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heritage frank trulaske founder and ceo of true® has had the same simple philosophy of delivering superior products service and support for over 29 years proud manufacturing and innovation across the full product line has made true successful and is a trademark of the true heritage today true is the quality and performance standard in premium cardio equipment for commercial and residential markets fitness facilities invest in true products when they want the finest cardio options for their users to own a true is to understand the extraordinary treadmills elliptical cross-trainers and fitness bikes at the heart of those machines is the relentless and systematic life testing of every product and component the signature smooth and quiet true machine is serious equipment built to withstand the strenuous demands of the commercial fitness environment true s goal is not to sell the most cardio products in the world but to deliver the world s best premium equipment for their customers health and fitness solutions true is designed to be the best for those who demand the best become a part of the true experience and experience true world commercial


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a history of innovation · first treadmill company to have a removable safety key · first to introduce a belt tracking guide · first to introduce interval heart rate control · first to have heart rate control on a treadmill · first to offer flex frame/cushioning on a treadmill known as soft selecttm · first to feature hrc cruise controltm · first to offer orthopedic belts · the only company to offer a proprietary lubricant to add longevity to the belt and deck · first to offer isolated upper-body-only elliptical workout · first to feature soft step orthopedic footpads on an elliptical · first to offer a true total-body workout trainer mix3tm program · 800.426.6570 · 1.636.272.7100


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welcome to the true world to use a piece of true cardio equipment is to understand this world this is a place where tradition meets technology where 29 years of continuous innovation and improvement produces one thing ­ the world s finest cardio equipment only true users know ­ these rugged yet elegant machines are simply the smoothest quietest and most durable on the market enter the true world and you will find an updated base concept that is as solid and smooth as ever with console choices ranging from classic to trendsetting welcome to a place where you select the machine with the display you choose tailoring each machine to fit your facility s needs and budget only in the true world can you find this new console design that not only provides a sleek cohesive look to your facility but also provides versatile display options for every piece of equipment true world is preparing our premier cardio machines to meet the future this truly is just the beginning commercial


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exceptional true cs treadmills are the pinnacle of true precision craftsmanship the sleek curved design of cs treadmills brings quiet elegance to your gym the cs line perfectly demonstrates why true treadmills have been listed as the finest in the world for over 29 years running these elegant durable treadmills equipped with user-friendly features beckon walkers and runners alike to keep coming back for more commercial


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the world s finest treadmills built for the long run to ensure that your true cs treadmill investment will pay dividends for years to come they have been meticulously tested for high-usage facilities on true s treadbuster and are backed accordingly the solid steel frames are guaranteed for life the motor and motor controller are covered for five years all other parts for three years true impact absorption true s soft system® offers the most biomechanically and orthopedically correct running surface available the front third of the deck is designed to cushion each foot strike while the back of the deck provides a firmer surface allowing for a stronger push-off eliminating lateral movement this means significantly less stress on ankles knees hips and back true hrc heart rate control® cs treadmills are equipped with contact heart rate monitoring systems as well as polar® compatible wireless telemetry to assist users in maintaining their optimum heart rate and maximizing workout results the cs800 is a powerful smooth commercial treadmill in a full-sized frame the cs550 now offers the same power with a smaller footprint and lower step-up height · 800.426.6570 · 1.636.272.7100



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