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The Hurricane Times ... A WINDY GUST OF NEWS AND EVENTS Volume 1, Holiday Issue 18 December 2014 John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth 95% score in the standardized CTP4 tests. But that’s not all. She also had to take an additional test that determines if you can go to the summer camp. She went to the Maryland campus, but that isn’t the only place that the Center for Talented Youth (CTY) is located. There are many other locations like Pennsylvania. During the summer program, students sleep in a dormitory with a roommate. For lunch they eat at a cafeteria where, depending on by Katherine Tsui the day, you can eat different types of food like Chinese. Students also get placed into different learning groups according to a range of topics that include Language Arts or Math and in each one you do completely different things. The camp also sponsors parties at the end of each week to make sure everyone makes new friends. Featured Stories:  JOHN HOPKINS CENTER FOR TALENTED YOUTH  6TH GRADE P.R. FIELD TRIP  SJS VETERAN: MRS. CATHY MYATT  LA LEYENDA DE SJS  SALVADOR GÓMEZ: STUDENT COUNCIL TREASURER  GIRLS’ VOLLEYBALL Gia Ramos Photo by: Katherine Tsui Last summer Gia Ramos had the opportunity to go to a summer camp for students that are talented in academics at John Hopskins University in Baltimore, Maryland. The camp is 3 weeks long and Gia was chosen after a lengthy selection process. To get in she first had to get higher than a 6th Grade P.R. Field Trip The 6th Grade class traveled from Condado to Arecibo on Friday, November 14th to celebrate Puerto Rico Heritage Month. In our Social Studies class we broke up into groups to complete a project about the Northern, Western, Eastern and Southern regions of Puerto Rico. This trip took us to the beautiful Northern Karst region where we visited two beaches, Mar Chiquita and Playa La Boca in the town of Manatí. Near Mar Chiquita, we even went inside a cave filled with pooping bats!! At Playa by Alexandra Santiago their opinions and all of them loved it and would go again. The only thing Alex Barlia did not like was that every time the tour guide shouted “Alelu…” we had to respond, “ya!” In my opinion, this trip was AWESOME! Inside this issue: HOMEWORK VS. PROJECTS WSJS RADIO NEWS REPORTS NEW YEAR’S DANCE PARTY UP COMING EVENTS 2 5 6 6 La Boca, we used magnets to test the iron content in the black sand made of fine grains of volcanic material. It was fun experimenting how the sand stuck to our magnets. Afterwards we had lunch at the Paradise B.B.Q. I recommend it for its good Puerto Rican family menu and school field trip lunches. Our adventure ended at the Charco Hondo waterfall located on the border of Arecibo with Utuado. It was really cold and so much fun! As we rode back home it started to rain. We had a great time. I asked four students for STORY: A LITTLE CHRISTMAS MIRACLE 7 HOLIDAY WINTER WORD SEARCH CONTACT INFO Photo by: Ms. Lyda Carreras 8 8


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The Hurricane Times Cómo se creó Saint John’s: Una leyenda En 1901, un soldado de la Primera Guerra Mundial, estaba hospitalizado. Su nombre era Juan Manuel. Cuando salió del hospital tuvo una gran idea de abrir una escuela. Caminando frente al hospital vio un espacio perfecto para construirla. Decidido, fue al banco y cogió un préstamo para realizar su sueño. A mitad de construcción, creyó necesario levantar un segundo piso para los estudiantes de escuela superior, porque no encontró una escuela para su nieto. Fue al banco y cogió otro préstamo para completar los trabajos. Cuando terminó la escuela habían pasado 12 años, recién iniciaba el 1913. Juan Manuel abrió la escuela en 1914 y solamente 27 estudiantes estaban matriculados en Saint John`s School; nombrada así en honor a su hijo que murió mientras Juan Manuel estaba en la guerra. Juan estaba muy triste de que solamente hubieran 27 estudiantes y fue a todas las otras escuelas y puso muchas imágenes de Saint John’s. Para el 1934, la escuela tenía más estudiantes, con 216 estudiantes y 30 maestras, ya Juan no estaba triste. Antes del 2000 ya contaba con más de 700 estudiantes y 60 maestras. Para el 2007, la escuela tenía 736 estudiantes, de todos, los últimos 36 que entraron estaban muy felices ya que sabían que esta era la mejor escuela, con una excelente educación. Ellos ahora están en quinto y tienen una actividad llamaba clusters y un niño llamado Joseph cogió el mejor cluster del mundo, escribir un cuento en español. Para el 2022, el día de la graduación, hubo un problema. Cuando se terminó la graduación una banda de terroristas llamados 20 de noviembre, puso una bomba por Joseph Barlia en el Multipurpose room (MPR) donde se celebró la graduación. El líder lo hizo porque había sido expulsado de Saint John’s. Todo el mundo murió, excepto Joseph, los amigos de Joseph y las maestras que estaban en el Gym ayudando a recoger el reguero que había. Al año siguiente, hicieron una actividad en honor a los graduandos que murieron. Durante los preparativos de la actividad, Joseph subió al Sciencie Lab a buscar unos adornos. Cuál fue su sorpresa al entrar y ver las probetas y tubos de ensayo volando por el salón. Bajo corriendo y buscó a una maestra y a Suárez. Empezaron a remover todo lo que había y encontraron los huesos y ropa de dos niñas. Entonces recordaron que ellas no estaban en el MPR ni en el gym. De manera que murieron atrapadas en los escombros. La leyenda cuenta que todos los años, el día del aniversario de la explosión se oyen ruidos; las sillas y muebles vuelan porque los espíritus todavía están allí. Otra leyenda cuenta que en el 2105 Joseph y sus amigos murieron porque ya tenían 101 años. Ellos están enterrados en el Science Lab luego que implotaran el edificio para hacer uno nuevo. Como estaban viejos no oyeron las alarmas y quedaron atrapados en el tercer piso. Desde entonces, dicen que hay 45 fantasmas en el tercer piso que, aburridos de esperar en el Science Lab a que llegue otro fantasma para jugar, cuando apagan las luces salen y se pasean por el gigantesco edificio asustanto a todos los que los ven. Es una broma muy divertida. Homework vs. Projects, Which Do You Prefer? There is much debate whether students learn more by completing homework or working on projects. by Paola Fuentes PROJECTS: I definitely like doing Projects more than doing homework, because projects provide a sense of fun for the students. Homework, on the other hand, can be stressful and challenging at times, which may affect your self-esteem. student: Felipe Albors versus I asked two different students to give their opinions on which of the two they prefer. Which do you prefer doing, homework or projects? HOMEWORK: I prefer homework because it’s a constant practice. It happens everyday, so you exercise your mental resources on a daily basis. Projects are done less often so the skills you use to complete projects are only put into practice for a limited amount of time. student: Salvador Gómez Source: Google Images Page 2 What do you think? Send us your view at:


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Volume 1, Holiday Issue Mrs. Cathy Myatt an SJS Veteran I interviewed long time teacher Mrs. Cathy Myatt about her time at SJS, and how it’s changed over the years. How long have you been working at SJS? I’ve been working here since August of 1971, which means this is my 45th year. Why did you come to SJS? I’d been coming to Puerto Rico every year during college. I had an interview at SJS and I thought that, once I was done with college, I would work here. How did you feel when you became a teacher at SJS? I was absolutely so excited! I thought this was the type of environment I wanted to work in. What were your expectations coming in as a teacher? I was hoping the children would enjoy being with me. I hoped that the kids would respect me, which they did, and it lived up to what I wanted it to be. What have all these years of teaching taught you? They have helped me learn the value of patience. I think naturally I am a patient person, but I think I have grown even more patient. And, also to have a sense of humor. If you don’t have a sense of humor things can get under your skin. How has SJS and its students changed overtime? Before students would get home and do a little bit of homework and then they would probably go outside, but it was different and safer then. It was different also because back then, moms stayed at home, but now by Solomón Levis moms work outside the home. Has it been difficult? Not really, If it has been difficult, I haven’t really noticed. The students and our way of teaching have changed and I’ve changed along with it. It’s definitely been a lot of work, because I come here at 6AM and leave at 6PM and I always bring work home. But I haven’t really noticed it because I’ve enjoyed it so much. What is your best advice to rookie teachers? If anybody says anything to you, especially students, don’t take it personally. Children speak what’s on their mind on their mind, but they don’t really mean it. The other thing is definitely to have a sense of humor. And you have to have lots of patience. Mrs. Cathy Myatt, SJS Elementary Teacher since 1971 Photo by: Solomón Levis “IF YOU DON’T HAVE A SENSE OF HUMOR, THINGS CAN GET UNDER YOUR SKIN.” Hurricane Times Holiday Staff: Working Against the Clock It’s a real Christmas miracle that this Holiday Issue was completed in time. Between the Holiday Show, Parranda rehearsals, Special Class Projects and Holiday activities, our news staff barely had any time to hand-in their stories. Katherine authored the John Hopkins Center for Talented Youth feature. Enrique interviewed Student Council board member, Salvador Gómez. Solomón took on highlighting one of our most beloved SJS Elementary veteran teachers, Ms. Cathy Myatt. Camelia, after much coaxing to stay in our Newspaper Exploratory, offered her computer expertise to help find the Holiday logos and images, and Paola Fuentes lend her creative energies to write the featured Christmas story. Alexandra insisted on covering this year’s 6th Grade Puerto Rican Field Trip to Arecibo. Maite represented our Mini-Varsity Girls Volley- The Hurricane Times Holiday Staff Photo by: Ms. Álamo ball team by recapping on this season’s team highlights. And last but not least, Felipe Albors informed us about last week’s dance party. We want to thank contributing reporters, Iman Mukhtar, Jojo Barlia and Walterlin Lin Chen. - The Hurricane Times Staff Page 3


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The Hurricane Times Interview: Salvador Gómez I asked Salvador Gómez about being Student Council Treasurer and here are his answers. Is it a big responsibility being in the Student Council? Yes, because you have to think every time you have to make a decision. About how it will affect the students. It’s hard because you want to do something every student will enjoy, especially when doing stuff the majority wants, but there is always a minority that might feel left out. It’s a hard job. by Enrique Pascual I think we’re a great team because we have equal numbers of girls and boys. This allows us to organize better activities for all interests. I’ve heard other students can join committees to help during special activities? You can ask any Student Council member and, if the committee is full, we will find another way to incorporate any student who wants to help. What’s are your duties as Treasurer? I have to count and store the money, and make sure the money we have is used wisely. For example, the rental of a pop corn machine is $30.00 dollars for 3 hours, while there may be another option for one that is $30.00 dollars for 2 hours. In the end it is my responsibility to choose wisely and select the most economical price. What do you think about this year’s Student Council? Salvador Gómez “IT’S A HARD JOB, BECAUSE YOU HAVE TO THINK EVERY TIME YOU HAVE TO MAKE A DECISION.” 2014-2015 Mini-Varsity Girls Volleyball I spoke with Carolina Camacho to get her impressions about this season’s MiniVarsity Girls’ Volleyball. What were the most memorable highlights of playing on the volleyball team this year? The most memorable highlight was being invited to the Primera Hora Tournament and making it to Third Place. In the first game we played against American Military Academy and won. We also won the second and third games, but lost one set in the fourth game to come in third place overall. What were the most challenging obstacles you overcame this season? Sometimes we had trouble playing with the new 5th Grade players, because they did not completely trust us and didn’t have that much experience playing with older girls. We could have helped them to trust us by giving them more advice and support. Our coach, Juan Gómez, also put massive pressure on us to play well. Even though he always tells us to play with our heart, this time we had a by Maite Villamil I think that I have improved this year by being happier and more outgoing when I play. That helps me to never give up, so I can give myself a 10! harder time than last season. Being in 6th grade this year also made it much more difficult for us to keep up with our school work. How did your coach help you improve your volleyball skills? He helped me improve my playing skills by taking his time to be with us and teach us new things that helped us with our technique and by keeping us motivated on and off the court. On a score of 1 to 10, how much do you think you have improved this year? What is Hanukkah? source: rates the re-dedication of the holy Temple in Jerusalem following Jewish victory over Syrian-Greeks in 165 B.C.E. Since the Jewish calendar is lunar based, every year the first day of Hanukkah falls on a different day. Because many Jews live among societies of diverse religions, over time Hanukkah has become much more festive and Christmas like. Jewish children receive one gift for each of the eight nights of the holiday. Hanukkah or Chanukkah is a Jewish holiday celebrated for eight days and nights. It starts on the 25th of the Jewish month of Kislev, which coincides with late November-late December on the secular calendar. In Hebrew, the word “Hanukkah” means “dedication.” It commemoPage 4


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Volume 1, Holiday Issue Malala Yousafzai: A True Inspiration Hello! This is Iman Mukhtar on WSJS Radio live! Today, I will be talking about an inspiring girl named Malala Yousfzai. She became wellknown all around the world for her bravery. A group of terrorists called the Taliban were terrorizing and controlling the area she lived in, Swat Valley in Pakistan. They took away many rights from women and girls, including the right to an education. Malala realized how important girls’ education is, and that’s why she started speaking out. Many admired her for her courage, but for the Taliban she became their target. On October 9, 2012, she was shot by a Taliban gunman while riding the bus home from school. Malala, who is now 17, has recovered and lives in England. It is too dangerous for her to by Iman Mukhtar return to Pakistan, but she still speaks out about women’s rights. She thinks she is very lucky to go to a school in England, though she still wants to go back to Pakistan. Malala says there’s a feeling of belonging you get in your hometown that you get nowhere else and dreams of seeing the children of Swat Valley walk to school with pens and notebooks instead of to another person’s house to clean. She hopes to inspire others to also speak up about what they believe in. Until next time... This is Iman Mukhtar signingoff WSJS Radio, where every day is history. “ IT IS TOO DANGEROUS FOR HER TO RETURN TO PAKISTAN, BUT SHE STILL SPEAKS OUT ABOUT WOMEN’S RIGHTS.” WSJS RADIO presents … Every Day is History Should a Law Force Kids to do Chores? Hi! This is Walterlin A. Lin Chen on WSJS Radio, where everyday is history. I know everyone has different opinions, but what would you decide? Should a law force kids to do chores? A question like that is hard to take. I personally think laws shouldn’t force kids to do chores because they are still kids. And what’s the point of forcing children to do chores? I think it’s just stupid. Just like California student, Shane Calder said, why would lawmakers focus on torturing and forcing Children to do chores? But that’s only my opinion. What’s yours? If we don’t have laws about bedtime or how much T.V. we’re allowed to watch, why should there be a law about having to do chores? Then again, others like Nissi Ota from Virginia, also have a point. Doing chores does help build maturity and responsibility. Things that you need to use all of your life, so it’s preparing you for the future. But still, why should there be by Walterlin A. Lin Chen a law about it? Why should we take it so far? It’s true children should do some chores at home. That might solve some problems, but kids shouldn’t be forced to do it and there shouldn't be a law about it. So, I really, really think a law to make kids do chores is not needed. Thanks for tuning in! Hope my opinion changed your thoughts about forcing kids to do chores! Photo source: Google Images Page 5


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The Hurricane Times Student Council New Year’s Dance Party Pre-Party Organization The organization process for the party was extensive and demanding. It required brainstorming, planning and a significant time investment. Along with Mrs. Rojas and the Elementary Student Council Members, and eight -person committee of students helped immensely. We then divided into three main sub-committees, which were Marketing (creating publicity posters), Decorations, and Food (creating a menu and supplying food for the party). It was a collaborative team effort, of daily meetings and constant assessment of the status. by Felipe Albors Party Highlights The New Year’s themed party was an overall success. Sixty-four students, in addition to Student Council and Committee members, came to celebrate. There was a variety of foods and lots of dancing. We had a dance-off, sing-off and rap battle, in which each winner won a prize. At the end of the party, we staged a simulated countdown and ball drop...evoking the New Year that lies ahead. Lots of confetti was thrown and everyone cheered as we counted down! Special thanks to the mothers and teachers who contributed to the success of the party and, also, to Nicholas Yiu (Class of 2015), who facilitated the party’s music and DJ equipment. Photos by: Ms. Carmen González Upcoming Events in the Elementary  Happy New Year! DEC 12 DEC 18 DEC 19-JAN 7 New Year’s Dance Party @ MPR 6:00pm– 9:00pm Grades 4-6 Upper Elementary Holiday Show EARLY DISMISSAL HOLIDAY RECESS   Page 6


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Volume 1, Holiday Issue A Little Christmas Miracle Once, there was a girl named Gaby. She wasn’t like most girls. She liked reading, studying and going to school. Gaby had five brothers. Her twin brother, Gabe, who was ten just like her, Josh who was sixteen, and Jake, Blake and Derek, the triplets who where seven. Last year for their Christmas vacation, Gaby and her family went on a cruise to the Bahamas to get away from the cold winter in the states. Before they left on their trip, on her last day of school, Gaby had a problem. “Mom!,” Gaby said. “Where are my snow boots?” she asked. “I don’t know, ask your brother, Gabe. He probably mistook your boots for his,” said her mom as she was making hot chocolate in the kitchen. Gaby went to Gabe’s room to find out if her mom was right. There he was with her boots on! “Gabe, why are you wearing my boots?” exclaimed Gaby. “Well, I wanted to try them out because I’m so tired of my ugly blue ones. Do you mind?” he responded sarcastically. “If you ask me, you just look awkward!!!” she answered angrily. So he took them off. Not because of what she said, but because he was starting to get annoyed and it was too early in the morning. by Paola Fuentes knocked on his door. “I got all these things for your Christmas tree,” she told him with a proud look on her face. “TRASH?” he said, popping his eyes wide open. “No, no, they’re things I found around the ship and in the recycling bin,” she quickly clarified. “I was thinking a tree with recycled decorations might end up looking a lot better and more modern.” “Good idea!” he said. “Hey, wait. I don’t know your name. I’m Gaby,” she answered. “What a lovely name, and I’m Carl Smith. A pleasure to meet you!” he said, as he shook her hand. “Okay then, Mr. Smith, let’s get started!” she giggled. “Alright, but please call me Carl.” They had a great time creating fun ornaments from all the recycled trinkets Gaby had gathered. When it was finally decorated, the Christmas tree looked beautiful. They took it to the center of the cruise ship which was at the pool area. It looked GREAT! “Alright everyone, I would like to present you to my handy helper, Gaby, for sharing her amazing recycling ideas. I don’t know what I and my Christmas tree would have done without her,” he announced to all who had gathered around. “Thank you!” “Gaby, did you help make that?” asked her mom. “Yes, it wasn’t that hard,” Gaby Page 7 Gaby decided not to let her brother ruin her day. She had already packed for the upcoming vacation and it was all she could think about. Finally it was the day they were leaving and she was super excited to see her cabin on the cruise. At last they were on board and Gaby opened the door to her cabin. “Whoa!, It’s so tiny!” she exclaimed. “This isn’t a room it’s a closet, with five bunk beds!” She was somewhat disappointed. The next morning she had gone to breakfast by herself before anyone else had woken up. As she was returning to her cabin, she saw an elderly man inside another small cabin hunched over with a very sad expression on his face. “Why are you so sad?” Gaby asked him. “I’m fine, it’s just that my Christmas tree ornaments are missing. I must have left them on the loading dock,” he responded. “Don’t worry, I will help you find decorations around the ship,” she offered. “Really?” he answered quite surprised. The very next morning, Gaby began gathering plastic bags, recycled paper, cups, string, and anything else she could find. She was starting to get very excited about decorating the old man’s Christmas tree. She went to his cabin and “TRASH?” HE SAID, POPPING HIS EYES WIDE OPEN. replied. “Well it’s just too pretty for you to have made it,” said her brother, Gabe. “Stop it!” she told him, as she jokingly pushed him. “I think it’s lovely,” her mom responded. “Yeah, for a troll’s house which has trash as furniture,” Josh added. Gaby was so happy she didn’t pay any attention his teasing. “You have changed Christmas for this ocean liner!” Carl exclaimed as he handed her a gift, a captain’s hat. Gaby accepted it with a big smile on her face and in her heart. Gaby had changed the ship’s tradition by helping her new friend, Carl. And this is what we call, A Little Christmas Miracle.


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Winter Word Search found on the internet by Camelia Marrero The Hurricane Times ... A WINDY GUST OF NEWS AND EVENTS Saint John’s School Upper Elementary Division 1454 Ashford Ave. Condado, PR 00907 Teacher Coordinator: Ms. Álamo Phone: 787-948-8986 email: The Hurricane Times is a production of the 6th Grade IN THE NEWS Journalism Exploratory class. The core content and stories featured in each issue are decided upon and produced by the students that are assigned to this course. We welcome your comments and feedback. Page 8



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