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motivated true cs bikes provide a realistic cycling experience while enhancing user comfort through a variety of features the recumbent walk-through design ensures a comfortable and smooth ride for users of all fitness levels and ages because you can step through rather than over this machine is especially fit for beginners and users recovering from injury ergonomically designed seats that are adaptable to each user make riding a true stationary bike more comfortable than ever plus the bike simulation mode provides a realistic outdoor bike experience by replicating a 21-speed road bike new workouts add more variety the new true pace setter workouts available on the 15 touch screen suggest speed rpm variations for an added dimension of workout variety users choose from 20 levels of intensity and follow the pace setter as it suggests rpm targets while showing the user s current rpm pace setter level 5 80 78 rpm commercial


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classic bikes new workout options self powered the 2-window lcd cs bikes can be placed anywhere in your facility because they are self-generated an external power option is also available to keep the console continuously illuminated if desired recumbent or upright the true cs recumbent features a multi-setting adjustable seat bottom that optimizes range of motion while minimizing pressure on soft tissues the reclining seat back allows infinite adjustment to fit multiple body types and comfort angles the cs upright bike is designed for those seeking a realistic cycling experience the ergonomic design is ideal for all riders and the aero bars provide great leverage and comfort for long distance sessions multi-functional the enhanced cs recumbent bike with even easier access attracts users of all fitness levels from the novice to the rehabilitation client to the senior market all users will feel comfortably enticed to just start pedaling · 800.426.6570 · 1.636.272.7100



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