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racks platforms pages 4-13 benches pages 14-19 upper body pages 20-27 lower body pages 28-35 abdominal/low back pages 36-37 dumbbell barbell plate racks pages 38-39 dual exercise selector pages 40-43 fitness 101 hydraulic pages 44-45 plyometric/chains/accessories pages 46-47 pro-elite strength systems uses the highest quality materials and state-of-the-art manufacturing processes to produce a strength equipment line that meets or exceeds the commercial fitness industry s standards lifetime limited five years one year 120 days structural steel frame rotary bearings weight stacks pulleys guide rods cable linear bearings upholstery handgrips all other items not listed warranty frame color options wrinkle black platinum and gloss white standard color options upholstery color options american beauty red black flotilla gray royal blue and forest green custom frame upholstery colors available 2 pro-elite strength systems


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801-886-2006 · 3


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racks platforms #97 premium series half-rack with olympic platform #17 technique attachment sold separately heavy 7-gauge steel construction custom logo option available bench sold separately l-112 w-100 h-95 squat power clean premium series adjustment system 4 pro-elite strength systems


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racks platforms #97a technique attachment sold separately #17 heavy 7-gauge steel construction premium series half-rack bench sold separately l-44 w-64 h-95 801-886-2006 · 5


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racks platforms #96 46 premium series multi-use rack heavy 7-gauge steel construction l-78 w-66 h-70 oly bench oly incline power clean premium series adjustment system 6 pro-elite strength systems


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racks platforms #98 half-rack with olympic platform durable 11-gauge steel construction l-110 w-100 h-83 bench sold separately #98a half-rack bench sold separately durable 11-gauge steel construction l-44 w-64 h-83 801-886-2006 · 7


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racks platforms #hd41a 40 premium series super cage l-76 w-64 h-102 heavy 3 x 3 11-gauge steel construction available without plate holders 8 pro-elite strength systems


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racks platforms #41a 40 8 power rack l-76 w-64 h-96 durable 2 x 3 11-gauge steel construction available without plate holders 801-886-2006 · 9


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racks platforms #40a 36 available without plate holders 7 squat cage #42a l-70 w-64 h-84 angled squat rack 10 available without plate holders l-58 w-64 h-70 pro-elite strength systems


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racks platforms #39 · perform all core lifts and many more ·oly bench incline decline shoulder · squats lunges · 200 lbs of resistance lat pulldown/mid row with an adjustable pulley cable column that allows the user to perform dozens of cable exercises complete commercial gym system l-49 w-84 h-93 squats lat pull-down folds for storage stores to 24 801-886-2006 · 11


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racks platforms #52a counter balanced smith machine · 20 lb starting weight · quad-linear bearing system available without plate holders l-64 w-84 h-86 #95 power press l-64 w-72 h-88 12 pro-elite strength systems


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racks platforms #54a solid rubber no warping featuring protectalltm long-lasting vinyl surface premium series olympic platform · custom logo option available l-72 w-96 h-2 #54 olympic platform l-72 w-96 h-2 801-886-2006 · 13


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#13 spotter stand #01 olympic bench #15 plate storage l-49 w-48 h-47 14 pro-elite strength systems benches


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benches #02 olympic incline #13 spotter stand #15 plate holders l-50 w-48 h-57 #03 #13 spotter stand olympic decline #15 plate holders l-57 w-48 h-47 801-886-2006 · 15



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