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FREE There’s life in the Inner West! Issue 248 | December 4 2014 Top charities to support this Christmas Picnic perfection! WIN! Human Capital Captive Movie tix: Michelle Leonard conducts wonders le, Distributed in Leichhardt, Annanda , town Petersham, Stanmore, New Balmain, Drummoyne, Haberfield, Rozelle, Five Dock, Concord, & Summer Hill is taking over the Inner West! Gingerbread magic! Beat the drum for locals making change Raise your Voice


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GEOMETRICUT HAir Designing SAlon Shop 7/1-15 Wilson Street, Newtown Tel: 8041 8482 Email: LED BY FORMER INTERNATIONAL STYLIST & EDUCATOR FOR VIDAL SASSOON ACADEMY. AT GHS WE CATER TO ALL CLIENTS BY OFFERING HIGHLY SKILLED DESIGNERS AT AN AFFORDABLE PRICE. Trading Hours Monday: Closed Tuesday: 10am - 7pm Wednesday: 10am - 7pm Thursday: 10am - 8pm Friday: 10am - 8pm Saturday: 10am - 6pm Sunday: Closed


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Inner West whispers Local gossip, rumour, hearsay and unsubstantiated fact... Co.Has.It, fire-funds conflagration, stop the (White Bay) boats, pet hotels l The Italian Forum saga has been seemingly WE ARE C!AO Satire for the soul An indignant Righteous Rightie aims to put a bit of much-needed steel in the spine of the quisling conservatariat Dear LL – Do you think the voting public could really be stupid enough to vote in Barnacle Bill (not to mention our Slovenian gypsy of a local member) to run the country? Is Abbott’s first-term government terminal, as even some usually reliable commentators are suggesting? Piers, Paddington LL replies: I never could imagined I’d see the day that the likes of Alan Jones, Chris Mitchell, Janet Albrechtsen and Andrew Bolt would turn like a pack of mongrel dogs against a Liberal PM at the first whiff of grapeshot but it appears the Australian conservatariat – my good self excluded, it goes without saying – is a snivelling collective of weak-kneed crypto-communists. So the Australian people find it ‘unfair’ that Gen Y have to spend a few months looking for a job before being allowed to use the taxpayers’ money to buy methamphetamines, body piercings and gadgets to ‘Facebook’ on. So even the traitorous Australian Medical Association is whining about povo malingerers not being able to bore a GP senseless with their supposed health complaints without coughing up ONE THIRD of what they’d pay for a pack of Winfield Reds. So a few would-be pseudo-intellectuals are protesting about having to shell out 100K for an arts degree that will turn them into bicycling onanists who use ridiculous words such as “heteronormative”. Does the conservative chattering class show some solidarity and tell the bleating malcontents to pull themselves up by the bootstraps while defending what that clown Craig Laundy christened “verbal gymnastics” on the part of the PM? No, it starts white-anting the very ubermensch who ended the appalling ALP interregnum, cut the budget the (G)A(Y)BC uses to promote girl-on-girl nuptials, and sent the swarthy, Allah-bothering boatpeople to be devoured by cannibals in PNG. For shame, Abbottundermining right-wing columnists, for shame! n Email your dilemma to ADVERTISING Sonya Madden resolved. Co.As.It recently signed a contract for $2.8m and a spokesperson stated that it is currently in negotiations with one current tenant, the Actors Centre Australia. The two cases scheduled to appear before court this week have been dropped, although how Co.As.It Italophiles, AAC thespians and Glorious Gospel Church (GGC) believers, as well as all those acronyms, manage to share the space is yet to be seen. l Speculation is mounting over how the Rozelle Fire Funds have been distributed among victims of the fire, with father of the deceased Bianka O’Brien and Labor councillor Darcy Byrne set to make a public statement on supposed fund mismanagement this week. Over $220,000 was raised for victims of the fire, however, who qualifies for compensation and how much they receive is the subject of some controversy. l An editorial in the Daily Terror has taken a dig at Leichhardt Council, calling them “antiboat people.” No, he didn’t mean anti-refugees but anti-cruise-ships-docking-at-White-Bay, due to pollution concerns. The White Bay port was chosen as a secondary cruise ship terminal in 2011, however a ship-to-shore power supply was not included meaning that ships have to keep their engines running whilst docked. Some residents and academics say the boat’s fumes will pose a health risk. l Local residents have embraced a new ‘online JOURNALIST Max Kobras FOOD Melissa Leong platform’ that offers AirBnB style services for pets! (Inevitable, really) A Balmainite was one of the first to hop on the bandwagon and open her home to animals great and small, providing a much needed service to all those critters shunned or poorly serviced by the mainstream pet-boarding industry. WINE Winsor Dobbin history Drummoyne Boys High School (pictured) was established in 1940 and produced such old buys as former Leader of the Opposition Bruce McDonald before closing its doors in 1990 due to a lack of enrolment. The building was then acquired by the Wesley Institute, a private tertiary education provider, but it has since been acquired by Scalabrini who are supposedly planning to turn the site into a Tuscan-themed retirement village, complete with gelato bars and delis! n Thanks to Russell Edwards ART DIRECTOR Eleanor Wales EDITORIAL Phoebe Moloney Things we love: This cactus wouldn’t be out of place in Mexico but this proud giant was spotted in the front yard of leafy Wilson Street in Newtown. It’s not hard to be transported to the cobbled streets of San Cristobal or the white sands of Tulum as you squint your eyes and let the sweltering heatwave currently ambushing Sydney wash over you… or maybe we’re just in dire need of a holiday. PUBLISHING Sonia Komaravalli Contributors: Jared Ingersoll, Nigel Bowen, Kassia Askenov and Millie Cotes Illustrations: Paden Hunter Ciao loves you, and our photographers only supply photos for publication with consent. We try and make you look your best. No responsibility is accepted by Ciao Magazine for the accuracy of advertisements or information. We welcome unsolicited editorial and pictorial contributions. The opinions expressed in Ciao Magazine are those of contributors, indemnifying the publisher from inaccuracy or consequences arising from its reproduction. © All rights reserved. No material is to be reproduced without written permission of the publisher. Ciao Magazine is a free publication. Distribution, advertising & editorial enquiries 460A Parramatta Road, Petersham 2049 (02) 9518 3696. 0402 202 951 – Sonya 0405 509 805 – Sonia Ciao is locally owned and produced. Please recycle Printed by Spot Press, Marrickville Cover: Leichhardt Espresso Chorus director Michelle Leonard with choristers, Talia Sives and Dana Arenas. Photo by Ben Cregan. Aye Carumba! JOIN US ON C!ao’s voice In • Oxheart tomatoes • Summer sunsets • Small galleries in back streets • The Rozelle Village Fair • Croydon’s twilight Christmas markets • Inner West pools • The preservation of the Petersham Portuguese mural • Sydney Fish Markets’ plan to keep restaurants and bars open 24/7. Out • Aircraft noise • Redfoo • Cutting of ABC funding • Ibises overrunning parks • Limited parking spaces in the narrow streets of Rozelle • Working overtime…. especially in this heat • Forgetting to take your rubbish bins out… especially in this heat C!ao Magazine There’s life in the Inner West! 4


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Community Life R OA D T E ST n Millie Cotes Pick of the Parks If The Sound Of Music has taught us anything it’s that picnics are wonderful… and that harmonising is not as easy as it looks. Unlike the Von Trapp family, we don’t all have the luxury of frolicking through the foothills of the Salzburg Mountains but don’t fret because Ciao is on the hunt for the best spots in the Inner West for you to park (hah!) yourself in. So pack your wicker basket, rug and snags and get ready for your very own “the hills are alive” moment with these local gems! RANT Ciao intern and high school student, Tina Nguyen, reflects on the pressure to make shopping a way of life. Shopping almost became a hobby of mine. I love the kiss of the air con as I walk through the automatic doors of the shopping centre, the sight of mannequins in shop windows dressed in a multitude of colours and textures and the bustle of people around me. Glebe Foreshore Parks The Glebe Foreshore Parks are a collection of four parks that run along the idyllic Glebe foreshore. With a range of sport facilities, off-leash dog areas, kids equipment, barbecue options and easy access by bus and city rail, these parks will satisfy even the most demanding of customers (i.e. your grandmother). Dog lovers should head to Federal Park where off-leash areas are available. For kids, head to Jubilee Park where you’ll find play equipment (granted, it could do with a makeover). Our pick is the Bicentennial Park with shimmering Rozelle Bay views and a splattering of gazebos and picnic tables; it’s the perfect spot for a romantic picnic. n Chapman Road, Glebe Park life Steel Park, Marrickville This serene park runs alongside Cooks River with a continuous stream of bike riders, old and young, zooming along the bike track. It is the ultimate family-friendly destination, with public toilets, barbeque facilities and a water park for the kids. (Just remember to bring along a change of clothes because no matter how hard you try to prevent it those kids are going to get wet!) n 603 Illawarra Rd, Marrickville I love being greeted by the chirpy sales assistants as I walk into the store, trying on the garments that I carefully picked out and, in particular, the satisfaction I feel after paying and walking out of the store knowing that the garment in my hands is mine. I am the owner of this beautiful thing. But time passes and the garment ages and it loses its beauty. It is no longer a beautiful thing – it is now just a thing – yet another piece of fabric taking up space at the bottom of my closet. I realised I am surrounded by things: things in every room of my home; things I lug around in my bag; things damaging my increasingly uneven shoulders; things stealing my money, my time, my space - things I really don’t need. But just because I don't need these things, does that mean I shouldn't have these things? Should the only things in my home be a mattress, a near-empty fridge and a few changes of clothes? Should I deprive myself of something I want because money can't buy happiness? Not necessarily. Sometimes things can be beneficial. Things can help us create a more comfortable lifestyle. They can enhance our experiences. They can drive progress. The danger lies in the fact that we buy too many things for the wrong reasons. We cannot rely on things for our joy. We cannot rely on things so that we can be seen in a certain way. As we consume things, whether they be tangible things like the pieces of fabric I buy from the shopping centre or intangible things like information (read: bad reality TV), in a way, we consume ourselves. When we choose to wear certain clothes and choose to watch certain TV shows it appears that we are exercising control but we may be doing the opposite. We will never reach the point where we have enough and instead fall into a cycle of relentlessly accumulating things. There will always be something more, something better. And before we know it, we are slaves to pictures on billboards, slaves to clothing trends and slaves to TV guides. Our lives are filled with things, but empty in other ways. But our lives don't have to be empty. We are lucky these days that we have the option to buy other things: that don't do damage to the earth, societies or our own principles. Those of us who are priviledged enough to already have a lot of things also should recognise we have the priviledge of not having to buy anything more. Instead, let's invest our money into things that align with our values and create the world we want to live in. Mort Bay Park Sydney Park, St Peters This park is famous for the tall chimneys that tower over St Peters, a reminder of its origins as a brickworks, but it’s much more than just a slice of history. With its lush grassy areas, landscaped gardens and picturesque creeks full of ducks, you’ll forget you’re in the middle of the city. There are plenty of great picnic spots with barbeque facilities and public toilets. There’s also a children’s playground that you’re going to want a turn on too! The only downside to this park is the steep hills, which may prove a challenge to some - we’re looking at you, Grandma. n Sydney Park Rd, St Peters Nestled into the heart of Balmain, this park has everything you need to make your picnic special. Perfect views, dog-friendly off–leash areas, play equipment and a range of barbeque worthy facilities. It’s no wonder this park is a favourite among locals! n Cameron Street, Birchgrove Cockatoo Island Hop on a ferry from Balmain to enjoy the vistas from our very own island. There’s plenty of shade to lay down a picnic blanket while you soak up some culture and history. It’s so calm here you’re not going to want to leave; luckily you can now spend the night. With plenty of camping options you could even glamp it! The only downside to this getaway is that there’s no BYO but, don’t worry, there’s a licensed bar onsite! n Ferries depart from Balmain and Woolwich wharves Summer of Cricket Having just made the final push into the heat of summer, many rejoice in the start of the cricket season. For those with a love for the sport, there is no better place to start than Canada Bay Council's Summer of Cricket... It begins on Sunday 14th December with a fantastic, free community event held at Drummoyne Oval, one of the official training grounds in the ICC Cricket World Cup. The day will begin in the afternoon with a cricket clinic that is open to the public. All are encouraged to attend, regardless of fitness and skill level, as a variety of techniques and challenges will be tested. The main event of the day will start at 5pm; a 20/20 match between the Sydney Sixers and the SCG XI! Watch these two great squads go head-to-head and then, after the match is finished, stay back for a chance to win some great giveaways and to meet your favourite Sydney Sixer! n For more information on this event and all of the Summer of Cricket, visit What’s on n Compiled by Max Kobras. Email Sunday 7th December FREE Community are events listings Sunday 7th December Wed 10th-Sat 13th December email info@ x Attn: Ma Camperdown Craft Market Your Skin, My Skin educational experience of its students. 7am-12pm n Where: King George Park, Rozelle, Sunday 7th December Balmain Fun Run Set along the beautiful, undulating grounds of King George and Callan Park, the Balmain Fun Run is more than just a running event. Now in its sixth year, it offers plenty of great activities for the kids, including facepainting stands and bouncy castles, so the whole family can have a blast. The races range from a 100 metre dash to a 10 kilometre marathon and will be suitable for novices and veterans alike. The Balmain Fun Run is organised by Balmain Public School P&C. All the funds raised will go to enriching the 6 Write 4 Rights a real difference to downtrodden individuals. The Cat and Fiddle Hotel in Balmain will be hosting this event from 12-2pm. If you have the time, come on down and prove the power of a unified voice. n For more information, visit This Sunday Inner West locals will be picking up their pens, keyboards and even mobiles for Amnesty International’s annual letter-writing marathon – and you’re invited! Aimed at helping those who've been denied justice, jailed unfairly or had their human rights violated, Write 4 Rights sees millions of people across 143 countries come together to make Stuck on finding the perfect Christmas gift? Or maybe you are just looking to treat yourself? Either way, the Camperdown craft market offers a variety of goods that are sure to delight those of all tastes. They have everything from cakes and produce to plants, clothing and knick-knacks, most of which are home or handmade and could be the perfect stocking filler. The markets run on the first Sunday of every month from 10am and are held on the scenic Manifold Street. While you are in the area you could climb the nearby Gothic clock tower and take in the views of Camperdown. n Where: Finlay Avenue and Manifold Street, Camperdown NAISDA Dance College’s annual end of year season production, titled Your Skin, My Skin, will bring to the stage for the first time stories inspired by the Darkinjung people. As a great showcase of contemporary Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander choreographers, this production will combine traditional and modern dance, as well as music and song, to tell a tale that is unknown to most. This performance will run for four days at Carriageworks, commencing at 8pm with tickets starting at $38. n For more information or to purchase a ticket, visit The pen is mighty! See page 8 for more what's on...


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Summer at the Pier CAPTURE THE ESSENCE OF SUMMER EVERY WEEKEND WITH A PIMMS & PRAWNS POP UP BAR ON THE TERRACE AND LIVE MUSIC FROM 2PM! ICH WOO LW 18 85 EST. PI ER H O T E L Call 02 9817 2204 Find Us 2 Gale Street, Woolwich Follow @woolwichpier Visit


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n Local Gigs Saturday 6th December n Local screens Little Coyote No points for originality, their influences are pretty glaring but that’s not a bad thing if you’re into those influences. There is a bit of Josh Homme in there and quite a lot of Jack White, and some great energy. FREE TICKETS Win double movie passes n Rubys L’otel, FREE Tuesday 9th December "Some day, all those dead trees will be yours" Steve Smyth It’s not easy to flow between different time signatures, but Steve Smyth’s changes are smooth as silk. Add some powerful lyrics with a brutally honest voice behind it and you get this talented guy. Good folksy blues, but I wish he’d stay away from that banjo. Serena Coal barons (and Gina Rinehart) have largely replaced loggers as our era’s most despised capitalists, but it's still a bit of a risk for Susanne Bier to give us a man who chops down trees as a hero – even a dashing and hunky one (Bradely Cooper). And can his George Pemperton be called a hero? After all, he’s a ruthless entrepreneur who shoots his business partner in a “hunting accident” rather than pay him out (Take note, Gina, watch out kids). But, compared to other characters in this bleak 1920s melodrama set in the forests of North Carolina, he’s practically as saintly as Bob Brown himself. That brings us to Serena, the lovely seductress who turns his head early on (Jennifer Lawrence, who turns heads effortlessly). “She’s beautiful. Wounded. Mad for trees,” a friend tells George, and that seals his fate. Serena proves to be as resourceful and tough as any man who swings an axe for a living and Lawrence does her usual thing extremely well. Though Katniss fans may be shocked to discover their girl is less Joan of Arc, more Lady Macbeth. No one give her a bow and arrow. Please! MA15+ on now. n Newtown Social Club, $13 A portrait of Italy – in moral and economic free fall Human Capital The best and most significant Italian movie of the year, and it’s not screening at Norton St? Yep, (sigh) – says it all about the decline of Leichhardt as “Little Italy.” Paulo Virizi’s chic and very stylish melodrama/thriller has already scooped up a fistful of awards, played to sold-out sessions at the Sydney Film Festival and will most likely feature at next year's Oscars. It continues Italian cinema’s proud tradition of dramatising class tensions, throwing together two families – one of wealthy capitalists, the other of middle class strivers. Their fates are joined by a fatal hit-and-run: a cyclist is hit by a speeding SUV on an icy road, and we return to that event three times while exploring the lead-up and aftermath from different points of view. It’s an agonizingly tense whodunnit; each retelling teases out more details, as well as the lies, pretence, greed and webs of deceit that govern life in contemporary Italy. That sounds heavy, but really, it’s not – this is class, pure class! MA15+ at Dendy Cinemas now. Be quick though. The One I Love The makers have asked “no spoilers please!” and most overseas reviewers have obliged. The big twist in this snappy tale of an unhappy couple on a weekend therapy retreat occurs within 20 minutes (and it’s a zinger), so why be coy? Mark Duplass and Elisabeth Moss (Mad Men’s Peggy Olsen) make the most of Charlie McDowell’s Twilight Zone-like premise, they're great together and yes, it’s funny and clever-clever. We’re being given life lessons here, as in Relationships 101. But mostly our brains will be spinning so fast they will hurt. M from Dec 11. A bliss blizzard! Friday 12th December King Gizzard & The Lizard Wizard Man, I keep missing these guys when they play and it bums me out. Awesome psychedelic, a lot like Thee Oh Sees – and no one is like Thee Oh Sees. They make for one real cool sound. WIN TIX! n The Roller Den, $29.10 ★ Thanks to Hi-Gloss Entetainment we have 5 double in-season passes to give away. Details below. Take a trip into the twilight zone of a marriage A Fractured Fairytale When all the other animals in Nursery Rhyme Town go missing, including her own baby GG, it’s up to Mother Goose to find a hero and save the day...After all, a giant is on the loose! So goes the latest Christmas pantomime by Emu Productions, the company that brought you the popular Jungle Book - The Musical back in April, which will be running at the King St Theatre from the 8th-23rd December. Written and directed by Maria de Marco and with music by Peter Novakovich, this latest production is following on from the English traditions of Christmas pantomime and is intended for the whole family and the young at heart. In the vein of films like Shrek and Hoodwinked, Mother Goose will bring to life some of your favourite Nursery Rhyme characters in new, unexpected and, most of all, hilarious ways that is sure to bring a smile to nearly anyone’s face. Once upon a Christmas... The Captive Canadian auteur Atom Egoyan had huge critical success with Exotica and The Sweet Hereafter, and ever since he's been returning to stories of ordinary people with secret sins and kinks. Often they're set in snowy Ontario and he's back there again in The Captive. Doting father and husband Matthew (Ryan Reynolds) leaves his sleeping daughter alone in his truck while he ducks into a roadside diner. When he returns, she is gone and instantly his world is destroyed. Struggling under the weight of loss, suspicion and guilt, his marriage breaks down. Through all of the heartbreak and turmoil he never loses hope that he’ll find his missing daughter. Eight years later a girl who matches her description is sighted on the internet. But her actual whereabouts are unknown, and soon Matthew is in a race against time to save her. MA 15+ on now (Unpreviewed) ★ Thanks to Icon Films we have five we have 5 double in-season passes to give away. Details below. n Thanks to Emu Productions, we have 2 FREE family passes to giveaway! Email with your details to go into the running. Saturday 13th December You Can’t Steal Christmas When an evil witch steals the spirit of Christmas it’s up to a group of characters from your favourite fairy tales to save everyone’s favourite holiday! With exciting colourful puppets and plenty of singing, Horizon Theatre’s annual Christmas puppet pantomime promises to be a delight for the entire family. Sponsored by Leichhardt Council, the Theatre will be holding two FREE performances at Leichhardt Town Hall, first at 10:30am and then at 12:30pm. Places are strictly limited so bookings are essential. n For more information, visit Sunday 14th December Concord Vets' big Christmas BBQ Festive fun with furry friends uses the medium of ceramics and oils to deliver her solo exhibition. On opening night, Saturday 6th December, enjoy the tastes of Spanish tapas, home-cooked by the artist's husband, with a guest speech by Lorraine Kypiotis from 4-6pm. This will be complemented by the full flavours of regional Spanish wines that will also be on offer. Gregory's art explores Spanish symbols and scenery. n Where: ESP Gallery, 228 Illawarra Road, Marrickville The witch who stole Christmas 8 Christmas time is here for you and your furry friend. Concord Veterinary Hospital is hosting their annual Christmas Sausage Sizzle, running from 1pm - 4pm. Have your photo taken with your pet or with their very special guest, ‘Santa Paws’! Make sure to bring the family too as there will be face painting, balloon animals and many more activities for kids. All proceeds will go to the Cat Protection Society of NSW. n 191 Concord Road, North Strathfield Until 21st December Walking my Camino: Art Exhibition WIN Double MOVIE PASSES Come and join Ann Theresa Gregory on an artist's journey tracing the medieval pilgrims' trail through Spain. Representing the Way of Saint James from Sarria to Santiago, Gregory To be in the running to win double passes to Human Capital and/or The Captive email your name and address to telling us where you picked up your copy of Ciao. You can enter both, but do give Only at the movies Dec 4 us a preference. Remember to include a postal address. Good luck! n Reviews – Russell Edwards


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gifts, your home and you w w w . s a n t i n a s . c o m . a u Santina’s 78 Norton street, Leichhardt, NSW, 2040 Opposite Norton Plaza Shopping Centre Phone: (02) 9569 8899 Santina’s provide a range of quality original designer gifts & home decor including Mens gifts, Glasshouse Candles, Ladies fashion & accessories, fashion & designer Jewellery & childrens gifts. Santina’s source affordable, but also good quality European and Australian designed and manufactured lines, mixed withItalian piecesForum) from around the9560 world. 28 Norton St Leichhardt , NSW 2040 (Opposite • T: 02 0500 10 Our Penshurst St Penshurst , NSW 2222 • T: 02Santina’s 9580 2391 F: 02 9580 product innovation and knowledge makes the • store for all 2397 your gifts, home décor or something just for you! New stock arriving weekly. All our Christmas decorations, Christmas themed gift ideas and Trees are now available but while stocks last. Santinas Attn: Most design products can also be purchased on our website To keep in touch with what is happening Santina Clayton at Santina’s, follow and like us on facebook! IONS OF ARTWORK AX back signed proof to: PURCHASERS RESPONSIBILITY TO CHECK WORK CAREFULLY TO ENSURE ALL DETAILS RECT AS NO LIABILITY WILL BE ACCEPTED NTING. ❏ The sample is correct and satisfactory. from finland ❏ Revised proof required. Signature....................................................... Date:.................................... 2 3444 Secrid Wallets, Protect your cards, RFID safe, Made in Holland. Jewellery from Australia S CHANGES TO THE BELOW ARTWORK WILL BE CHARGED AT $150 + GST PER HOUR. (MINIMUM CHANGE $30 + GST). TE: gifts, your home and you w w w . s a n t i n a s . c o m . a Boxes u Jewellery Variety of colours. Santina’s German tealights 78 Norton street, Leichhardt, NSW, 2040 Opposite Norton Plaza Shopping Centre Phone: (02) 9569 8899 Like us! on Facebook Follow: 28 Norton St Leichhardt, NSW 2040 (Opposite Italian Forum) • T: 02 9560 0500 10 Penshurst St Penshurst, NSW 2222 • T: 02 9580 2391 • F: 02 9580 2397


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The majority of Private Health Insurance policies roll over in January each year. Why lose the opportunity to use your health funds for 2014 r a e y e h t f o d n e e Th t ’ n o d t u b , e s o l c ! is t e y t s u j t i e s o l For November and December White Leaf Dental is offering a NO GAPS dental check-up (which includes an Examination, a clean and radiographs, if required) for everyone that has private health. For those who don’t have private health, you can receive the same service with a 50% discount. For more information call 9716 8500 Monday to Saturday 8am – 6pm. All consultations are discrete and confidential Dr Scott D Williams and the staff at White Leaf Dental are located on Ramsay Street HABERFIELD


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n Your say What on earth should we do with Parramatta Road? n “I wonder if the NSW Gov plan includes affordable housing?” Lina, Five Dock n “Let's make it more aesthetically pleasing and easy to park so we can actually do business.” Alex, Petersham n “It's not reaslly feasible but I'd like to turn it into a greenway so people can walk along it and visit the shops.. rather than it just being gross.” Eleanor, Dulwich Hill n “Would love to see a venture like the Chelsea Highline along Parramatta Road, so we can transfer some of those cars in to pedestrian traffice.” Anjana, Glebe n “Any plan has to recognise that people travelling from the suburbs to work use this road everyday. We need to alleviate traffic and increase the accessibility of buses along this road for the people who use it most before we think about other projects.” Eliza, Marrickville Sustain and defend Our Land Our Water Our Future is a collective that fights for the protection of the physical environment of NSW. It is made up of individuals and businesses who focus upon creating and implementing ecological sustainability. Ciao caught up with local activist and Our Land Our Water Our Future Coordinator, Nell Schofield, to discuss the environmental “movement” as an apolitical strive for change. If you had five minutes with Mike Baird - what would you say? Mike, let’s paddle out the back and have a board meeting about coal seam gas (CSG) fracking in our special areas. John Robertson, the leader of the Opposition, has come out with a strong policy for no-go zones for CSG and a proposed National Gas Reserve. How can you go beyond this and protect the citizens of NSW from this toxic industry? What is your current position on the Environment Protection Authority (EPA)? Do you think they are biased towards business? The EPA needs more resources to carry out its functions. Fining Santos $1,500 for heavily contaminating groundwater in the Pilliga State Forest was not an adequate response. Whether this was because it was biased towards business or not remains to be proven. Some farmers are open to a collaborative approach with coal/gas companies particularly if there is a commercial component - is it possible to balance community interest with commercial reality? We need to rethink what is valuable in our society. Foreign owned coal and gas companies take 84% of all profits offshore, leaving little for us but coal holes and toxic water resources. Much is still scientifically unknown about the Bringing pollution down to zero xx x n Sustainability n Local news White xx x Ribbon Day coasters and cups complexity of underground aquifer connections. If a farmer allows fracking on their land, it is quite possible that the chemicals used in the gas extraction process will leak into neighbouring properties that do not want their water contaminated and who will not receive any compensation for the damage to their water supply. You can’t contain CSG impacts within fencelines. Best not to risk it in the first place, especially when we have alternatives that need our investment. How have you kept political agendas out of successful activism? We are interested in policies that protect our land, water and future from inappropriate coal and gas development. It doesn’t matter which party enacts them as long as they work to protect communities across NSW. We want sensible laws to govern what happens in our drinking water catchments and productive farmlands. Coal and gas mining in these areas should be banned by all political parties. Our land Our Water Our Future has hit the tipping point - where it has gone from a small community group to a large active organisation - to what do you attribute this success? We have a wonderful team of dedicated volunteers who care about our shared environment. The Defenders is one of over 100 local community groups who have partnered with the Land Water Future campaign to make a real impact in NSW. Alone we struggle but united our voice is mighty. Coasting for respect Local high schools and primary schools participated in a range of activities with a message of 'respect' for White Ribbon Day last week. A particularly innovative campaign was run by the Inner West Domestic Violence Liaison Committee which encouraged school children in Inner West local council LGAs to make art approaching the issue of gender violence. These artworks were then printed on drink coasters and distributed to licensed venues in Burwood and Canada Bay for White Ribbon Weekend, November 24th to 25th, to be used by local patrons. While alcohol use does not cause violence against women, regular alcohol abuse is one of the leading risk factors for intimate partner violence. What xx x to do with the Tigers Club? Rozelle Village proposal falls flat The daily grind xx x The development proposal to turn the former Balmain Wests Tigers club in to a 'vertical village' has been abandoned by Rozelle Village developers. The onceiconic homeland of the NRL Wests Tigers on Victoria Road will be re-zoned by Leichhardt Council according to instructions of the State Government. The re-zoning will see the club site being used for a combination of commercial and mixed use development. Limited contribution to traffic congestion and the protection of local businesses serve as the main criteria for future proposals. Green Thumbs Up Every second Sunday for the past four months Concord Hospital volunteers and students from Rosebank College have been getting down and dirty to create a verdant garden for Cancer survivors. No music for Parramatta Road renewal The new cottage garden surrounds the Survivorship Centre at Concord Hospital, funded by a Junior Landcare Grant and Yates sponsorship. The students and volunteers, led by teacher Ms Joan Sinclair, have completely re-vegetated the site. The volunteers landscaped the space to reflect the idea of “the circle of life", rejuvanating the soil and planting Indigenous and edible shrubs. Thanks to the volunteers' love and care, earthorms, a family of magpies and even a blue-tongue lizard now call the garden home. Survivorship Centre volunteer, Karen Rivers, says that the Circle of Life team has worked above and beyond expectations. “Joan Sinclair's commitment to the students, her loyalty and confidentiality is so heartfelt, " Karen said. “Being here every second Sunday together with this team of From small things... wonderful students - we have created a lovely space." Rosebank student, Steve Saliba, says his favourite plants to grow were the pumpkins. "They were a bit of a surprise...we didn't know what they were when the seeds started to sprout like crazy," he said. Steve hopes the centre's visitors will enjoy the garden and make use of its abundant herbs and vegetables. n Find out more about the Survivorship Centre at: www.slhd. The NSW Government's announcement of the Parramatta Road urban renewal plans has been met by controversy at Leichhardt Council. The plans include a goal of creating 50,000 new dwellings and jobs along the corridor and names Tarverners Hill, Leichhardt and Five Dock as part of eight 'urban renewel precincts' where planning and zoning rules “may change in the future.” Leichhardt Mayor Rochelle Porteous has ridiculed the plans, calling it, “another expensive, sugar-coated PR exercise to disguise the Government’s intention to removal of local planning controls from local councils .” Former Leichhardt Mayor, Darcy Byrne, has called for a return to the joint recommendations of Marrickville and Leichhardt Council's Off Broadway Report, suggesting Parramatta Road become an entertainment and cultural precinct. others the power of the human when used in a collective, and has helped further a medium in which people can use their voice to positively express themselves. n The Leichhardt Espresso Chorus will be performing at the Carols on Norton concert hosted by Leichhardt Council on December 21st from 7.30pm in Pioneers Park. They will be performing pieces overwhelmingly written by Australian composers. Come, and be blown away! Words: Kassia Aksenov CHANGING TEMPO Moorambilla Festival. Moorambilla Voices is another program that Michelle directs. During the ten years it has been running Michelle has seen over 13,000 school students from regional western NSW participate in the workshop program. The Moorambilla program helps develop the vocal and stage skills of children from remote areas of the state. Michelle uses the choir format to help children and adults build confidence and work as a cooperative. This year, 176 children were selected from the workshops to partake in a residency program, 40% of whom were Indigenous children. The residency program takes the most talented and enthusiastic children on a singing and performing camp where they fine tune their skills and work towards a concert performance. Michelle has made a great impact upon adults and children through her guidance in various projects. “What makes my situation so unique is that I conduct groups of children, as well as groups of adults, whereas most conductors only specialise with one of either group,” Michelle told Ciao. She works tirelessly to highlight the importance of choral music, a genre of music that is rarely publicised. Michelle hopes to show Artistic director Michelle Leonard is a children’s musical educator and the conductor of the Leichhardt Espresso Chorus. Michelle is also the vocal leader of Moorambilla Voices. The mother of four was recently featured on the ABC documentary ‘Outback Choir’. Ciao caught Michelle just before afternoon rehearsals with over 70 eager choristers. We chatted about her work in remote NSW and the upcoming events of the Leichhardt Espresso Chorus. Michelle is the founder of Leichhardt Espresso Chorus (LEC) which is based in the Inner West and made up of 80 local residents. She has directed several offspring projects such as community workshops and ‘Espresso Kids’ – a children’s choir. LEC is the winner of the Music in Communities award as well as the state runner up in the ABC Classic FM Choir of the Year competition. LEC also holds the Choir in Residence for the 12 The voice of the Inner West


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in the kitchen Ok, so for the average cook a gingerbread house is a bit of an epic task, no matter how naughty or nice your kids have been - but that doesn’t mean you have to miss out on the fun. Here’s a simple recipe for gingerbread biscuits; perfect for Christmas favours, afternoon tea and well-rounded men in red and white onesies.  with Melissa Leong, n This week, I had the fortune of going to visit pastry chef Anna Polyviou at The Shangri-La Hotel in The Rocks as part of a book I’m working on. In the foyer was an unmissable child-sized gingerbread house, complete with a light snowfall of sweets. Wine with Winsor n Gingerbread biscuits Ingredients: 3 cups plain flour 1 teaspoon bicarb soda 1 cups caster sugar 1 tablespoon ground ginger 2 teaspoons cinnamon ½ teaspoon freshly grated Nutmeg Pinch ground cloves 200g butter, melted 1 tablespoon maple syrup 1 egg, lightly beaten French style Le Chat Noir 2013 Rosé A very stylish salmon-coloured dry rosé from the Aude region of southern France, this is a perfect wine for sipping and savouring after work. Made from shiraz grapes, it is low in alcohol at just 12.5 per cent and quite delicate on the palate. It’s a remarkable bargain, too, given it has travelled halfway around the world. I’d serve this well chilled with hors d’oevres, Lebanese dips or a charcuterie plate. That said, it is also lovely on its own. $17. Method: Preheat your oven to 180°C. Sift the flour and bicarb into a mixing bowl and add the sugar, ground spices and stir to combine. In a separate bowl, combine the butter, maple syrup and beaten egg. Pour the wet mixture into the dry mixture and stir to combine into a dough. Turn out the dough onto some cling film, wrap it tightly and refrigerate it for 30 minutes to firm it up. Once firm, remove the dough from the fridge, roll it out to your desired thickness (just under half a centimeter is ideal), and use cookie cutters in your favourite shapes to cut the dough into shapes. Place the bikkies onto a baking tray lined with baking paper and place in the oven for 10-12 minutes, or until golden. xx x Can’t catch the gingerbread women! Bright and fresh Skuttlebutt 2014 Rosé by Stella Bella Very vibrant in both colour and flavour, this is a delicious blend of shiraz, merlot and sangiovese from Margaret River in Western Australia. Bright red cherry and raspberry aromas lead on to a palate with similarly fresh red fruit characters. Fleshy and jubey, this has just a slight edge of sweetness and would be fabulous paired with spicy dishes like a Thai chicken curry or Vietnamese spring rolls. $18. Remove the cookies from the oven and allow to cool completely if you are icing them, otherwise, they’re pretty darn good with a cup of tea while still warm from the oven. At the markets Italian accent Vinoque 2014 Nebbiolo Rosé Pale and dry in the style that is very much in vogue right now as part of the “rosé revolution”, this is made from the Italian grape nebbiolo in the Yarra Valley by leading winemaker Steve Webber. His wines are always interesting and textural. Made from young vines, it combines fresh fruit characters with herbal hints and plenty of palate interest. It w=ould be great with a mezze platter or rare roast lamb. $22. and white grapes are a stand-out at $5.99-$7.99 a bag and big, juicy rockmelons for $3.99 each. Avocados are another great buy, with a current special at Trim’s Fresh of five for $2, and most berries are extra delicious the moment. n Vegies: All Asian vegetables are high quality at the moment with great value at $1-2 each. Silverbeet and kale are other good choices. n xx x Whole in one n Fruit: December is the best time for fruit, all are in abundance. Red At home with... Carmel Ruggeri Inner West restaurateur and former owner of ‘La Casa Ristorante’ Carmel Ruggeri is back in Canada Bay with the simply named ‘Carmel’s’. Known for her scrumptious Sicilian cuisine, as well as her big smile, Carmel gets to the heart of southernItalian cooking. Do you still think Wareemba, Five Dock and the surrounding Inner West is the Little Italy it once was? Where do you find the best Italian food and ingredients? Yes for sure! We have Dolcetti Pasticerria a few metres down from Carmel’s, one of the best pasticerrie in Sydney. Ranieri Deli at Five Dock, where people come from all over Sydney to purchase their quality produce. Italian culture in the Inner West is large and proud and I’m very, very happy to be a part of it. What are the staple items in a Sicilian kitchen? Tomatos, basil, ricotta and eggplant. To me, these items say ‘Sicily’. How does Sicilian food differentiate itself from other regions’ cuisine found throughout Italy? It’s simple yet rich in flavour from the island’s amazingly rich soil. Sicily, like many other areas of Italy, follows the seasons. Which means ingredients are fresh, often produced in Sicily and taste amazing. You also host cooking classes and food events. What do you find most exciting teaching other people? I love watching people get excited about food, watching them taste something for the first time and seeing them giving it a go in the kitchen and then sitting down for a feast with family and friends, like we do in Sicily, with love and laughter. Christmas is coming up – what’s on the menu at the Ruggeri casa? We usually have a family feast on 14 Jared Ingersoll I have some good news! Last issue I mentioned there are some really bad things going on in the environment - but there’s also some good news! Our oceans are changing, species are being overfished, but locally our fishing industry is generally doing a pretty good job at being sustainable. There is also the drive for clarity around labelling. And there are companies like Joto who have launched an excellent program called CleanFish, which works closely with consumers and fisheries to promote consumer demand and facilitate sustainable fishing. Welcome XXX to the family! Christmas eve with my parents, sister, brothers, nieces and nephews. Prawns and oysters are always on the menu and my mum’s amazing scacce and lasagne and, of course, panettone; panettone is the smell of Christmas for me. Italian food has become pretty familiar to the Australian palate. How do you keep making the old new? You don’t. Keeping the old traditions is what people love, it’s comforting and nostalgic. Cucina povera [literally meaning ‘poor kitchen’], for example, is an old style of cooking using whatever is found in the kitchen to prepare meals. It stems from post-war conditions where food choices were limited. Meatballs is from a time when there wasn’t enough meat around so they used mince bound with bread and eggs, to extend the meat to feed more people. Now it’s one of our most popular and tastiest dishes. It’s all about making great food with simple, yet high quality and available ingredients. Cassateddi Doughnut pastry with a sweet ricotta filling Ingredients for dough: 500g plain flour 50g sugar pinch of salt 50g of oil 400ml sherry 100ml water Ingredients for cassateddi filling: 1/2kg of ricotta Sugar and cinnamon to taste Instructions: 1. Mix dough ingredients 2. Knead dough mixture until soft 3. Roll out dough 4. Cut out circles to make ravioli 5. Add one tablespoon of the sweet ricotta filling to the ravioli dough 6. Fold over ravioli dough to make half moon shape and seal edges with a fork and shallow fry 7. Dust with sugar Photo: Kaily Koutsogiannis Soil depletion is a serious concern but we are now starting to look at nutritionally rich and delicious alternatives to farmed products, such as seaweed and insects (don’t screw your nose up, you’ll be eating them eventually, like it or not!). This is going to create more sustainable options to land-based plants and meat production, which will in turn ensure the long term future of these foods as the global population expands. My favorite development is the growing number of those working in agriculture building biodiversity into their business model. Everything from grain to oysters will suffer if we continue the production of only one species. Due to the instance of industry running into genetic roadblocks there are those who are actively pursuing the need for a more robust crop - one that relies on more than one species! There is a huge ground swell of business using the words ‘local’, ‘seasonal’ and ‘sustainable’ in their business and it is not just green wash, it is a statement of fact. People are choosing to support these businesses and it’s great to see! A lot of these very positive things are happening because businesses really want to stay in business. They are also happening because the general population wants to know that businesses are looking after their customers and the planet. I think it’s ok if we take a moment to look at the fact that, even though global warming was first raised back in the 50’s and our politicians are still squabbling over un-important posturings, the rest of us are simply getting the job done and making changes! What a powerful bunch of beautiful people you are. High five!


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Weekly specials, delicious produce, excellent value MarketPlace Leichhardt, Cnr Marion and Flood St Leichhardt. Located next to Aldi Tel: 9572 6886 Farmfresh eggs HAPPY 5TH BIRTHDAY SPECIALS 3 $5.99 cartons x 600gms Bertocchi mortadella plain and pepper $9.99/tray $6.99/kg Cherries Mangoes $9.99/kg Mutti Inventa Sugo 6 x 400gms $7.99 $15.99/kg White and red seedless grapes Dolce Piccante Provolone $5.99/kg $16.99/kg 99cents a bunch Kale Primo double smoked ham *Specials until Wednesday 10th of December



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