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The Hurricane Times ...A WINDY GUST OF NEWS AND EVENTS Volume 1, Issue 1 31 October 2014 Paranormal Activities at SJS by Yahli Kaminer 3rd floor of the high school building. The lights were off and then the lights suddenly turned on and we both heard a whisper and saw the shadow of a ghost.” I found out that in traditional belief and fiction, a ghost is the appearance of a spirit or soul of a dead person. In my opinion ghosts don’t have to be harmful, but they do exist. But if I were you, I’d be careful about going up to the third floor at night… Mr. Suárez has witnessed some of these unusual ghostly activities. Photo by: Gia Ramos Do you believe in paranormal activities or ghosts? Well this might make you! There have been rumors that the 3rd floor of the Saint John’s high school building has paranormal activities and ghosts in it. I was able to interview people that have witnessed these supernatural happenings. I interviewed long time entrance security guard, José Suárez, and sixth graders, Alma González and Sebastián Gerges. José Suárez: “I heard footsteps with slippers both times I witnessed a ghost here. This all happened about 13 to 14 years ago. The first time the lights went off, then I heard the footsteps…then I sensed as if someone was breathing on my neck.” The second time this happened, Mr. Suárez actually felt someone. “I felt a hand on my shoulder and I saw the shadow of his/her hand …” I asked him if he thinks the ghost is angry or sad and he answered that he thinks the ghost is just lonely. Alma González and Sebastián Gerges: “At dismissal, Sebastián Gerges and I went up to the Featured Stories:  PARANORMAL ACTIVITIES AT SJS  GET TO KNOW ME DAY  SCARY STORIES: ROUTE 13 & THE BLACK ROSE  FELIPE ALBORS: STUDENT COUNCIL PRESIDENT  OUR UPPER ELEMENTARY SCHOOL PRINCIPAL Inside this issue: DEBATE: VENDING MACHINES, YES OR NO? LAUNCHING OF THE HURRICANE TIMES HALLOWEEN COS2 3 4 Get to Know Me Day by Salvador Gómez This year the new Student Council Board presented a new event called Student’s Get to Know Me Day. This special event is meant for people to get to know one another. The Student Council handed out some flyers to your teachers which should have been passed to you regarding this event. The information written on these forms will be projected on the recently acquired LED screen that projects text. If you have taken the time to seriously fill out this form, it will provide you with the opportunity of possibly making new friends and get to know other peers. This is just one of the things this year’s Student Council is doing to make this year one of the best, if not the best of all. Salvador currently serves as Treasurer in the Upper Elementary Student Council Board. TUMES THE LAUGHING GALLERY: SPECIAL SUPPLEMENT UP COMING EVENTS HALLOWEEN WORD SEARCH: SUBMIT TO WIN CONTACT INFO 4 6 6


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The Hurricane Times Felipe Albors: Interview How does it feel to being the Elementary Student Council President? It’s a great feeling being able to help my school dong what I love. If I could describe it in one word it would be “amazing” as cliché as it sounds. Felipe Albors, Elementary Student Council President Photo by: Ms. Álamo by Alma González Do you enjoy being class president and why? I love it more than anything in the world. It’s a dream to be able to represent your school in such a great way. Do you recommend being class president to younger students? Why or why not? I do recommend it because if a student believes that this is what they want to do then they should push for it, because it might change your life, like it has mine. Are you going to run for president the next time you have a chance for it? I am definitely going to stay in Student Council if the chance is presented to me, because once you start you fall in love with it. The Student Council will be sponsoring a special Haunted House attraction in the hopes of creating a new Halloween tradition for the Elementary students. I would say, if there was one thing that’s difficult is the hours needed to do the job. But, when you love something you forget about the hard things. Where are the meetings held and how often? On Thursdays in Mrs. Rojas’s room or we will meet in the cafeteria to discuss activities. Why do you think the students chose you? I couldn’t tell what was going on in the students’ minds when they where filling in their ballots, but I hoped they picked me because they thought I could make some changes to have a great year. What do you think has changed at our school since you have been president? A lot of activities have changed for the greater good. We are still working to see what will come up next, but I can assure you it will get even better as the year goes on. Why did you want to be part of the Student Council? I’ve always loved politics and it’s such a great opportunity. Personally, I wanted to be part of it because it is such a great exposure and being able to do it for your school is such a great thing. When did you decide to run for president? Ever since the first day I found out that I could. I’ve always wanted to for a long time, since I was very small. So when the opportunity came I just had to take it. What has been the most challenging thing about being president? “I WANTED TO BE PART OF IT BECAUSE IT IS SUCH A GREAT EXPOSURE AND BEING ABLE TO DO IT FOR YOUR SCHOOL IS SUCH A GREAT THING.” Debate: Vending Machines, Yes or No? by Gia Ramos Though vending machines are a quick way to get a snack, not everyone agrees that SJS students should be allowed to use them during the scheduled cafeteria snack and lunch breaks. I asked two different students to share their views on the matter. Should we be able to go to the vending machine during snack or lunch? YES: We should be able to go to the vending machine because if we only have one dollar and we can’t buy lunch at the cafeteria, then why can’t we go to the vending machine. Maybe that’s our only available lunch. student: Marilyn Riera Page 2 NO: I think we should NOT be able to go because it’s unhealthy and there are some things in the cafeteria that are less than a dollar. student: Charlie Matthews What do you think? Send us your view at: hurricanetimes@sjspr.org Photo by: Gia Ramos


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Volume 1, Issue 1 Mrs. Yoly Adames: Interview The Hurricane Times sent us to interview our new Upper Elementary principal. This is what we found out about Mrs. Yoly Adames. As the new principal are you going to make any new changes or rules? Mrs. Adames wants to make sure that all her students are happy, don’t get excessive amounts of work, and promote that students be creative and take risks to improve their learning. You have a son in this school, do you listen to any of his ideas to change or improve the school? Her son likes sports a lot and she knows through him how important it is to have a balance between sports and school. She wants her students to also be able to have that balance. Would you rather be a teacher or a principal? Why? She loved being a teacher, but she also loves being a principal. Since becoming a principal, she doesn’t only work with kids but also works with the staff. Is it hard being a principal? Why? Sometimes it’s hard to be principal because of two things. She doesn’t like to scold students for misbehaving and sometimes it’s difficult because she works many hours. How did you become the principal? She’s been a teacher in this school for 27 years and when she got the opportunity she was chosen to become the by Marilyn Riera and Gia Ramos Upper Elementary principal. When did you become principal? She became principal on June 2nd, 2014 and admits she was very nervous before hearing the final decision. Who made you principal? The final decision was made by the school’s board of directors, the headmaster and the former principal. What is your favorite thing about being principal? Being able to receive all the students of the school in her office and visiting the classrooms. What do you most want for Saint John’s School Elementary students to accomplish? “ I want children to do what they love and love what they do.” -Mrs. Adames Mrs. Yoly Adames, Upper Elementary Principal Photo by: Gia Ramos “I WANT CHILDREN TO DO WHAT THEY LOVE AND LOVE WHAT THEY DO.” Hurricane Staff: How The Hurricane Times Became a Reality We are very proud that our first issue and prototype for The Hurricane Times was a collaborative project where each student contributed their individual strengths and talents to make everything come together. Yahli took on an investigative report though she originally just wanted to be a photographer. Nico helped develop the Laughing Gallery comics section. Salvador was managing editor ensuring everyone completed their tasks. Carlos contributed a comic strip, and scary story. Alma interviewed our Student Council president. Sebastian authored the Fish Agency Zombie Apocalypse comic strip. Robert provided a scary story, created the word search with Ryan and acted as editor and copy writer. Ryan also shared his technology expertise. Andrea , Gia and Marilyn collaborated to conduct Mrs. Adames inter- The Hurricane Times Fall Staff Photo by: Ms. Álamo view, write the DIY costume column, include a school debate question about the pros and cons of using vending machines, and take photos for this issue. Many thanks to Mrs. Adames and faculty for their support. - The Hurricane Times Staff Page 3


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The Hurricane Times DIY Halloween Costumes Do you ever wonder why we dress up for Halloween? Here's the reason why. Dressing up for Halloween began several years ago when people believed that ghosts came back to the earthly world on October 31st. People thought that ghosts would encounter them if they left their homes. It's been said that to avoid the ghosts, people would wear masks and would leave their homes after dark so the ghosts would mistake them for fellow spirits. Today we still dress up, but mainly to have fun and have the opportunity to be something other than our normal selves. If you have no idea of what to wear for Halloween, here are some “Do it Yourself” ideas: Harry Potter by Andrea Colón Wear a long coat and a scarf. Make or buy a wand. Get big round glasses. (They do not have to be real.) Finally, place a lightning sticker or fake scar tattoo on your forehead. Bathtub: Wear a white dress. Tie balloons around your waist. Hot glue a rubber ducky on a head band. Wear slippers. Paint your cheeks red. and Marilyn Riera Mouse in Alice in Wonderland Wear bunny ears. Wear a red velvet jacket or cardigan. Wear a pair of black pants, yellow or cream tie, and a fake dangling watch. Robot Get 2 cardboard boxes. Cut 1 to fit over your head. Cut another to fit over your body. Paint the boxes silver. Add techy decals or stickers. Use silver face paint for a metallic look. Rainbow Wear a rainbow skirt or pants. Rainbow shoes. For other Do It Yourself costume ideas search DIY Halloween Costumes on the internet. Upcoming Events in the Elementary  NOV 18 NOV 19 Open House NOON DISMISSAL Puerto Rican Luncheon @ MPR Grades PPK-6   NOV 22-30 THANKSGIVING RECESS Page 4


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Volume 1, Issue 1 The Black Rose Once, a long time ago (nobody knows how long), there was a boy. He was about 12, but he loved flowers and had almost every species of them. For his 13th birthday, his parents wanted to get him something very special. His mom went to every plant store in town, but she couldn’t find one that her son didn’t have. She was walking back home, disappointed, when she saw all of same flowers that her son had. She asked the owner if he had anything special. He said he did and pulled out a rose. A black rose. It was still a bud, but she bought it anyway. She kept it in the cupboard until the next day, when she took it our and showed it to the boy. He loved it so much that he put it on his bedside table to keep it close to him while he slept. The next morning, the mom went to bring him breakfast to his room. To her horror, by Robert Sims everything had been overturned and broken and the boy was gone never to be found again. The only thing left to remind them of him was the black rose. That day was a sad day. The parents had a funeral for the boy and afterwards the dad returned home while the mom went to tell the boy’s great-grandma, who hadn’t been able to come, the terrible news. The dad, in honor of his son slept in the boy’s bedroom next to his son’s beloved rose. That night the mom got home very late and fell asleep on the living room couch. The next day, she walked through the house calling out her husband’s name. She entered her son’s room and again the bed was overturned along with everything else in the room. The only thing left untouched was the black rose. She searched the entire house, but her husband was nowhere to be found. She knew some how the rose was to blame. That night, after her husband’s funeral, she pretended to go to sleep as she lay in bed next to the rose. Deep into the night, she heard something. The black rose bloomed opened as a green light radiated from its core. A glowing, ghostly hand appeared in the light holding a knife. Swiftly the mom’s reflexes kicked in as she sat up, grabbed the knife, and cut the hand off. The remains shrank back into the rose and it closed up again. The next morning, she rushed to take it back to the odd alley store. The owner said he was very sorry and to her surprise gave her back $100,000 dollars. She walked away, but as she turned back to close the door, she saw the man going toward the back room and realized he only had one hand... “SHE KNEW SOME HOW THE ROSE WAS TO BLAME.” Route 13 Express (continued) sighted a horse drinking. They could feel a presence nearby, but when they looked back at the lake, it was dry and all that was left of the horse was a pile of bones. Circling just above them, a black raven crowed two times. The Eagle team, had gone back to the train to see if there was any gold left. It was completely deserted, no gold or bodies to be found. But flying over the train’s steam engine, was a shiny black raven. As it flew in closer, it crowed three times. A regally dressed Indian appeared before them as everything else disappeared. At that point, Wellington ceased to exist, never to be heard about again...until now. The Route 13 Express A long time ago, Wellington, a small town in the western U.S. became prosperous because gold was found in the region. With gold, came robbers, and with robbers came robberies. From banks to stage coaches; every bounty was being robbed, but no one forgot the one haunting robbery of the Route 13 Express after which Wellington became a ghost town. by Carlos Unanue teams. The Fox team went west onto a hill to try to sight them. On the hilltop there was a solitary tree. One of them heard a crackling noise. A huge fireball was burning down the tree. He heard a voice say, “We will be there when the black raven crows three times.” In a flash the fire was gone, and in its place, hovering over the hill, a black raven sang out a long eerie crow. The Alpha team had gone near a lake where they pounds of pure gold worth 1 million dollars today. A mile to the destination, members of a ghost tribe of Native Americans attacked the train. The tribe had been killed by the people of the town when the gold was found on their land years before. They derailed the train killing everybody and took all of the gold. The day after, all the town’s At the height of the Gold Rush, men went looking for the ghost tribe who had attacked on October 31st, the local the train. They split up into 3 bank was transporting 100 Page 5


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Halloween Word Search Complete and submit for a prize! by Ryan Mandachescu and Robert Sims The Hurricane Times ...A WINDY GUST OF NEWS AND EVENTS Saint John’s School Upper Elementary Division 1454 Ashford Ave. Condado, PR 00907 Teacher Coordinator: Ms. Álamo Phone: 787-948-8986 e-mail: hurricanetimes@sjspr.org The Hurricane Times is a production of the 6th Grade IN THE NEWS Journalism Exploratory class. The core content and stories featured in each issue are decided upon and produced by the students that are assigned to this course. We welcome your comments and feedback. Page 6



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