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ISSF GENERAL ASSEMBLY T he ISSF General Assembly – meeting at the Hilton Park Hotel in Munich (GER) on the 2nd and 3rd of December 2014 – has re-elected President Olegario Vázquez Raña for another four-year term. Mr. Vázquez Raña received 165 votes, defeating the other sole candidate Sheik Salman Al Sabah (KUW). Mr. Franz Schreiber was elected to be the new ISSF Secretary General by unanimous decision of the Assembly. Olegario Vázquez Raña – a four-time Olympian and a rifle shooting record-setter – enters his ninth consecutive Presidential term since his first election in 1980. “Thank you for your loyalty and for your trust,” he said to the Delegates right after his re-election. “You have given me the opportunity to reaffirm my commitment to all sport shooters of the world and to this sport family that I love.” “You can be certain that for the upcoming four years, changes and developments will continue,” the re-elected ISSF President said in his speech. “We will keep on working on our agenda – to make us stronger, to reach more athletes “Thank you for your loyalty and for all around the world, so that our beloved sport your trust. You have given me the will become more attractive to people and more opportunity to reaffirm my commitment solid within the Olympic movement. I am con- to all sport shooters of the world and vinced that with your support the next four to this sport family that I love.” years will be really productive, because if we are Olegario Vázquez Raña united the future of our sport will be bright.” The ISSF General Assembly also confirmed its trust in Franz Schreiber, who had been crucial decisions for the next four years, such holding the position ad-interim in the last four as the designation of the 2017 ISSF Shotgun years, today confirming his mandate through World Championship host. “I welcome you all a unanimous decision. “Thank you very much to the ISSF General Assembly, I am very happy for your support. I am a little speechless. I will to record a high participation,” ISSF President do my best to continue working in the way I Olegario Vázquez Raña said, opening the Asdid, and I will do my best in favor of the shoot- sembly, and introducing two special guests of the shooting sport family: the President ing sport family,” Mr. Schreiber said. The 2014 ISSF General Assembly kicked off of the Spanish National Olympic Committee on the 2nd of December, when Delegates from Alejandro Blanco, and IOC Members Danka 122 Countries, representing 128 Member Fed- Bartekova of Slovakia and Vitaly Smirnov of the erations, for a total of 293 votes, met to elect Russian Federation, who followed the meetall ISSF governing bodies and to take other ings in Munich. 6/2014 ISSF NEWS 5


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ISSF GENERAL ASSEMBLY THE REPORTS O n the opening day, the General Assembly received the reports of ISSF President Olegario Vázquez Raña and of ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber. The ISSF President reported on the activities of the last four years, from his re-election at the 2010 ISSF General Assembly held in Munich on occasion of the 50th ISSF World Championship right up to the 2014 Youth Olympic Games, pass- “This year we’ve reached over 240 million ing through the London 2012 Olympic Games people through our TV distribution, and and the new final formats introduction in 2013. this year’s ISSF World Championship During the General Assembly, the ISSF Pres- has been covered by over 600 newsident also recalled the milestones of the recent papers, reaching a potential readership history of the ISSF, thanking the Delegates for of nearly 1.5 billion readers.” their support through the years. “Dear friends, Franz Schreiber dear Delegates, the growth of the Shooting sport did not begin recently: its roots are deep in the past,” Mr. Olegario Vázquez Raña said. “In In his report to the ISSF General Assem1980 our sport had seven Olympic events, today bly, the Secretary General also highlighted it has fifteen. In 1980 the UIT held more than 5 the commitment of the International Shooting million dollar in debits. Today, our financial situ- Sport Federation in attracting media coveration is excellent,” the ISSF President stated. age. “We are investing a relevant share of our “Our sport continued developing through the budget in media projects as part of our commityears, fast and consistently, and it has recently ment to promote the sport,” Mr. Schreiber said. been raised from category D up to category C by “This year we’ve reached over 240 million peothe International Olympic Committee. But we ple through our TV distribution, and this year’s also went through hard times. We lived through ISSF World Championship has been covered them, and we made it: the Shooting sport holds by over 600 newspapers, reaching a potential a prime spot in the Olympic family nowadays.” readership of nearly 1.5 billion readers. All the media coverage reports we’ve received show that numbers are increasing, and this encourISSF Secretary General ages us to continue on this road.” Report: Media in the Closing his speech, the Secretary GenSpotlights The elected ISSF Secretary General Franz Sch- eral promised the Delegates: “I guarantee you reiber thanked the Delegates for their trust and that we will continue working on your behalf for their contributions to the improvements of to promote the shooting sport and our values our sport. “I feel very humbled and speechless worldwide. We will do it together: only if we with the big support that I have received by this are strong and united we can succeed.” General Assembly. Thank you all!” He said right after his election. Then, Mr. Schreiber spoke about his vision for the future of our Federation. “We will work to strengthen the Shooting Sport all over the world, and we will continue collaborating with the IOC and with the Olympic movement,” he said, adding then that there will be further development in regards to supporting member federations. “We will work on development plans with our member federations – he added – the greatest thing we have in our shooting sport family is unity. We have always been united throughout the last 34 years, and I will work to preserve this important value.” IOC President Thomas Bach meets the Shooting Sport Family The President of the International Olympic Committee – Dr. Thomas Bach – met the shooting sport on the evening of the 3rd of December, joining the newly elected ISSF officials and all the Delegates for a reception by invitation of the ISSF President Olegario Vázquez Raña, held at the old town-hall of Munich. “I would like to congratulate all elected officials, and wish them a successful service with the ISSF.” Dr. Bach said. “I feel at home with the shooting family, and it’s already a tradition that I visit you on occasion of your most important events,” he added. “I believe that after the elections, the most important thing is unity,” Dr. Bach continued. “What makes the shooting family so special in the world of sports, is indeed your capacity to work united. I hope very much that now that you have taken your decisions, that you have elected the people you trust in, you unite all behind them in the benefit of your sport. If you do it, you can look forward to a bright future. Unity makes you stronger, divisions won’t help you.” Earlier in the morning, the ISSF General Assembly had received a video-message from the IOC President, wishing all the Delegates a successful meeting. “Dear friends of the ISSF family, the Shooting sport has a special place in the history of the Olympic movement. Your sport was one of the first of the modern Olympic era, since its beginning in 1896. One century later, the global appeal of your sport is demonstrated as more than 150 Member Federations are represented by your Federation,” Dr. Bach said. “Shooting sport is practiced by athletes of all ages, from all around the world, and with different backgrounds,” he added. “Shooting is not only a traditional sport, but it has also able to keep up with new technologies and to engage new audiences. Your federation is a very strong partner of the Olympic movement. I wish you a fruitful meeting and a very successful General Assembly, not only for today but also for the future of your Federation.” 6 ISSF NEWS 6/2014


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ISSF GENERAL ASSEMBLY THE ELECTIONS ISSF Vice-Presidents Following the re-election of President Olegario Vázquez Raña and the election of Secretary General Franz Schreiber, the ISSF General Assembly held in Munich chose its four VicePresidents on the 3rd of December. Incumbent Vice-Presidents Luciano Rossi (ITA) and Gary Anderson (USA) were re-elected with 222 and 184 votes, respectively. The two-time Olympic Champion Wang Yifu of the People’s Republic of China and the President of the European Shooting Confederation Vladimir Lisin (RUS) were elected as ISSF Vice-Presidents for the first time, with 209 and 182 votes, respectively. “I would like to express a special thanks to all the Delegates for their trust,” Mr. Luciano Rossi said, speaking to the Assembly. “Thanks to the ISSF family, and to our President Olegario Vázquez Raña, who started a new era for our sport and who is continuing to develop our disciplines. I will continue to serve all the athletes of the world and our family, with unchanged passion.” “Thanks for your confidence,” said Mr. Gary Anderson after his re-election. “This is not only a special honor, is a special duty and commitment to all our athletes and national federations.” The two-time Olympic champion continued. “I will keep on working as hard as I can to fulfill this duty. We’ve been working hard in the last years for our sport, both by introducing new competition formats as well as by creating new opportunities for Junior athletes. But this is just the start of the work that we can do to develop our sport in the world. I am happy to welcome two new colleagues, Mr. Vladimir Lisin and Mr. Wang Yifu, and I am looking forward to collaborating with them in the interest of the shooting sport family!” Mr. Wang Yifu, freshly elected, walked onto the stage to thank the Delegates: “Dear friends, dear colleagues, today I am really happy and honored. Thank you all for your support,” he said. “Under the excellent leadership of the ISSF President Olegario Vázquez Raña and of the ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber, and with the support of all our member federations, we will work together to realize our common goals.” “I will work for the sport with passion, in collaboration with you all,” declared the new Vice-President Vladimir Lisin. “Thank you very much for supporting me today. You will never regret this choice.” Assembly collecting 184 ballots to become the Chairman of the ISSF Shotgun Committee. “I was elected to serve in the ISSF Shotgun Committee 20-year ago for the first time, and I will continue to work in the same spirit, thank you all for your trust!” Mr. Lordos said. ISSF Administrative Council Members The ISSF General Assembly voted to elect the new ISSF Administrative Council members. The new elected members were: Juha Hirvi (FIN - 209 votes), Kerstin Bodin (SWE – 207 votes), Li Feng (CHN – 190 votes), Kevin Kilty (IRL – 159 votes), Rodrigo de Mesa Ruiz (ESP – 159 votes), Robert Mitchell (USA – 154 votes), Derek Ivy (GBR – 152 votes), Alexandros Dimakakos (GRE – 151 votes), Ahmed Al Raisi (UAE – 147 votes), Raninder Singh (IND – 145 votes), Gerardo Trotta (VEN – 143 votes), Yair Davidovich (ISR – 139 votes), Heinz-Helmut Fischer (GER – 137 votes), Duaij Al Otaibi (KUW – 137 votes), Woo Jae Lee (KOR – 130 votes). The newly elected ISSF Administrative Council met immediately after the General Assembly, voting for the ISSF Executive Committee and the Section Committees members. Chairmans of the ISSF Committees Six Committee Chairmans were elected by acclamation by the ISSF General Assembly. Mr. Peter Underhill of Great Britain was elected as Chairmen of the Judges Committee. Mr. Tomislav Sepec (CRO) will chair the ISSF Rifle Committee. Susan Abbott of the USA has been elected as Chairman of the ISSF Pistol Committee. Mr. Pekka Kuusisto of Finland was voted as Chairman of the ISSF Running Target Committee. Dr. James Lally of USA was confirmed as Chairman of the ISSF Medical Committee, as well as the Chairmen of the Statutes and Eligibility Committee Antonio Fernández Arena (MEX). Mr. Alexandros Dimakakos (GRE) and Mr. Antonio Fernández Arena (MEX) were elected by acclamation as ISSF Auditors. Mr. Joerg Brokamp (GER) became the new Chairman of the ISSF Technical Committee, with 168 votes. At the same time, Mr. Demetris Lordos of Cyprus won the votes of the General ISSF Executive Committee Members The newly elected ISSF Administrative Council revealed the five ISSF Executive Committee members chosen among its members. Mr. Raninder Singh of India, Mr. Alexandros Dimakakos of Greece, Mr. Kevin Kilty of Ireland, Mr. Robert Mitchell of USA, and Mr. Rodrigo De Mesa Ruiz of Spain were elected and will join ISSF President Olegario Vázquez Raña, ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber, the four ISSF Vice-Presidents and the Chairmans of the ISSF Technical Committee as well as of the Athletes Committee on the Executive Committee board. 6/2014 ISSF NEWS 7


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ISSF GENERAL ASSEMBLY ISSF Honorary Members The ISSF General Assembly voted by acclamation to elect three new Honorary Members: Mr. Jacques Trouvè (FRA), who has been a member of the ISSF Administrative Council since 1994; Mr. Max Mückl (GER), who served the ISSF for 16 years, from 1998 to 2000 as a member of the ISSF Judges Committee, from 2000 to 2010 as a member of the ISSF Technical Committee, and then from 2010 to 2014 as the Chairman of the ISSF Technical Committee and as a member of the ISSF Executive Committee; and Mr. Medhat Wahdan (EGY), who served the ISSF since 1986, first as member of the Shotgun Committee, then as the Chairman of said committee (1994 to 1998) and finally as ISSF Vice-President from1998 to 2014. Mr. Wadhan decided here in Munich to withdraw his candidature for re-election as Vice-President, and promised to keep on volunteering for the shooting sport. ISSF GENERAL ASSEMBLY DECISIONS O n the 2nd of December, the ISSF General Assembly voted for the assignation of the 2017 ISSF separate Shotgun World Championship. Moscow (RUS) won the votes of the delegates, beating Gaj-Maribor (SLO) in the rally to organize the competition by 204 to 75 votes. The World Championship is to be held at the Fox Lodge shooting range (in the Dmitrov district, near Moscow) a top-class ISSF accredited training center venue, as well as the main train- ing center of the Russian shotgun shooting team. The Russian Shooting Union - Moscow’s Organizing Committee – convinced the ISSF Delegates by pointing out some strong points. Five combined shotgun layouts will be used for the competition, all equipped with Laporte clay-machines and Elettronica Progetti phonopull systems. Rest areas for the athletes will be in place to welcome a large number of participants, and equipment service will be provided to all competitors. Direct transfers from and to the international airport of Moscow will be arranged for athletes ansd officials. Visas and custom clearance support will be in place for all participants arriving at the official airports, where English-speaking staffs will welcome them. Official accommodation will be provided in 10 hotels of different categories, all located less than 30 minutes away from the range. The Russian Shooting Union also presented a comprehensive promotion and media coverage plan, and announced that spectators will enjoy a large welcome area and covered tribunes, as well as an expo area and several catering opportunities at the venue. “This result is a payoff for all the efforts we’ve put into this bid,” the Chief Executive of the Russian Shooting Union Anna Leshchikova said right after the vote. “We have been working and we will work with a professional approach, but at the same time we put a lot of passion into this project because we love the shooting sport. We believe it will be a great championship!” The General Assembly was also called to decide on a membership dispute. The Bulgarian Shooting Federation appealed the expulsion decided by the ISSF Administrative Council on 25/11/2013, which was decided as the Bulgarian National Olympic Committee General Assembly had expelled the Bulgarian Shooting Federation and had recognized instead the Bulgarian Shooting Union as the sole governing body for rifle and pistol shooting in Bulgaria. In October 2014, the Bulgarian Olympic Committee (BOC) confirmed once again that it recognized the Bulgarian Shooting Union and not the Bulgarian Shooting Federation, which is not affiliated to the BOC. The Bulgarian Shooting Federation was given 10 minutes to explain its appeal to the General Assembly, and the Bulgarian Shooting Union was allowed to reply before the Assembly cast his vote on the case. After the hearing, the General Assembly voted confirming the expulsion of the Bulgarian Shooting Federation, and at the same time accepted the Bulgarian Shooting Union as new ISSF member federation by large majority. ISSF Executive Committee Decisions T he ISSF Executive Committee, which met in Munich on the 29th of November, approved the locations of the 2015 ISSF World Cup Finals which will be held in Munich, Germany, for Rifle and Pistol events, and in Nicosia, Cyprus, for Shotgun events. The Executive Committee also decided the 2016 ISSF World Cup Series calendar. The 2016 Olympic shooting range of Rio de Janeiro will host a combined World Cup stage in Rifle, Pistol and Shotgun events. Rifle and Pistol World Cup stages will be held in Munich (GER), Bangkok (THA) and Granada (ESP). Shotgun World Cup stages are going to take place in San Marino (SMR), Baku (AZE) and Nicosia (CYP). The Ex- 8 ISSF NEWS 6/2014


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ISSF GENERAL ASSEMBLY ecutive Committee also received very positive feedback and reports on the ISSF Junior Cup held in Suhl, Germany, this year, and decided to continue with the development of the Junior Cup competition concept. Reports to the ISSF General Assembly Financial Status The ISSF Auditors, Mr. Antonio Fernández Arena (MEX), Mr. Woo Jae Lee (KOR) and Mr. Rodrigo de Mesa Ruiz (ESP), signed a report on the financial status of the Federation. “We can guarantee that all the expenditures reflect the decision taken by the relevant ISSF bodies, and that the ISSF has a healthy financial situation,” said Mr. Fernández Arena, who presented the report to the Delegates. Their report was unanimously approved by the ISSF General Assembly. The 2014 Youth Olympic Games turned out to be a great event for the Shooting sport: “In Nanjing, we met perfect conditions to conduct the competitions. The Youth Olympic Games represent a once-in-a-life experience for our athletes, and at the same time, it’s a great platform to develop future ISSF events,” Mr. Brokamp continued. “For the first time we conducted mixed events, which proved to be excellent both for the athletes and the spectators. We had a deejay at the final hall, and played music during the matches, and we worked on animating the audience. Our young athletes loved it: this is the future, the future has already begun.” 2015 ISSF Shotgun World Championship in Lonato (ITA) ISSF Vice-President and President of the Italian Clay Shooting Federation Luciano Rossi presented the progresses in the organization of the 2015 ISSF Shotgun World Championship, along with the chief of the Organizing Committee Daniele Ghelfi. “We are keen in offering a great shooting experience in Lonato,” Mr. Ghelfi said. “The 2015 ISSF Shotgun World Championship has received the patronage of the Expo 2015, the International Exhibition which will be held in Milan next year.” Thanks to that synergy, the organizers of the World Championship will be able to offer daily bus rides to and from Milan, and free tickets to visit the Expo to all interested athletes and officials. “We are promoting a series of cultural events in association with Expo 2015. An important conference – “Nutrition in Shooting Sport” – will be organized during the World Championship,” Ghelfi added. The Conca Verde shooting venue of Lonato, where the championship will be held, is going through renovations, in the period leading to the event. “We have been installing brand new sets of Mattarelli clay-target machines on twelve Trap and Double Trap layouts, and on 5 combined Skeet, Trap and Double Trap ranges, the ISSF requirement for new finals, and we are also installing a new dark-green background net, which will recoil lead, and at the same time will enhance the visibility of the targets.” 51st ISSF World Championship in all Shooting events, Granada 2014 The ISSF Executive Committee member and President of the Royal Spanish Shooting Federation Mr. Rodrigo de Mesa Ruiz reported on the organization of the 51st ISSF World Championship in all shooting events held in Granada, Spain, last September. “Athletes from more than 90 countries competed in Granada, and found there good conditions to perform well as the results and records achieved prove,” Mr. Rodrigo de Mesa Ruiz said. “We did our best to welcome our international friends: the most important sport authorities of the country visited the competition, and we held all the ceremonies at the Alhambra, one of the most important and historical monuments of Spain. Furthermore, we made special deals with the customs authorities to ease the firearm procedures for our athletes. We believe it has been a great Championship, and we would like to thank the ISSF for entrusting us. Thank you!” 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing The Secretary General of the German Shooting Federation Joerg Brokamp reported on the 2014 Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, which he followed in the position of ISSF Technical Delegate. Mr. Brokamp higlighted the universality of the shooting sport events. “We noticed a great universality during the Youth Olympic Games,” he said. “Eighty athletes participated in the event, they came from 57 countries and 5 continents. 19 different countries secured a medal, proving once again that our sport is widely practiced around the world, even at the youth level.” 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro (BRA) The General Assembly also saw a presentation on the preparations of the XXXI Olympic Games to be held in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, delivered by Mr. Alberto Guimaraes, the Sports Director of Rio 2016. “Your federation is one 6/2014 ISSF NEWS 9


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ISSF GENERAL ASSEMBLY step ahead of Agenda 2020 in terms of support to Organizers. I would like to thank the ISSF Authorities for their support,” said Mr. Guimaraes. “The project is moving on quite well: we are gaining momentum. We should be able to deliver all in time for your test event,” he added, presenting a video showing the progresses in the preparations of the four Olympic areas of the city: Barra, Deodoro (where the shooting sport competitions will be held), Maracaña and Copacabana. “Shooting is included in the Deodoro Olympic Park, at the heart of the Olympic experience, along with sports such as Canoe, BMX, Mountain Biking, Basketball, Modern Pentathlon and Equestrian. I can guarantee that the shooting competitions in Deodoro will be excellent!” Mr. Guimaraes concluded. 52nd ISSF World Championship in all Shooting events 2018 in Changwon (KOR) The next ISSF World Championship in all shooting events will be held in Changwon, Korea. Addressing the ISSF General Assembly’s delegates, the Korean Shooting Federation committed to building a new shooting range which will substitute the existing venue used in the last years for several ISSF World Cup stages. Rifle, Pistol, Shotgun and Running Target events will be held at the new range, while the 300 meter events will be held in a separate venue. “The existing Changwon shooting range belongs to the local government, it was built in 1982 and hosted six ISSF events between 2003 and 2013. The range will be torn down in July 2015, after hosting its last ISSF World Cup stage next year, and the construction of the new venue will start immediately, to be completed by August 2017,” Mr. Bum Sik Chung, representing the Organizing Committee, said. “The new shooting range will provide six combined shotgun layouts, eighty 50m targets, seventy 25m targets, one-hundred 10m targets, two ranges for 50m Running Targets events and five ranges for 10m Running Target events. A separate final hall will be built, and forty electronic targets will equip the separate 300m range.” The Organizers expect about 4000 athletes to participate in the event, which is going to be held two years before the 2020 Tokyo Olympic Games. Athletes rest areas, welcome areas, armory, offices, parking lots and catering areas are planned accordingly. Participants will be accommodated in an Athletes Village, which will consist in 1000 apartments to be built by the Changwon local government. ISSF Awards T he ISSF President Olegario Vázquez Raña awarded the ISSF Blue Cross – the ISSF highest recognition – to IOC President Dr. Thomas Bach and his wife Claudia on occasion of the official reception which concluded the 2014 ISSF General Assembly. The ISSF President and his wife also presented to Dr. Bach a special trophy in recognition of the great relationships between the ISSF and the Olympic family. The ISSF President and ISSF Secretary General Franz Schreiber also awarded the ISSF Blue Cross to Mr. Vitaly Smirnov, the longest serving IOC member – having being part of the IOC since 1971 – for his support to the shooting sport. “I have liked everything related to shooting since my childhood,” Mr. Smirnov said. “There’s a long friendship between your President Olegario and me, and I can tell you he’s highly respected and he was a successful promoter of your sport within the Olympic movement,” the IOC member added, speaking to the delegates. “Together with Olegario we will defend the future of the shooting sport, in the benefit of the million people who practice this sport around the world.” The ISSF Blue Cross was awarded also to Mr. Alejandro Blanco, the President of the Spanish Olympic Committee. “Mr. Blanco played a decisive role in the preparation of the 2014 ISSF World Championship,” the ISSF Vice-President Gary Anderson said. “The ISSF would like to thank him for his support and for his friendship.” Speaking before the General Assembly, Mr. Blanco thanked the ISSF and its leadership: “It’s a great honor for me to receive the Blue Cross,” he said. “I would like to thank the shooting sport family and it’s President Mr. Olegario Vázquez Raña, who has established a great reputation for the shooting sport on the international scene. I will always be a friend of your family. Thank you!” The ISSF President presented a special trophy to Mr. Rodrigo de Mesa Ruiz, in recognition of his commitment in the organization of the 51st ISSF World Championship in all Shooting events held in Granada, Spain, last September. Mr. Max Mückl (GER) was awarded the ISSF Honorary Membership, voted by acclamation by the ISSF General Assembly. The ISSF President also awarded Mr. Mückl with the ISSF Blue Cross, for his distinguished service to the International Shooting Sport Federation throughout the years, first as member of the ISSF Judges Committee, then as a member of the ISSF Technical Committee, and from 2010 as Chairman of the same Technical Committee and as member of the ISSF Executive Committee. Mr. Medhat M. Wahdan of Egypt was awarded the ISSF Honorary Membership, voted by acclamation by the ISSF General Assembly. The ISSF President Olegario Vázquez Raña also awarded Mr. Wahdan the ISSF President’s Gold Medallion of Highest Distinction for his 28-year service in the ISSF, which included serving as ISSF Technical Delegate in many ISSF Championships and Olympic Games. “It is a great honor to me, to my country, and to my family, to be awarded today. It has been great life experience to serve the ISSF and our sport under the leadership of President Olegario Vázquez Raña. I promised that I will continue 10 ISSF NEWS 6/2014


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ISSF GENERAL ASSEMBLY working for the ISSF as a volunteer in any mission you will decide to assign me. Thank you!” Mr. Wahdan said. The ISSF Gold Medal for distinguished service was granted to Mr. Reinaldo Irizarry Rodriguez, the President of the Puerto Rico Shooting Association, who served the ISSF for 10 years between 1994 and 2004 as a member of the ISSF Running Target Committee, and who has been holding the ISSF Judges License for more than 25 years. The 2012 Olympic Skeet Bronze medalist Danka Bartekova of Slovakia was awarded the ISSF President’s Button. Bartekova, an IOC Member since July 2013 as she was elected as a member of the IOC Athletes Commission, thanked the General Assembly, recalling the central role of athletes in the life of our Federa- tion. “Thank you very much for this outstanding award. I am really surprised, as I did not expect it. I am here to represent the athletes, and I will do my best to work for them with your help, because I believe the sportsmen are at the core of our sport. Thank you!” Marco Dalla Dea 6/2014 ISSF NEWS 11


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ISSF GENERAL ASSEMBLY INTERVIEW: The ISSF President’s vision I SSF President Olegario Vázquez Raña spoke to ISSF News Magazine at the end of the 2014 ISSF General Assembly in Munich, after his re-election, analyzing the outcome of the meetings. “The organization of this General Assembly has been perfect. There were over 260 Delegates, all punctual, all properly registered, there were no errors and I have to congratulate the staff of the ISSF, because they have worked very long hours and very well,” Mr. Olegario Vázquez Raña said. “As to the General Assembly, I have to be honest, there were many rumors that Sheikh Salman Al Sabah would win. We never believed he would make it, because I have worked for many years for my sport.” The ISSF President said, commenting on the results of the elections. “As I said during the General Assembly before the election, in 1980 the Federation had 7 events in the Olympic program, and now we have 15. Progress is evident with every year that passes y and this is what my candidacy was based on: reality, truth and hard work won,” Mr. Olegario Vázquez Raña added. With the support he received from the ISSF Delegates, the President is now planning his agenda for the years to come. “I’m confident we are going to move ahead positively because after the election, both those who have voted for Sheikh Salman Al Sabah as well as for me congratulated me saying they had wanted me to win but they thought they had a moral com- mitment to support the opposing candidate. They told me they were glad I had won. I want to add that I am going to work on changing the Constitution of the ISSF in my last term as President and I will make sure we find the right person to be the next President.” The President already highlighted some key points he will work on during his last term. “In the following four years we are going to perfect the Finals so they are flawless. They’re very exciting now, but we have to change some minor presentation matters like improving the results boards or other aspects of that nature. At the Youth Olympic Games in Nanjing, IOC President Thomas Bach suggested such minor changes,” he said. Development of the sport will also be a major objective, Mr. Olegario Vázquez Raña stated. “We will be helping the Federations that are in process of development. We will visit them and provide funds so they can promote our sport. We will also try to contact those federations who are not active in the shooting sport. We will try help them to become active but if they are only existing on the paper and no activity is shown, we will have to review the status of these Federations as Members of the ISSF.” The ISSF General Assembly closed with the visit of IOC President Dr. Thomas Bach, who confirmed once again his friendship with the Shooting Sport family. “Dr. Thomas Bach and I are personal friends, along with Mrs. Claudia Bach and my wife, and this has been a longstanding friendship of over 40 years,” the ISSF President said. “Dr. Bach has always supported and loved the Shooting Sport. So I was very pleased that he joined us for dinner on the evening the Session closed, and that he sent a video message with which we opened our second session of the General Assembly: it was a clear gesture of support for a friend but, above all, for a President who has worked for Shooting honestly and generously.” Thirty-four years after his first election, Olegario Vázquez Raña speaks about his love for our sport. “The Shooting sport grew from a baby into a man and must be treated, respected and supported as such. In four years, I want to leave the Shooting Sport at its strongest moment in the Olympic Movement so that all those who practice it feel proud to belong to this great family.” “I would like to especially acknowledge Secretary General Franz Schreiber who works tirelessly and loves this sport,” the ISSF President added. “His father Horst Schreiber taught him everything he knows and I am truly proud of him. Congratulations to all the staff of the ISSF who worked 24 hours a day, as was evident to all of us here in Munich at the General Assembly.” “Now I wish you all a Merry Christmas and may we remain a united shooting family,” Mr. Olegario Vázquez Raña concluded. Marco Dalla Dea 12 ISSF NEWS 6/2014


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INTERNATIONAL SHOOTING SPORT FEDERATION 2014 - 2016 ISSF ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL / EXECUTIVE COMMITTEE President Olegario Vázquez Raña (MEX) Secretary General Vice-PresidentS Chairman Technical Committee Members Executive Committee Franz SCHREIBER (GER) Gary L. ANDERSON (USA) Vladimir LISIN (RUS) Luciano ROSSI (ITA) Yifu WANG (CHN) Joerg BROKAMP (GER) Chairman Athletes Committee Abhinav BINDRA (IND) Rodrigo DE MESA RUIZ (ESP) Alexandros DIMAKAKOS (GRE) Kevin KILTY (IRL) Robert MITCHELL (USA) Raninder SINGH (IND) MEMBERS ISSF ADMINISTRATIVE COUNCIL MeMbers Chairman Judges Committee President African Shooting Sport Federation ISSF Honorary Member Ahmed AL RAISI (UAE) Derek IVY (GBR) Duaij AL OTAIBI (KUW) Feng LI (CHN) Gerardo TROTTA (VEN) Heinz-Helmut FISCHER (GER) Juha HIRVI (FIN) Kerstin BODIN (SWE) Woo Jae LEE (KOR) Yair DAVIDOVICH (ISR) Peter UNDERHILL (GBR) Chairman Rifle Committee Hazem Hosny AHMED (EGY) President Shooting Confederation of the Americas Tomislav SEPEC (CRO) Chairman Pistol Committee Susan B. ABBOTT (USA) Chairman Shotgun Committee Carlos SILVA MONTERROSO (GUA) President Oceania Shooting Federation Demetris F. LORDOS (CYP) Chairman Running Target Commmittee Pekka KUUSISTO (FIN) Chairman Statutes Committee Chairman Medical Committee Nick SULLIVAN (AUS) Nominee Asian Shooting Confederation Nominee European Shooting Confederation Trudy ANLIKER-NICK (SUI) Dr. Heinz LOESEL (GER) Max MÜCKL (GER) Unni NICOLAYSEN (NOR) Fritz SCHATTLEITNER (AUT) Bjorn SCHULLSTROM (SWE) Jacques TROUVE (FRA) Medhat M. WAHDAN (EGY) Auditors Antonio FERNANDEZ ARENA (MEX) Ali Mohammed AL KUWARI (QAT) Dr. James M. LALLY (USA) Antonio FERNANDEZ ARENA (MEX) Alexandros DIMAKAKOS (GRE) Alexander RATNER (RUS) ISSF SECTION COMMITTEES TECHNICAL COMMITTEE Chairman Athletes COMMITTEE Chairman Judges COMMITTEE Chairman Joerg BROKAMP (GER) Members Abhinav BINDRA (IND) Members Peter UNDERHILL (GBR) Members Petros KYRITSIS (CYP) Wilhelm-Xaver GRILL (GER) Robert AYLWARD (USA) Jadranka STRUKIC (CRO) Paul GUMN (GBR) Nasser AL-ATTIYA (QAT) Zorana ARUNOVIC (SRB) Marco De NICOLO (ITA) Jongoh JIN (KOR) Henri JUNGHAENEL (GER) Zuzana REHAK STEFECEKOVA (SVK) Haijuan YU (CHN) Christian MICHAEL (GER) Ghislaine BRIEZ (FRA) Nicola TEGONI (ITA) Kostakis XENOFONTOS (CYP) Patrik JOHANNSON (SWE) Raul Daniel SIMO (ARG) Shotgun COMMITTEE Chairman Rifle COMMITTEE Chairman Pistol COMMITTEE Chairman Tomislav SEPEC (CRO) Members Susan B. ABBOTT (USA) Members Demetris F. LORDOS (CYP) Members David GOODFELLOW (GBR) Christina AHLSTEDT (SWE) Georgios PAPAPANAGIOTOU (GRE) Wanda JEWELL (USA) Wataru FUJII (JPN) Jane MOENSTER (DEN) Pavel BITTNER (CZE) Running Target COMMITTEE Chairman Ursula STAEUBLE (SUI) Stewart WATTERSON (GBR) Alfredo LALIA FILHO (BRA) Sharon REYNOLDS (AUS) Kirim PARK (KOR) Dragutin VRBEK (CRO) Georgios OIKONOMIDIS (GRE) Statutes AND ELIGIBILITY COMMITTEE Chairman Daniele GHELFI (ITA) Gleniss LAWRENCE (AUS) Mohamed WADHAN (EGY) Bhattakarka BUNNAG (THA) Maximilian LOEFFLER (GER) Panagiotis THEMELIDIS (GRE) Helmut E. BELLINGRODT (COL) Medical COMMITTEE Chairman Pekka KUUSISTO (FIN) Members Antonio FERNANDEZ ARENA (MEX) MemberS Dr. James M. LALLY (USA) MemberS Silke ABRAMOVIC (GER) Claes JOHANSSON (SWE) Igor A. SOKOLOV (RUS) Christian HUNZINGER (FRA) Elvira VALANT (SLO) Marc HEYER (AUT) Kwan Choon LEE (KOR) Ivana ERTLOVA (CZE) Biserka VRBEK (CRO) Jon Richard LEECH (GBR) Jaroslav LIPTAK (SVK) Tina MADRONITSCH (GER) Emanuela CROCE BONOMI (ITA) Marcel BENZ (SUI) Jean Ann COLEMAN (GBR) Dr. Stefan NOLTE (GER) Dr. Jean-Emmanuel MONNEYRON (USA) Dr. Reijiro SHIMO (JPN) Dr. Francesco FAZI (ITA) Dr. Ilya SHLEYFER (RUS) Dr. Rolf BODIN (SWE) 6/2014 ISSF NEWS 13


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ESPAÑOL Asamblea General de la ISSF Munich 2014 L a Asamblea General de la ISSF convocada en el Hotel Hilton Park en Múnich (Alemania) el 2 y 3 de diciembre del 2014 - ha reelegido al Presidente Olegario Vázquez Raña para otro período de cuatro años. El Sr. Vázquez Raña recibió 165 votos, venciendo al otro candidato, el Sheik Salman Al Sabah (KUW). El Sr. Franz Schreiber fue por primera vez electo Secretario General de la ISSF por decisión unánime de la Asamblea. Olegario Vázquez Raña – cuatro veces atleta Olímpico y poseedor de un Récord Mundial en tiro de Rifle – entra a su noveno término Presidencial consecutivo desde que fuera electo por primera vez en 1980. “Gracias a ustedes por su lealtad y su confianza,” les dijo a los Delegados después de su reelección. “Me han dado la oportunidad de confirmar mi compromiso hacia los tiradores deportivos del mundo y hacia esta familia del tiro deportivo que tanto quiero.” “Pueden estar seguros de que en los próximos cuatro años continuarán los cambios y el crecimiento,” dijo el Presidente reelecto de la ISSF en su discurso. “Continuaremos trabajando en torno a nuestros objetivos en un afán por fortalecernos, por alcanzar a más atletas alrededor del mundo con el fin de que nuestro querido deporte se vuelva más atractivo para las personas y más fuerte dentro del movimiento Olímpico. Estoy convencido de que con su apoyo, los próximos cuatro años serán realmente productivos, porque si estamos unidos, el futuro de nuestro deporte será brillante.” La Asamblea General de la ISSF también confirmó la confianza depositada en Franz Schreiber, quien había estado ejerciendo el puesto de forma interina durante los últimos cuatro años, alcanzando el puesto por decisión unánime. “Muchas gracias por su apoyo. Me he quedado sin palabras. Haré mi mayor esfuerzo por trabajar de la manera en que siempre lo he hecho y daré lo mejor de mí mismo por beneficiar a la familia del tiro deportivo,” dijo el Sr. Schreiber. La Asamblea General de la ISSF 2014 arrancó el 2 de diciembre, cuando Delegados originarios de 122 países representando a 128 Federaciones Miembro, lo que se traduce en un total de 293 votos, se encontraron para elegir a todos los organismos gobernantes y tomar otras importantes decisiones para los siguientes cuatro años, tales como la designación del anfitrión del próximo Campeonato Mundial ISSF 2017. “Les damos la bienvenida a todos a la Asamblea General de la ISSF. Me complace mucho registrar una alta participación,” dijo el Presidente de la ISSF, Olegario Vázquez Raña durante la apertura de la Asamblea, donde también presentó al Presidente del Comité Olímpico Nacional de España, Alejandro Blanco y a los miembros del COI, Danka Bartekova de Eslovaquia y Vitaly Smirnov de la Federación Rusa, quien también asistió a las reuniones en Múnich. El día de la apertura de la Asamblea General se recibieron reportes del Presidente de la ISSF, Olegario Vázquez Raña y del Secretario General de la ISSF, Franz Schreiber. El Presidente de la ISSF reportó las actividades de los últimos cuatro años, desde su reelección en la Asamblea General ISSF de Múnich 2010 en ocasión del 50 Campeonato Mundial ISSF hasta los Juegos Olímpicos Juveniles 2014, pasando por los Juegos Olímpicos de Londres 2012 y la introducción de los formatos de las finales en 2013. Durante la Asamblea General, el Presidente de la ISSF también recordó los hitos de la historia reciente de la ISSF, agradeciendo a los Delegados por su apoyo a lo largo de los años. “Queridos amigos, Queridos Delegados, 118 ISSF NEWS 6/2014


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ESPAÑOL el crecimiento del Tiro Deportivo no comenzó hace poco: sus raíces se encuentran en el pasado,” dijo el Sr. Olegario Vázquez Raña. “En 1980 nuestro deporte tenía siete eventos Olímpicos, hoy tiene quince. En 1980, la UIT tenía más de 5 millones de dólares en deudas. Actualmente, nuestra situación financiera es excelente,” declaró el Presidente de la ISSF. “Nuestro deporte ha continuado creciendo a lo largo de los años, de forma rápida y consistente, y actualmente ha sido ascendido de categoría D a categoría C por parte del Comité Olímpico Internacional. Pero también atravesamos por tiempos difíciles. Los atravesamos y los superamos: el Tiro Deportivo actualmente posee un lugar óptimo en la familia Olímpica.” Reporte del Secretario General de la ISSF: enfoque en los medios de comunicación El recién electo Secretario General de la ISSF, Franz Schreiber, agradeció a los Delegados por su confianza y por sus contribuciones a la mejora de nuestro deporte. “Me siento honrado y sin palabras por el gran apoyo que he recibido por esta Asamblea General. ¡Gracias a todos!” exclamó justo después de la elección. Fue entonces que el Sr. Schreiber habló acerca de su visión para el futuro de nuestra Federación. “Trabajaremos con el objetivo de fortalecer el Tiro Deportivo alrededor del mundo y continuaremos colaborando con el COI y con el movimiento Olímpico,” dijo, agregando que es necesario ampliar el apoyo a las Federaciones Miembro: “Trabajaremos en planes de desarrollo con nuestras Federaciones Miembro – agregó – lo más grandioso de nuestra familia del tiro deportivo es la unidad. Nos hemos encon- trado unidos a lo largo de los últimos 34 años y nos esforzaremos por conservar este importante valor.” En su reporte para la Asamblea General de la ISSF, el Secretario General también destacó el compromiso de la Federación Internacional de Tiro Deportivo hacia crear interés entre los medios de comunicación. “Estamos invirtiendo una porción considerable de nuestro presupuesto en proyectos de comunicación como parte de nuestro compromiso de promover el deporte,” comentó el Sr. Schreiber. “Este año, más de 240 millones de personas tuvieron acceso a nuestras emisiones a través de nuestra distribución televisiva y el Campeonato Mundial ISSF de este año fue cubierto por más de 600 periódicos, alcanzando a un público potencial de 1.5 billones de lectores. Todos los reportes que hemos recibido de cobertura de los medios muestran que los números están creciendo y esto nos motiva para continuar en este camino.” Terminando su discurso, el Secretario General le prometió a los Delegado: “Les aseguro que trabajaremos en representación de ustedes para promover el tiro deportivo y nuestros valores alrededor del mundo. Lo haremos juntos: sólo si somos fuertes y unidos podemos triunfar.” El Presidente del COI conoce a la familia del Tiro Deportivo El Presidente del Comité Olímpico Internacional – el Dr. Thomas Bach – se reunió con el tiro deportivo la noche del 3 de diciembre, acompañando a los oficiales y Delegados de la ISSF en una recepción celebrada en la Alcaldía de Múnich, misma a la que fue in- vitado por el Presidente de la ISSF, Olegario Vázquez Raña. “Me gustaría felicitar a todos los oficiales electos y desearles servicio exitoso dentro de la ISSF,” dijo el Dr. Bach. “Me siento en casa con la familia del tiro y ya es tradición que les visito en ocasión de sus eventos más importantes,” agregó. “Considero que después de las elecciones, lo más importante es la unidad,” continuó el Dr. Bach. “el factor que hace a la familia del tiro tan especial dentro del mundo deportivo es la capacidad que tiene de trabajar unida. Realmente espero de todo corazón que ahora que han tomado sus decisiones, que han elegido a las personas en las que confían, que se unan detrás de ellos en beneficio de su deporte. Si lo hacen, podrán aspirar a un futuro brillante. La unidad los hace más fuertes, las divisiones no les ayudan.” Previamente, durante el transcurso de la mañana, la Asamblea General de la ISSF recibió un mensaje por video del Presidente del COI en donde les deseaba a todos los Delegados una junta exitosa. “Queridos amigos de la familia ISSF, el Tiro Deportivo tiene un lugar especial dentro del movimiento Olímpico. Su deporte fue uno de los primeros de la era Olímpica moderna, desde sus comienzos en 1896. Un siglo después, la atracción global de su deporte se ve confirmada por el hecho de que más de 150 Federaciones Miembro se encuentran representados en su Federación, dijo el Dr. Bach. “El Tiro Deportivo es practicado por atletas de todas las edades, de todo el mundo, con distintos orígenes,” agregó. “No sólo es el Tiro un deporte tradicional, sino también ha sabido mantenerse al día con nuevas tecnologías y atrapar a nuevos espectadores. Su Federación es un socio muy sólido del movimiento Olímpico. Les deseo una junta fructífera y una Asamblea General muy exitosa, no solo por hoy, sino por el futuro de su Federación.” 6/2014 ISSF NEWS 119



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