amount you want to spend on your park home. The pitch fees on parks can depend on other variables too, such as the amenities and facilities on park, and of course if it is in a particularly pretty location, or in a low cost or expensive area for property generally. Large or small? Parks are located in all sorts of spots: some rural, many semirural on the edge of towns or villages, and a few are even in large towns, quite close to their centres. Most parks feel like traditional village communities and, like all residential communities, the feel of the park can change depending on its size. Some are as small as a few exclusive homes and a few have several hundred homes on, but the majority of parks fall somewhere between the two. Finding the right park owner is important, too.You may like the idea of a small family-owned park, or you may prefer the idea of buying from a larger group with wider resources to hand it’s a personal choice. Many parks invest substantial sums in creating and maintaining high quality surroundings with well-lit walkways, seated areas, community meeting centres and landscaped gardens. Some of the larger groups can feel a bit impersonal, but other groups are very friendly and have great relationships with their residents, and that’s really important if there’s an issue or query. How they handle your first enquiry can often be a useful indicator of what they’re like to deal with. Future-proofing your choice It’s important to be realistic about the practicalities too, Visit: PARK HOME & HOLIDAY CARAVAN MAGAZINE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE


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Planning and research BEGINNERS' GUIDE particularly if you want to stay within easy striking distance of work if you’re still doing a few hours. Being close to friends and relatives is really important too – although you think you won’t miss them, what happens if you do? Can you get to them easily or vice versa? What are the roads and other transport connections like, such as buses, if you can’t drive for any reason? Where are the nearest railway stations, main trunk roads and motorways to help you cut travelling times? If you like to spend time abroad or hope to in the future where is the nearest airport? Some parks even have storage for touring caravans, motorhomes or, in the case of operators such as Tingdene Parks, moorings for boats, too.You can carry on doing all the things you really love most if you use any of those. Most parks have park managers or wardens on site if you’re going to be away a lot, and, because parks are so friendly, there will probably never be a shortage of folks looking out for your home if you’re out and about.. distance? Simple things that might make life a little more comfortable... That extra factor What will really help you enjoy your new lifestyle? In many cases it’s the people – those around you who you know you’re going to enjoy friends and neighbours. You might also like somewhere where you can indulge new hobbies or pastimes too – if you’re retiring you’ll have time to get out and about to really enjoy everything in the area a little bit more, so that’s another reason to make sure you pick a good spot where there’s towns with extensive shopping. Alternatively, if you’re looking forward to simply enjoying a bit of peace and quiet then it may be a quiet and unassuming park which really ticks all the boxes for you. The main thing is that there are plenty of wonderful parks out there that offer most of what Amenities – what’s around you? Of course there are other practicalities to think of, such as the nearest shops, doctors’ surgeries, dental practices, hospitals and petrol stations. Is there somewhere to eat or drink, buy a loaf of bread, pint of milk and a paper within walking “I just love this experience of feeling that we are back to the old values of safety and neighbourliness that I was brought up with.” being with, and that’s why it’s so important to get that right, both in terms of people you want to stay in touch with and new plenty to do and enjoy nearby. You might fancy hills, coastline or being close to visitor attractions or not far away from we’ve talked about, and in some lovely spots too, including some featured in this issue. Visiting parks to find out more can actually be a really enjoyable process, especially if you aim for open days when all the information is on hand ready for you, often over a nice cuppa and biscuit somewhere. Happy hunting! WHAT SHOULD I ASK? • Is the park owner a member of the British Holiday & Home Parks Association (BH&HPA) or The National Caravan Council (NCC) • Does the park have planning permission as a permanent residential park open all year? • What are the prices and pitch fees? • Are pets allowed on the park? Can they be replaced? A warm welcome awaits at Tingdene's impressive Visitor Centre • Are there age restrictions and are children permitted on site? PARK HOME & HOLIDAY CARAVAN MAGAZINE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE Visit:


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BEGINNERS' GUIDE Park profile GREEN FEEL FOR A LEAFY CHESHIRE PARK I Well-established as a residential park home development, Ashwood Park is one of the latest to join the Tingdene Parks family lanes have immediate appeal to those exploring the area for the first time. In and around the park plenty of this greenery is evident, and that’s reflected with road names on the park such as The Brambles, Gorse Covert, Hedgerow Drive and Hawthorn Walk. residents fancy having a chat and a catch up in the summer sun, they can do that looking out at a pretty picture. outdoor market three times a week, a monthly artisan market and a full range of amenities such as doctors, dentists, a pharmacy and a post office. Also nearby is Marbury Country Park, with walks and trails through an historical t’s in an appealing semi-rural location in leafy Cheshire, near the village of Wincham, and only three miles from the popular market town of Northwich, which was named as one of the best places to live in the UK in 2014. Cheshire has long been the hideaway destination of choice for the select and discerning buyer, and the rolling hills and pretty In the area Northwich has a wealth of high street shops, hosts a traditional Pretty gardens What really catches your eye and attention as a park visitor is the standard of the gardens and green areas. The residents obviously take a lot of pride in their environment, and many of the gardens are meticulously kept, with a wealth of features and planting schemes adding plenty of variation. There are a couple of nice seated areas too, so if park live and work on the park Visit: Peter Head and Sheila Willington PARK HOME & HOLIDAY CARAVAN MAGAZINE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE


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Park profile BEGINNERS' GUIDE This striking Tingdene Westcott was the first home on the new development at Ashwood landscape that includes magnificent lime avenues, an arboretum and raised terraces with views of Budworth Mere. The ancient woodland, open parkland and streams are a haven for wildlife and a great place to head to for those who enjoy a good walk. Local shops and supermarkets are only five minutes away from the park by car, and there are good transport links to major routes including Manchester Airport for holidays abroad. was known for open pan salt mining for many years, and the Lion Salt Works at nearby Marston pay testament to that. on the footpaths, waterways and local attractions visitors can enjoy, including the Northwich Woodlands, a 350 acre area of providing a vertical link between two waterways, the River Weaver and the Trent and Mersey Canal. That transport system was crucial “Work started this year on a new development adjacent to Ashwood Park accommodating 59 new park homes.” The site there is being restored as part of an £8m project to see it reborn as a heritage and visitor attraction. The plan is that it will then host an evolving calendar of events and museum activities. The museum visitor centre will also have information within parkland managed by Cheshire West and Chester Council. Marston as a village is literally around the corner from the park on the River Weaver, close to Anderton and the Anderton Boat Lift - a fascinating structure on the National Heritage List to the movement of salt, which was transported on barges to connect with the River Mersey for distribution worldwide. Local history and heritage The area around Wincham has played its part in local history. It Friendly residents Ashwood is a well maintained park with excellent infrastructure and lovely homes Sheila Willington has lived on the park for 19 years and helps with enquiries on the park meeting and greeting many of the potential buyers and incoming residents and helping them to feel at home. This wasn’t her first park home as she and her husband had also lived on Promenade Park, near Warrington, so she already knew what to expect from the park lifestyle. When she arrived there were 50 homes on the park and there are now 93 so she’s seen the park develop and grow throughout the years. 'It’s been lovely to get to know everyone as they arrive,' she said. 'There’s a terrific sense of community and I can quite honestly say from experience that it’s a great place to live.' She now works in the park office next to the Crusty Cob tea shop at the entrance to the  Visit: PARK HOME & HOLIDAY CARAVAN MAGAZINE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE


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BEGINNERS' GUIDE Park profile 'This has always been a well-sought after park,' she said. 'The new development makes sense as we’ve had a bit of a waiting list to get onto the park for a while, it’s so popular, and there’s not too quick a turnover for resales either so buyers have had a bit of a wait until now.' socialising with each other as we’re like-minded,' Sheila added.'Some of us even go on holiday together – an example is a three-day trip we organised to a German Christmas market.' Another friendly personality on the park is Monty, Sheila’s dog, who is a larger-than-life character she inherited from a previous resident. He’s obviously used to a bit of fuss from passing residents and has a really cheerful demeanour, so a pleasure to have on park no doubt. For further information, please contact: Ashwood Park, Wincham, Northwich, Cheshire CW9 6QY To arrange a visit call 01933 551 977 or email info@ Alternatively, visit INFO POINT New development Places to eat on the doorstep Residents can relax and chat to friends at one of the park's pretty, green communal spaces park, and her partner Peter Head is often out and about on the park helping to keep the grounds neat and tidy. Although she got on well with the previous owners, she is also complimentary about the new park owners Tingdene Parks. Sheila really appreciated the way Tingdene worked efficiently on the new development to make sure there was no inconvenience to residents. The residents at Ashwood have quite a few opportunities to socialise with each other and regular activities are organised, often co-ordinated by Sheila. There’s no pressure to participate so residents can join in as much or as little as they like. Those events include coach trips such as to the theatre, seaside and other places of interest like York and StratfordOn- Avon, plus simple shopping trips. 'We look after each other here, and many of us enjoy An active community Opposite the Lion Salt Works in Marston is the Salt Barge pub, which residents at Ashwood Park have a direct footpath through to, and they often gather there to socialise too. A traditional pub with log fires, good beer and traditional home cooked food, that’s quite a bonus within walking distance as it’s also said to have a great atmosphere. This is a park where you’re never likely to go hungry or lonely. In addition to the Salt Barge pub which is accessible by a simple footpath from the park, the Crusty Cob café just outside the front of the park serves a wide range of hot and cold light snacks and meals to eat in or take away. Work started in 2014 on a new development adjacent to Ashwood Park, accommodating 59 new park homes. The first phase of 14 plots was released in September and interest has already been strong, with four snapped up straight away at the first open weekend. The green theme has been continued there with the main street in the new development named as Juniper Close. The maiden show home was the first ever Tingdene Westcott with a price of £189,450, and a sale was agreed quickly on that. There are currently a variety of plots available on the new development for a home of the buyer’s choice in a range of sizes. Prices start from £149,950 for a 36ft x 20 Tingdene Mackworth and include a choice of turf or gravel to your garden and a 6ft x 6 garden shed. Ground rent is £138 a month. The park has an open and spacious feel Visit: PARK HOME & HOLIDAY CARAVAN MAGAZINE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE


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T ingdene Parks has long been established as one of the leading park operators in England, with 22 great parks across 13 counties. A forward-thinking and friendly group,Tingdene is regularly adding more parks and new developments to its portfolio too –so watch this space! Its park locations are really varied, so there’s something to suit everyone. Whatever you’re looking for one of Tingdene's parks is pretty likely to fit the bill. Spoilt for choice! Burwash Park, in East Sussex Park choices BEGINNERS' GUIDE We take a look at Tingdene Parks, one of the UK’s largest park groups offering a wealth of superb parks, as well as unrivalled customer service and the personal touch COUNTY BY COUNTY: RESIDENTIAL PARKS SUMMARY Bedfordshire: Caddington Park, Luton Collinswood Park, Caddington Pavenham Park, Pavenham Three Star Park, Lower Stondon Loddon Court Farm Park, Reading The Orchards, Langley Bedwell Park, Witchford Fenland Village, Wisbech Osborne Park, Wisbech Ashwood Park, Nr Northwich Hazlegrove Park, Saltburn-by-the-Sea Castehill Park, Clacton-on-Sea East Beach Park, Southend-on-Sea Hockley Park, Hockley Sacketts Grove Park, Clacton-On-Sea Broadway Park, Petersfield Marina View, Dogdyke, Nr Coningsby Newton Park, Newton St Faith Oak Tree Park, Attleborough Falcon Park, Ipswich Burwash Park, Burwash Trowbridge Lodge, Trowbridge Berkshire: Cambridgeshire: “Our park home site is peaceful and everyone you meet is very friendly. We have lived on large estates and this is like living in a different world” Michael and Davina Cann, Broadway Park.” Cheshire: Cleveland: Essex: Hampshire: Lincolnshire: Norfolk: Suffolk: Sussex: Wiltshire: To make it easier for you to pop along to the parks to find out more, we have added a list of Tingdene's open days to our pullout calendar inside this Guide. Alternatively, you can book a park visit at a time convenient to you on Tingdene’s website at or by calling 01933 551 977. An information DVD is also available free of charge, and can be ordered online through the website. The picturesque Falcon Park, in Suffolk OPEN DAYS PARK HOME & HOLIDAY CARAVAN MAGAZINE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE Visit:


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BEGINNERS' GUIDE Case study Making time for what you enjoy A Affordable homes in green spaces can leave money for luxuries. Richard and Linda Brewer bought a river cruiser with the difference in price between their semi in Luton and their park home in Lincolnshire dventure holidays and world travel have replaced the typical retirement dreams of 20 years ago when pottering about the garden, playing cards and drinking hot milky beverages featured prominently as popular options. One appeal of retirement developments is that residents can safely leave them empty for months while they go on holiday. Cottages and flats on retirement developments are square foot for square foot - not cheap. But even though Richard and Linda Brewer did bungalow - very warm and comfortable. ‘Our home is 46ft by 20 and we have a double-sized plot with a double garage. We paid £118,000 - the sort of price which would buy only a nasty studio flat for in the Home Counties.’ The Brewers bought their two-bedroom riverside park home on a Tingdene park with an en suite bath, shower room, walk-in wardrobes, a dining room, sitting room, kitchen and utility rooms decked out in fetching dark oak. For further info on any of Tingdene’s parks call 01933 551 977 or visit www. FIND OUT MORE money we released from our home. ‘It’s not just the financial freedom that is so appealing. We have lovely river views, a big garden and great neighbours. Although I am 6ft 5in, there were parts of Luton I was afraid to walk around on my own. Lincolnshire is so different. Everyone on the site is friendly and we really feel at home.’ Wonderful place Since their move Patricia has joined the park’s community association committee. ‘We are “It’s not just the financial freedom that is so appealing. We have lovely river views, a big garden and great neighbours.” not have a huge house to sell, they managed to trade down and buy their ideal property with enough money left over for a boat. ‘The only decision I have to make in the morning is whether to play golf, go fishing in the boat or do the garden. The boat is my pride and joy,’ said Richard. ‘It’s a 27ft-long, four-berth Seamaster river cruiser, and I can see it moored from my patio. We would never have bought the boat if it wasn’t for the surrounded by friends and neighbours of a similar age, the park manager is wonderful, our home is perfect and we couldn’t be happier,’ she said. ‘We released a lot of capital from the sale of our bricks-and-mortar house, which we have invested. We are very happy, relaxed and thoroughly enjoying the park home lifestyle.’ Warm and comfortable Richard, 60, a retired security officer at Luton airport, said, ‘A park home is more like a Marina View, in Lincolnshire, is an exclusive new development in a pretty setting Visit: PARK HOME & HOLIDAY CARAVAN MAGAZINE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE


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BEGINNERS' GUIDE Assisted moving Moving made easy Having the right people around you as you negotiate your way through the buying process can make things a lot easier. We take a look at Moving Made Easy, a Tingdene Parks’ initiative that does exactly that T ingdene Parks’ innovative assisted moving scheme is a little different from partexchange. It can help support you in the marketing of your current home, manage and co-ordinate the move into your new park home, too. It provides a one-stop shop in getting you into your new park home, offering total support to help you find a buyer for your existing property. The Moving Made Easy (MME) team is available seven days a week and will do its best to help you to obtain a quick sale. He continued, ‘This should be the start of a wonderful escape from the stresses of previous lifestyles. 'We want this to be the start of a really enjoyable retirement, and we will do everything possible to ensure that’s what it feels like throughout. ‘Our park managers are a key element of that too, making everyone feel really welcome and providing a wealth of useful information on arrival.’ “I really think it is the best thing I ever did. It’s a secure park with a great community spirit and a lively social scene, too.” Miss J Sivell, Osborne Park EVERY STEP OF THE WAY! • Secure your plot for a new park home by way of placing a deposit. • Complete the MME application form with the Tingdene Parks sales team. • MME will then contact you to explain how their service and the process works. • They will instruct local estate agents to carry out a valuation and provide a full market appraisal. • Once a realistic marketing price has been agreed with you, MME will place your existing home on to the market and marketing will commence. • MME will appoint the selling agents and ensure they produce sales particulars within the quickest possible timescales • They will work alongside the selling agents on all marketing aspects and viewings. • A For Sale board will be erected in order to help achieve a sale as quickly as possible. • They will monitor and manage all communication with the selling agents on your behalf. • MME will handle all offers and negotiations on your behalf. • Once a sale has been agreed, MME will progress the sale through to exchange of contracts on your behalf. • Once your sale has legally completed Tingdene Parks will pay the estate agents fees. • You are now ready to move into your new park home! It’s all about the people Tingdene Parks’ Ian Collier said, ‘As a park group we have all the resources of a medium to large sized park group, but it’s important to us and to our residents that we retain that friendly feel and are always approachable. ‘Our size and ethos puts us in the ideal position to pass on a lot of additional support and help to our residents throughout the buying process and also after they have moved in. 'It all starts from making it as enjoyable as possible right from the start.’ PARK HOME & HOLIDAY CARAVAN MAGAZINE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE Visit:


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1 2 Oak Tree Park, Attleborough Great E Steve Rowe visits a small Norfolk park, on the outskirts of a quaint market town, where the latest plots on a popular new development are being released asily reached by car, and with its own railway station, Attleborough is a charming market town, just off the A11 to the south of Norwich. It boasts a good mix of small shops and cafes, plus doctor’s and dentist’s surgeries, as well as a large Sainsbury’s supermarket. To the north-east of the town, and just two bus stops away from the centre, Oak Tree Park is an established park home community which became part of the Tingdene Parks portfolio two years ago. Since taking over, Tingdene has started a major programme of development, placing new homes on a part of the site that was formerly an empty field. Separate from the existing homes, the new development feels like a brand new park in its own right, with the added bonus that existing residents haven’t been disrupted while the work continues. Norfolk park! 1 A lovely looking new home at Oak Tree Park 2 Residents take a real pride in their gardens at Oak Tree Park 3 Spring daffodils in bloom on this attractive garden plot 4 Park manager Annie Morris outside her immaculate park home 3 The final phase of the new development at the park was released in December 2014. An open day will be planned for the spring where potential buyers can check out the park and the available plots and look around the show home. The friendly park manager Syd Morris is assisted by Anne Morris who live on the park, so are well placed to answer any queries. There are 16 plots for new homes on the this final phase, with buyers able to select the home of their choice and even take part in designing the home’s interior. Prices for a new twin-unit home will typically range from £150,000 for a Tingdene Mackworth Lodge, to £160,373 for a 40ft x 20ft Tingdene Barnwell and £201,759 for a 50ft x 20ft Dolben IMAGES: KOSTAS TSELIOS New development The new development is scheduled in phases with the previous three phases already proving very popular; most of the homes on these phases are now reserved or occupied. Visit: PARK HOME & HOLIDAY CARAVAN MAGAZINE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE


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Park profile BEGINNERS' GUIDE Quick chat over a cuppa Tingdene home on the park in December 2013, which they designed to suit their own requirements. PAT AND JOHN CLARKE bought a new park in November 2013, buying a new Tingdene Barnwell. They used to holiday in Norfolk and love their new life on this park. GILL AND BRIAN DAVIES moved to the 4 Lodge. Keen to see what life is like on the new development, we wandered around the park and spoke to three residents who had bought homes here within the past six months. brochures. ‘However, we didn’t do anything about this until we saw an advertisement for an open day at this park. We came along and loved what we saw here, reserving our new home that very weekend! With the recession in the property market, we thought it might take a while to sell our old four-bedroom house in Thetford, but it actually went under offer the day it went onto the market! Because we were buying a new park home, we were able to design this to suit our own needs. We opted for a 40ft x 20 Tingdene Regency, but had the layout changed so that we have two large en-suite bedrooms, rather than the standard three-bedroom design.’ The couple moved into their new home in December 2013 and I asked them what they and her husband Andrew bought a new Tingdene Hayden home when they moved to the park in November 2013. They are both still working but love living in this quiet and friendly park home community. JANICE HOULT ‘We sold our home in just a day!’ Pointing to the resurgence in the UK’s housing market, which has allowed most of the homes in the first phases of development to sell quickly, Pat and John Clark sold their old house in nearby Thetford within one day of it going on the market! I asked them why they decided to sell up and move here. John explained, ‘We had been thinking about downsizing to a park home for many years, after a friend of ours showed us some park home “It’s such a great little community here and the park is really well laid out.” Visit: PARK HOME & HOLIDAY CARAVAN MAGAZINE BEGINNERS’ GUIDE



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