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inspirational the true cs elliptical cross-trainer is an interactive experience the patent-pending true side steps provide added safety but also allow users to step off the machine and drive using only the upper body the cs elliptical provides the only total-body workout allowing users to work all the major muscle groups the patented core drivetm system provides the most natural movement while keeping the user in the center of the exercise motion for superior balance stability and comfort the cs elliptical is a great way to engage users with sleek design and interactive features commercial


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true total-body ellipticals effective and inspiring variety is implemented into each workout by using the true mix3tm workouts it s our version of the personal trainer to coach you through a total-body workout that will shape and tone every major muscle group our new 15 touch screen further encourages and guides users to experience the mix3tm workout the dynamic series of exercises will keep you motivated while providing effective and valuable workout results our unique side steps with side handrails allow the user to step off and use the upperbody only on traditional front-and rear-drive elliptical machines your arms just go along for the ride while your legs do all the work 1 isolated upper-body 2 isolated lower-body 3 upper and lower total body small footprint big benefits true design innovation allows for placement of more compact cs800 units in the same footprint as traditional front ­ or rear ­ drive elliptical machines minimizing wait times and maximizing valuable real estate and since the cs800 is safely entered from the back only a rear aisle is needed to access the machines new workouts add more variety the new true pace setter workouts available on the 15 touch screen suggest speed rpm variations for an added dimension of workout variety users choose from 20 levels of intensity and follow the pace setter as it suggests rpm targets while showing the user s current rpm pace setter level 5 80 78 rpm · 800.426.6570 · 1.636.272.7100


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touch to begin beautiful design from the ground up culminates in the brand new 15 touch screen with embedded personal entertainment true has completely re-invented the user experience with this new integrated technology never before has it been this easy to use such an advanced cardio machine just a few of the new and engaging 15 touch screen features include · advanced compatibility with your ipod allows users to easily watch tv listen to their personal playlist while simultaneously monitoring their workout performance · goal-focused interface allows users to easily find numerous workout options · new pace setter workouts on ellipticals and bikes add more workout variety · enhanced mix3tm total-body workouts on ellipticals · easy to use multiple language options at the touch of a button · treadmill 11 custom lcd · elliptical 2-window lcd · bike 2-window lcd optional integrated wireless entertainment control available on all non-touch screen lcd consoles · 800.426.6570 · 1.636.272.7100



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