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1 The whole school had two visits of learning about the body. Room 11 learned about the Brain, what it controls and what it needs! We watched videos and did a few games also. All of us got a brainy bunch booklet to have a look at and we answered some hard plus easy questions too. This is some facts we learnt: 1. One side of the brain controls drama, painting etc, and the other side controls your class work like maths, reading, writing etc. 2. Your brain needs water and food to help the stomach and your brain controls the lungs and your lungs need air!!! 3. Did you know that if you had no brain you would not be able to speak or use SVEN any of your body parts!!! 4. The quicker you move the quicker your body moves that means that your nerves get the message from your brain faster.


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I went to Athletics day and I was an A in everything. In the 200m race I came 5th and in the high jump. I got up to 110cm- pretty high. We also did hurdles we had to high jump and run at the same time. I went in Liam’s car and we also had Liam (different Liam) and Leah as well. In the long jump I went past the flags and made it through the finals but lost :-( but when it was time to leave I was happy and sad. Sad because my feet were killing me :-) but I was happy because it was fun. 2 Hades


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3 leah All the year fives and and sixes went on a really cool  Skiing  trip earlier this year. You could chose if you wanted to ski or board if you were a year six. Year fives had to ski. First we got lessons from instructors, then we got free time on the slopes. But we needed a lot of energy for skiing so my Mum packed me a huge lunch. It was so sad to get back into the cars and drive back down the mountain road.


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Earlier this year the Mask Parade was on. There were heaps of people there to watch and most the school competed in it. The theme was earth, fire and water. I thought it was great fun and hopefully everyone else did. This took a very long time to organise the dance moves and the songs. So thank you Mr Phillips for doing this for us. This was definitely a highlight of the year. OLiver 5



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