5 Minute Meditation for Peace


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Enjoy the 5 Minute Meditation for Peace. As you enter a connectedness with nature your soul will be nourished with the peaceful quiet vibration of Mother Earth. Connect through your heart to her soul for peace on Earth. FREE eBook Read online or download.

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5 Minute Meditation for Peace By Mary Catherine Miller Enjoy this 5 Minute Meditation in Peace. As you enter a connectedness with nature your soul will be nourished with the peaceful quiet vibration of Mother Earth. Connect through your heart to her soul for peace on Earth. 5 Minute Meditation for Peace Video https://www.youtube.com/nursehealervideo


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller 5 Minute Meditation for Peace Sit comfortably, rest your eyes, and let the soft, gentle music nourish your soul. Turn your thoughts to a peaceful place in nature. Imagine a cool blue pond with still water or a quiet breeze caressing the treetops and kissing your face as it soothes your soul. Feel the peaceful calm, smell the freshness in the air, and taste the purity of cool, fresh water. Let this peaceful, quiet energy permeate your mind and body. Allow the quiet peace to soften your thoughts, your emotions, your feelings, and your spirit. You are the peace. The peace is you. Feel yourself connecting with your inner self, your timeless spirit, your higher self as you drink this peaceful quiet vibration into your soul. Inhale the peace and release thoughts and feelings that are not in harmony with this inner calm, this peace. As you are coming into greater harmony with your higher self, notice that you feel yourself coming into vibrational alignment with nature as well. You feel the trees, the grass, and the breeze outside your door and down the street and farther away. You feel connected with the beauty, force, and divine creation of this earth. As you become more and more aware of this connectedness, allow the peace that grounds the earth to bring you also into centeredness. Think of yourself as having a spiritual conversation with the earth. The earth sings to you and fills your inner being with absolute peace. You answer the earth with the love deep in your soul and feed the peace of nature with your freely given, perfect, unconditional love. You are amply filled with this perfect love because this is a free exchange. You give as you receive, and you feel so richly blessed that you are filled with abundant peace to overflowing. As you share your gift with nature, you feel a wonderful calm come into the land. NurseHealer Page |1


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Consider how it feels to pet a loving cat or dog or any pet. You begin to feel calmer, more centered, grounded; more like yourself. Life just feels better. All is right with the world in that moment. As you freely receive, freely give. Let this peaceful bliss overflow and spill out from your heart and soul to fill the hearts of others. Know that every person who lives, who has lived, and who shall ever live comes into this life as a beautiful innocent loving baby with a magnificent spirit. When you consider your fellow man, come to this thought of lovely innocence that we each bring into this world. Feel the peace of that inner person as you think of your loved ones, your neighbors, and those in neighboring countries. Carry this impression into all reaches of the world as you give thought to people everywhere, all filled with love, light, and peace. Feel the free exchange of peaceful bliss with all mankind. As you breathed in peace, let the breath that you exhale carry with it peaceful harmonious blending of unconditional love. Know that gentle air currents will guide this peace to all places and all people. There is a great awakening of consciousness stirring, and within the awakening is a still, quiet, calm, and peaceful resolve that all is well. Believe and know this today and tomorrow. All is well. NurseHealer Page |2


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FREE E-Book from NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller Thank you for reading and sharing this 5 Minute Meditation. NurseHealer is filled with treasures. NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller is the author and originator of Divine Purpose Guidework™. DPG is a personal and professional consciousness-expanding selfdiscovery system. The program utilizes tools for intuitive attunement; clarity; mindfulness; spiritual guidance and personal growth through the sacred higher self. NurseHealer Mary Catherine Miller offers classes, workshops and Webinars on a variety of topics related to spirituality, well-being and Divine Purpose Guidework™. Many previous classes, workshops and meditations are available FREE of charge from NurseHealer.com and are broadcast over NurseHealer Radio. NurseHealer Features Divine Purpose Guidework™ Blessing for Today Library Recommendations Workshops and Webinars Live Radio and Archives CDs, MP3s and Videos Blog w/Articles and News Follow Nurse-Healer Blog to receive lots of inspiration and information about events of interest. Blog Features:  Search - Keyword search box for blog posts (side column)  Categories - Select a category from the drop-down list to view only posts on that topic (side column)  Archives - Select a month from the drop-down menu to view posts for that month (side column)  Calendar - Hover to see blog titles for a date, click to view them (side column)  Tags - Commonly used tags (bottom of the page)  Share This - Click to share any blog post on social media, email or printer (bottom of each blog post) Thank you for following Nurse-Healer Blog! NurseHealer Page |3


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