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3rd Grade

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Monster Description 3rd Grade


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Lots of colors on the belly and six arms and four legs and his muscles are three inches big. Spiky hair and color on his arm and he has one tooth and his favorite food is candy.His name is Mr.Muscle. Original


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My monster is like. He has yellowy eyes and a blue face and neck. He has six legs and two horns. He is tall and thin and he is mostly square. And he has a little red on his head and the outside of him is green. Original


p. 4

What my monster looks like and feels like. My monster looks happy and has a smile on his face. He has blue dots on him. He is skinny and has a oval body. What he feels like. His fur is soft and is red and blue. Original


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My monster has three flowers in it ‘s hair two yellow and one is purple . My monster is half boy and half girl. My monster has colorful hair and my monster has a moustache . It’s teeth is sharp like vampire teeth . It’s only has a head no body no hands and no feet . It has googly eyes. Original


p. 6

My monster is colorful and it has all different colors. It has spots.She has 22 big as a haf of a pencel.And she cralls. Original


p. 7

My gear monster has teeth.And has no ears.Also has gears in his hands.And also has 8 pieces of frisky hair. Original


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It has sixteen fingers, two legs, one head, one tooth, two feet, one stomach. It is soft and has a lot of colors like blue, green, red, yellow, purple, gray and pink. His name is Mr. Cuddles. Original


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My monster is red,blue,green, and black. The monster has one arm and no feet and red horns . It has a lot of fur. Around its head is red and really fuzzy. My monster has one tooth sticking out. It also has bushy eyebrows and no nose. Its body is shaped like a dress. My monster is 5 inches tall and 1 inches wide thats how I describe my monster. Original


p. 10

He has red hair.It can throw fire balls.He has arms.He has four legs.He has big shoes.He has black eyes.He is blow.He has two teeth. He his small. Own of his arms is a tree. He has black hair to. He has black and shoes.He has baby teeth. He is as small as a baby ball.He is very very blow. He has dark red hair Original


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My monster has wavy arms. It has 2 ears, and four feet .It has a nice grin.It wears a lot of jewelry on its neck and wavy arms. It has wide eyes to help it see. My monster’s name is Sandy. What is it. Original


p. 12

Make a big square in the middle of the paper. Make a small square on top of the big square. Make two rectangles on the top of the big square as the arms.Then make little dots inside the big square all around. On the small square make a middle sized circle inside. Then make a small circle inside the big square in the middle of the paper. Then make two big rectangles as the feet on the bottom of the big square.Congratulations you have created my monster! Original


p. 13

My monster has ten pieces of hair which are brown, and it looks like spaghetti cut up. It also has a cercle red eye with a black dot in the middle. Next it has a black square nose.Then a big blue grin. Silly Billy my monster has a purple triangle for a body. It also has six peach arms with six yellow sleeves. Three arms on each side. Next Silly Billy has nine green legs and eight and a half red pairs of shorts. It also has U shoes.j kmmm Original


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1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. 9. Using blue, make a circle that is on the top of the paper that is 3 inches wide at the middle and 2 inches tall at the middle. Then make curly hair on top of the circle using gray. Then make two eyes using red near the top of the head about 0.5 inches apart. Next make a rectangle that is under the head that is 1.5 inches long and 0.5 inches wide. Next make a square that is 3 centimeters wide and 4 centimeters long for the chest. Color the chest brown. Then make two rectangles for the arms using red that are 3 centimeters long on each side of the chest in the middle. Then make a black circle on top of the arms for the hands. Make five black fingers out of the circles. Then make light green pants that are 5 centimeters long for each pant leg. At the end of each pant leg, use maroon to make elf shoes that are banana shaped. Original


p. 15

My monster is half-oval shaped. It is as big as my hand.It has long, black, wavy hair with yellow spikes sticking out. It has big,yellow eyes.It has two dots for a nose.She is smiling and has no teeth.At the bottom it has a heart. There are arches in it. That’s my monster! Original



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