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plate-loaded equipment upper body 3229 pro series incline lever row lat work is everything it s supposed to be with the incline lever row this simple design drastically reduces low-back strain and lets your lats do the work instead multiposition hand grips add variety and round out your training being a pro series item the 3229 has been upgraded from the 3110 with adjustable individual footplates for maximum comfort main frame is fully welded for maximum durability and rigidity footplates are wheeled for quick adjustments between users dimensions length 83 width 28 height 50 31 incline lever row 10 drastically reduces low-back strain and lets your lats do the work instead multiposition hand grips add variety and round out your training generous diamondplate footplate provides all the stability needed for heavy loads 3136 lat/low row a 2-in-1 tool for massive back development fully welded with chrome plated olympic weight pegs and you re only a snap link away from changing between exercises quality components include chrome handles aircraft cable and bronze bushings 3140 destroyer this sinister looking device is where powerful linemen are born the destroyer will build upper body and trunk strength that can be directly related to sports performance dimensions l 77 w 30 h 50 dimensions l 79 w 28 h 91 dimensions l 63 w 67 h 84 standard wide grip vee grip handles product numbers 3220w 3220v 3124dp smith machine featuring a 25 lb counterbalanced olympic bar on a 5° path of motion linear bearings keep things running smoothly and the abscovered safety pegs are a flip of the wrist away features 6 chrome storage pegs and synthetic diamondplate or black side panels 3165 trap shrugger give your traps the focused burn that they need without letting the workout turn into a series of squats load it up and shrug it out 3220 westside barbell grappler the grappler is the perfect piece of equipment to build shoulder upper back and upper body strength bar sold separately comes standard with both wide grip and narrow vee grip handles dimensions l 55 w 85 h 92 dimensions l 24 w 52 h 24 dimensions l 24 w 18 h 6 18


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plate-loaded equipment lower body 3308 unilateral angle leg press great for balancing the strength in your legs rehabilitating one leg at a time or for doing the running man during your workout an easy-to-use locking mechanism liberates the diamondplate foot platforms from one another or locks them together band hooks on the backside allow more technique options than ever before recently revised to feature weight pegs on the foot carriages that are easier to load no more pinched fingers and a new seat design that makes it easier to step into and out of the machine adjustable carriage stops allow users to adjust the range of motion while keeping things safe dimensions length 92 width 51 height 61 3122 angle leg press behold a fully welded mammoth frame with linear bearings and case-hardened alloy steel shafts chrome weight pegs a pop pinadjustable seat back carriage weight horns are slightly angled to secure the load features a huge chrome-plated diamondplate footplate area and calf raise plate 3123 hack squat again a large yet fully welded frame for more rigidity than the competition linear bearings roll on case-hardened alloy shafts for years of smooth operation chrome weight storage and angled load pegs eliminate the need for clips 3224 leg press hack squat combo gives you the choice between two leg burning exercises within the floor space of one machine switching between the two is a simple matter of removing the footplate and seat back of the angle press to use the hack squat or vice versa dimensions l 89 w 67 h 57 dimensions l 81 w 67 h 57 dimensions l 63 w 67 h 84 31 seated calf 19 a must for building and strengthening those stubborn calf muscles behind the heavy construction is an efficient and fluid design that helps you break through your training obstacles 3152 standing calf features an angled footplate that maintains foot placement and maximum stretch height adjustable the load lever pivots on a machined housing w low-to-ground loading points over chrome plated olympic pegs 3135 leg extension/curl the backrest adjusts to an upright position for extensions and then drops to a decline angle that promotes proper body alignment for curls strategically placed handles keep you locked into place dimensions l 52 w 25 h 41 dimensions l 53 w 26 h 75 dimensions l 60 w 24 h 42 3175 standing leg curl self-adjusting roller pad and offset pivot accommodate a wide range of user heights the hip pad and rubber hand grips keep you stabilized while the single-leg training enhances the focus on your hamstrings a large checker foot platform and the big steel frame provide a rigid piece of equipment 3129 squat machine perform squats safely and securely on horizontal or angled foot platforms reduce the weight and do leaps to build explosive power slide the calf blaster over the platform and tippy toe your way to stronger sprints now with new horizontal weight pegs and new transverse handles mounted outside the shoulder padding sliding pegs allow for three different starting heights dimensions l 25 w 30 h 44 dimensions l 75 w 29 h 65 19


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plate-loaded equipment westside barbell 3234 westside barbell tilt reverse hyper shortly after it sprang from the fertile mind of powerlifting legend louie simmons legend was awarded the exclusive contract to build it more than a glorified glute /ham developer that asks you to face the wrong direction the reverse hyper works the complete back the reverse hyper pro allows for dynamic strength development in the concentric phase while serving as a rehabilitation mechanism in the eccentric phase by gently stretching and depressurizing the spine and creating in essence an internal pumping mechanism filling the spinal column with spinal fluid and the low back muscles with blood this is the top-of-the-line model featuring an adjustable tilt table and beefy 3x3 inch tubing use it with the table set straight for the same effect you get on all louie simmons reverse hypers use it with table tilt down toward front and feel the stretch and decompression like never before tilt the machine down toward the rear for a 45 degree hyper highly stimulating the erectors and the glutes use with either the supplied foot cradle or with a web strap dimensions length 56 width 46 height 46 3213 westside barbell reverse hyper ultra the genuine plate-loaded masterpiece this is a must for every serious sports training facility this piece will develop your low back hips and glute area unlike any other like the 3234 this model features a foot cradle with thickly padded ankle rollers 3212 westside barbell reverse hyper pro offering the same fantastic strengthening and rehabilitating properties as the rest of the reverse hyper lineup but is offered with the web strap only a welded frame a thickly padded top and two different handle grips round out the features of this revolutionary posterior chain developer dimensions l 52 w 40 h 44 dimensions l 52 w 40 h 44 more westside barbell originals 3217 belt squat machine a real louie original this ground-breaking machine allows a person to get a full squat workout without putting a bar on your back the wide deck plate offers plenty of platform space for safety and stability in every phase of the exercise the belt squat machine will allow everything from a close athletic stance to a sumo stance add to this split squat stances staggered stances box squats even stationary lunges 3218 plyo swing changes mass and by adding bands it changes velocity for over-speed eccentrics this piece is tremendous for explosive strength the plyo swing is tremendous for building take-off and landings by adding weight it dimensions l 84 w 47 h 68 dimensions l 102 w 51 h 75 we have worked with legend fitness for a few years now and i can say that it is a treat to be able to call and get a pleasant voice on the phone no matter what time of day whether i need help in purchasing manufacturing or shipping someone is there to take care of us we are very pleased with the quality of our products that they produce for us so much that i asked to be considered a dealer for all their equipment because i know i can be proud to show them to my customers and clients we have many visitors to our gym and they get to see the real powerlifters and football players that i train put these pieces through a true test of ruggedness 20 louie simmons westside barbell world-renowned powerlifter strength training writer and trainer.


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racks cages platforms pro series cages 3221 pro series power cage the flagship of our navy as fully welded as a cage can be and as customizable as a box of building blocks available in both 8-foot and 9-foot tall models standard features of all pro series cages include · chrome offset 7 ga racking · chrome angled weight pegs · plyo band/chain holders · low band pegs · high band pegs power cage only · polymer sandwich monster hooks · 3x3-inch tubing · olympic bar storage · multi-grip chin up bar · 3x2 spotter arms · dupont powder coat · umhw wear guards dimensions length 80 length 80 8 pro series power cage width 64 height 96 height 108 9 pro series power cage width 64 bars plates bench bands and platform sold separately some optional equipment shown 6


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racks cages platforms pro series cage accessories after searching for the best equipment available for our new fieldhouse we chose legend fitness legend fitness not only manufactures the best equipment available they conduct business with great integrity and professionalism i would recommend legend fitness to everyone looking for great equipment from folks that care and people that you can trust ken sparks carson-newman college 2007 afca president most wins in ncaa division ii history bars plates and benches sold separately some optional equipment shown 3227 pro series double-sided half cage the largest cage we make back-to-back design takes full advantage of open floor plans available in both 8-foot and 9-foot tall models 3226 pro series half cage the not-so-little brother to the 3221 power cage the pro series half cage doesn t cut back on anything but floor space available in both 8-foot and 9-foot tall models dimensions length 118 width 64 height 99 dimensions length 58 width 64 height 99 see also landmine attachments page 12 pro series cage options 3221-t technique trays half cages 3226-t 3251 dip attachments half cages 3255 3246 inverted spotter arms 3252 swivel grip pull-up handles 3249 step attachment half cages 3250 3247 inverted monster hooks 7


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racks cages platforms performance series cages 3133 power cage fabricated entirely of big beefy 3 square tubing the power cage has tons of features and with the addition of legend cage accessories this is the most customizable cage in our lineup three feet of room is inside the massive uprights the welded j-hooks are the strongest in the industry a chin bar is included and it has a wide base that is five feet from front to rear standard features of all performance series cages include · 3x3-inch tubing · chrome angled weight pegs · laser cut post numbering · dupont powder coat · 2-inch center-to-center hole spacing 3 inch tube frames only · one of the most rigid frames in the industry ­only 8 frame bolts dimensions length 59 width 64 height 88 this page bars plates bench and bands sold separately some optional equipment shown 3138 peg squat rack squat with the confidence that 3x3 welded tubing provides a weight room staple for those seeking an excellent squatfocused tool 3121v varsity power rack the most economical rack in our esteemed lineup but still strong enough to meet the demands of most any user constructed of 2 tubing 3121 power rack constructed entirely of 3 square tubing its appearance is imposing plenty of room between the uprights features a chin bar and 2 hole spacing 3141 power station the open top of the power station removes all the barriers of working inside of most racks while doing overhead work dimensions l 86 w 48 h 71 dimensions l 48 w 64 h 88 dimensions l 48 w 64 h 88 dimensions l 59 w 64 h 88 3171 fat bar power station 3142 half cage has two upper pull-up bar cross members as opposed to one one pull-up bar is 1 in 3 diameter the other is the 1 /8 fat bar for increasing grip strength our top-selling cage with high schools the half cage features an open design wide and deep enough to accomplish all your goals but with a smaller footprint 31 double-sided 55 half cage essentially two half cages back-to-back allowing two users at once and maximizing floor space 3230 louie simmons combo cage used daily at westside barbell and never broken 1 post holes graduating to 2 for 41 adjustment points elevated base bars for sumo stances adj band pegs top and bottom dimensions 8 l 59 w 64 h 88 dimensions l 44 w 64 h 88 dimensions l 82 w 64 h 88 dimensions l 47 w 68 h 87


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racks cages platforms performance series options 3256 pro style top cross member 3236 beefy spotter arms 3236-b adjustable band peg arms 3252 swivel grip pull-up handles 3238-l lower band pegs 3238-u upper band pegs 3147 dip attachment 3172 step-up attachment 3233 single landmine see page 12 new new 3235 dual landmine see page 12 3207 pro style monster hooks 3261 walk-through bar storage as a long time strongman and powerlifter i have inflicted damage on no shortage of equipment the typical `fitness center equipment simply cannot hold up to the extreme strain that i put it under on a daily basis after a solid six months of searching for the best equipment i settled on legend there is simply no other company on the market that can offer this type of rock solid please abuse me equipment at a price again no one can beat i will never use another company for our conditioning center ty phillips president the gorilla pit 9


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racks cages platforms cages with platforms 3204 double-sided half cage with two insert platforms our 3155 double-sided half cage becomes the centerpiece of the weight room when outfitted with two of the industry s finest insert platforms featuring a tongue-and-groove oak footing area with rubber impact areas all rubber platforms are available upon request dimensions length 230 width 97 height 88 3203 doublesided half cage with single insert platform same as seen on the left but with a single tongue-and-groove oak insert platform dimensions l 156 w 97 h 88 this page bars plates and benches sold separately some optional equipment shown 3199 power cage with insert platform product number 3199 is our robust power cage accompanied by our impressive octagonal oak and rubber insert platform 3201 power station with insert platform open top design gives plenty of headroom above you and the industry s best 3-inch insert platform provides firm footing floor protection below you 3202 half cage with insert platform be customized with a logo and frame color of your choice half cage with our 6 x 8 tongue-andgroove oak insert platform which can dimensions l 80 w 97 h 88 dimensions l 131 w 97 h 88 dimensions l 80 w 97 h 88 weightlifting tools accessories new 3143 squat stool fully welded steel frame thick padding and rubber feet to protect your platform adjusts from 15.25 ­ 21.25 inches in 2-inch increments 3254 adjustable squat seat fully welded with chrome sliding surfaces and lock pins durable rubber top adjustable from 11 to 16 in single inch increments 701 pulling blocks 1 focus more on your hamstrings glutes core by performing partial cleans deadlifts with our pulling blocks fully welded allows for three starting heights 3259 chalk bowl pedestal stainless steel dimensions l 18 w 18 bowl affixed to a fully welded and powder coated pedestal a simple device that is built to last dimensions l 19 w 16 h 21 dimensions l 18 w 18 h 16 dimensions l 16.5 w 13.5 h 10.5 h 40 10


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racks cages platforms platforms 3223 pro series insert platform the perfect compliment to any legend cage or rack unlike the channel frames of some of our competitors our frame is constructed from 3 x 2 inch rectangular tubing offering more dent resistance the frame is also fully welded and consists of only three pieces several layers of wood provide toughness beneath the top layer of thick precision cut rubber and tongueand-groove hardwood also new is a proprietary hardwood treatment that will not flake or chip no matter what you drop on it cage sold separately custom platform logos 3144-p are an now available in all standard frame colors custom colors are available optional extra also available as an all rubber platform 3223-r dimensions length 74 width 97 height 3 7007 vibeplate platform the introduction of this unique device has cemented legend s reputation as a leader in an industry full of followers implementing vibeplate s 24 x 40 vibration platform within the platform itself allows users to take full advantage of whole body vibration training while within the legend 3226 pro series half cage wbv training allows athletes to gain a competitive edge by stimulating fast twitch the payoff is that when using this platform 2x faster than conventional training with decreased recovery times athletes will gain strength speed and mobility up to muscle fiber designed for use with the 2440 vibeplate only which is sold separately dimensions length 113 width 107 height 6 hardwood freestanding platforms 3195 hardwood lifting platform 8x8 new cad-developed 2x3-inch frame consists of only 4 pieces for extra rigidity and ease of assembly tongue groove oak is hand assembled in our factory and treated with the most durable finish in the industry 3194 hardwood lifting platform 6x8 same excellent platform as the 3195 only with a 6-foot depth for smaller floor plans same dent-resistant tube frame same oak footing area same durable wood finish same toughness and value dimensions l 97 w 97 h 3 dimensions l 73 w 97 h 3 standard freestanding platforms 3139 standard lifting platform 8x8 you re looking at a half ton of firm footing and floor protection same as our venerable 3195 platform but constructed with a beautiful birch footing area 3131 standard lifting platform 6x8 this is where great cleans are born same tough frame and dimensions as our 3194 platform but with a resilient birch footing area dimensions l 97 w 97 h 3 dimensions l 73 w 97 h 3 11


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racks cages platforms cage accessories landmine cage attachments incredibly versatile landmine attachments are simple but very effective in transforming your legend cage or rack into the most complete strength and conditioning system on the market compatible with all pre-drilled legend racks cages pro series and otherwise these devices add dozens of routines to any strength facility maximizing the effectiveness of training sessions available as either a single landmine or as our unique dual landmine patent pending dimensions length 19.5 width 9 height 4 3233 single landmine single landmine dual landmine length 19.5 width 10.5 height 4 optional wide grip product numbers 3220w 3220v vee grip handles 3235 dual landmine 12



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