AXIS+ - Tools with Super Finish


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Super finish micro tools

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Cutting Tools with Super Finishing


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What is AXIS Plus integrates High Precision Tools manufactured at our facility with a state of the art unique, proprietary in-house super-finishing treatment, creating an unparalleled product Tools offer customers unique benefits and enhanced performance levels Technical Benefits • Reduced flute friction, drastically improves chip evacuation • Reduced heat generation due to smooth cutting • Controlled and repeatable edge honing • Enhanced adhesion of thin coatings (PVD and DLC) due to superior surface preparation • Improved finish post PVD coatings Advantages • Increased tool life • Reduced cutting forces • Increased homogeneity • Narrow service life deviation • Superior reproducibility • Well suited to use on complex geometries • Reduced lead times Tool Cutting Edge 500 X ß 500 X Standard Tool Tool Range of tools • Micro Drills • Micro Endmills • Ultra Long Drills • PVD Coated Tools • CVD Diamond Coated Tools • Forming Taps AXIS EUROPE Gmbh Josef- Bayer- Straße 3-D- 88250 Weingarten Germany +49 751 560 1589 411 IND - SPHINX PRECISION LTD (Unit B) 1 Taksal Road Parwanoo - Kasauli Marg Parwanoo Himachal Pradesh India 173220 +91 1792 234460 / 232860



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