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About Us WHY CHOOSE PEARSON? A tradition of innovation, quality and respect for our customers. Pearson Livestock Equipment began in 1961 when Bud Pearson built the first self catch automatic head gate in his ranch shop in the Nebraska Sandhills. Within a few years, Pearson Livestock Equipment had built a manufacturing facility in Thedford, Nebraska and patented the self catch head gate and the straight-sided squeeze chute, both of which are still industry standards today. Since that time, new designs and ideas have continued to flow from the company. Today we continue to pursue innovation, always working toward finding new ways to process cattle in a more efficient and safer manner while holding to the core values that have made Pearson a leader in livestock handling equipment worldwide. Those core values of quality, strength, and simplicity continue to guide us to build long lasting, reliable livestock handling equipment. We are able to do this by never compromising the quality of our raw materials and by the hard work and dedication of our staff. Many of our employees are cattlemen just like you who take pride in their work and both understand and appreciate the importance of well-built equipment. Because we respect the hard working men and women who use our products, we are committed to make sure you are satisfied before, during, and after you purchase a piece of Pearson equipment. The extended family we have in our distributors and dealers across the globe is second to none. Call any of us with any questions or issues you may have, whether you are looking at your first Pearson purchase or have been using a Pearson chute for years. It is not uncommon for us to answer a question about a 20, 30 or 40 year old piece of Pearson equipment that is still performing its job. Thank you for considering Pearson Livestock Equipment for your livestock handling needs. We hope we can be of service to you. David & Ricky Rater Owners 1


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Pearson Features PEARSON FEATURES Standard features on every Pearson chute: • Vertical sides allow cattle to move into chute easily and stand in a relaxed, natural position. • Automatically adjusts to any size animal as chute is squeezed. • No climbing sides or excessive slipping. • Large wing gates hinge laterally for quick, easy opening and optimum safety. They are removable for larger opening. One double wing standard on each side. • Hinged neck panels swing out for neck vaccinations or branding. • Side boards are removable for foot work and milking. • Brisket bar keeps cows from kneeling and keeps calves standing. (May be removed if desired.) • Heavy, rugged construction made of all new heavy gauge steel. • Metallurgy, hardness and steel thickness upgraded in strategic locations to ensure reliability. • Powder coated for durability • Made and inspected by quality craftsmen with attention to detail. Welds are performed using the SMAW process using the highest quality filler metal available. 3 Wing Gates Brisket Bar Removable side boards Hinged neck panels


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Manual Working Chutes MANUAL WORKING CHUTES Pearson Manual Chute with Palpation Cage The Pearson Standard The manual chute has been our most popular chute for years. It comes with all of the standard features of a Pearson chute and is customizable to your needs. • Controls are kept simple, out of the way and are fully reversible. • Choose from our self catch or manual head gate. (See page 9) • Aluminum tail gate with automatic lock-down, lock-up is standard. A horizontal rolling gate is also available. (See page 10) • Choose from a variety of side options including full side exits, dutch doors, and vet doors. (page 11-12) • Add a scale base, palpation cage (seen above) or upgrade to the new Extra Long frame. (See pages 13-14) 4


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MANUAL HYDRAULICS xForce xForce Manual Hydraulics XL chute with xForce kit More Control. Less Effort. Pearson Livestock Equipment is proud to introduce xForce Manual Hydraulics. Using the power and convenience of hydraulics, you can multiply your effort with absolutely no electric power. The new xForce line consists of the xForce Squeeze and the xForce Head Control. Both can be added to any Pearson chute built in 1993 or later. The same quality and simplicity Pearson is known for, now with more control. ‣ Bolt it on to your existing Pearson chute (1993 or later). See back cover for picture of 1993 chute with xForce kit added. ‣ Calm animals in the chute with a safe but firm squeeze, previously only attainable with a hydraulic chute. ‣ Easier to use than a traditional squeeze by multiplying manual effort with hydraulics. Save those shoulders! ‣ Set up anywhere and operate quietly, no electricity required. ‣ Add effective head control on a manual chute. 5


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xForce Manual Hydraulics xForce Squeeze The new xForce Squeeze multiplies the strength of the operator by 10x or more and provides a firmer squeeze on the animal than any other manual chute, lowering stress on the animal and the operator. Additionally, the squeeze can be released with a very light touch to the release lever, increasing efficiency. xForce Head Control The xForce Head Control unit gives you a safe way to perform work on an animal’s head. Using the same power unit as the xForce Squeeze, you can immobilize an animal’s head for ear tagging, intranasal vaccination, mouthing and many other operations. xForce Head Control is currently only offered on our self-catch head gate. An option for the xForce head control is to operate it with a powered hydraulic source (i.e. tractor or bale bed). This is available to customers who choose not to purchase the xForce squeeze. 6


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Hydraulic Chutes HYDRAULIC CHUTES Pearson Rancher with Drop Arm controls and Vet Door on Portable Scale Base. Also shown with optional Scale Mount and Vaccine Holder. Pearson Rancher The Pearson Rancher is our standard hydraulic chute. Perfect for the rancher that prefers the efficiency and convenience of hydraulics without losing the inherent design benefits and superior quality of Pearson chutes. • Pearson’s buys high quality hydraulic components for our chutes. These are details that matter when selecting a chute that lasts! You’ll notice: American Made Motors High Quality Proportional Flow Valves Welded Cylinders UV Resistant Hydraulic Hoses • Rancher chutes include all the standard features listed on page 3. • Additionally, the chutes come standard with hydraulic squeeze, head gate, tail gate, and reversible head sweep. 7


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• Our standard offering includes a top mounted power unit with switch (2 HP 220V/110V). Other power options such as remote power units (in gasoline or electric) are available. • All side options available including full side exits, dutch doors, and vet doors (see pages 11-12). • Controls mounted to top frame at shoulder level. Drop arm controls (controls at waist level) are also available. • Additional features can be added such as a scale base and palpation cage. The Rancher can also be built as an Extra Long chute. All of these options can be seen on pages 13-14. Hydraulic Chutes XL Rancher with Louvers and Remote Gasoline Power Unit Reversible Head Sweep Already own a manual Pearson chute? Turn your current Pearson equipment into a hydraulic! Options can be purchased all at once or individually: Top Mounted or Remote Power Unit Tail Gate Kit Head Sweep Kit Head Gate Kit Squeeze Kit Alley Kit 8


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Head Gates HEAD GATES Self-Catch Head Gate Pearson’s self-catch head gate has many innovative features, making it our most popular head gate. • Self-catch mechanism allows one person to do most jobs, reducing costly labor • Unobstructed opening allows cattle to move easily in and out of head gate. • Convertible right or left controls. • Stanchion-type design eliminates choking. • Adjustable to accommodate any size livestock. • Handle makes easy manual operation for horned cattle. • Rugged, heavy duty construction throughout. • New timing mechanism (pre-stressed, galvanized cable, and swaged ends.) • Can be mounted on a Pearson chute or easily adapted to any chute, alley or calving stall. • Calving head gate mounting holes 34” width, 59” height. Manual Head Gate The manual head gate is ideal for ranches with cattle of mixed temperaments. It works well for calm cattle that may not move through the chute with enough force to lock a self catch head gate every time. Large bulls and fully horned cattle are also best handled using this type of head gate. Built for bison, this head gate is heavier than our self-catch head gate to efficiently handle large livestock. Optional Head bars available for all Pearson head gates. Dehorning table is also available. See page 14. 9


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Tail Gates TAIL GATES Aluminum Tail Gate The aluminum tail gate with automatic lock-up, lock-down is operated by a rope and pulley system from the front operating position of the chute. Constructed of structural-grade extruded aircraft aluminum for the best combination of strength and low weight. This tail gate is standard on all manual chutes. Horizontal Rolling Gate The heavy duty Horizontal Rolling Gate was originally designed for bison. Due to customer demand, Pearson’s offers this gate to the cattle industry as well. The gates can be bolted onto all Pearson chutes and alleys. 10


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Side Options SIDE OPTIONS Side Exits A wide variety of side exits make customizing your chute easy. All side exits come with heavy latches and also a standard chain and grab hook safety latch. All types of exits are available on manual, xForce, and hydraulic models. No side exits
 Left hand operation Right side exit
 Left hand operation Left side exit Right hand operation Double side exit Left hand operation 11


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Side Options Dutch Doors The new dutch door feature allows easy access to the top and bottom side of the animal. Dutch doors can be ordered on one or both sides of the chute. Vet Doors Our vet door allows easy access for pregnancy testing and other procedures. Handle and latch are designed for easy one-hand opening so the gloved hand can be kept free of contamination. Vet doors are standard on XL chutes (see page 13) and are available as a custom order option on standard length chutes. 12


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Palpation Cages PALPATION CAGES Palpation Cage The optional Pearson Palpation Cage is ideal for artificial insemination and pregnancy testing. The chute tail gate can be used in the chute or the cage. It is available as a bolt-on option for manual, xForce, or hydraulic chutes. NEW! XL Chute Our new Extra Long Chute combines Pearson’s proven design with built in palpation doors, leaving more than 10 feet of working space inside the chute. The palpation section squeezes with the rest of the chute resulting in no place for calves to turn around. The extra length is also convenient for longer animals. Available in manual, xForce and hydraulic models. 13


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Scales and Extras SCALES AND EXTRAS Scale Systems A scale system can be added to any chute. Pearson’s exclusive Heavy Duty 32” load bars make the chute/scale combination more stable on slightly uneven ground. For hydraulic chutes, 4-cell systems are recommended. When mounted on a scale base, chutes are easy to lift and clean under as well as portable. Pearson’s is a national distributor for Tru-Test scales, offering their entire line of scales and accessories. Let us help you choose the right system for your needs. Dehorning Table Optional dehorning table holds the animal’s head immobile. Also see our new xForce head control kit on page 6 as another option for restraining the animal’s head. Trim Kit Don’t special order a custom built trim chute. Use your working chute! Turn any double side exit or double dutch chute into a highly functional, width adjustable trim chute. The kit clamps on so no welding is required and can be removed at any time. 14



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