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Articles about learning in 4A in Sep and Oct 14

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The Gorseland Times Class 4A Issue 12 – October 2014 Written by the children for the whole school community GORSELAND TIMES the best newspaper in the world! This issue of the Gorseland Times features learning which happened in class 4A during September and October 2014. Our topic was Here I Am which involved exploring the human body and the local area. To learn more about the local area, we walked around Martlesham Heath to find out more about the airfield, we studied maps and satellites images and were visited by Martlesham Parish Council to find out how to plan a new development. To learn more about the human body, we drew large versions of our insides, learned how the brain learns and how muscles and bones help us in PE. Find out more about our learning by reading the articles in this issue. Contents Page 2 10 17 18 20 21 22 Mathletics Football Stained Glass Windows Go Run for Fun Characterstic Characters Tuesday Dance Club 1


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The Gorseland Times Class 4A Issue 12 – October 2014 The pupils of year 4 have been introduced to a maths website also known as Mathletics to help them improve their maths skills. We had a look on the website during an I.C.T lesson. When we went on Mathletics we discovered that there are lots of different cool links to it like the Activities, Live Mathletics, Rainforest Maths, Time’s Table Toons and lots of other stuff to explore. We liked it so much that in the first week we managed to appear on the Mathletics hall of fame 1st in the United Kingdom and we are very proud and we appeared 14th in the WORLD! And earned loads of certificates. We printed them and put them in our classroom and buying stuff for your avatar is also a thing you can do which is fun. Since going on Mathletics we have seen a brighter side to maths. You can earn 120 gold bars and you could win Mathlete of the week if you try really hard. You need 1000 points to get a bronze medal, four bronze to get a silver medal, three silver medals and you get a gold medal so that’s 12000 points for a gold certificate and 36 bronze medals for a gold certificate . So to sum it up Mathletics is a good way to improve your maths skills a whole lot more. We found out that you might get addicted and it is good to get your sleep or your brain will not have enough energy to go on it. Shaan and Ryan 2


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The Gorseland Times Class 4A Issue 12 – October 2014 3


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The Gorseland Times Class 4A Issue 12 – October 2014 4


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The Gorseland Times Class 4A Issue 12 – October 2014 Poppy and Kiera 5


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The Gorseland Times Class 4A Issue 12 – October 2014 You can be on it My class is on it 6


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The Gorseland Times Class 4A Issue 12 – October 2014 Amazing Mathletics Since the beginning of September 2014 class 4a have been using Mathletics to expand their minds and challenge their future selves at maths. Mathletics is a computer based programme that we can access at home and at school to practice maths activities particularly addition, subtraction, multiplication and division. We use it at school, during ICT lessons, maths lessons and you can go on it at home. We love learning using Mathletics because it is so fun it doesn’t even feel like you’re learning. We love Live Mathletics because we can play against the computer or anyone in the world! You never know what the computer will throw at you, hard or easy maths, do you think you could handle it? As well as maths you can get credits to spend on face maker and you can change your back ground, the style that you want and the back ground behind your face. You can choose which challenge you do and to get better at your skills you can work on different options on activities or Live Mathletics. You could be the world’s best mathlete so try Mathletics if you want! You try it love it or your credits back by playing today!!! Joe and Harvey This is Matheletics hall of fame 7


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The Gorseland Times Class 4A Issue 12 – October 2014 Marvellous Mathletics In 4a we have been doing Mathletics it was very fun! In Mathletics we have been doing live Mathletics and activities. Live Mathletics is when you race other people in your class, school or from your planet. Activities is when you do tricky maths. In 4A We were 1st in the UK and 22nd in the world and we earned nine bronze certificates. You can get credits by doing activities and winning a live Mathletics race and spend them in the shop so you can make a better person. We will do Mathletics next year. It was very FUN! We will finish in year 6. In year 4 we were 3rd in the UK and 14th in the world. By Harry and Finley P 8


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The Gorseland Times Class 4A Issue 12 – October 2014 Fun Mathletics! Hello readers this term we have been thinking about how to let you understand amazing Mathletics. The fun website is about making your brilliant brain grow. Each thing you can do is subtract, add, divide and times. Mathletics is something interactive for your children to do in their spare time. We are going to talk to you about how Mathletics is good for your children. Mathletics is very good for your brain to grow on the inside. Live Mathletics is good for your children but which do you choose, valuable points or fun points? Mathletics is something you should do every so often on the computer. When you log on your account it will show your name and the things for you to do on the website. Cadan and Finley W 9


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The Gorseland Times Class 4A Issue 12 – October 2014 Fantastic football Hello we are going to tell you what we have been doing in P.E for the past few weeks. We hope you enjoy reading our brilliant work that we spent a lot of time working on. In 4a we have been playing some football in our P.E lessons. lighting Trick: If you were in a stuck position back heel it to your team mate. Harrison cheering for his amazing goal (1-0) goal1111 Harrison and Shannon 10


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The Gorseland Times Class 4A Issue 12 – October 2014 Kick Off! For PE we have been doing football matches to improve our football skills. In the team I am in I play in midfield and I am the keeper. My teammates are Rhys & Marley. I am about to interview one of my biggest opponents ISI! “IsI do you lIke football?” “yes” “Why?” “because It exercIses me and Its fun” “What have you leaned?” “to WIn you have to Work as a team” “Who do you lIke playIng WIth?” “thomas” “and Who agaInst?” “you” “Why dId you Want a second match agaInst us” “because I thInk It Was fun the fIrst tIme round” Thank you for reading. This is the end of this article now. By Gaius hack Goal!!! Its unbelievable! I can’t believe it! Seriously! 11


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The Gorseland Times Class 4A Issue 12 – October 2014 FANTASTIC FOOTIE In October 2014, 4A have been playing football for P.E on the Astroturf We have gone wild about it. In this article I will show you the real skills of this mind-blowingly fun sport. We have learnt how to dribble away from defenders (not what babies do!) We have learnt other skills too. We have been playing matches against other children in the class and my team have had quite a lot of victory but to avoid arguments its always 0-0. My teammates are Rhys and Gaius. “We did try our hardest and so did the opponents, it was very odd when our team won and me and Marley scored 2 goals in under 10 seconds.” Said Gaius . Rhys do you like the team that you have? “Yes I love the team . Our team have shot millions of goals and our 12


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The Gorseland Times Class 4A Issue 12 – October 2014 team once had victory by winning 8-2 against Jack, Isi and Thomas”. So here’s some TOP TIPS for football: *Keep the ball close to you. *Shoot away from the goalkeeper. *find space for your teammate to pass to you. *Tackle and block *Have Fun! Goal!!!! I hope you enjoy playing football and dribble away from defenders.(and I mean not what babies do!) By Marley Go on! Dive for it! Runn!!!! 13


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The Gorseland Times Class 4A Issue 12 – October 2014 Match of the day During October 2014, class 4A played loads of mini football matches in the afternoon on the field after lunch. Jack M, Harry and Fin P played against Shaan, Harrison and Ryan. We enjoyed playing football and we hope to improve our skills next lesson. The more you try the better you will get, if you practice and practice I promise you will get better. One of the things we learnt was that the score doesn’t matter in training. In the end we found in real life if you could accept that it would be 1:1 or even 2:2 at the end of the match, you could feel like it was nil all or a draw and that you could feel like both teams were as good as each other. 14


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The Gorseland Times Class 4A Issue 12 – October 2014 For us the game isn’t about winning it is about having fun and even If you lose you should still not be a bad loser and if you win, you shouldn’t brag about it! Literally it is not right. It is better to say ‘gg’ for good game and even if you lose you should always congratulate the winner. The thing that we want to improve is tackling, shoot, passing and dribbling. By Jack M and Jack K 15



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