Are We There Yet?


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A half day professional development session for teachers on intentional change planning. Can be used at the start of a term or academic year, or when planning any type of change project in school.

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              Are  We  There  Yet?   A  Half  –  Day  Professional  Development  Session  for  Smart  Teachers         Are  we  there  yet?  –  Half  day  motivational  session  –  all  teaching  staff   By  the  end  of  the  session  delegates  will   Know  what:  Their  expectations  for  the  forthcoming  year  are   Understand  why:  It  is  valuable  to  set  and  visualize  goals       Know  how  to:  Travel  towards  those  goals   Be  able  to:  Compose  a  learning  agenda  to  take  the  necessary  steps  –  behaviour  and  actions  -­‐  to  achieving  the   goals   Time     What  -­‐   How  –  activity  and  process   Evaluation     content   25   1   Introductions   Tutor  led       mins   &  connector   Introductions   Housekeeping   Protocols    -­‐  timings,  objectives,  expectations   Connector   Fantastic  fact  OR   Think  about  the  best  time  you  have  had  in   this  school  –  a  wow  moment  –  when   everything  went  right,  you  got  tingles  up   your  spine,  you  realized  this  was  what   teaching,  working  with  children  is  all  about   5   2   Motivational   Individual     mins   session  –  the   Tutor  led  –  visualization,  future  thinking     new  school     year   60   3   Ideal  -­‐ World  Café     mins   destination   What’s  important  to  you  about  the  year   ahead?   What  does  a  successful  school  year  look  like   for  you  and  the  pupils?   What  does  a  successful  school  year  feel  like   for  you  and  the  pupils?   Discuss  any  themes  emerging   Create  a  group  collage  -­‐  destination   BREAK   20   4   Real  -­‐   Group  work     mins   starting   Examine  -­‐  where  are  you  now   point   Build  an’  ice-­‐  cream  cone’  of  each  others   knowledge             Joyce  Matthews  Limited  ©  August  2014    


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              Are  We  There  Yet?   A  Half  –  Day  Professional  Development  Session  for  Smart  Teachers       Create  a  wordle  to  clarify  the  ‘real’  situation.   Flip  chart  carousel  –  each  group  present   Tutor  input  –  introduce  a  change  model.   Use  ‘weight  watchers’  as  an  example.   Smart  goal  setting  –  how  to  do  it   Value  and  benefits  of  setting  and  visualizing   goals  –  theory  behind  it.   We  know  what  it  looks  like,  so  lets  put  more   detail  on  –  text  around  the  collage   What  will  it  sound  like/people  be  doing/   look  like/feel  like?   Create  your  group  map  of  how  to  get  from   real  to  idea  –  what  steps  do  you  need  to   take,  what  do  you  need  to  do,  say,  feel,   think   What  are  implications  for  you  now?   What  else  do  you  need  to  learn  (knowledge,   skills,  understanding,  behaviours)  to  make   this  happen?   Who  can  help  you?   What  will  your  next  step  be?   It’s  ok  to  experiment.   What  have  you  learned?   How  do  you  feel  about  it?   What  will  you  do  with  this  new  learning?   Commit  by  sharing  your  next  step  with  a   colleague,  including  a  timescale  for   completing  it.     30   mins   5   How  will  we   get  there?     20   mins   6   Destination   detail     20   mins   7   Route  Map     10   mins   8   Travel   Itinerary       5   mins   5   mins         9   Summary     10   Commit               Joyce  Matthews  Limited  ©  August  2014    



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