Blessings of Consecration


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Blessings of Consecration for ceremonies and rituals to heal, inspire and uplift. Adjust wording to fit your customs and beliefs. This booklet includes: Blessing Ceremony; Holy Water Anointing and Blessing Spray; Candle Lighting Blessing; and more...

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Blessings for ceremonies and rituals to heal, inspire and uplift Adjust wording to fit your customs and beliefs.


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Table of Contents Blessing Ceremony Holy Water Anointing and Blessing Spray Candle Lighting Blessing Consecrating Sacred Objects House Blessing Ceremony Dedicating a Building Anointing the Sick Blessing Animals Expectant Mother Blessing Family Blessing Blessing Your Writing instrument Blessing Your Sacred Contract Blessing for Divine Communication Thanksgiving Ritual Page |1


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Blessing Ceremony The following outline may be used for most blessing ceremonies. Specific wording for the blessing will reflect the purpose of the ceremony. Cleansing Cleanse the physical space, objects and tools with pure water and earth-friendly cleaning agents such as vinegar and herbs or salt. Cleanse the participants and atmosphere with prayer, smudging and calling upon angels and guides. Introduction A brief overview of the purpose of the ceremony is given. This may include historical facts and inspirational quotations or thoughts related to the ceremony. Invocation A prayer, reading, poem or meditation for the purpose of calling forth aid, protection and inspiration begins the ceremony. Music Optional musical elements may be provided with bells, gongs, chants, songs and musical selections played on instruments or recordings. Ritual A blessing is bestowed according to customs and beliefs using solemn wording and/or readings from sacred texts. Rituals may include candle lighting, incense burning, smudging, herbal oil lamp lighting, using a blessing spray, anointing doors and windows, and sacramental activities. Benediction The ceremony may conclude with a prayer, reading, poem or meditation pronouncing a blessing of good wishes upon the participants and the object of the ceremony as well as anyone or anything associated with it. Page |2


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Holy Water Anointing and Blessing Spray The water and essential oils are consecrated (blessed) and set apart for holy purposes before being used for anointing and blessing. These words are spoken in the consecration: Heavenly Father, by the authority of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ, I consecrate, dedicate and set apart this blend of water and these herbal essential oils for blessing, anointing and sealing holy blessings for all who will receive these blessings and for everything this holy water shall be used for in accordance with thy divine will. May holy angels bless the purpose and use of this holy water and those who receive its benefit. This I do and this I ask in the name of the Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. Amen. Holy Water may be any pure water. Essential oils are optional, and may contain any blend that is appropriate for its use. Suggested Essential Oils: Balsam - Balsam soothes and rejuvenates the body and mind, creating an uplifting sense of well-being. Balsam aids in balancing the heart chakra for a sense of compassion, love, acceptance, nurturing and fulfillment. Balsam is thought to be the "liquid gold" and the "balm of Gilead" referred to in the Bible. Balsam is mentioned 18 times in the Bible. Eucalyptus - Eucalyptus was used by the Aborigines to cure all manner of diseases. Known as a strong healing oil, it is used in healing practices and for purification. Protective properties make it a good oil for dabbing on valuables and property. Eucalyptus aids in balancing the brow chakra for intellectual abilities, visualization, imagination and perception. Frankincense - Egyptians used Frankincense to fumigate their homes, for ritual incense and for cosmetics. It was used as a holy anointing oil and a general cure for all diseases. It was also used to enhance meditation and elevate spiritual consciousness. Frankincense aids in balancing the root chakra to enhance feelings of safety, security and being grounded and the crown chakra for the connection to Spirit, universal energy and divine grace. Frankincense is mentioned in the Scriptures over 50 times. Lemon - Lemon lifts the spirit and alleviates mental fatigue. It is cleansing and removes blockages. Lemon is used for purification and healing, and to remove unwanted negativity. It aids in balancing the root chakra to enhance feelings of safety, security and being grounded. Peppermint - Ancient Egyptians used peppermint to flavor food and wine. It aids physical, psychological and spiritual well-being. Peppermint aids in balancing the solar plexus chakra to bring self-motivation, personal power and a positive self-image. Page |3


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Candle Lighting Blessing Preparation Prepare the candle(s), matches and fire-proof surface. Make certain that the candles have a sturdy, accessible surface where they may remain lit. Allow them to extinguish on their own safely. (If candles must be extinguished before burning out by themselves, use a candle snuffer rather than blowing them out.) As you place the candle in its position, hold it in the warmth of your hands for a moment. Focus your thoughts on your intent for the blessing. You may anoint the candle by rubbing it lightly with consecrated blessing oil. You may wish to write down the intent of the blessing or person to be blessed. Write this on the base of the candle or on a paper placed safely beneath the candle or candle holder. Procedure Light the candle(s) and place the lit match(es) on a fireproof surface. Extend your hands at a safe distance in front of the candles (avoiding getting clothing near the flame). Draw your hands toward yourself in a semi-circular motion three times to gather in the light. Speak the blessing. Blessing (Father, Grandfather, Mother, Grandmother, Great Spirit, Divine Source, Lord Jesus) You are the light of the world. You are the light of our souls and the light unto nations. Light our way and guide our steps. Bless this candle that it will remind us that you are the light in the darkness and protector in danger. You are our saving grace. (Call forth the blessings you desire for yourself and/or others.) (Gaze at the candles in silence and meditation until you feel impressed to close.) May the light shine upon us and give us peace. Amen. (And so it is.) Page |4


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Consecrating Sacred Objects The word "consecration" means "to associate with the sacred". Consecration is sanctification or solemn dedication to a particular purpose or service. The objects used in sacred practices are consecrated to their sacred purposes. Once dedicated to these purposes, these objects should be treated with reverence and respect, and should not be placed back into common service for purposes other than sacred practices. Cleaning Before consecrating a sacred object, take great care in cleaning it of any physical dust or impurities, and then with prayer and intention clearing if of any ethereal impurities or attachments. Anointing Anointing oil or spray is used to dedicate or set apart an object for sacred use. Pure or scented olive oil is frequently used in anointing. The oil or spray is blessed in holy ritual prior to use in consecration ceremonies, rituals or rites. Only a drop of consecrated anointing oil is needed for the anointing, generally placed on the object with the fingertip. As you anoint the object:      Call the name of the object out loud. State the authority of your blessing (by the power vested in me by the church, organization, state, Spirit, Divine Source, etc.) State what anointing medium you are using (I anoint this __ with holy consecrated/blessed oil/spray.) State the sacred purpose(s) or service(s) the object is set apart for. Close with recognition of Divine Source (In the name of ___, Amen/And it is so.) Sealing the Anointing Lay your hand on the object where the oil was placed in the anointing. Others present may place their hands over yours if appropriate for the ceremony.      Call the name of the object that has been anointed. State the authority under which the anointing was performed. State that you seal and confirm the anointing for the sacred purposes mentioned. Speak Divinely inspired words and messages from Spirit appropriate for this dedication. Close with recognition of Divine Source (In the name of ___, Amen/And it is so.) Page |5


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller House Blessing Ceremony To clear and bless your home, first do the physical cleaning with pure water and earth-friendly cleaning agents such as vinegar and herbs. Next do a cleansing ritual for all those who will participate in the ceremony. Each participant should have already done their personal physical and spiritual cleansing. As a group, cleanse with prayer, smudging and calling upon angels and guides. If not already prepared, bless the oil, water and any substances, devices, texts or spiritual tools that will be used in the ceremony. This may be done with prayer, salt, and anointing with holy water, blessed oil or an appropriate carrier of holy anointing. For the house blessing, use the type of anointing that suits your purposes. This may include any of the types used to bless your spiritual tools or smudging with smoke or mist. It may also include the use of a censar for incense or a swinging rope or chain with any emblem of spiritual power such as a gemstone, crystal skull or medicine bag. The Ceremony As you enter the door and close it behind you … “I bless and sanctify this portal that all who approach this doorway will do so with love, light, joy, hope and peace, and that all who cross this threshold will be filled with the light of divine love, benevolence and compassion. I bestow this blessing upon all guests of this home. Amen (and it is so.)” (Anoint the door facing/baseboard above, below and to each side.) In each room … “I bless and sanctify this room to all the purposes it is set aside for that every activity within it will bring joy, peace and goodwill. Bless everything produced within these walls to be glory and blessing to nature, to Divine Spirit and to all those who participate, partake or receive. Bless every corner, every board, every nail, every fiber, every aspect of this room with Divine grace, light and peace. Amen (and it is so.)” (Anoint above, below and to each side of every door and window.) Complete the ceremony at the door where you began … “I declare this home a blessed and holy space of sanctuary and a blessing, itself, unto the world. Amen (and it is so.)” (Include any other blessings desired in this closing.) Page |6


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Dedicating a Building A special dedication ceremony serves to set or reset the intention of a structure to a specific purpose. Blessing and dedicating a building clears away any negative or unwanted energies, protects the building, grounds and occupants, and consecrates it for use in sacred practices. The dedication is generally done prior to occupancy or after renovation or restoration. A dedication ceremony may be used for a chapel, home, apartment, office, community building or any building or room used in service of body, soul and planet. The Ceremony      Introduction - Overview of the purpose of the structure History - Brief history of the structure Invocation - Prayer, poem, reading, blessing Music - Bells, gongs, chants, songs, music Dedication - Blessing each room using appropriate customs and rituals using dedicatory wording  Rituals - Candle lighting, incense, smudging, herbal oil lamp or spray, anointing doors and windows, dedication plaque, tree planting, new broom  Benediction - Prayer, poem, reading, blessing Sample Dedicatory Wording By the power and authority of ___ (Spirit, Source, God, the state, etc.) I dedicate this building/room (name the building or room) for the purposes for which we consecrate it today (name and/or describe the purposes of the structure.) I bless this building/room that every activity within these walls will be in accordance with the purposes of its dedication today (name and/or describe the activities to be performed within the building/room.) (Include any other customs, rituals or wording desired.) I dedicate this building/room in the name of (Spirit, Source, God, holy angels, etc.) Amen (So be it/and it is so.) Page |7


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Anointing the Sick Blessing the sick with healing through anointing may be offered to anyone suffering from illness or affliction. The sacrament may be administered during an appropriate spiritual gathering or in a home, hospital or other facility. Sacramental Oil Pure or olive oil blessed by a high holy person is used in the anointing. Only a drop of consecrated anointing oil is needed for the anointing, placed on the sick person's forehead and hands with the fingertip. The ceremony may include these elements:  Reading from a sacred text  Explanation of the reading  Prayer, supplications and meditations  Laying on of hands on the head of the sick person  Thanksgiving recitation over the blessed oil  Anointing ritual Wording for the Anointing Ritual When anointing the forehead: "Through this sacred anointing may the Great Spirit (Divine Source, God) bless you with the grace of Spirit (the Holy Spirit) through love and mercy. Amen (and so it is)." When anointing the hands: "May you be freed of anguish and lifted in spirit, body and soul through Divine Love and Light. Amen (and so it is)." Page |8


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Blessing Animals On an occasion when pets or other animals are gathered together a blessing may be bestowed upon them. The anointing may be done energetically by making the sign of the cross, the sign for Namaste, the outstretched touching or symbolically touching the heads of the animals, or another sign to symbolize the outpouring of Spirit upon the animals. The Blessing The animals of Divine creation inhabit the earth, skies and sea. They share this space with those in human form. They partake in the blessings of this creation. They are a part of our lives and the Divine plan. They are our brothers and sisters living out the plan of life. Blessed be the Divine creator of all living creatures. By the power of divine love, we invoke divine blessings on these animals with gratitude for allowing us share the earth with all creatures. May these animals be blessed with the joy and peace of living in harmony with the plan of creation. May they be blessed with health and well-being as they live out their lives. May we be of service to the animals as they are in service to creation. May we always praise the divine nature and beauty of the creation. Blessed is the Divine creator whose light shines in all creatures. Amen (And it is so.) (Holy water may be sprinkled on those present and the animals to seal the anointing.) Page |9


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Expectant Mother Blessing Seat participants in a circle surrounding the mother. Opening    Welcome - Give a welcome greeting and brief description of Mother Blessings. (The blessing is intended to provide peace, comfort and support to the mother and to strengthen, enlighten and prepare her for the blessed event of childbirth.) Clearing - Smudging with smoke or mist is done to clear the room and guests of negative energies, purify and sanctify the space, and invite positive, peaceful loving energies to the ceremony. Invocation - Welcome those loving energies desired for the ceremony with an invitation. EXAMPLE: “We humbly welcome angels, guides and bringers of light to come forth and bless this mother and child, and to bestow a blessing upon this ceremony and the upcoming blessed event of childbirth.” (Include any other welcoming wording according to belief and custom.) Presentation - Present the mother to the group by name and share a brief story or poem if desired. (Optionally, present her mother and grandmother in the same manner.) Each guest may, in turn, present a brief story, poem or musical selection, if desired.  Ritual    Purification - Perform a cleansing ritual for the mother, such as hair grooming, hand washing or foot bath while music is played or candles lit. Creation - Together create a birthing wreath, necklace, bracelet, blanket/quilt, belly painting or cast, meditation stones, memory box, birthing flag, wish tree, crown of flowers or other craftwork to bless the mother. Gifts - Present traditional or nontraditional baby shower gifts to the mother from each participant, going clockwise around the circle. Closing    Thank the Ethers - Express gratitude to the energies, angels and spirits who blessed the ceremony. Group Closing - All participants close the ceremony as they together read a poem, sing a song or read a sacred text while holding hands encircling the mother. Optionally, each guest may be given a parting favor such as a candle, flower or bar of handmade soap as an expression of gratitude and a reminder of the wishes to be held in their thoughts for the mother as she approaches the blessed event of childbirth. P a g e | 10


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Family Blessing When this blessing is given by a family member, adjust the wording accordingly. Prepare some wording ahead of time for the blessing to be bestowed upon each family member. Include in the wording a tribute that includes the person’s name with its origin, meaning or significance, their position in the family (firstborn, father, mother, etc.), an inspired vision for their future and purpose in life, their personal attributes, gifts and talents, and anything else of significance to their life blessing. Family members who are absent may be included with their consent, and the record of their blessing sent to them. Cleansing Cleanse the physical space and participants with smudging, blessing spray or energetic prayer. Introduction Provide a brief overview of the history and significance of blessing children and families. Invocation A prayer, reading or meditation for the purpose of calling forth aid, protection and inspiration is given. Ritual For each individual (generally in order of youngest to oldest; but the order may be set by the family), anoint and place your right hand on the top of the person’s head and pronounce the full written blessing upon them. A designated leading family member may participate in the ceremony by placing their hand on the head of the person immediately after the pronouncement of the blessing and sealing the blessing with a special prayer according to the customs and beliefs of the family. Benediction A prayer, reading or meditation is spoken to close the ceremony. P a g e | 11


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Blessing Your Writing Instrument Writing your blessings, prayers and spiritual journal adds an element of depth to your spiritual practice and communication with Divine Source. Blessing and consecrating your writing instrument to this sacred purpose not only shows your reverence and respect for the inspirational practice; it also enhances the writing experience. You know that you have an agreement with Spirit and with your writing instrument. Every time you pick up that pen or pencil, that spiritual tool, you invoke the power of your agreement for its sacred purpose. Just touching the instrument begins your spiritual practice and opens the gateway to divine inspiration. Anointing Place a drop of consecrated anointing oil on your writing instrument or use one spray of blessing spray. Blessing With humble gratitude, I call this writing instrument to divine service, to participate in inspired writing, to facilitate divine communication. I call upon angels, guides and celestial beings to cleanse and purify this writing instrument, sacred space and my immortal soul. Pour out a blessing of peace, love and joy. Fill and surround us with divine light. My blessed writing instrument, by the power and authority of the most high, I anoint you with a high calling, consecrate you for spiritual work in inspired communication and call you to sacred service. I call forth the wisdom of the ancients, the guidance of pure Spirit, the protection of holy angels and the grounding balance of Mother Earth to bless and sanctify this writing instrument to this sacred purpose and to honor and inspire the words, symbols and marks made by it. I call upon my ancestors, guides and energies of love and light to bless and sanctify this sacred agreement with Divine Source. With gratitude, my sacred instrument of divine communication, I call you into service and invoke the power of inspired writing through you and me. By the power of the most high, I seal this blessing. Amen. (And so it is.) P a g e | 12


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Blessing Your Sacred Contract Your sacred contract is your most sacred agreement of higher purpose for attaining your eternal goals. This prebirth soul contract between immortal beings, recorded in your akashic records and stored within your DNA, is negotiated from an enlightened perspective of eternal vision between your higher self and the karmic council of divine wisdom. Your eternal soul is completely aware of your sacred contract and issues reminders to your conscious awareness in the form of intuition, inspiration and ingenuity. Journaling these sacred thoughts, feelings and inspirations helps to guide you in the fulfillment of the sacred contract that you chose and agreed upon by keeping these inner desires of your most high calling at the core of your awareness and reasoning. Clearing Clear yourself and the physical space prepared for the blessing with energetic clearing, smudging and calling upon celestial beings. Anointing Anoint your written, prepared sacred contract, journal or list with a drop of consecrated oil or spritz of blessing spray. Blessing State your intent with this or similar wording: "Through this sacred anointing by the power and authority of the most high, I bless and sanctify this sacred contract set forth and agreed upon before the foundations of the earth, and I renew my sacred agreements made herein. I call upon celestial beings, holy angels and archangels, beings of light, divine energies and spirit guides to seal this blessing and to aid in the fulfillment of these most sacred agreements. I honor my soul contract and uphold its solemnity. I accept my divine callings and call forth blessings in the administration of this sacred mission. I acknowledge and approve the divine charge which I have agreed upon. I agree and call upon Divine Source to seal and confirm this consecration of this sacred contract in the name of the most high. Amen (and so it is)." P a g e | 13


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Blessing for Divine Communication In the birth of the soul light came into being. I ask this blessing. Inspire my thoughts. Enlighten my mind and soul. Breathe peace through me. Spread the breath of hope across the world. Project a vision of grace through my mind’s eye. Heal the souls of my brothers and sisters through the love that pours through my heart from Divine Source. Instill in me the stillness of celestial tranquility. Shine forth from my countenance the peace to calm the soul and bless the world. Let light fill the hearts of those around me and beam across the globe through every sinew and space. Let light be our covering and our grace. Shower us with the inspiration of Divine Communication that inspired words may pour from our hearts and souls. P a g e | 14



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