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Phoenix, AZ Available Now San Antonio, TX SOLD OUT Network Build Out Complete Producing Revenue Columbus, OH SOLD OUT Network Build Out Complete Producing Revenue Denver, CO SOLD OUT Network Build Out in Progress On Schedule with Revenue Asset Purchase & Accompanying Lease FOR QUALIFIED INDIVIDUALS San Diego, CA SOLD OUT Network Build Out On Schedule San Jose, CA SOLD OUT Network Build Out On Schedule Sacramento, CA SOLD OUT Network Build Out On Schedule Houston, TX SOLD OUT Network Build Out On Schedule Dallas, TX SOLD OUT Network Build Out On Schedule Cleveland, OH SOLD OUT Network Build Out On Schedule


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Wireless Speed Equals Productivity FOR BUSINESSES...GOVERNMENTS...RESIDENTIAL WyLink Wireless Speed Tests Conducted in San Antonio, Texas on December 12, 2014 - Results Are Fatest Speeds on Record HISTORY Thousands of individual investors and entrepreneurs earned “life changing” amounts of money when the FCC allocated spectrum frequency licenses for cellular phone use. At that time “wireless” was brand new. Cell phones looked - and were - as heavy as bricks. It took great foresight and courage to get involved with a new technology that might or might not catch on. Now, we all know what happened. Cellular technology exploded. Many of those individuals who put belief in cutting the wire that tied landline phones to a wall outlet allowed people across the entire world to converse while on the move. They were rewarded by being a part of the birth of mobile technology. Many of those who made millions in the past committed their funds to wireless “voice transmission”. Today, there is an even greater opportunity in the construction of wireless “data transmission” networks. Years ago, mobile carriers, such as AT&T, Verizon, and Sprint, created their cellular networks for voice transmission. They would evolve. The early thinking was: wireless = voice only - with text messaging being the exciting added feature. 35 times more data than non-smartphone 124 times more data than non-smartphone Smartphone (Samsung S5) Tablet (iPad Mini) In 2007, Apple introduced the “iPhone”, a mobile phone that is basically a hand-held computer. The iPhone, along with other smartphones, wireless tablets, and the thousands of new mobile devices, has created a deluge of data transmissions as the downloading of music, pictures, videos, etc. has increased exponentially. The existing spectrum of mobile frequencies is now overloaded because more and more people are communicating wirelessly. Wireless spectrum is the invisible infrastructure over which all wireless transmissions travel. You can think of spectrum as an essential natural resource and that data demands threaten to outpace the supply of spectrum available for mobile broadband in the coming years.” — FCC Chairman - Julius Genachowski – 2


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TODAY’S OPPORTUNITY Approximately one billion smartphones were shipped in 2013 worldwide. Over 300 million were delivered in the United S grew almost 400% last year and is projected to grow an additional 16 times by 2016. As of January 2014: of American adults have a smartphone 58% of American adults own a tablet computer 42% of American adults own an e-reader 32% D These numbers are alarming to the major mobile phone carriers as they do They cannot deliver the huge amount of data wirelessly to the mobile phones, residential consumers, and corporate customers because they do not have the available space on their frequencies. In addition, they can’t deliver the highest speeds over the bandwidth they do have available. Report from New York Times, Verizon Chairman, AT&T Chairman 20,000% IN THE LAST FIVE YEARS! Increase “The United States as well as the entire world is facing a Spectrum Crisis.” - New York Times “It potentially hinders our ability to meet consumer need.” - Ed McFadden, Vice President Verizon “AT&T Regrets O Unlimited Data Plans Because of Demand.” - Randall Stephenson AT&T CEO THE SOLUTION Link, Inc., in conjunction with its parent company, Wytec International, has created a system that allows current carriers to deliver more data at much higher speeds. This system is operating today. The system has been documented as delivering the fastest data download speeds on record. The undeniable fact is: For consumers, for businesses, and for entire communities, wireless data delivery speed equals productivity… more information delivered faster. This saves time, money and makes life HIGH SPEED WI-FI OFFLOAD AND “LAST MILE” Public Safety Municipal Government Services Equal Access to Education for ALL Business Hot Spots 3


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HOW IT’S DONE WyLink utilizes proprietary technology inspired by its parent company’s foundational patents that to be seamlessly rerouted, accelerated at super speed, and delivered back to the carrier’s network or directly delivered to their customers: cell phone users, businesses, and city services. This process is known by the communications industry term: WyLink CBD Network Detail by 2015.” - Juniper Research. – Smartphone subscriber growth is expected to be greater than 4 times the rate of world population growth by 2017 4 Billion Phones by 2018. Currently, the carriers in the U.S rate. The FCC states that the carriers must get that number to at least 35% or their networks will no longer be utilized by consumers who demand services with fast and reliable data transmission. WYLINK 2015/2016 PLANNED DEVELOPMENT MAP SEATTLE PORTLAND MINNEAPOLIS BUFFALO DETROIT INDIANAPOLIS SACRAMENTO SALT LAKE CITY DENVER KANSAS CITY DES MOINES SAN JOSE NASHVILLE MEMPHIS SAN DIEGO BIRMINGHAM PHOENIX DALLAS CHARLOTTE EL PASO JACKSONVILLE AUSTIN HOUSTON NEW ORLEANS TAMPA SAN ANTONIO MIAMI ORLANDO SOLD OUT DEVELOPMENT MAP “We’ll continue to encourage development and deployment of Smart Antenna Technology and - FCC Chairman - Julius Genachowski – 4


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RESULTS A WyLink High-Speed Wi-Fi Data Network is now in operation in the cities of Columbus, Ohio and San Antonio, Texas, allowing for fast, efficient data transmission services to end-users. These users include businesses and the city government of Columbus. The remaining “sold out” cities are in various stages of development and completion. WyLink Networks in thirty more cities are planned for 2015/2016. The core of these networks consists of FCC Registered and Protected Links, the cutting edge equipment that operates them, and the Speed of 386.75 Mbps on standard Samsung - using WyLink Network in San Antonio, Texas on December 12, 2014 These Links are assets that consist of: FCC licenses, equipment, installation, monitoring, maintenance, and all necessary software updates. All of these are – individually and independently - 100% owned by WyL Link Asset Owners. A portfolio of company-owned patents are foundational in enabling these Link Assets to deliver the fastest download speeds on record for any communications company. These record breaking speeds were documented on December 12, 2014 Wytec delivered downloads 22 times faster and uploads 55 times faster than Verizon using the same phone Galaxy S 5 Smartphone in the same location. The speed tests were conducted in the Central Business District of Columbus, Ohio and confirmed by multiple retests. They were subsequently reported in 280 business journals throughout the U.S. original purchase price. I returns. Our WyLink Asset Owners have been involved for less than 18 months. YOUR OPPORTUNITY WyLink’s successful formula is expanding to 30 additional U.S operating Wi-Fi Communications Asset with an Accompanying Lease in one or more of these cities. The Asset consists of a Registered and Protected FCC Licensed Point-to-Point Link, the proprietary equipment that operates it, and the patented technology that runs it. The link gives you rights to nationwide frequency bandwidth or spectrum that is utilized for the transmission and reception of data. Your Link comes with all the equipment, software, installation, operation, software updates, equipment warranties, insurance, and maintenance. I internet, and data transmission network. WyLink networks have a unique proprietary design that webs the Central Business Districts of target cities with a high speed communications net of FCC Registered and Protected links. 5


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for individuals, businesses and municipalities, while protecting “last mile” transmission infrastructure are exactly what carriers and their clients are looking for. Each Link Asset is accompanied by a lease contract detailing revenues that begin at $500.00 per month as soon as the Link is activated. These revenues can escalate significantly over time. The lease is supported by our affiliate company, Capaciti Networks. They are a company that has been set up solely to sell services securing payments to our proprietary Link Network. They have several unique selling propositions, including a very unique “BID FOR BETTER BROADBAND” process, allowing for a market-driven competitive-bidding platform. Capaciti has just announced a Master Agent and Valued Added Re-seller Program that is being rolled out in the first quarter of 2015 which will vastly increase their sales reps and presence in all markets. Projections for this new innitiative are way ahead of all previous sales and marketing plans. Please see www.capacitinetworks.com and www.capaciti-news.com Networks and testimonials from happy Capaciti broadband customers. In addition to the Capaciti Networks sales, we have a close working relationship with Level 3 Communications, the multi-billion dollar company that has built an content network. Their presence in over 500 global locaus in accelerating our sales process. Their assistance has been invaluable in developing market intelligence, closing sales, and conducting a multi-market strategy capable of supporting our Link program. Level 3’s experience and understanding of the marketplace within our existing cities and new cities we are opening this year will propel us further while moving faster. ASSOCIATIONS AND PPORT WyLink High Speed Communications Net Phoenix , AZ INVITATION Phoenix, AZ Available Now This is your invitation to join a very exclusive club of individuals, some of whom had the foresight and wisdom to get involved in cellular licensing in the 80’s and 90’s and others who became WyLink Asset Owners over the last eighteen months. All purchased what amounted to “beach front property in the sky”, also known as “the information We urge you to review our information, ask any and all questions, and decide if this makes sense for you. 6


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POTENTIAL CLIENTS FOR OUR HIGH SPEED WI-FI NETWORKS Public Saftey City Government Local Business Stadium Venues Hot Spots Scan the QR Code with your tablet, smartphone or iPad to watch a video 19206 Huebner Rd. Suite 202 San Antonio, Texas 78258 www.wylink.biz



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