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2019 CATALOG (9 4 0) 5 5 3 -1310


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INTRODUCTION 1 Quality. Strength. Simplicity. That’s the Pearson promise. P earson Livestock Equipment began in 1961 when Bud Pearson built the first self-catch automatic headgate in the shop on his ranch in the Nebraska Sandhills. Within a few years, Pearson Livestock Equipment had built a manufacturing facility in Thedford, Nebraska. Pearson’s then patented that headgate and the parallel straight sided squeeze chute, both of which remain industry standards today. Owners David and Ricky Rater continue the tradition of innovation, always working toward finding new ways to process cattle in a more efficient and safe manner, while holding to the core values that have made the company an industry leader worldwide. We promise each piece of equipment we build offers quality, strength, and simplicity. Furthermore, our products are reliable and long-lasting. It is not uncommon to meet a Pearson owner who still uses one of our 20-, 30-, or even 40-year old products! All Pearson Livestock Equipment products are proudly made in America in our Thedford, Nebraska and Vernon, Texas plants. Because we respect you, the hard-working men and women who use our products, we are committed to your complete satisfaction before, during, and after your purchase. The extended family we have in our network of distributors and dealers across the globe is second-to-none. Give us a call anytime. We’re here for you! (940) 553-1310 TABLE OF CONTENTS PEARSON FEATURES MANUAL WORKING CHUTES HYDRAULIC CHUTES HEADGATES SIDE OPTIONS PALPATION CAGES TAILGATES MANUAL HEAD CONTROL 2 XFORCE MANUAL HYDRAULICS 14 3-4 SCALES 15 5-6 WHEEL KITS 16 7-8 ALLEYS 17-18 9-10 SWEEP TUBS 19-20 11 PORTABLE COMBINATION UNITS 21-22 12 SYSTEM SPECIFICATIONS Back Cover 13


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STANDARD FEATURES Pearson Livestock Equipment systems are fully customizable to fit your operation. However, we believe some features should be standard on all chutes, both manual and hydraulic. Standard Features 1 BILATERAL SQUEEZE – Straight sides open from 30” wide and squeeze down to 9”, allowing all sizes of cattle to enter the chute easily and stand in a relaxed, natural position. 2 HEAVY, RUGGED CONSTRUCTION – Made only of first-run heavy-gauge steel, reinforced based on over 50 years of experience. 6 HEAVY DUTY 3/16” THICK FLOOR PLATE and tubing frame. 7 GREASE ZERKS located at major pivot points. 8 Added strength in front frame to hold up to years of use. E.g. ¼” of steel along ~60” of height supports the REINFORCED FRONT HINGE. 3 NECK DOORS on both sides allow for easy access to the Beef Quality Assurance 9 REMOVABLE BRISKET BAR – Fast and easy removal with one pin. triangle area of the animal’s neck. 10 WING GATES hinge laterally for quick, easy 4 POWDER COATED for durability. opening and optimal safety. They are also reconfigurable so your branding window is where you need it to be. 5 WHEEL KIT AND SCALE ready. All chutes are built to accept the optional Wheel Kit and Scales. OUR MOST POPULAR CHUTE The Standard – 8 ft long frame, with Right Side Exit, a Self Catch Headgate, and an Aluminum Tailgate. 2 9 1 10 7 3 8 2 4 5 6


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MANUAL WORKING CHUTES 3 Manual Working Chutes “Best cattle equipment on the market! Durable and easy to use.” – Flambeau Mountain Angus, WI The XL Standard – 10 ft long frame, with Right Side Exit, Palpation Doors located on both sides, a Self Catch Headgate, and an Aluminum Tailgate. Setting the Standard for Excellence Pearson sets the standard for the industry. We are most known for our manual chute, which is where our company started in the early years. We’ve always been known for high quality, heavy duty equipment. Now, the manual chute is even heavier built and with more options; it is fully customizable to meet your needs. You’ll notice: REVERSIBLE CONTROLS SELF-CATCH OR MANUAL HEADGATES TAILGATE WITH AUTOMATIC LOCK-DOWN, LOCK-UP STANDARD FULLY CUSTOMIZABLE AND MANY AVAILABLE OPTIONS


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MANUAL WORKING CHUTES FEATURES Controls are kept simple, out of the way and are fully reversible. Available with either our self-catch or manual headgates (see page 7). Pearson Standard mounted on the Wheel Kit (page 16) with the Bi-fold Tailgate (page 12) and the Manual Head Control (page 13) Aluminum tailgate with automatic lock-down, lock-up is standard. A horizontal rolling gate or bi-fold tailgate is also available (see page 12). Easily make any chute portable with the best wheel kit in the industry. Customizable with a variety of side options (see page 9-10). Add scale feet, portable scale base, palpation cage, or upgrade to the new XL Frame (see page 13) with the adjustable width palpation section. Available with louvers, just like the Pearson Rancher Hydraulic chutes (page 5). Pearson Right Side Exit Chute with Gravity Headgate, Rear Controls, Tru-Test Load Cells mounted on Pearson Scale Feet with Scale Protection Kit and EziWeigh 7i Indicator 4 Pearson Standard with Horizontal Rolling Tailgate (page 12)


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5 Hydraulic Chutes HY DRAULPIACGCEHTUI TEL ES Pearson Rancher The Pearson Rancher is our hydraulic chute designed for the mid-size to large cattle ranching operation. It is perfect for the rancher who prefers the efficiency and convenience of hydraulics without losing the inherent design benefits and superior quality of Pearson chutes. Pearson XL Rancher with Remote Power and Drop Arm Controls You’ll notice: AMERICAN-MADE MOTORS WELDED CYLINDERS AMERICAN-MADE, HIGH-QUALITY PROPORTIONAL FLOW VALVES UV-RESISTANT HYDRAULIC HOSE UV-RESISTANT AND TEAR RESISTANT LOUVERS AS A STANDARD OFFERING ON ALL HYDRAULIC CHUTES


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Pearson XL Rancher with Remote Power and Drop Arm Controls mounted on the Wheel Kit (page 16) Pearson Rancher with Top Mounted Power and Drop Arm Controls Already own a manual Pearson chute? UPGRADE IT TO HYDRAULICS. Contact us if you would like to explore upgrading your existing chute to hydraulics. STANDARD FEATURES 6 Hydraulics operate the: • Head Sweep • Head Gate • Squeeze • Tailgate All the same features available on manual chutes, including the neck door access, wing gates, brisket bar, and wheel kit-ready and scale-ready floor. Louvers on both sides of the chutes to allow cattle to focus on the headgate opening rather than the workers around the chute. Controls mounted in one of two ways: • Top frame (“Shoulder mounted”) • Drop Arm at waist level. Several options for power: • Outdoor-rated Electric Power units available mounted either on the chute or on a dolly cart with 220V or 110V motor, complete with 10 ft power cord and on/off switch. • Gasoline powered power units available on a dolly cart with Kohler Commercial engines. • We will also work with you to adapt the chute to your existing hydraulic power pack, tractor, or engine-driven bale bed. SUPPLEMENTAL FEATURES Scales (either portable or permanent) can be easily bolted onto the chute (See page 15). Palpation access can either be included in the frame of the chute (XL Chute) or bolted onto the chute (See page 11). The Head Control Unit featured on the xForce and Manual Head Control (page 13) can be substituted for the Head Sweep. A very economical upgrade is to utilize your Pearson Rancher chute to power a hydraulic width adjustment kit on your Pearson Alley. HPAYGDERATUI TLLI CE C HUTE S


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HPEAAGDEGTAI TELSE 7 Headgates Self-Catch Headgate Pearson’s self-catch headgate is the industry standard and our most popular headgate. Ideal for the commercial cow/calf producer or feeder calf operation. It is simple, reliable, low-maintenance and longlasting. Self-catch mechanism allows one person to do most jobs. It is a trustworthy catching device for when the rancher is working away from the chute pushing cattle up into the alley, saving costly labor. Unobstructed opening allows any size animal to move easily in and out of headgate. Ideally designed to capture polled animals up to 2-yr old bulls. Convertible to right or left hand controls. Spring loaded on one side to minimize impact stress on animals. Ratchet Style Manual Headgate Built to the strength and standards necessary for capturing Bison. A nice option for cattle operations with animals of mixed temperaments – calm cattle may not move through a chute fast enough for a self catching headgate. Very effective for large bulls and horned cattle. Opens from 5” up to 28” wide.


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PHAEGAEDGTAI TLEES Gravity Friction Latch Manual Headgate Ideal for mixed temperament herds, horned animals, and will hold large bulls down to the smallest calves. Unique design uses gravity to help it open; opens up to 30” wide and closes to 3-7/8” wide. This gate is built for easy maintenance over the long haul - Friction latching mechanism is easy and economical to replace when worn. Adjustable and reversible controls. Key points strengthened and reinforced with bushings/large bolts to make this gate 20% heavier than competing designs. 8 rear controls Rear Controls for the Gravity Headgate This bolt-on kit allows you to release and operate the Gravity Headgate from the rear of the chute. Makes working cattle alone much easier!


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SI DPEAOGPETTIIOTNL ES 9 Side Options Side Exits A wide variety of side exits make customizing your chute easy. All side exits come with heavy latches and a standard chain and grab hook safety latch. All types of exits are available on manual and hydraulic models. Trim Kit Don’t special order a custom-built trim chute. Use your working chute! Turn any doubleside exit or double Dutch chute into a highly functional, adjustable-width trim chute. Our kit clamps on so no welding is required, and you can remove it at any time.


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SPAI DGEE OTPI TTLIEO NS Dutch Doors The Dutch door feature allows easy access to the top and bottom side of the animal. Dutch doors can also be ordered on one or both sides of the chute. 10 Dutch Doors Top Door Open Dutch Doors Bottom Door Open No Side Exits Left Hand Operation Right Side Exit Left Hand Operation Left Side Exit Right Hand Operation Double Side Exit Left Hand Operation


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PAL PATIPOAGNECTAIGTEL ES 11 Palpation Cages Palpation Cage The optional Pearson palpation cage is ideal for artificial insemination, pregnancy testing, and as a pass-through gate behind the chute. It is available as a bolt-on option for manual and hydraulic chutes. XL Chute Our extra-long chute combines Pearson’s proven design with built-in palpation doors, leaving more than 10 feet of working space inside the chute. The palpation section squeezes with the rest of the chute, which means no calves can turn around. The extra length is also convenient for longer bodied animals. Available in manual and hydraulic models. XL Door Closed XL Door Open “Bought a Pearson XL two years ago and wouldn’t trade it for anything. The XL should last us a lifetime.” – Bruce Burnett, TX


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PTAIGLEGATTI TELSE Tailgates 12 Aluminum Tailgate The aluminum tailgate with automatic lock-up/ lock-down is operated by a rope and pulley system from the front operating position of the chute. Constructed of structural-grade extruded aircraft aluminum for the best combination of strength and low weight. This tailgate comes standard on all manual chutes. Bi-Fold Tailgate Can be added to any Pearson manual chute. Heavy, reliable, and rugged, this tailgate opens evenly from top to bottom and can be operated from the front or back of the chute. Like the aluminum tailgate, this gate is made for the lone operator; however, it takes less effort to use. Horizontal Rolling Gate The heavy-duty horizontal rolling gate was originally designed for bison, so you know it’s strong and tough! Due to customer demand, we offer it to the cattle industry as well. The gates are ideal cut gates behind chutes, palpation cages, or alleys. Heavy duty, long lasting, and extraordinarily easy to operate. Rolling Gate Closed Rolling Gate Open


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MANUAL HEAD CONTROL 13 manual head control “Best addition money can buy.” – Sean Martin, CO Manual Head ControlShown here mounted on Self-Catch Headgate The Manual Head Control unit gives you a safe way to perform work on an animal’s head. Whether you’re ear tagging or administering intranasal vaccination, you’ll have the benefit of a well stabilized head securely held by our unique locking mechanism. You’ll notice: COMPLETELY OPENS TO ALLOW FULL FUNCTIONALITY OF THE HEADGATE CAN BE ADAPTED TO USE WITH ANY PEARSON HEADGATE CAN BE MADE FULLY HYDRAULIC FOR USE WITH A RANCHER HYDRAULIC CHUTE


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XFORCE More control. xForce Less effort. Pearson Standard with xForce Kit (Squeeze and Head Control) Installed 14 xForce Head Control This unit offers a safe way to perform work on an animal’s head. Using the same power unit as the squeeze, you can immobilize an animal’s head for ear tagging, intranasal vaccination, mouthing and many other operations. xForce head control is available on all headgates. xForce Head Sweep A reversible head sweep that is specifically built to work with the xForce manual hydraulic power unit and fits to the Gravity Manual Headgate. A quick and easy way to turn and control an animal’s head. xForce Manual Hydraulics Using the power and convenience of hydraulics, ranchers can multiply their effort without any electric power. Can be added to any Pearson chute built in 1993 or later. Standard Features Bolt it on to your existing Pearson chute. Calm animals in the chute with a safe but firm squeeze, previously only attainable with a hydraulic chute. Easier to use than a traditional squeeze by multiplying manual effort with hydraulics. Save your shoulders! Set up anywhere and operate quietly, no electricity required. Add effective head control on a manual chute. xForce Head Control is available on any Pearson headgate. A xForce Head Sweep is available as another option for the Gravity Manual Headgate.



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